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    The East - blackberries, mint, sage and magic Vixen Mme Moriarty Antique Lace Eat Me Hollywood Babylon Red Lace Right now I am obsessed with TALs (Twilight Alchemy Lab) I tend to gravitate towards bpals that are vanilla or smell like gum. I'm especially attracted to the stranger bpals like Squirting Cucumber and Shill. In conventional perfumes I like spicy orientals (Dior Addict, Givency Indecence) and white florals (Michael Kors.) Recently, I became interested in aquatics, so I think I now offically like everything. However I am allergic to gardenia, so I have to be careful not to get it on my skin. -In Transit- (none) -On Order- SN Mashmallow Chick SN Easter Lily SN Coffee Lemon Sticky Bat My favorite notes right now are incense, cherry blossom, honeysuckle, evergreen, and red musk.

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    I read a lot.

    I'm a graduate of the Silva Method. I practice Vipassana meditation.

    I like to think.

    Fall is my favorite season.

    I do oil paintings in the style of the old masters, mostly otherworldly portraits, but sometimes landscapes and some still life. I have written a children's story which I am working on making into a youtube video illustrated with oil paintings. Hopefully, it will lead to more children's stories and maybe even a web series or two. We'll see.
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  1. mooncityminx

    Bitches Love Unicorns

    Whoa lime! Whoa orange candy! Whoa lemon candy! Whoa Skittles. Whoa raspberry candy! Whoa powdered sugar! Whoa rainbow Snowcone! Whoa fruit punch with extra sugar! *waits a few minutes* Whoa, things are getting fizzy now. It's so fizzy! I feel like I put ten Lush bath bombs in the tub and they are all fizzing around me, while I drink sparkling cider. Powdered sugar is snowing down on me. Now my whole neighborhood is blanketed in powdered sugar. It's up to the windows now. It's sticking to my eyelashes and now it's gone. Now I am holding the candy dip stick that comes with a package of Fun Dip candy. There is no Fun Dip, just the stick. The stick is the best part anyway. It's still kind of fizzy though. How is fizzy a smell? I don't know, but it is. I love this so much. It never gets syrupy like Sugar Skull and Sticky Pillow Case used to do. It's truly a work of art and it makes me so happy to smell it. This must be what my dog feels like when she smells something so good, it makes her want to roll around in it.
  2. mooncityminx

    Ghost Houses

    At first Ghost Houses is a pretty white floral. It's got different floral notes that I can't identify, except maybe the lily. It starts out more simple and clean. But then after it has mingled with my skin chemistry for a while, it becomes more complex and well balanced. It's slightly sweet in a clean floral sort of way, soft and slightly warm with resin. It's exactly what I expected Lady Amalthea to smell like. I smell like a super fancy lady who is secretly a unicorn.
  3. mooncityminx

    Blue Moon July 2015

    Blue Moon 2015 is SO lovely! When I first opened the bottle all I could smell was herbs, mostly sage, and I was associating it with pasta salad or something, lol. But then the musks and green tea came out and after drydown I am left with something expertly blended. It strikes me as a new more conventional perfume scent than a typical bpal (if conventional perfumes were a million times better) because it is so complex and well balanced. The main notes on the surface are green tea (like the fragrance not like the tea itself, akin to Sea of Glass) with musk (like Pisces) and something soft and almost floral in the background. I can identify the palmarosa, which is ginger grass and has a non-spicy ginger feel, and together there is an overall ethereal feeling. This fragrance is very much like a Twilight Alchemy Lab blend, because it most definitely has a feeling to it, a mood. I noticed right away when it had dried that it was nudging me into sort of a soothing dreamy happy mood. I feel awake, but serene and optimistic, inspired. It's so uplifting! As an oil painter, I can tell that this is going to be a go-to when I am thinking up new paintings. What a masterpiece!
  4. mooncityminx

    Phoenix Steamworks

    I got frimped this in a trade that came today, and it wasn't even on my radar. But I saw it and couldn't remember trying it before so I put some on. MMMmmmmm! Incense incense incense! *huffs self* It reminds me of the way shirts smell when they come from the trading post, and also a little of a Lush store, but less fruity. I wish I had discovered this before I placed my recent lunacy order, because now I have to have a bottle of this. It's kind of effervescent.
  5. mooncityminx

