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  1. Silvertree

    Time is a Phoenix

    A nest of straw, palo santo, patchouli root, and crystalized myrrh gum engulfed in a conflagration of scorched sandalwood, Indonesian clove, nutmeg, saffron, and Ceylon cinnamon.
  2. Silvertree

    With Stars Surrounded

    White gardenia petals, coconut meat, tobacco flower, white amber, orris root, violet absolute, red benzoin, tuberose, white tea, mugwort, and sheer vanilla.
  3. Silvertree

    Blue Rose Quartz

    Rose sandalwood, lavender buds, lilac, coconut milk, ambrette seed, wild rose, red grapefruit, and honeysuckle.
  4. Silvertree

    Emergency Funds

    Quick cash in a hurry: lemongrass, Irish moss, patchouli, allspice, bay, comfrey, gum mastic, and fenugreek.
  5. No further description.
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  8. No additional description given.
  9. Silvertree

    Beaver Moon 2022

    2022’s beev is a champurrado cheesecake.
  10. A feast of nuts: acorns, hazelnuts, chestnuts, and walnuts sweetened with brown sugar, honey accord (it’s vegan!), and a dusting of cardamom.
  11. Sea salt, black tea, polished teakwood, and dried rose petals.
  12. Silvertree

    The Race Track

    Serpentine oakmoss, spectral eucalyptus leaf, white sandalwood, packed mud, and scythe-sharp white musk
  13. Silvertree

    Philosopher Reading

    Dusty stone and creaking oak floorboards, frankincense smoke, crumbling vellum, beeswax drippings, fossilized amber, and soft, brown, hand-worn leather.
  14. Silvertree

    November Mood

    White birch, crystalline amber, dried fir needle, terebinth sap, white moss, wild herbs, and cascading clouds of orris root and white sandalwood suffused with late autumn breezes.