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    Blue Lilac, Crowley, Gingerbread Poppet, The Lion, Loviatar, Lughnasadh, Mr. Jacquel, Oisin, Pinched With Four Aces, Queen of Spades, Red Rose, Scherezade, Shub-Niggurath, Sin, Spanked, Three WitchesAmbers, cardamom, ginger, leather, lilac, musks, myrrh, rosewood, sandalwood

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  1. Silvertree


    A seductive and deceptively delicate blend of rose-tinted white sandalwood, ethereal white amber, voluptuous almond blossom, coeur de jasmin, and a gasp of bourbon vanilla.
  2. Silvertree

    The Queen and the Page

    Orris root and white sandalwood, amber silk, Oman frankincense, pine needles, and velvet mosses.
  3. No further description needed.
  4. No further description given.
  5. No further description given.
  6. Vanilla cream, sugared-dusted buttercream, red benzoin, sweet amber, lotus root, frankincense resin, and polished hardwood.
  7. Silvertree

    Meadow Elves

    A vision of wild grasses and ancient oaks, wild strawberries, Baltic amber, lily of the valley, black hellebore accord, twinflower petals, crushed heather, leaf sap, red currant, crab apples, and diaphanous, sheer lilac musk.
  8. Silvertree


    Silken cream musk, toasted marshmallow root, white satin, a hint of rose, oakmoss fougere, and silvered, lacy vanilla frill.
  9. Silvertree

    Bouquet De Violettes

    Blue violet petals in a haze of orris root, coconut mist, ambergris, white musk, oakmoss, tolu balsam, opium pod, and white patchouli.
  10. Silvertree

    Angelvs Domini

    Sacred frankincense suffused with black currant, lilac, and French lavender.
  11. Silvertree

    Allegory of Music

    A flutter of quaking aspen, sun-dappled leaves, hollyhock, mist-pale amber, rose de grasse, milky white musk, iris root, and skin musk.
  12. Silvertree

    Pink Moon 2023

    This Lunar blend is soft with phlox, pink freesia, stargazer lily, tulip, daffodil, pink columbine, delphinium, pink carnation, peony, and muscari, dusted with pink sugar and honey, bourbon vanilla and a touch of the first strawberries of the season.
  13. Silvertree

    Hare Moon 2023

    A scent for the Shadow Between the Hedgerows: hay absolute, red benzoin, clove bud, brown sandalwood, balsam, hops, cardamom, German chamomile, and cacao ambrette.