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    Bengal, Bilquis, Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden, French Love, Goblin, Morocco, Osun, Paper Phoenix, Reapers Gonna Reap, St. Clare, Sugar Skull, Tamora, The Place Wherein Love Grew, Volcano in Springtime, Wolf's Heart, Wulric. I love sandalwood, rose, vanilla, black musk, skin musk, amber, tobacco, honey, cinnamon, & frankincense.

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  1. Teamama

    Endless Corridors

    Magnificent! Beeswax with just a hint of smoke. The vetiver is subtle, similar to the "sweet vetiver" note in Two Sheep & Two Goats Resting Together In A Field. I need a bottle.
  2. Teamama

    Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

    Delightful! I might need a backup bottle before this comes down. I'm a Pacific Nortwesterner, & unfamiliar with yellow jasmine. Turns out Gelsemium sempervirens (thank you, Wikipedia,) is not related to jasmine at all (take note, jasmine-haters!) Its scent is supposed to be reminiscent of honeysuckle, which makes sense, as there's nothing indolic going on in this blend. In the bottle & freshly applied: sweet fresh peaches & dry cedar, with a hint of greenery & flowers. No honey. Drydown: Faint cedar, sweet peaches, a light, floaty floral, & sunshiney amber (sweetgum?) The honey stays hidden on my skin & in a locket.
  3. Teamama


    New review for my 2nd bottle. Wet, Rakshasa comes on very strong. Rose & Patchouli dominate, with a hint of citrus & spice. Once it dries, the Sandalwood, emerges. Rose & Patch are smoothly blended, with dry patchouli as the main note. The throw srays close to the skin. It's lightly spicy, & a little sweet. I really love putting Rakshasa in my hair, & in a scent locket.
  4. Teamama

    Birdsong at Twilight Hair Gloss

    I agree with @Lucchesa that Birdsong has an incense vibe. The blossoms are pretty subdued. On me, this is an amber/patchouli/tobacco blend, which makes me really happy!
  5. Teamama

    Sugar Skulls in the Pumpkin Patch

    I kick myself for not buying a bottle. On me, this is Sugar Skull, with the candied fruit dialed up to 11. I will be a sad puppy when my decant is gone.
  6. Teamama

    #2 Pencil

    Wet, I'm getting sweet apple flesh with a hint of jasmine & apple peel. I hope the cedar & honey will emerge as it dries. Dry: 8 hours later, both on my skin & in a locket, #2 Pencil is sweet apple flesh, with a light hint of flowers. If I huff, I imagine I can smell cedar, but I may be trying too hard. I'm glad I got a decant. I'll definitely re-test. Right now, I don't think I need a bottle.
  7. Teamama


    I got Isychia for Teadaughter, but she strongly dislikes the scent, so it's mine now. Scent: When it's wet, it's a sharp, herby floral. It's a little soapy. Dries down to a mild, skin scent, reminiscent of a floral soap. Purpose: The way this blend smells to me is lavender-adjacent, which gives me a nudge toward relaxation. The scent makes me aware that I want protection and anti-anxiety, which is a very strong nudge toward mindfulness and self-care. Overall, I'm finding Isychia a good addition to the 2020 self-care bag of tricks. I'm dabbing a smidgin on my mask before my public transit commute, and my work mask.
  8. Teamama

    scents for teen boy

    My son (19,) prefers sweet/boozy blends like Grog & Lick It With Consent over the spicy/woody blends his dad wears. If you want a variety of rum/spice/wood blends, including Grog, check out the Imp Pack: Pirate Perfume Oil.
  9. Teamama

    Scarecrow Turned Philosopher

    And maybe a little labdanum?
  10. Teamama

    Baruch's Phoenix

    Forum purchase. On application, Teapapa said it was wood with chocolate. I noticed the figs & dates, too. I can't detect the bitter almond, surprisingly. Dry & in a locket, the atlas cedar & white sandalwood are the dominant notes. The sweet orange & benzoin were a little unruly on my skin yesterday, right out of the mailbox, but today they're well melded into the whole. I like it a lot.
  11. Teamama

    Nova Nail Polish

    A soft linear holographic top coat filled with holo microflake and iridescent shifting flake in two different color ways. It can be worn as a topper for any of the other Shards, or alone in 3-4 coats. What, no reviews yet? Nova is excellent. The holo glitter & flake are gorgeous, producing an opal effect that is stunning. Teadaughter got full coverage with 3 coats. I just applied 1 coat over a pink creme, & it totally changed the look from a lavender-tinted pink go a silvery pink opal. This is a stunner, everybody, buy Nova now!
  12. Teamama

    Cold and Bleak Hair Gloss

    I just used up a recently found decant from 2016 that had rolled to the back of the downstairs bathroom closet. After all this time, it's an oudh-forward scent with faint aquatic & floral hints. Still wearable!
  13. Teamama

    Looking for complexity

    I have a few to add to @VetchVesper & @Lucchesa's recommendations for complex blends. I tend to like the sweet stuff, my guy does not. Here are a few that I know are complex but not (very) sweet. Aelopile: Citrus & resins & vetiver. Starts out with a citrus bang, ends with a vetiver purr. Al-Shairan: Spicy incense & fruit. This gets mixed reviews for sweetness, so worth testing. Aureus: A golden resin-fest. The Coiled Serpent: Mysterious resins unfolding over time. Earthy. Tsadikim Nistarim: OK, this is a little sweet, but it's so complex! All the herbs & resins tell a story. Tushnamatay: Dry, woody incense with a bittersweet heart. Wulric, the Wolfman: Musk blend with a lavish background of notes that change over hours of wear. STRONG. I endorse Aperotos Eros as a complex, morphing scent. On me, it's on the sweet side, but my skin tends that way. Ditto Kubla Khan, Oblivion, & The Carousel.
  14. Teamama


    I love Bengal. It took me a few years to get around to trying it, because I amp clove like nobody's business. A frimp came my way, & I was instantly blown away. The honey, musk, & spices blend into a delicious whole, resulting in a spicy skin musk that lifts my mood like nothing else. The honey is restrained & delicate on my skin. I think the musk in Bengal is similar to Morocco's "warm musk." Clove (which usually amps on my skin & wrecks the balance,) stays a faint note, letting the cinnamon bark & ginger take the spotlight. After trying Silk Road resurrected, I think of Bengal as halfway between Silk Road & Morocco. Bengal is definitely in my top 10.
  15. Teamama

    Milk Moon 2020

    So delicate! This is a dreamy, creamy scent, sweet & uplifting. The milk note is subordinate to the fig, honey & olive leaf. Something about the fruit, honey & leaves creates a slightly floral impression. It's wonderfully comforting. If you loved Poor Monkey, grab this!