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    Whichever one fits my mood, but I smell gorgeous!
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    LE: Eve, Our Hearts Condemn Us, Blood Popsicle, Streets of Detroit, Funnel of Love, Witch Dance, Callidora, Sumatran Red Patchouli, Banshee Beat, #ows, Infernal Lover, Snake Charmer, Mme. Moriarty, Clemence, Chrysanthemum Moon, Death of Autumn, Sugar Skull, Fearful Pleasure, Premature Burial, Crypt Queen, Makhanitis, Melainis, Mircalla, Lilith Victoria, and practically any Snake Oil variation. GC: Blood, Snake Oil, Dragon's Heart, Urd, Goblin, Hetaire, Anne Bonney, Eat Me, Lust, Le Lethe. Trading Post: Puddin' takes most of my monies. Bath oil & Hair Gloss in scents that go with all of the above. Atmo sprays: Smoky, incense, dark and sexy. Lucy in Darkness! Too many Trading Post scents to mention. I especially love red musk, black musk, any/all patchouli, clove, and dragon's blood notes.

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    My family, especially my grandson; my kitties, my BPAL, my friends here on the forum and FB! I have been a fan of gothic horror since I was a child, thanks to my dad, who introduced me to Poe at an early age. I love classic horror movies (the old Universal Studios monsters) and Hammer Horror from the 60's and 70's. I love Anne Rice and her vampires and witches. If I had been born in a later generation, I probably would have been a goth kid. As it is, I've aged into a bohemian gothic hippie in my 60's, and don't give a damn. :wink:
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    Surviving 2020


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  1. Poenari

    It Was Just a Cat

    Initial application is a burst of dry amber. It dries down quickly to a powdery golden amber, and wears very close to my skin. Smells like my big ginger boy asleep on my lap, keeping me warm. Lovely!.
  2. Poenari

    An Open Grave Underneath the Heavy Leaves

    Sweet grassy herbs. A hint of spearmint. Fresh and lovely. Unexpected from the name. I would wear this in the Spring.
  3. Poenari

    Sinister Groundskeeper

    Initially the graveyard dirt note, but not as green as in Zombi or SN Graveyard Dirt. The clove doesn't amp like it usually does on my skin; rather it clings to the dirt and deepens it, giving almost a black pepper hint. I don't get dandelions but after dry down I can tell there is just the slightest drop of blood. Lovely variation on a dirt scent!
  4. Poenari

    Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns

    Cinnamon buns with a hint of pumpkin spice, as if it was barely dribbled over them as icing. Fades quickly on my skin. Nice, and would be good for those who usually find Beth's pumpkin spice too overpowering.
  5. Poenari


    I applied without rereading the notes. Initially, I get that gorgeous soil note I love! As it dries down, this is a lovely dark green forest. A bit of an herbal note, then a whiff of a not quite menthol that quickly dissipates. An hour later, this is a gentle, close to the skin musky forest. Lovely.
  6. Poenari

    A Cozy Sweater and an Apple Cider

    My first reaction- fuzzy wool sweater! How does she do it?! This stays close to my skin and smells so good. I can find the apple cider if I think about it, but if I didn't know it was there, I wouldn't identify it. It's as if I spilled some cider on the table and accidentally got it on the cuff of my fuzzy wool sweater. I blotted it and let it dry. That slight hint of cider embedded into the cuff of my wool sweater after it dried, and I'm not going to send it for dry cleaning just because of this- that's this scent. Lovely.
  7. Poenari

    Pumpkin Booze

    Oh!! This is a very realistic bourbon old fashioned with a touch of pumpkin spice syrup. The booze note is very strong at first, just like that first sip of my favorite cocktail. Then it becomes smoother and more wearable. After an hour, I'm left with a gorgeous autumnal blend on my wrist, where all the notes have mellowed and blended together like my mood after a couple of old fashioneds. Lovely!
  8. Poenari

    Pumpkin Doob

    Wow, I thought that Blacklight Reactive Poster had the strongest weed note ever. I was wrong. Pumpkin Doob opens with a bitter, green stench of weed. Super realistic. Then the pumpkin spice shows up, and slaps the weed down into herbal territory. An hour later, I can barely smell this on my wrist. Huh. Did not expect that. And I didn't even feel the need for snacks.
  9. Poenari

    Shadows and Light

    This is a lovely, smoky musk. I get the references to golden champa, as the smoke note is similar. There is the barest hint of lavender. Stays close to my skin. This is lovely and I can't stop sniffing my arm.
  10. Poenari

    La Roue de Malheur Hair Gloss

    There is nothing sweet in this hair gloss. And considering I always amp red musk, I'm shocked that I barely even detect red musk. It is there, but well hidden by dry dark notes that are all blended together: the oud and tobacco in particular. This is crazy- I cannot separate the other notes and find them! It's all a whirl of dark, dry, inky black smells. The name translates to "The Wheel of Misfortune" and that is exactly what this smells like! A dark, whirling wheel around my head, in my hair, of unsettling notes that come together beautifully. I'm so glad that I blind bought a bottle!
  11. Poenari

    Gingerbread Snake

    How is it possible that I never reviewed this?! I have three bottles of it, for pete's sake, and I wear it a lot through November and December and January! So I love Snake Oil and many but not all of its variants. The addition of gingerbread is makes this one of, if not THE, most favorite variant in my collection. There's not much to say... the Snake Oil is recognizable, and the addition of a sweet gingerbread just makes it a beautiful variant. Love love love this!
  12. Poenari

    Euterpe’s Ukulele

    I always love Beth's plum note! I was gifted a bottle of this from a friend, and it is so lovely. Upon application, it is a very strong plum, but not foodie, with the osmanthus mingling and giving it a white floral note that is reminiscent of lilies of the valley! It stays this way for quite a long while on my skin. I love patchouli and oudh, but they are hiding here. About 30 minutes later, the stronger white floral has left and the plum has now darkened a bit. Lovely floral scent that patchouli haters shouldn't be afraid of. Lasts forever on me. When applied at bedtime I can still smell it in the morning.
  13. Poenari

    Pumpkin Patch V (2005, 2006)

    2005 version that I apparently never reviewed. I just reached for this and my bottle is almost empty! The horror! 🎃 So, I love Beth's pumpkin scents and have amassed several bottles and a few backups of my favorites over the years. This one is dry pumpkin with ivy and woods. Not a pumpkin spice blend. Different than what I usually reach for in pumpkin scents, and yet my bottle has been mysteriously drained. Guess I liked this one more than I thought!
  14. Poenari

    A Demon and Her Unholy Basketball

    I tested this without first checking the description and notes. First impression, oh Beth's pumpkin, and not too much spice. Next up, red musk I always know you! Well, this is exactly as described. A perfect blend of sugary pumpkin and red musk, two notes I always amp, now in unison! I don't get any brimstone, though it would be welcomed. This is nice and light, but I have so many stronger red musk and pumpkin scents that I think my decant will suffice.
  15. Poenari

    Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards

    Initially: Clove clove clove clove rose clove My skin always amps clove. Surprisingly, this dries down quickly into a whiff of clove and the roses amp. Within ten minutes, it's a gentle spiced rose, powdery but not soapy. What a morpher! Lovely!