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    Baghdad Resurrected, Bilquis, Day of Skulls, Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden, French Love, Goblin, Love, Morocco, Osun, Paper Phoenix, Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs, Reapers Gonna Reap, Samhain, St. Clare, Sugar Skull, Tamora, The Other Miss Forcible, The Place Wherein Love Grew, Volcano in Springtime, Wolf's Heart, Wulric. I love sandalwood, rose, vanilla, black musk, skin musk, amber, tobacco, honey, frankincense & jasmine. I amp red musk & clove to high heaven. White musk usually turns screechy on me.

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  1. Teamama

    Twelfth Lash

    Wonderful! It's the sex honey from Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden, with sweet, grassy vetiver. The patchouli is subtle, the labdanum adds sweetness. At dry-down, this is ridiculously good. I can't quit huffing my arm. I want at least a partial bottle.
  2. Teamama

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I think Edie Sedgwick would wear Hollywood Babylon, Dance of Death, or Amsterdam. All of those seem like they might have appealed to her, & be appropriate for a 60's era heiress in torment.
  3. Teamama

    No. 93 Engine

    Beeswax & resins. Both dry & sweet. Beautiful. This is so complex, I can't even pick out my beloved frankincense. I know there is sage & balsam in here, because it smells like my childhood. There's a desert plant in eastern WA whose dried seed heads look like tiny brown velvet buttons on an dill weed flower (I think it's yarrow, but I'm a lousy botanist.) It smells like the resins in No. 93 Engine. I am all about this fragrance, & have been buying up imps waiting for it to come back in stock.
  4. Teamama

    Rocky Mountain Goats Hair Gloss

    Strong at first, like a bundle of cut sage &evergreen branches in your face. The dry-down a gentle but persistent green/resin. I'm glad I got a decant, but I probably won't wear this often.
  5. Teamama

    Fishtail Beaver Alchemy Lab

    In the decant & freshly applied, the cedar came at me with a 2x4. That faded quickly, letting the patchouli, vanilla & mint strut their stuff. After a few chaotic minutes, the patchouli emerged as the dominant note. It's my favorite, the sweet & cuddly patchouli from Goblin. The vanilla & mint pair beautifully with the patch. Good wear length, medium throw. I like this a lot, & will wear up all of this decant. It's close enough to my beloved Goblin that I don't think I need a bottle, but definitely A++.
  6. Teamama

    Eve's Big Apple IV

    On wet: Apple, sweet amber, & patch predominate. I can barely smell the tobacco leaf. Very nice, well-balanced. Dry: The apple in this blend has a vegetal, apple-skin note to it. My skin tends to amp that note, making the overall balance shift in a green direction as it dries down. Verdict: I'm happy I got to try this, but my skin throws the balance out of whack as it dries. Not for me, need to find a loving home for this bottle.
  7. Teamama

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    On me, this is the softest, sweetest vetiver ever, wrapped in vanilla wool. If it was yarn, it would be a fat undyed merino single that had been stored in a box with 100 vanilla pods & a few vetiver leaves (stalks?) Edited to add: This is gorgeous, & SUPER long-lasting on my skin. The vetiver is smoky, as well as soft. The wool aspect is the most truly woolly of all the BPAL wool-themed blends I have tried. I'm really glad I bought a bottle.
  8. Teamama

    The Purple Window Hair Gloss

    The blackberry from Bewitched plus fig & sugar. Strong! BPAL's blackberry note can go a little bit soap-adjacent on me. That combined with the strength of the scent means I will need to apply less gloss than I usually do.
  9. Teamama

    Job 31:32

    I agree with Lucchesa (respectfully snipped,) Both Romans 13:8 and Job 31:32 are sweet & complex, with more going on than the notes list would immediately suggest. Job opens up with Nuts, and lots of 'em. The hazelnut is intensely good. It's the scent of hazelnuts right from the shell, with all the sweet, wood, & plant notes that make them so excellent. I don't identify them as especially "roasted," which always seems to be a harsh thing to do to a hazelnut. Almond is predictably strong at first, and then backs off. The hazelnut lasts, long into dry down. It is supported by the fig, and the sweetness of the Rahat lokum. I didn't detect rosewater, but I don't miss it. This one is all about the nuts for me. Used up my decant, & bought a bottle.
  10. Teamama

    The Hag

    2018 version. Overall, a sweet musky rum scent that I want to put on my men. It reminds me of Grog, but with more oomph. The bay leaves & bourbon vetiver contribute modest bitterness. Mostly, the musk, rum & blackcurrant are letting it all hang out, & it's getting all sweet up in here. Though I am a big fan of the Lab's black musk, this is not my thing. It's heading in a slightly bay rum direction. This means The Hag will probably be fantastic on Teapapa & our son.
  11. Teamama


    2018 version. This is more sophisticated & less foodie than I had imagined. It's unlike other apple or spice blends in my BPAL collection. I need a bottle: I expect to burn through my decant quickly. The apple in this blend is delicate & almost floral. The "roasted" description seems just right; sweetness without the bite of fresh apples or the sharpness of apple skin. The milk, ale & sugar are blended in to the apple, I really have to work to notice them. Both wet & dry, the spices are subordinate to the apple. The ginger is most prominent. Miracle of miracles, in this blend, my skin doesn't amp the clove to high heaven. I would put this in the same family as Sugar Skull: sweet, with fruit notes, but more sophisticated than expected. Medium-low throw, not long-lasting. I will reapply with gusto because this is gorgeous. A standout for me. Edited to add: I was wrong about length of wear. On moisturized skin, it is still noticeable over 10 hours after application. Lasts even longer in a locket. Bottle ordered.
  12. Teamama

    Don’t Tell Me Heaven is Under the Earth

    This is smoooooth patchouli. The honey from the honey sticks is very light, mostly contributing sweetness. The dusting of cinnamon sugar is bold at first, but gradually becomes a faint spiciness supporting the patch. Dreamy. I was initially dubious about whether or not I need a bottle. My skin's relationship with patchouli is kind of in flux right now. After burning through 1 1/2 decants, it's obvious I do need a bottle.
  13. Teamama

    The Emperor’s Beard

    Whoa baby! This is fantastic. It's like the best possible distillation of positive masculine smells for me. It's like Beth got cotton t-shirts worn by my father, husband & son, dipped them in a bucket of St. Clare, and bottled it. I am totally hooked. This has grabbed me by the heart. Bottle required.
  14. Teamama

    Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs

    Irresistible for me: Beth's vanilla + rose blends make me sit up & beg. This is primarily candied rose with vanilla sugar on me. The cotton candy is suggested, & I do get a "fluffiness." Big fluffy throw at first, but it calms down to a very wearable medium-low throw. A real treat.
  15. Teamama

    Western Pygmy Blue

    Love! When first applied, I want to call it Butterfly Lace, because the combination of delicate florals, patch & tobacco reminds me of my impressions of Lavender Lace, Solstice Lace, & Shadow Lace (not exactly the same, but generally.) As it dries, the coconut moves forward a little more, & it's wonderful. Balanced, warm, & pretty darn subtle for a patchouli blend. This patchouli works for me, which makes me happy as I have been amping it recently. I'm glad I got a decant, & I have a bottle in my cart.