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  1. Beary Strange

    Blackberry Moon 2022

    When I first received this, this was all blackberry on me. An entire blackberry bush thrown in a woodchipper that was then soaked in blackberry wine. And I enjoyed that; it just wasn't an everyday wear kind of perfume and ended up getting passed up more often than not. But after a couple of weeks, it's become so much more complex. After settling, this is a blackberry musk with an absolutely divine patchouli. I also get the green tea and fig, maybe a smidge of bergamot's citrus edge; they seem to be adding to the freshness and fruitiness of the blackberry without taking over, just sort of complimenting. The amber is there as well, but in the background, propping up the blend as a whole. Once fully dry, the blackberry wine is more prominent, but it's still blackberry musk patchouli, albeit a slightly reined in patchouli. The throw is decent, medium wear time which fades to a whisper of blackberry.
  2. Beary Strange

    Chocolate Buttercream

    Freshly applied it's a whole lot of buttercream and a smidge of chocolate. Once dry, shea butter that will not be convinced to go away. A lot of the Lab's chocolate notes go shea butter on me unfortunately. C'est la vie.
  3. Beary Strange

    Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Hazelnut Cream

    Wet there's an initial funk that for whatever reason my skin just does with the Lab's chocolate note and not much else. Once it settles down a bit, there's a lovely dark chocolate and whiskey that reminds me of those dark chocolate oranges at Christmastime. There's no orange, and yet...dark chocolate orange. Fully dry, this is a smooth dark chocolate and hazelnut cream; the whiskey has gone all mellow and is just sort of hanging in the background. This is first of the Luper chocolates that's worked for me, and is a definite bottle upgrade.
  4. Beary Strange

    Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

    Wet I get a very strong smokiness from the smoked patchouli and green cardamom. I'm fairly certain the spicy scent we're all picking up is the cardamom, because to me it smells spicy and warm, but not exactly cinnamon-y and according to Google green cardamom in particular does have those characteristics. Maybe oil infused with cardamom sugar really amps that aspect? Same kind of spicy warmth as cinnamon, but more exotic smelling, to me at least. Once dry, it's still mega spicy, but the patchouli and black musk with a smidge of red musk (thankfully not enough to be causing a migraine) make an appearance and bring it from exotic spicy drink territory back to perfume. I also smell some dry grassiness from the vetiver in the background and over time the vanilla makes itself known a little bit. I never pick up anything jasmine or remotely floral. I like it, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to wear regularly and warrant a full bottle; I do get sick of the cardamom after a while. It's definitely different as perfumes go though and if you like spiciness, maybe give this a whirl.
  5. Beary Strange


    Lovely tea roses, peonies, and what I think must be the broom flower. The amber and sandalwood are surprisingly light in this. But then there's the fleur de lait. I'd say the comparisons to goat's milk and cream cheese danishes are spot on. It does calm down, but it's still there, turning my stomach. I love the pink rosey floral otherwise and tried really hard to deal with/wait out the cheese, but unfortunately I just can't do it. If you don't mind dairy/cheese smells and love tea roses though, I'd recommend this.
  6. Beary Strange

    All Joys Are Due to Thee

    Crunchy honey that almost but not quite veers into candy territory dominates alongside a nice skin musk. Decent throw. And I'd have to agree with Casablanca, even though it's just honey and skin musk, there's a definite honey cake vibe going on here. I'll be upgrading to a bottle.
  7. Beary Strange

    Purple Jelly Dildo

    Slightly plasticky purpley berry (I truly don't get grape specifically). Very low throw. Honestly, having smelled Blackberry Moon first, this smells like a less complex version of that to me and I definitely prefer the recent moon. Glad I got to try it though.
  8. Beary Strange

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    Almost a single note lilac. But boy is it a lovely lilac. Its soft edged but strong, with occasional hints of stems and leaves that add a freshness to this without making it overly vegetal . And it’s got an enormous throw on me, which showcases the vanilla a little bit better. Up close sniffing it I don’t get anything but lilac, but I keep smelling vanilla around me and this was the only thing with vanilla in it I had on. Short-medium life span. This is truly lovely and I agree that lilac fans need to pick this up.
  9. Beary Strange


    It's finally happened: the infamous eraser effect I see other people occasionally remark on with some notes (I feel like vanilla?) has shown up on my skin with this one. It wasn't even subtle erasers. It was like someone threw a bunch of those pink rectangular erasers into a wood chipper and then shoved the shavings up my nose. An unfortunate miss for something I was expecting to really love. On the plus side, looking at other reviews it doesn't seem like a common occurrence so it's probably still worth trying an imp for those who also love notes like these.
  10. Beary Strange

