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  1. Teamama

    Nabby Gardner's Holiday Globules

    Another test courtesy of the kind & generous @Lucchesa. In the bottle, I smelled green herbs, soft florals, possibly white musk, & fruit. That's my daughter's jam, so we both tried it on. My girl immediately said "Dandelions! and vegetables!" I could sort of get dandelions, but no vegetables. However, she was backed up by our hairstylist. "Cooked vegetables." So we struck out with the Globules. Me because the florals & fruits turned soapy (which is why I suspect white musk,) & Teadaughter because...vegetables.
  2. Teamama


    I got to test Alias thanks to the always generous @Lucchesa. In the bottle, the citrus & rose geranium stood out, with a faint hint of vanilla & sandalwood. On my skin, the rose geranium immediately took over, & never relinquished control. I haven't tried many blends containing that note, but in this blend at least, I amp it to high heaven. After an hour or so, the overall effect became soap-like, as more sandalwood peeked through. Skin chemistry fail.
  3. Teamama

    The Dream is Big Enough for Everyone

    Delicate Oudh, fig, and Patchouli. The honey & vanilla cream stay far in the background in this blend. It stays pretty close to the skin. I really like it, which is no surprise. I expected good things, as the notes are usually winners for me. I'm glad I got a partial bottle.
  4. Teamama

    The Emathides

    Bottle from a Forum swap. Amber & blue musk were the notes that drew me to look for this blend. Black amber, olive blossom, lavender, blue musk, rose attar, and cedar are all notes of win for me. Black orchid, black currant, & wood violet are unknown quantities, though violet is usually a good 'un.  Since this has aged since 2007, it's smooth as silk; no trace of "screechy". I like aged BPAL ambers best. It's got a creamy vibe. Verdict: the smooth, sweet musk + amber make this a winner, with pleasant, undemanding florals as an accent. The cedar stays far in the background on me. Very good, I'm glad I was able to get this!
  5. Teamama


    In the bottle, that teak is strong! It's almost like a petroleum accord. Wet on my skin, teak takes a few minutes to cool its jets. Once it has, apple blossom, caramel & white honey do a good job of imitating fruit. It makes me think of some of the Dragon Con peach blends I have tried. On dry-down, it's a sweet, sweet creamy amber. The fruitiness is subdued, & the rest of the notes are subtle. This is a winner for me, but not a standout. Happy to have a partial bottle .
  6. Teamama

    I Suppose You Are a Princess Hair Gloss

    This is so true. My OTP for Mouse's Long & Sad Tale. Medium wear, light & pleasant fragrance. A total winner.
  7. I was expecting something robust, like Womb Furie with orange blossom & cinnamon. This is an unexpectedly delicate blend. The vanilla of Snake Oil & wildflower honey are the most dominant notes on my skin. Cinnamon is barely detectable on me. I will definitely use up the decant. Possible bottle.
  8. Teamama

    Recommendations for a single man

    The Lab does not stint with samples--my first imp pack purchase came with "frimps." My first purchase of bottles was for one blend from the imp pack order, & one of the frimped blends that hadn't even been on my radar. Namaste, Incubus, & Villain seem like good fresh options. Coyote is fantastic, if leather & musk work for you. Becoming Thunder & Take The Moon both have fresh notes, too. Bright makes me think of Eyes Skyward, Eyes Shut. That was a limited edition, though, so you'd have to find that through forum sales, or other means. Forum sales are also a great way to get your hands on a lot of imps without breaking the bank. Good luck, & enjoy your voyage of discovery!
  9. Teamama

    Bears of Berlin

    Om nom nom. I was hoping 2 things when I ordered a decant: 1. For the clove to be held in check ( I usually amp it,) 2. For the honey to be prominent. I got #1, which is super-rare. Instead of #2, I got the world's sweetest brown musk, rolled up in cuddly butterscotch labdanum with just a wee hint of clove. Tonka, rum & honey aren't much in evidence on my skin, but I don't mind. Teapapa says when it's freshly applied, it reminds him of his father's pipe tobacco. I'm loving it, but I bet it will be excellent on him, too.
  10. Teamama

    Swing Carousel

    There's a category of BPAL scents that I love, but am rubbish at describing, because there are lots of notes interacting in lots of ways. Some examples: Kubla Khan, Scarecrow Turned Philosopher, Day of Skulls, The Dream is Big Enough for Everyone. Swing Carousel is one of those blends. I can't often wear citrus, but all the other notes got me so intrigued that I risked a decant. I'm really glad I did, because I am thrilled by how warm & golden Swing Carousel smells. The interplay between amber, spice, orange & gingerbread seems like it would go in a foody direction, but the cedar & incense keep it out of the pantry. Medium throw, medium wear length. Good on my skin & in a scent locket. I definitely need at least a partial bottle.
  11. Teamama

    Raven Moon

    2009 version, from a forum purchase. Overall, it's a spicy musk with benzoin. Mama-Ji is the closest blend I can think of. Like Lucchesa, I'm impressed by the longevity. On my skin, the nutmeg & chili pepper notes don't really smell like themselves. Spices can be hit or miss with my skin chemistry. Cinnamon & cassia are usually hits. Clove is a miss, because my skin amps it so much, it throws off the balance of any blend containing it. Cardamom & nutmeg sometimes work, so I always want to try them. I wonder if the same thing that causes my skin to amp cloves is somehow distorting the nutmeg & chili pepper? Raven Moon 2009 smells better in the bottle than on my skin, & better on my skin than in a silver scent locket. I'm glad I got to try it, but I hardly ever reach for it.
  12. Teamama

    First Morning in Paris

    On me, the Burgundy oudh does the same thing that the oudh in Bestla did. It blooms into bovine barnsmell. Only by washing my arm can I get a hint of the delightful balance of oudh, musk & lavender in this blend. I will have to try it in my locket, because my skin wrecks it. Fans of Bestla should love this.
  13. Teamama

    Eyeball Seaboar Alchemy Lab

    From a testable empty frimped by a generous forumite. Color me surprised! The listed notes did not prepare me for the bergamot's surprise attack of floral goodness in this blend. It's like the bergamot comes upon the unsuspecting patchouli, salt, white sandalwood & honey, ties them up, & bursts into flower. This is really nice, & now I kind of want some more.
  14. Teamama

    Fourth Lash

    I am smitten with my decant. The black rose reminds me of Peacock Queen, in that rose is definitely center stage. Like Mandragora369, I'm finding the rest of the notes to be pretty subtle on me, although the leather is noticeable. I hope somebody who loves Whip gets in & reviews this blend, because Fourth Lash is what I was hoping Whip would be (I blame my skin.) More testing is needed, but it's a strong bottle contender. The last 12 months of BPAL roses have been SO FINE 🌹.
  15. Teamama

    Twelfth Lash

    Wonderful! It's the sex honey from Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden, with sweet, grassy vetiver. The patchouli is subtle, the labdanum adds sweetness. At dry-down, this is ridiculously good. I can't quit huffing my arm. I want at least a partial bottle. ETA: For beeswax fans, adding that my daughter says this is "strong beeswax" on me. She's a beeswax candle huffer from birth.