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    Notes: white ginger, coffee, lemon/citrus, linen, spices, incense, amber, coffee, cocoa, aquatics and "green" scents. Favorite BPAL so far: One to TieTwo to Win, Tezcatlipoca, Shub-Niggaurath, July 2007's 13, El Dia de Reyes, Gingerbread Poppet, Lycaon, Cheshire Moon, Garden Path w/Chickens, Agnes Nutter


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  1. I'm desperately searching for something that smells like the LE One to Tie,Two to Win. That scent is my absolute signature and I can't find any more. I'd love an GC rec of something similar.
  2. Wildbriar

    Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf

    On my skin I do initially get the play-doh scent that I'm not very fond of, and was afraid I'd have to scrap it, but that mellows out quickly to a delicious, wearable almond, somewhere between marzipan and amaretto liqueur. This is delicious!
  3. Wildbriar

    The Smilin' Servitors' Hyperdimensional Holiday Hits

    First impression? Bright, yellow sunshine on snow. This is a bright, fresh scent that is almost "sporty". It is primarily citrus on me with lemon being predominant and bergamont under that. I can just barely sniff out the resins below all the bright citrus when first applied, and as the citrus softens the resins become more noticeable. I really love this, it's fresh and uplifting. Like a SADD cure in a bottle!!
  4. Wildbriar

    Copper Phoenix

    Yes folks, we have a winner! Copper Phoenix is warm, soft and delicate but not sugary-sweet. It's truly delightful on my skin! I was afraid the rose would be a "note 'o doom" on me but it's very subtle and natural and grounded deliciously by the pink pepper and patchouli. After some time to warm on my skin the primary notes for me are the pink pepper and apricot with a hint of cardamom and amber. Mmmmmmmmm!!!
  5. Wildbriar

    Silver Phoenix

    I've always dreamt of having a white-flower night garden where I grow varieties of flowers that blom in the dark. In my mind the flowers glow by starlight, and the garden smells exactly like Silver Phoenix! This is a sweet, floral, delicate blend with a hint of powdery earth. Truly beautiful!
  6. Wildbriar

    Gold Phoenix

    Wow, this is really different from what I expected! When I first apply it wet to my skin it is very bright citrus (verbena) and really juicy! As it dries it smells to my nose exactly like orange blossoms.... like I'm standing in the middle of an orange grove in the spring. I swear I can even hear the humming of the honey bees! This is yummy but not a wearable scent for me, too floral-y sweet for my tastes but might translate well to a room scent.
  7. Wildbriar

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe

    This is a lovely blend wet out of the bottle. I get primarily ginger, cedar and a dry cocoa in a nice balance. The notes combined are not at all gourmand or foody but instead a warm, incensy blend evocative of winter nights spent by a natural wood fire (no smoke though, I promise) with someone wearing an old-fashioned cologne. Once this dries on my skin it goes very musty, dry and sweet, and not all that pleasant. It is perfect in my scent locket though because it holds onto that lovely "wet out of the bottle" warmth.
  8. Wildbriar

    Old Man Ackerman's Instructional Toys

    Wow, this is one of those oils that seems to be different for almost everybody. Personally, I'm really loving it! Wet on my skin it is a warm, bright, and sunny citrus with a slightly astringent tang (must be the metals) that brightens it and something green/herbal to ground it out. When I wear it in my scent locket it is mostly the fresh citrus with herbs (maybe basil) wafting under my nose. This oil is a real mood lifter, it's been a joy to have in my scent locket all day.
  9. Wildbriar

    Quicksilver Phoenix

    On my skin Quicksilver Phoenix is a lovely blend of lavendar and sandalwood. It is dry, clean and astringent without being medicinal. It actually reminds me of some of my favorite incenses. As it dries I lose the lavendar and the sandalwood is primary, very warm and woodsy. I'm not sure I'll wear this much, but I do like it a lot.
  10. Wildbriar

    El Dia de los Reyes

    Mmmmmmm... this is my favorite comfort scent. I have half a bottle of the '07 version left and ordered another this year, and they don't smell any different to me... both fantastic. This smells like the richest espresso brownies fresh out of the oven. I never get any of the cinnamon but that's ok, I love this just as it is. Added benefit? For some reason wearing this acts as a good appetite suppressant and curbs my sugar cravings, yay!
  11. Wildbriar

    Whirling Wind Moon

    I wasn't sure about this one because the florals sound so heavy and rich but I thought I'd give it a go, and I'm sooooo glad I did. In the bottle my nose picks out the oakmoss first as a very wet, green note with the musks and sandalwood grounding the scent nicely. Wet on my skin it remains very green. I can definetely detect the floral notes but they aren't out there in my face, they're very subtle and fresh. After a bit of drydown there is something that becomes almost minty, very cold, fresh and crisp. Over time the sandalwood and musks come forward and warm up the scent a bit more but that note that is reminiscent of, but not exactly minty remains to brighten up the scent and tickle the nose. This is an aptly named perfume and evokes the feeling in me of fresh snowflakes on the wind. I LOVE it and may have to seek out a second bottle.
  12. Wildbriar


    Tum (discontinued last year) is a very deep, ripe, swollen purple fruit to me. Like an overripe plum dripping with juice.
  13. Wildbriar

    Berry Moon 2009

    Wet right out of the bottle Berry Moon is squashed blueberries and raspberries but as it dries down on my skin it warms into a sweet musk that I just love! On further drydown the sweetness returns to become ripe berries with honey.. the musk is very faint in the background but pleasantly detectable. I was hoping that the sweet musk of the initial drydown would linger longer than it did but I do like the final dry notes, though it's a bit sweeter than I tend to wear everyday.... It's especially nice for sitting around in my bathrobe sipping coffee (like I'm doing right now).
  14. Wildbriar

    The Ragged Wood

    I picked this up at a recent M&S because in the bottle it smelled woodsy and fresh. On me the oil changes completely. I still love it, but it is very different from what I smell in the bottle. In Bottle: I get mostly the pine and benzoin with just a hint of jasmine... delish On my skin: quickly morphs to a light, soapy scent comprised mostly of vanilla and.... maybe plumeria (one of the florals but definitely not jasmine). I really love it but it is not in the least bit woodsy or piney on my skin. Much more of a fresh laundry scent that I never would have guessed could morph out of these notes. Very comforting and fresh!
  15. Wildbriar

    Black Butterfly Moon

    I took a chance on this one since most florals hate me, but I find it to be lovely! Black Butterfly Moon is a very dark floral, like a night-blooming garden after a gentle rain. I do get a whiff of ambergris that adds a slightly incense-y quality but that is a whiff only. The throw and staying power of this oil on my skin is really something! Most of BPAL blends fade quickly on my skin, this one really sticks around.