    Noisy Goose Moon 2022

    This is fresh out of the mail, because who among us does not immediately rip that package open and begin sniffing, only to come upon one you have to try right this second? For me, this is that one. Wet and in the bottle: Ooooh, the banana + vanilla marshmallow combo smells so much like banana Laffy Taffy! Be still my beating heart. I'll admit I kept huffing at it at this stage, since I love that smell and am expecting it to go away swiftly based on the other reviews. I can already see myself applying this over and over just to get at that banana goodness. On drydown, the banana does start to fade away as expected, and it becomes pretty much as described at this point. I will say though, I can still smell the banana, it's caught up in the marshmallow. It's very faint and the smell is closer to real banana but it is there. Mostly though, this is a soft vanilla marshmallow, a surprisingly calm frankincense, sugarcane, and spiced rum that someone managed to calm all the way down. The rum here is warm, but the spices are very gentle and aren't going all spice bomb on me-a huge win. So it just gives the whole thing a slightly boozy quality. This is sweet, but not overly so, and warm and dare I say, cuddly? It's also very light with a low throw with a normal application, which means, like the Violet Chaos pointed out: slather as thou wilt. You will not be bothering anyone. I also swear the more you slather, the more banana you get once dry. But YMMV, it could totally be that the banana is just taking longer to dissipate with so much on. Either way, I adore this, and back-ups are going in the cart. Edit. Hours later this is still around, but at this point it's more vanilla'd frankincense than anything else. Still a nice smell.
  11. This is a warm, comforting scent, perfect for the theme of the fundraiser, like a hug and someone assuring you everything is going to be ok. And it’s exactly what it says on the tin on me. The vanilla is warm and cozy, and the sandalwood is soft. 💕 This is so simple but also perfect as is, would not change a thing. I’ve been applying it before bed, even though I wouldn’t call it a sleepy scent, because it’s just so pleasant and as I said, comforting.
  12. Beary Strange

    Triumphant Vulva

    On application strong cream soda and sweet lotus. As it dries down the florals start coming forward, with neither the almond blossoms or rose standing out in particular, they’ve combined to this soft, lovely floral combo. The amber is chilling in the background, just sort of propping everything up. This is still very much about the lotus on me though and the lotus seems quite attached to the cream; I have yet to get one without the other. I would describe this as lotus cream soda accompanied by soft florals and one amber. It’s a very pleasant, very feminine scent that I’m glad to have it in my collection.
  13. Beary Strange

    Ice Age Baton

    When first applied, I get this big *wooof* of cacao, which doesn't last long and disappears until fully dry. Dirt enters the picture next and it's a clean, fresh, dry now but was recently mud kind of dirt smell. It's followed by lovely earthy tobacco that almost but not quite smells like moss. That's where it stays until it's dry, and then the white amber starts peeking out. The dirt note starts to lean stone-like, and the cacao comes back, and it brought the vanilla with it, giving it a super dry white chocolate vibe, but also not remotely as sweet. There's a chalky smell present (I presume the white amber), which seems to be really tempering the cacao + vanilla scent. The end result is a lovely chalky white amber, dirt/stone, and tobacco, touched by vanilla and cacao. This is a very stony, earthy scent, but the white chocolate smell is adding this light sweetness in wafts that keeps it from going so far in that direction that it no longer smells like perfume. This has turned out to be my favorite of all the Lupers I've smelled up to this point, and I'm currently debating a back-up bottle and I think I need to see what Muddy Armadillo is all about.
  14. Beary Strange


    Smells just like sunflowers to me, like when you take a stray petal and rub it between your fingers. All these individual ingredients and I don’t think I can pick apart the notes at this point because my brain had already decided on “sunflowers”. It’s bright, summery, and hopeful. I absolutely love it.
  15. Beary Strange

    Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, & Hay Absolute

    Fresh out of the mailbox because I couldn't help myself. This is divine, I smell divine.💕 It's exactly what it says on the label on me: strong, warm vanilla, sweetened and made Spring-y by the hay, with just a dash of nutmeg. And it's got a nice throw to go along with it (though it smells so good I still keep burying my nose in my arm.) It may well be the best thing I've ever smelled from the Lab, Dorian notwithstanding, and I need backups.