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  1. neoncas


    FINALLY I added this to my Yule order this year and I am happy I did. I adore amber and it works so well with the cocoa. 😍
  2. neoncas

    Dead Leaves, Leather, and Pink Pepper

    This one leaned a bit to sharp on my skin. I was hoping the leather would tamp down the sometimes "cologne effect" my skin chemistry likes to pull with the DL blends. Definitely a must try for leather and for DL lovers.
  3. neoncas

    Dead Leaves, Peppercorn, and Pumpkins

    This is nice...warm and smooth-like. I love the DL note in this and the pumpkin blends with the leaves so nicely. While I can't pick out the peppercorn, I do smell the pumpkin which is lovely. Autumnal scent win!
  4. neoncas

    Blood Moon Full Lunar Eclipse

    I am glad to see pepper in a blend and will search out more in the future as I don't often find it as a main player. This starts with a blast of the gorgeous red musk we love from Beth swirling around a wood that I can't identify and pepper. It settles down quickly to a comforting pomegranate blend that is all grown up with the red musk, pepper, myrrh with just a blush frankincense. For what it is worth this is what I was hoping Mme. Moriarty would smell like on me. This pulsates and thrums warmth, a powerful blend that speaks to me. This is beautiful, and I am very happy to have a bottle of this.
  5. neoncas

    Quaeris Quot Mihi Basiationes

    Wet: something effervescent? and a tad sharp and green. I don't recognize it as ginger but that must be what it is. This smells "light" "fresh" "clean" and then as it dries down…..ohh, a point of bug spray-ness, and then there is next to nothing on my skin. All this within a half-hour. Dumb skin chemistry, I adore these notes.
  6. neoncas

    Creating BPAL Gift Packs with a Theme

    How about Fallen for the Angels.....and New Orleans maybe add Van Van or any of the other Conjure Bag scents, Feline I would add Bastet, For the wolf/dog you could add Wolf's Heart... As well as a nifty way to organize scents, it is fun to create theme packs for ensnaring, enabling, gifts for our friends!
  7. neoncas


    This blend is GORGEOUS. For me it is the largest, strongest, beaming scent I have tried yet of BPALs. While feminie and beautiful I found that I amp rose to an awful degree and just can't wear this. I am learning to stay away from rose (it is a wonderful rose too, I just turn it up way to high). The amber and red musk are to die for in this combo and I dearly wish my skin would behave with rose. For those of you that can pull off wearing rose this is a must. A powerful and truely beautiful blend.
  8. neoncas

    The Ta-Ta

    Wow! I am so glad I took a chance and ordered a bottle unsniffed. This is a great scent for me. I get the carnation, some leather, and lots of strong coffee. When I wore it to work the scent stayed pretty strong throughout the whole day.
  9. neoncas


    To me this is a very "dry" scent. Interesting but dry. Uh- ohhh..... Unfortunately I amp cedar and my goofy skin chemistry sought out the cedar here and pushed it to the front ruining this blend for me.
  10. neoncas

    Primal Elements soap "Flames"

    Well, I finally got to try Perversion.....we have a winner!! That is the comforting scent of flames, yet mellow and calm. Thank you for the suggestions!
  11. neoncas

    Primal Elements soap "Flames"

    ooooooooooh, drools...... Smoky Moon. It just sounds awesome, thanks parrot_suspect! Zombi, I am still working on getting Perversion and I can't wait. It has moved from my "to try" to "must have" list. For those that haven't tried Flames soap, a kind and generous BPAL friend passed on a sample of Tom Fords Private Blend Tobacco Vanille to me. That is the smell!!
  12. neoncas

    Primal Elements soap "Flames"

    You know Perversion has been on my "to try imp list" and I just haven't gotten there yet. Time to search one out to see if it will fit. Appreciate your input!
  13. Hello, I am hoping there are other BPAL fans out there that use and love the soap "Flame" by Primal Elements? I adore this soap and have for years. It is a comforting and warm scent that I would love to find in a BPAL oil. The scents listed for Flames soap: Fresh tobacco leaf and smokey vanilla yummmmm! Can anyone direct me to a BPAL oil that smell just like FLAMES, with no additional scent added (ie rose, teak). Just good ol' fresh tobacco leaf (I think pipe tobacco not cigarette, and smokey vanilla.) *note, they have a candle "flames" but in that scent they added cherry...and they ruined my comfort scent. The soap scent still has only the tobacco and smokey vanilla, thank goodness Thanks for any input........Keeping my fingers crossed...