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    Baghdad Resurrected, Bilquis, Day of Skulls, Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden, French Love, Goblin, Love, Morocco, Osun, Paper Phoenix, Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs, Reapers Gonna Reap, Samhain, St. Clare, Sugar Skull, Tamora, The Other Miss Forcible, The Place Wherein Love Grew, Volcano in Springtime, Wolf's Heart, Wulric. I love sandalwood, rose, vanilla, black musk, skin musk, amber, tobacco, honey, frankincense & jasmine. I amp red musk & clove to high heaven. White musk usually turns screechy on me.

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  1. Teamama

    The Hag

    2018 version. Overall, a sweet musky rum scent that I want to put on my men. It reminds me of Grog, but with more oomph. The bay leaves & bourbon vetiver contribute modest bitterness. Mostly, the musk, rum & blackcurrant are letting it all hang out, & it's getting all sweet up in here. Though I am a big fan of the Lab's black musk, this is not my thing. It's heading in a slightly bay rum direction. This means The Hag will probably be fantastic on Teapapa & our son.
  2. Teamama


    2018 version. This is more sophisticated & less foodie than I had imagined. It's unlike other apple or spice blends in my BPAL collection. I need a bottle: I expect to burn through my decant quickly. The apple in this blend is delicate & almost floral. The "roasted" description seems just right; sweetness without the bite of fresh apples or the sharpness of apple skin. The milk, ale & sugar are blended in to the apple, I really have to work to notice them. Both wet & dry, the spices are subordinate to the apple. The ginger is most prominent. Miracle of miracles, in this blend, my skin doesn't amp the clove to high heaven. I would put this in the same family as Sugar Skull: sweet, with fruit notes, but more sophisticated than expected. Medium-low throw, not long-lasting. I will reapply with gusto because this is gorgeous. A standout for me.
  3. Teamama

    Don’t Tell Me Heaven is Under the Earth

    This is smoooooth patchouli. The honey from the honey sticks is very light, mostly contributing sweetness. The dusting of cinnamon sugar is bold at first, but gradually becomes a faint spiciness supporting the patch. Dreamy. I was initially dubious about whether or not I need a bottle. My skin's relationship with patchouli is kind of in flux right now. After burning through 1 1/2 decants, it's obvious I do need a bottle.
  4. Teamama

    The Emperor’s Beard

    Whoa baby! This is fantastic. It's like the best possible distillation of positive masculine smells for me. It's like Beth got cotton t-shirts worn by my father, husband & son, dipped them in a bucket of St. Clare, and bottled it. I am totally hooked. This has grabbed me by the heart. Bottle required.
  5. Teamama

    Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs

    Irresistible for me: Beth's vanilla + rose blends make me sit up & beg. This is primarily candied rose with vanilla sugar on me. The cotton candy is suggested, & I do get a "fluffiness." Big fluffy throw at first, but it calms down to a very wearable medium-low throw. A real treat.
  6. Teamama

    Western Pygmy Blue

    Love! When first applied, I want to call it Butterfly Lace, because the combination of delicate florals, patch & tobacco reminds me of my impressions of Lavender Lace, Solstice Lace, & Shadow Lace (not exactly the same, but generally.) As it dries, the coconut moves forward a little more, & it's wonderful. Balanced, warm, & pretty darn subtle for a patchouli blend. This patchouli works for me, which makes me happy as I have been amping it recently. I'm glad I got a decant, & I have a bottle in my cart.
  7. Teamama

    Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden

    100% love. This is the BPAL oudh that works on my skin. St. Clare calls it "golden," so now I am on the prowl for "honey" & "golden" oudh. On me, this is primarily woody, glowing oude, deliciously complicated by a background of honey & bourbon vanilla. Medium-low throw, great staying power.
  8. Teamama


