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  1. Teamama

    Spurious Cooter Bees

    Ginger beer! The honey isn't strong enough for me to notice over the ginger-y, vaguely citrus-y fizzing. A tickle, for sure. I will enjoy my decant but don't need a bottle.
  2. Teamama


    Turns out I amp oats? My skin is so weird. In the decant: sweet vanilla-cream, with a hint of spice from the cardamom, & a hint of grain. The honey reads as sweetness, with no floral, wax, or bee spit notes. On me: A bowl of oatmeal, with sweetened cream. There's a touch of spiciness, but overall the vanilla & cardamom have faded into the background. Stupid skin.
  3. Teamama

    Tonka Bean, Black Tea & Vetiver

    Decant. This was a little tea-sharp for me when it was released, but it's mellowed. It's now a lovely dark tonka, with warm dried grassy notes from the tea and vetiver. It's surprisingly black musk-adjacent. Glad I got to try it.
  4. Teamama

    Ut Ameris, Amabilis Esto

    Ut Ameris is in the honey + herbs + flowers scent family, & I would buy it for the fragrance alone. I tested a decant, & have already ordered a full bottle. It's no surprise that I love it, because the scent is similar to Osun, which I adore & have hoarded bottles of since it was discontinued. Osun didn't have many listed notes: Her ofrenda is thick with honey and herbs of love, passion and desire. What makes Ut Ameris a markedly different scent from Osun is the magnificent fruit layer of jammy strawberry compound & sweet orange. Ut Ameris did not change much from application to dry-down. It isn't long-lasting on my skin. It faded quite a bit within 2 hours. As usual, it had better longevity in my scent locket. At 5 hours, it's barely noticeable on me, & has about half the original throw in the locket. As for the (beautiful) intent, my initial wearing was a day where my energy level was lower than what I would have liked for assisting in public worship. I definitely felt love & friendship toward my community, & from them toward me. I felt grounded & prepared, as well as confident & supported in speaking prayers inspired by Transgender Day of Visibility. Compassion is pretty much my job, so I anticipate utilizing Ut Ameris as a focusing tool regularly. I'm glad that it harmonizes so well with Osun, which lasts longer on my skin.
  5. Teamama

    By Thys Fyre I Warme My Handys

    Dang my wine-amping skin! In the decant, this is totally my jam--spicy, complex, with a truly glorious honey note. On my skin, it flattened out into a vague, wine-soaked spice bread. At 4 hours, the wine finally quit dominating. This one's scent-locket only for me.
  6. Different than I had expected. The notes are all winners for me, so I imagined this might be a blend I'd end up buying more than one bottle of. In the bottle, the resins are forward, in a medicinal, linament kind of way. That was also the case when wet. That passed, & it became a complex amber skin scent. The amber in this blend is a lot more sap/vegetal than I usually experience from BPAL. The vanilla, musk & patch are all subordinate to that amber. Think of the siberian fir needles in Fae Forest atmo spray, & imagine amber from that tree's sap. Dry, the blend is warm, dry, balanced, & wearable by people of any gender expression. It's gorgeous, but more to my daughter's taste than mine. I'm glad I bought it. I think this will be a favorite for a lot of people.
  7. Teamama

    Holiday Survival Juice

    My partial is getting a workout this week. The sweet orange is a mood lifter for me. I feel supported & calmed wearing this in a scent locket or dabbed on my face mask. Total win, & now I wish I'd sprung for a full bottle.
  8. Teamama

    Hildegard’s Cakes of Joy

    Honey on fresh bread, with spices. Very light & wholesome, as befits Hildegard. Total win, bought 2 bottles, wearing regularly.
  9. Fresh out of the mailbox, & it's exactly what I'd hoped. Smooth vanilla & delicate sandalwood in balance. It's kind of perfect . The vanilla in AND THOUGH is not gourmand on my skin. It harmonizes beautifully with the light spiciness of the sandalwood. I agree that this is a serene blend. It's early days, but I'm pretty sure I'll want a backup bottle.
  10. Teamama

    To His Mistress Going to Bed

    Re-testing my 2016 decant, which separated a little: cinnamon-brown globes at the bottom of a light gold base. The blend reintegrated easily with some rolling & gentle shaking, but the base of the vial is still a little dark, so the proportions may not be 100% true. Patchouli is tricky for my skin. There are 3 main ways it can go: dark & rooty, light & woody, or, for lack of better words, rough & sharp. In 2016, To His Mistress was patchouli forward, with rough & sharp dominant. Today, the forward note is the fig (hooray!) with patchouli second. Benzoin & vanilla are very quiet. I'm glad I tried it, but it's not my favorite BPAL fig, or patch & vanilla blend.
  11. Teamama


    Late to the review game, as I start wearing bottle #2, scored from a forum sale. All the notes in Atsui-Mono except black tea & hay are reliably great for me. Fig is the star player on my skin, with the honey adding a floral flourish. Cream, vanilla, black tea & hay are definitely background notes, although in a locket, the tea & hay are more discernable. Sweet, gentle, floral-adjacent without being floral. I love it. It also carries on the Shunga tradition of the last 6 years or so: blends with label images showing P in V ejaculation usually work for Teamama.
  12. Teamama


    Decant. Wet: A teeny weenie bit of spice, & buttercream. Dry: The spice is almost undetectable, so now it's just a general gourmand-y sweetness. I think my skin obliterated the honey, smoke & stick, because I never noticed those notes. Late dry-down: sugar & white musk? Not for me, darn it.
  13. Teamama

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    While they have zero listed notes in common, Chibi Skull smells a LOT like Disastrous Twilight on my skin. I didn't get the Banshee Beat / Revenant Rhythm patch. The patchouli seems to be held in check by whatever notes are mimicking the star-touched blue amber from D.Twilight. I like the decant, & will use it up, but won't need a bottle.
  14. Teamama

    The Pale Snowman

    Decant. BIG Sense Memory from this. The pine & carrot seed combine to bring me back to being a kid on crodd-country skis in Eastern WA, pulling a bright green new needle growth tassels off pine trees to chew on. I'm not sure why I did that, but I did. They're sour & taste of forest & snow. There's a hint of vanilla, but the vetiver seems to have gotten rolled up into the pine/carrot seed whammy. A fun ride down memory lane, but not a blend that calls for regular wear. Glad I got to try it!
  15. Teamama

    Sri Lanka

    Forum purchase. My love of wood made me jump at the chance when this bottle came up for sale, & I am not disappointed. I don't know how old this bottle is, but it's old enough to be SMOOOOOOTH. The sandalwood & cedar are the dominant notes. The olibanum, gum mastic, patchouli & myrrh have melded together into a sweet, resinous & spicy background. This is one of the blends, like Wulric, that seems to vary with changes to my skin chemistry & the environment. Some days it's fantastic, & others it's kind of flat. It works better on cold, dry days than warm humid ones.