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  1. Silvertree

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    If, like me, you want your lilac perfume to give you that “yeeted face-first into a lilac bush” experience, then ask your perfumer if Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre is right for you. (It is.) On the bottle and fresh on my skin, this is a profusion of fresh, sun-warmed lilac blossoms spilling their gorgeous purple fragrance into the clean spring air. There's a slight greenish note reminiscent of fresh stems and leaves, but predominantly I get great billowing clouds of pure lilac goodness. I'm going to have to compare against my precious Blue Lilac SN, but this is practically a lilac SN. It's everything I wanted, and more!
  2. Silvertree

    Trumpet Honeysuckle & Lemon Beebalm

    The duets are always beautifully blended, but never before have I smelled one quite so lovingly intertwined as this honeysuckle and bee balm duo. The honeysuckle is sweet and almost ephemerally light, and the deeper, greener bee balm grounds and anchors it. It’s earthy without being in-your-face dirt, herbal (but not medicinal or astringent) and overwhelmingly, breathtakingly, transcendentally growing and alive. It’s late spring or early summer in my mom’s garden, first thing in the morning before the sun rises too high over the trees and it’s all warm and green-golden. Gorgeous, and I need more bottles. If you like Planting Moon and other similar scents, smash that add to cart button while you can!
  3. Silvertree

    Wild Rose & Dandelion Sap

    While this is not a scent I'd typically go for (I'm usually all about the resins) I'm so glad I did. It's gorgeous and truly wild, like a rose garden that is lovingly tended but also left to follow its own whims. This is a true, fresh, vividly blooming rose, dew-spangled, with a fresh, green scent twining joyfully around the floral notes.
  4. Silvertree

    Sea of Grief

    A balm for the soul, this is an oil that assists in healing the acute lacerations of sorrow and loss that both cut and calcify our hearts. Angelica essential oil and root, carrot seed oil, lavender essential oil and bud, Roman chamomile essential oil and chamomile harvested from the BPAL garden, vetiver root and oil, neroli essential oil, organic Italian bergamot essential oil, and white vegetal musk.
  5. Dorian has been suspended from swapping effective immediately.

  6. Silvertree

    Can't access cart

    FYI, for BPAL website issues, your best bet is to email the customer service team: answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com
  7. No additional scent description.
  8. Silvertree

    FYI: customer service delays

    Anyone reaching out with customer service requests this week, please note it may take us longer than usual to reply, as Lab staff are tending to a family emergency. If you'll keep directing requests to answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com, we'll do our best to answer promptly. You will not receive a faster response via personal communication or social media messages; please consider that receiving these notifications at all hours can make it even tougher to set work aside during a difficult time. Many thanks from Team BPAL!
  9. Silvertree

    Thorns Clove Cigarette

    [bpal]A love letter to goth kids everywhere...the perfect evocation of an old school clove cigarette.[/bpal]
  10. Your messenger is full! Please delete some messages so I can send you a group order total.

  11. Hello!
    The update seems to have caused my screen name to change from VioletChaos to my actual name of Suki. I'd like it to change back to VioletChaos- can you do that for me? Is it possible? I tried to send you a PM about this but the robot informed me you couldn't receive private messages...

    Thanks in advance for your help! :) 

  12. Silvertree

    Post-Update Issues

    We're back, baby! The forum update is a success, but not without some issues. Which is to be expected! Please post in the appropriate topic to bring an issue to our attention, or use the report button. Thanks for your patience as we figure this out.
  13. Hi, everyone! We have been working with a developer to fix the forum's more persistent issues, such as captcha-induced login difficulties. After a few rounds of extensive testing and troubleshooting, we are ready for an update. The forum will be offline starting at 9:00pm EST on Thursday, November 1. At this time we are not sure how long the update will take. Save any information you might need for swaps and sales in a secondary location, and cross your fingers for us! After the update, please report any issues you might come across. Once the captcha issue is resolved, we should be should be able to fix user names/merge accounts of those members who got locked out, so if you made another account please report your profile *after the forum is back online*. Thanks for your patience!
  14. Silvertree

    Questions about down dates/end of an LE series

    I would include them among the Weenies, since they went live as part of the Halloween update.
  15. Apologies for the short notice! We are making some upgrades tonight and the forum will be down from (approximately) 9:30-10:30pm EST.