    Wanton comes out swinging, with a big bold floral-type throw. I suspect palmarosa & attar of rose are making most of the hubbub. After drydown, the red sandalwood comes into play as a warm background for attar of rose, the now-domesticated palmarosa, & the gentle patchouli. I think the citrus note I get must be from the palmarosa. I also get a hint of fig. Wanton is a sweet blend that has some complexity. It starts out with huge throw, & resolves to a fairly subtle scent. I like it a lot, & hope it isn't discontinued.
  9. My top GC's (aside from Osun, which has been discontinued,) vary with the seasons. Plus I am a floral lover, which is not everybody's cup of tea. My top floral GC's at this moment: Has No Hanna & Snooty Rose. Two non-floral blends that are winners on me in every season: Brown Jenkin & Goblin. Have fun! Edited to add: the Forum's Sales page is a great resource for picking up imps at bargain prices. I used it to be able to afford to explore a lot of GC's to guide my purchasing.
  10. Teamama

    The Coiled Serpent

    The Patchouli Imp Pack was one my first Lab purchases, & I have loved The Coiled Serpent ever since. I agree that it evokes incense. It's dry, bittersweet, woody, & earthy as all get out. The patch in this blend is not armpitty; it smells of wood, not people. It dominates the other wood(s.) I'm pretty confident there is sandalwood in the mix. I can't pick out other woods. I like this blend a lot. It starts out pretty strong, but dries down into a subtle patchouli incense.
  11. Yeah, pennyroyal on my socks has done the trick in the past. Straight-up lemongrass essential oil is pungent & long-lasting on socks, & left a decorative orange ring around my ankles, but didn't protect me 100%. I got a big ol' bite behind my knee :-(.
  12. Necrobump. It's a terrible year for cat fleas in King County, WA. I don't even have a furry pet, & the little bloodsucking bastards are getting into my home to bite me. I'm wearing socks treated with straight-up lemongrass essential oil, & remembering how disappointed I was when I tried Namaste. The lemongrass overpowered all the other notes, & never died down. Now since I am reeking of lemongrass anyway, I think I'm going to hunt up a few discounted imps of Namaste & Mad Hatter. Maybe Pain too, although it's discontinued.
  13. Teamama


    Narr isn't foody on me. The fig is almost floral, it's so sweet and fragrant. Milk stays in the background (good!) Almond is almost undetectable (very good!) Honey & ambrette are subtle & warm, almost amber-y. Poor Monkey is my other fig favorite; the fig notes seem similar.
  14. Teamama

    Silk Road - Resurrected

    These long-dead scents are back for a limited time in a slightly tweaked form! A panoply of cultural treasures, spanning the herbs, flowers, oils and balms of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Mediterranean, the Levant, Northern China, Eastern Europe, Iran, the Bulgar-Kypchak, Mesopotamia, the Crimean Peninsula, Anatolia, Antioch, and North Africa. My initial swipe of the wand from my imp wasn't generous enough to reveal what's going on in Silk Road Resurrected. I slathered, with much better results. Silk Road is delightfully dry, spicy, & smooth. I think the sweet spiciness at the start is mainly cassia or cinnamon. No burn on me. I smell saffron, sandalwood, & tea, plus that note that I can't identify in Love's Philosophy (the one that sometimes seems like wintergreen & sometimes like root beer.) Lots going on in here--those are only the notes I felt confident about. It comes together in a well-rounded, great-smelling whole, that's not easy to tease apart. I can easily imagine this blend evoking scent memories. Medium throw, not especially long-lasting on unmoisturized skin. If I weren't already devoted to Morocco, I would need a bottle. It's not the same, but it's similar. Try it while it's available, it's good stuff.
  15. Teamama


    Amber, almond kitty musk with a hint of sweet golden lotus on me. A favorite. My skin renders the myrrh so soft that it's almost subliminal. The saffron is pretty soft, too. Cardamom is shy and doesn't show up until well into the dry down. Wet, the almond-amber-lotus combo is pretty overwhelming. The first 3 minutes are a maraschino cherry amaretto musk. The dry down swiftly changes the blend to something wonderful. I agree that Bastet is related to Morocco. It's also a cousin to Coyote. If you love either of those, give Bastet a whirl.