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  1. Teamama

    Animals at the Bottom of the Sea

    This was a surprise win... for Teadaughter. Fruity musks are my kind of jam, so I was really excited for this blend. In the decant, I smell bubbling (labdanum in there, maybe?) musk, cranberries & mandarin rind. As soon as it hit my skin, it was obviously not for me. An aquatic note showed up, which my skin predictably amped to throw the whole thing out of balance. Smells great in a locket, but mediocre on me. Teadaughter likes mandarin, so I asked her to give it a sniff (she wasn't originally interested due to the current, coconut & pineapple notes.) She's claimed the decant, & is evaluating it as a possible bottle for my next order. It smells fantastic on her. Less fruity & sweet than I imagined. Neither Teadaughter nor I can pick out currant, pineapple, coconut, or carrot. Musky, pleasantly bittersweet, more vegetal than fruity.
  2. Teamama

    Moroccan Pumpkin

    This was a roller-coaster journey! I love Morocco (the perfect spiced musk & sandalwood blend,) & I love Moroccan Pumpkin Patch. I held off on reviewing MP last year, My skin amped the musk note when it was fresh from the Lab, turning it into pumpkin spice dryer sheets (cue sad trombone noise.) I was discouraged, but held to my belief that with age, it would be awesome. I tried again in December, but without success. It's the end of September now, so almost a full year has passed since purchase. Moroccan Pumpkin is now PERFECT! Morocco's smooth, musky, spicy wonderfulness, with more spices, & a little hint of pumpkin sweetness.
  3. Teamama

    The Clod and the Pebble

    Forum acquisition. Rosy woods & faint spice. It's better in my locket than on my skin. My skin flattens out the individual notes, but they remain vibrant on the wool felt in my locket. I'll wear it in scent lockets to best enjoy this lovely aged blend.
  4. Teamama

    Still Life with Melon and Peaches Hair Gloss

    When I first got this bottle (I think from Etsy?) the floral notes were too bold for it to go into regular rotation. The bottle got pushed to the back of the HG shelf, and I forgot to review it. Fast forward to 2022. Teadaughter rooted through the collection this week, looking for a decant suitable for oral surgery. "Oh, look," says I, "Still Life with Melon and Peaches! I wonder how that's aged?" Aging has mellowed the flowers, so this is now a fruit/vanilla/musk blend, with low-key notes of flowers & tea. I'll be wearing it a LOT more frequently .
  5. Teamama

    Nightlife Hair Gloss

    Citrus musk with tea! Tangerine + blood orange balance each other beautifully. Not too sweet, not too dry. Thankfully the orange blossom doesn't take over. I love it.
  6. Teamama

    Prospering In Golden Hope

    Golden, for sure! I agree with @Leopard403 that this is well-blended. It's one of the Lab's complex beauties. The amber is a warm background, like in Kubla Khan or Scarecrow Turned Philosopher. The white peach, tobacco flower, & orchid are prominent when I sniff the decant, but once they hit my skin they quickly morphed into a citrusy note (in my locket, the peach note remained distinct longer.) Bergamot & frankincense are both so far in the background that I can't pick them out. I really like Prospering In Golden Hope, & may need a bottle.
  7. Teamama

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    I have a lot of vanilla, and at first I thought I didn't need a bottle. My decant just kept calling to me, and I finally put in my order. The vanilla in this blend is very similar to the one in Antique Lace Resurrected. Soft, delicate, very low throw.
  8. Teamama

    Kubla Khan

    Late to reviewing this blend! I got my bottle via a forum purchase several years back, so I don't know precisely how aged it is. It's lovely, & I reach for it mostly in the summer. When first applied, the ice (mint?), sandalwood, & mandarin notes are the most prominent notes, with amber & vanilla as a ground. As it dries down the leather emerges subtly, with bare hints of the other notes (roses, opium smoke, tobacco, champaca, tea leaf, sugared lily, ginger, rich hay absolute, peru balsam, and Moroccan jasmine,) peeking through. I really like Kubla Khan. For me, it falls into the category of BPAL uplifting mandarin blends.
  9. Teamama

    Beeswax, Cedarwood & Bourbon Vanilla

    This is a little bottle of perfect: three of my favorite notes in a wholesome yet sexy tangle. Beeswax is a really complicated scent, holy/profane, sweet/spitty, wild/domesticated. I love the way the cedar & vanilla anchor beeswax between them.
  10. Teamama

    Pink Peach Blossoms and White Plum Flowers Hair Gloss

    Delicate blossoms, with a hint of fruit (from the cognac?) The white amber is subtle & a little dry. All the notes are in my wheelhouse, but the blend fits Teadaughter better, so the decant has become hers.
  11. Teamama

    Spurious Cooter Bees

    Ginger beer! The honey isn't strong enough for me to notice over the ginger-y, vaguely citrus-y fizzing. A tickle, for sure. I will enjoy my decant but don't need a bottle.
  12. Teamama


    Turns out I amp oats? My skin is so weird. In the decant: sweet vanilla-cream, with a hint of spice from the cardamom, & a hint of grain. The honey reads as sweetness, with no floral, wax, or bee spit notes. On me: A bowl of oatmeal, with sweetened cream. There's a touch of spiciness, but overall the vanilla & cardamom have faded into the background. Stupid skin.
  13. Teamama

    Tonka Bean, Black Tea & Vetiver

    Decant. This was a little tea-sharp for me when it was released, but it's mellowed. It's now a lovely dark tonka, with warm dried grassy notes from the tea and vetiver. It's surprisingly black musk-adjacent. Glad I got to try it.
  14. Teamama

    Ut Ameris, Amabilis Esto

    Ut Ameris is in the honey + herbs + flowers scent family, & I would buy it for the fragrance alone. I tested a decant, & have already ordered a full bottle. It's no surprise that I love it, because the scent is similar to Osun, which I adore & have hoarded bottles of since it was discontinued. Osun didn't have many listed notes: Her ofrenda is thick with honey and herbs of love, passion and desire. What makes Ut Ameris a markedly different scent from Osun is the magnificent fruit layer of jammy strawberry compound & sweet orange. Ut Ameris did not change much from application to dry-down. It isn't long-lasting on my skin. It faded quite a bit within 2 hours. As usual, it had better longevity in my scent locket. At 5 hours, it's barely noticeable on me, & has about half the original throw in the locket. As for the (beautiful) intent, my initial wearing was a day where my energy level was lower than what I would have liked for assisting in public worship. I definitely felt love & friendship toward my community, & from them toward me. I felt grounded & prepared, as well as confident & supported in speaking prayers inspired by Transgender Day of Visibility. Compassion is pretty much my job, so I anticipate utilizing Ut Ameris as a focusing tool regularly. I'm glad that it harmonizes so well with Osun, which lasts longer on my skin.
  15. Teamama

    By Thys Fyre I Warme My Handys

    Dang my wine-amping skin! In the decant, this is totally my jam--spicy, complex, with a truly glorious honey note. On my skin, it flattened out into a vague, wine-soaked spice bread. At 4 hours, the wine finally quit dominating. This one's scent-locket only for me.