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  1. Your right it was lily of the valleyish wasn't it? it's been so long I hardly remember. Did any of you ever have the petite nate perfume? I think Zarita the doll girl smells just like it but with burnt sugar.
  2. Yeah I don't know if there would be any bpals that smell like it on the count of that it was a really "perfumey" perfume but ya never know... Beth sure makes alot LOL
  3. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I'm not talking about Disney, but it was a perfume and makeup line for children.
  4. ooh yes I'm meaning to try fledgling raptor moon. I think I'm going to have to divide my wishlist into sections though so I know why I picked which to try and can put them in sections so I know what I want to try the soonest. Everything tends to get buried in that LOOONG list.
  5. So far I've tried Ivanusku but I'm not sure if it's really working how I want... Looking for scents that help bring out or work with your growly side Any bonfirey scents?
  6. fiddlefox

    Sue's Great Old Puppet Show

    Hot cocoa, tiny marshmallows, white glue, stick-on googly eyes, and felt! In the bottle: hmm smells... interesting, like the original milk moon with cocoa and something else... On my skin: WHAAAAAAAAAT?? the cocoa is quickly disappearing and the sourness that I get in milk moon amps. I can't smell anything else. T_T I wonder if it being out in the hot FL mailbox for hours has anything to do with it. I'm gonna try this in a scent locket before I swap it off. I really wanted to like this one =/
  7. fiddlefox

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    eeeh I really need a bottle. I had a sniffy I tested. Yes this is also what I was hoping spooky would be like. It smells dark and rich yet refreshing. It smells dark and dangerous like a crocodile in a strange playful manner. I agree with iris, it smells wild and woodsy but the soil is made of dark chocolate cookie crumbs.
  8. It's official, most disturbing scent I've tested is black annis @_@ kind of reminds me of that movie "The Descent". Yikes.
  9. fiddlefox

    Call it a broken heart, a break-up, heartache...

    I've basically had my heart torn up by the same person for a year now taht I'm still "friends" with, and I still can't just forget things so I know how you feel, unfortunately perfume can only do so much for me, however I did test shattered a long time ago and I'm thinking it might be a good one to get a bottle of, as well as black cat which I've been putting off getting for way too long... hmm sorry for the run on! I am thinking that I might start wearing Alice again more as it was my first bottle of bpal that I had before going through any of this crap or knowing any of the people involved and it's a lovely comforting blend, a bit childish maybe, but I think childish can be good in these cases... I've never tried doves heart actually for intent, tested it once and though it was too soapy for perfume but I might still have an imp in my swap pile I could try hmmm... thanks guys
  10. fiddlefox

    Crowd Pleasers

    I'll agree, Alice was one of my first imps and first bottles, still love it.
  11. Hmm for a minty tea I might suggest Gennivre. It's not really strong mint but still there.
  12. fiddlefox

    Sugar-Slathered Candied Apple

    Not wearing this at the moment but I have a bottle and I think I should review it. I love this because it's fresh, tart and juicy smelling with but just as sugary sweet. It has a magical sparkliness to it which reminds me more of a candy apple than a caramel apple but still has some caramel going on. Lovely :3 I've also tested creepy before but from what I remember it smelled a but weird to me, but maybe I just wasn't feeling well at the time, either way, I like this one better.
  13. fiddlefox

    Comforting Plush Companion

    Wow it's been a long time since I've reviewed here but I won a bottle of this on ebay after dying to try this. I'm so glad I did! I was really hoping I would like this and it's quite interesting. First whiff is a bit strong though not in a sense of headache inducing, in fact this perfume seems quite non offensive. When it dried a little thoughl it's amazing. It's strangley fresh and almost cool while cuddly at the same time. I the rose isn't over powering and it seems to blend nicely with the sugarplums... it's also foody but yet still floraly fresh without being too floral or soapy. Yes I'm so glad I got a bottle of this . When I swapped for a sample a while back it got lost in the mail =(. This is probably not for everyone and it is a bit of a peculiar scent but it works for me ^^ And oh yes, the sillage is nice in fact I think it best not huffed up close alot if you have alot on because it's very sweet but yes...
  14. fiddlefox

    The Girl

    This scent is very strange, ghost like, in how when I had it on still wet it seemed to disappear but got stronger in the dry down... I love it though, might need a a bottle. It's a nice musky soft scent that is really pretty...