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    Scents: Red Rose, Formula 54, Bengal, Hellcat, Vice, Monster Bait: Underpants, Fee, Perversion, Shub, Count Dracula, Spanked, Phantom Calliope, Pink Moon 2007, O...... Notes: tobacco, leather, cognac, honey, clove, cinnamon, hazelnut, buttercream, rum, chocolate, black cherry, vanilla, carnation, melon, ginger Not fond of lavender, jasmine, sweet pea or rose.


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  1. cybra111

    Banshee Beat

    Hmm, love all of these scents. On me BB is HEMP, sweetened with vanilla and made earthy with patchouli. Not the vanilla I am used to. It is more like the vanilla scent sniffed from a bottle of the cooking additive. Nice and not perfumy at all. I usually amp patchouli, but this is very much underneath, just adding its touch gently. I like, not love, this scent. I am going to hope that aging blends it to perfection.
  2. cybra111

    Where is this scent?

    Ah Ha! I just found it in Rappaccini's Garden. Use search Ya Te Vo, not Ya-Te-Vo
  3. cybra111

    Where is this scent?

    I am looking for a review on Ya-Te-Vo. Thanks for you help!
  4. cybra111

    Copper v1

    Initial impression: Citrus orange and spice. After a few minutes dry: Soft metallic citrus. Definite copper tang as wear continues, what a brilliant scent!! The wear time is very short for me and the throw minimal.
  5. cybra111

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v2

    CXXXV I find that this is very O, but with a soft herbal mixed in. the result is the amber, honey, vanilla soften the scent to a creamy herbal. A wonderful scent, but too soft for me. I like to be able to smell myself!!
  6. cybra111

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v2

    CXLV (145) The numbers rubbed off when I first opened the bottle. At first I couldn't determine what this smelled like. I just knew that I wasn't getting any honey. Maybe musk, maybe spices..no honey. The second time I tried it, I thought, it is leather. A soft leather, like the doeskin in Coyote. Maybe the honey is softening the leather. A soft leather. If I were to see leather and honey as a description, I would jump at that scent in a second. They are two of my favorite notes. However, this scent does not stand out as well as I would want it to. I really wanted more honey. I am layering it with O to see what that is like. On the verge of swapping.
  7. cybra111

    The Clod and the Pebble

    I get rose, a cloying floral. It's true that rose does amp on me, but I was hoping for a nice blend of the other scents. Especially cedar and sandalwood!
  8. cybra111

    Villainess and BPAL

    Well, I don't have any combos to add, but I just placed my first order with Villianess and I can't wait to try some!
  9. cybra111

    The Ecstasy of True Love

    Ecstasy of True Love Peach, peach, peach!! My skin just amps up peach. And not a nice, juicy peach either. No, a plastic, artificial peach. Too bad, because I love carnation and patchouli.
  10. cybra111


    Mantis In the vial: rubbing alcohol On me: Powdery amber, warm soft and musky sweet. Actually very nice! After a bit, the green herbs emerge and make this fresh and light. Patchouli must be keeping it from being too sweet, making it earthy. A complex yet not overpowering scent.
  11. cybra111


    Krampus I tried this yesterday before reading the reviews and then again today as I was reading them. Intrigued by the references to leather, Spanked and Count Dracula because I adore these!!! In the vial: dusty leather First impression: Strongly leather with a lightly dusty scent. Its true that this could be strictly masculine, but leather is excellent on me. At least in my opinion! This is definitely sweeter than Count Dracula and lacks the spice of Spanked. I almost get an apple scent. When I wore it yesterday I was craving an apple scent, so I lightly layered DKNY Be Delicious over this. Yum! Even though I have almost exclusively turned to BPAL, I still have a few favorite other scents. Overall: Leather, apple and wood. Sexy! Love this and would love to try it on my Sweetie!
  12. cybra111

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    Chaos Theory III: DCCLXXIV (774) In the bottle: sweet, almost caramel On me: Very herbal, some sweet. Some musk in here too. But, the scent does not stay nice on me.
  13. cybra111

    Blood Rose

    Blood Rose note: I dislike rose. But, the rose scents that I have taken a dislike to, are the cheap scents I used to get as a girl. However, some rose, even BPAL, still remind me of this. I just wanted to get a good feel for all the BPAL rose scents. In the vial: No rose, rich and deep, sweet. On me: OMG, its a lot like F-54! The rose is there, but covered in wine. I get a black cherry hint too. Sometimes Dragon's Blood is overwhelming. But, this is blended so smoothly that it is one luscious sexy scent. I could love this. After a bit, it softens, but still like F54. Not quite as strong. Less staying power. A wonderful surprising rose scent!! Ok, the F54 resemblance fades to a softer powdery sweeter scent.
  14. cybra111

    Miskatonic University

    Miskatonic University I have an imp of the first and now of '06. Here is what I found: In the imp: Original-dusty with a bit of Irish cream. 06'-lighter dust with more cream. On me: Original: Faintly coffee and Irish cream, but so light I might have to slather. 06'-lightly dusty with a faint background of coffee. It fades quickly and I am left with the polish used on the oakwood halls. I really wanted this to be great. I love coffee scents! I am determined to try this again..and again until it works! After 2 hours, the scent wavers inbetween coffee and the polish.
  15. cybra111

    Sugar Skull

    Sugar Skull '06 I remember trying another Sugar Skull but I have no idea what year it was, except I know that it wasn't this year! I swapped it. Now I remember why! First impression is pure dish soap, eew. But then then a bit of spice in the soap. So I am hopeful. This is very strong and I can't quit sniffing my wrist. Eventually the soap fades and I am left with Spice and I love it. If it would only stay this way! But, then a sweetness emerges and I can see how someone would refer to this a a french toast/maple syrup scent. I am still liking it, but is gives me a bit of a headache. For some weird reason my teeth begin to ache, like the extra sweetness is sending a signal to my brain. I know that sounds crazy, but my teeth really hurt like when you eat something too sweet. Wow! I am totally knocked out by this one. Not sure, I bet I will try it again, though. The next morning I still catch faint whiffs of french toast/maple syrup and spice.