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  1. I used the last of this imp today, & I sure wish I could buy a bottle. The balance between the cinnamon & apple notes is perfection on my skin. The sweet potato is a mellow base note, & the pastry stayed in the background (yay!) My favorite Black Friday blend.
  2. I got this straight from the Lab, but didn't test it until now. Fried ice cream made me imagine fairground vibes, but this is actually a delicate & subtle gourmand blend. On me, this is a coconut/cinnamon/cream soda combo, with only a breath of coffee & pastry. My skin tends to amp cumin, so I'm happy it isn't showing up for me. An unexpectedly fancy & delicate fragrance
  3. Teamama


    Forum purchase. Thirteen-year-old Slaugh is a morpher on me. Freshly applied, it seems to be a licorice/tea ancestor of Levitating Phallic God, with sassafras + champa doing a credible imitation of licorice. A little later, the tonka slides in & smoothes all the edges off, leaving a subtle, close to the skin blend without a dominant note. Black tea, champa, sassafras & tonka combine into a warm, slightly bittersweet herbal blend. I think this would be gorgeous on Teapapa, although he hasn't been wearing much fragrance this summer.
  4. Teamama

    Ordering Imps

    I got almost all of my GC imps wishes met here through Forum sales. A lot of folks list their surplus imps & decants there at a discount .
  5. Teamama

    Snooty Bat

    Today I learned that my skin amps the Lab's black leather note, & hangs on to it like no other scent I've encountered. I applied a wee dab of my decant, & within seconds of the leather note warming on my skin, it was practically the only thing I could smell. Kinda like being stuffed into the inside pocket of a leather jacket. I'm pretty sure SB also contains a lovable patch, plus spice & incense, but I couldn't tell you what the balance was like. My skin took this blend to the boot aisle of Ranch & Home, to try on some new Ariat ropers. I eventually got leather fatigue. I washed my arm, to very little effect. Snooty Bat is a trip.
  6. Teamama

    Gloom Meeting

    Vetiver & Oakmoss, sitting in a Sandalwood tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! Sweet plants, smelling good together. This is a greener blend than my usual preferences, but dry enough to work for me. The fragrance is strong when first applied, & dries down to a medium throw. I tend to reach for my bottle when it's sunny.
  7. Teamama

    The Morning Star Among the Living

    Fig in disguise! For the first couple of hours, this was a mash-up of Baghdad Resurrected + Romans 13:8 on me! Minus Romans' almonds. So much complexity! Dried down, trickster fig has (mostly) become itself, but also not. It isn't fresh fig. It isn't dried fig. Maybe it's archetypal fig? Oh yeah: there's some saffron. Anyway I'm enjoying it, & might need a bottle.
  8. Teamama

    Pearl Necklace

    I am a sucker for raw honey & vanilla, so I was super excited for Pearl Necklace. In the decant & when freshly applied, the pear was definitely in the forefront, with some musk & vanilla. The pear seems fresh & juicy--I didn't notice a cream aspect to it. Even huffing, I couldn't identify the orris or the honey in the blend. On my skin, it's dried down to a pleasant, sweet vanilla. The pear has super longevity in my scent locket, still the most noticeable note 8 hours later. I like it, but it isn't calling out for me to buy a full bottle.
  9. Teamama

    Tie Me

    I ❤️🍍. In the decant & wet on my skin, it's fresh pineapple plus Jolly Rancher pineapple candy. No hemp detected. This is a hoot! Dries down to a soft, amber/cream-ish pineapple skin scent. I like it. Will test again to see if I need a bottle.
  10. Lots of good notes. I was hoping for peach blossom'd labdanum, & will hang on to my decant in the hope that age will get me there. I'll also try it in a locket. Testing the decant today, my skin grabbed on to something bitter in this blend, & wouldn't let it go. The white plum flowers & white amber are notes I don't have a track record with, so they could be the culprits.
  11. Teamama

    The Hour of the Body

    I learned something new: I apparently amp rooibus the same way I amp red musk. I could smell most of the notes at first when freshly applied. However, in what seemed like less than 5 minutes, all I could smell was the rooibus. Big surprise! I re-read the scent description & re-sniffed the decant, to make sure I wasn't reviewing the wrong blend. I like rooibus, but won't need a bottle of this.
  12. Teamama

    Little Yellow Ducklings

    My skin chemistry wrecked this blend . I want what @Lin Swanson got! In the decant, this smells fantastic: bright, fruity & complex. After 5 minutes on my skin, it became Smarties (cue sad trombone.) Dries down to a very light, soapy roll of Smarties. Boo hoo!
  13. Teamama

    Titan Toadstools and Leprous Fire Nail Polish

    I got this as a forum purchase. It's a one-coat-wonder. Shiny & fun! The green is on the blue-er end of the scale, & it goes with a surprisingly large number of things in my wardrobe. 100% win, glad I own it!
  14. Teamama

    Erotic Drops of Flower Petals Hair Gloss

    This was an insta-purchase. My thought was, no matter which combination of the notes (Sweet honeyed patchouli, ambrette seed, King mandarin, and mango cream,) is predominant, there's no way I won't love it! I applied it after washing my hair, & I'm a very happy camper. The mandarin & mango are bright & charmingly sweet. They're fresh, so the effect is more enlivening than tutti-frutti. The patch, ambrette, & cream are background notes. The patch is very smooth, more woody than gnarly. A winner!
  15. Teamama

    A Medley of Vulvas

    When I sniffed the bottle right out of the mailbox & chilled, the honey was very indolic (like, toddler underpants level indolic.) I knew it needed at least a short rest. The next morning: wet in the bottle, it's a vanilla & honey blend, with incense. Wet on my skin: the honey & pink pepper are forward, with a touch of smoke & vanilla. No labdanum, alas. On dry-down: it's got very little throw. Vanilla, honey, & incense. No labdanum & no pepper. I'll try to come back with further impressions, because I suspect this blend could change a lot with age. I like it, but it isn't rocking my world.