    Unspeakably Evil Temple Atmosphere Spray

    I guess evil is in the eye of the beholder? Because to me, this is just fabulous, and not at all evil. There are a lot of resins in this, which remind me of Lyonesse, minus the aquatic notes. The incense seems to dominate this blend. There are some spices, woods, and even a tiny bit of sweetness. To me, there are a lot of parallels between this and The Trackless ERG.
  6. mooncityminx

    Exotic Bazaar Atmosphere Spray

    Nepalese amber, white sandalwood, black peppercorn, ambrette seed, neroli, coconut sugar, cardamom pods, ginger, fennel, bitter almond, liquorice root, henna, copaiba balsam, and spikenard. My sample of Exotic Bazaar smells like peaches and some kind of berry and bubblegum that come together to create a Christmasy fragrance. It's like a tooty fruity Christmas. Maybe it's bayberry that is Christmasy and fruity? There is a little bit of spice in it, but mostly it is a juicy juicy Christmas scent. lol It's so happy. I'm saving the rest of this sample for the holidays.
  7. mooncityminx

    The Trackless Erg

    resinous and spicy in a dry sort of way. Mmmm Reminds me of sandalwood. It's got a vary warm and bright feeling to it. The energy is comforting like the sun shining on my shoulders. This would be especially excellent for fall or winter. It's going to be really hard to choose between this one and Unspeakably Evil Temple to use in my art studio. I want to say this one is more spicy, some spice that is reminding me of cinnamon, but is probably not cinnamon. I will continue to ponder the differences between the two and update if and when I figure it out.
  8. mooncityminx

    Wererat-Infested Sewer

    This is a lovely aquatic. The leather note makes this come across as slightly masculine, but overall, I think this is a fun aquatic room spray for summer. There's nothing dank or ratty about it, thankfully! I am going to need a full size of this.
  9. mooncityminx

    Horn of Plenty

    Interesting. When I first put this on it was very intensely cherries and lime. It was very sweet and very fruity. I wasn't sure about it. But after a few minutes it became Aunt Caroline's Mojo (which is very candy-ish and a favorite of mine) with a subtle cherry note. It's like I layered Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo and Perpetuum Bonum. I'm really enjoying this now! I think I need a bottle of this, afterall.
  10. mooncityminx

    Sinus Amoris

    Fresh on the skin I am getting mostly sandalwood. It starts out very quiet and the sandalwood blooms. Then the champaca comes out, like beautiful incense. Now the pepper comes out to play and there is a wonderful resinous mix here like (forgive me) like a Lush store that also sells Nag Champa incense. I worked at a Lush store over the holidays one year, and there was a saying that customers would come in and ask what product they could buy to capture the whole smell of the store, and there wasn't one. I think it is the vanilla in this that is triggering my association with Honey I Washed the Kids, but there is also a spiciness and a beautiful beautiful resinous glow. OMG I want to smell like this forever. Can we make that happen, please? Interesting how on Lycan this became masculine, and on me it is sweet and spicy and resinously feminine.
  11. mooncityminx


    Powdery and herbal, and something screaming white that is very clean. I mentioned this in a previous review, but I tried several decants from this collection, and they all have a very otherworldy evocative scary vibe, like horror movie smell-o-vision. This one is harshly clean, with a little sage. Sinister. I envision a character from a horror movie. She's an older woman who wears expensive perfume, but something old fashioned, she cleans constantly, and she has a very dark secret. I have no idea why my review is so different than the others, I blame my skin chemistry.
  12. mooncityminx

    Psychodynamic Discharge

    I got a few decants of the "an Evening with the Spirits," series, and as a whole, I found them all to be evocative and otherworldly in a disorienting and kind of scary way. I mean that, like if a horror movie had smell-o-vision, these would be the smells. I get a huge amount of leather at first, menacing leather, then something that smells like an large antique store. I can smell the ginger, but the way it combines with the musk and the leather, makes me think of a creepy old man who works at an antique store, the kind that has lots of old books, and old machines and just stacks of strange things. There's just something very unsettling about it, like being in someone else's personal territory. I think it also smells a little boozey. It's interesting how these notes are all things that I like, and sounds really sexy, and yet, turns out really creepy, at least on me.
  13. Oooo Thank you! Now I have a fun list to try.
  14. Is there an evergreen scent left in the general catalog? Slobbering Pine and Yew Trees were both discontinued, and I was wondering, because I am on an evergreen kick. I love my LE bottles, but I treasure them too much to use them like I would like to slather them all over my home.