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    LE: Eve, Our Hearts Condemn Us, Blood Popsicle, Streets of Detroit, Funnel of Love, Witch Dance, Callidora, Sumatran Red Patchouli, Banshee Beat, #ows, Infernal Lover, Snake Charmer, Mme. Moriarty, Clemence, Chrysanthemum Moon, Death of Autumn, Sugar Skull, Fearful Pleasure, Premature Burial, Crypt Queen, Makhanitis, Melainis, Mircalla, Lilith Victoria, and practically any Snake Oil variation. GC: Blood, Snake Oil, Dragon's Heart, Urd, Goblin, Hetaire, Anne Bonney, Eat Me, Lust, Le Lethe. Trading Post: Puddin' takes most of my monies. Bath oil & Hair Gloss in scents that go with all of the above. Atmo sprays: Smoky, incense, dark and sexy. Lucy in Darkness! Too many Trading Post scents to mention. I especially love red musk, black musk, any/all patchouli, clove, and dragon's blood notes.

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    My family, especially my grandson; my kitties, my BPAL, my friends here on the forum and FB! I have been a fan of gothic horror since I was a child, thanks to my dad, who introduced me to Poe at an early age. I love classic horror movies (the old Universal Studios monsters) and Hammer Horror from the 60's and 70's. I love Anne Rice and her vampires and witches. If I had been born in a later generation, I probably would have been a goth kid. As it is, I've aged into a bohemian gothic hippie in my 60's, and don't give a damn. :wink:
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  1. Poenari


    Very pretty sweet Bulgarian rose. No soapiness on my skin, hooray! Very heady, with a strong throw, and is basically a single note rose on my skin. The resin keeps it from going sharp and the honey doesn't turn it to the mustiness that sometimes happens with my chemistry. This is a win for days that I feel like wearing pretty roses, without the dirt of Zombi nor the opium of Clermont. Lovely and not mentioned nearly enough by rose lovers!
  2. Poenari

    The Red Ribbon

    I love red musk and have many many BPAL blends that are red musk dominant. The Red Ribbon does not disappoint! Smooth sweet red musk, and the vanilla and goat's milk combine to make this just perfect for me. Dare I say it - this reminds me a lot of The Infernal Lover! I never had the version of TIF that somehow went out lacking the red musk, so obviously that would differ. Definitely upgrading my decant to a bottle (or two!) Long lasting and good throw, too!
  3. Poenari

    Pink Peach Blossoms and White Plum Flowers Hair Gloss

    I was in the mood for a spring hair gloss, and I thought I would like this based on the notes, but somehow the fruity floral combination goes screechy on me. I love the Lab's peach and plum notes, but their respective blossoms just don't work out the same way. I'm disappointed, but very glad that I tried with a decant.
  4. Poenari

    Wildflower Honey, Pink Rose, and Sandalwood

    Sweet pink flowers, just a hint of pink rose, and a touch of light sandalwood on the drydown. This is pretty and would be perfect for a young person to start out with. Not too strong, very inoffensive. Glad I tried a decant but I don't need a big bottle of this one.
  5. Poenari

    Stung By the Cock Tree in Hell

    I don't recall why I ordered a decant of this, but I am so glad that I did! Typically I pass on Shungas... They only rarely have been "me" scents, so I have probably only tried a handful over the years. This one is delightful! First of all, the hinoki wood - hello there! This note is one I really like. It is a high note to me, goes up my nose and amazingly not in a sinus headache inducing way! This note puts me in mind of the note I love in We Wear The Mask... All this time I assumed it was the carrot seed in that one. Could it actually be one of the main "dry woods" mentioned there? Because it is so specific to my nose, and that's the only other scent I have that has that similarity. On drydown, that stays present, but the rest of the notes don't stand out individually to me. I love how blended they are, and the sum is greater than the parts. I am really enjoying this decant. Long lasting and decent throw, too!
  6. Poenari

    Spurious Cooter Bees

    Very very fizzy ginger ale. Bpal honey often turns musty in a bad way on me, but not here. The fizzy ginger overrides all. I mean, it almost tickles my nose the way a freshly poured glass of ginger ale does! Glad I got to try a decant, but I'm not a fan of this one at all. I guess they can't all be hits.
  7. Poenari

    Wisteria Blossoms

    I'm cautious about any florals that I order and wear. It's taken a long time for me to find rose scents that don't turn soapy, and white florals tend to screech into my sinuses and cause instant headaches. But I'm immediately drawn in when I see lilac as a note. It's always been one of my favorite flowering trees/bushes, and I adore the scent. Lucille's Room perfume and atmo spray is my #1. Wisteria Blossoms has entered the room, and is a strong contender to bump LR! On my skin (please note that I slathered my decant with abandon) this is a blast of sweet spring blossoms... TBH I have never smelled wisteria, only seen it in photos. This scent is just gorgeous, all soft sweet purple lavender blooms. I can detect the lilac, but agree with someone above who mentioned magnolias... It does remind me of them too. The musk anchors this and keeps it away from my sinuses, and all together this is blended together and melds in a way that works so perfectly. Ok, addressing the "old lady" references made above, which I hate. I'm literally a senior citizen... An old lady, if you will. And no matter which BPAL I wear, I smell fucking fabulous. It really does bother me that people use that term as a negative connotation, even the way it's used elsewhere... As if the fact that this doesn't smell old ladyish is a compliment. If wearing Wisteria Blossoms makes me smell even more like an old lady, then good for me! 💖
  8. Poenari

    Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

    Gorgeous dark musk, sweetened and spiced up by the vanilla and sugared cardamom, with the patchouli and vetiver barely detected long after drydown. Thankfully no stanky jasmine pops out on me. Once again, this scent is more than its individual notes - it's a lovely scent that is worthy of a bottle upgrade!
  9. Poenari

    Black Honey, Spicy Black Rose, and Amber Oud

    OMG this is so beautiful! A deep dark spicy rose. On my skin, the other notes aren't distinct on their own, which is just fine. They simply meld with the rose and enhance it. BPAL honey can often turn musty on me in an unpleasant way, but not here. I also get no soap from this, unlike the rose in Peacock Queen. The sum is so much better than its parts! Upgrading my decant to a bottle.
  10. Poenari

    Sweet Hyspithillia

    I applied my decant without rereading the notes first, just to get a blank first impression. Red musk and cacao - hello! I initially forgot this has a cacao note, but then remembered that's why I went for a decant rather than a blind bottle. After drydown, this settles on my skin to a lovely melange of red musk with some sweetness from the vanilla, honey, and ambergris, and just the right touches of patchouli, frankincense, and tobacco that keep it in my wheelhouse. Thankfully the leather never makes an appearance (another reason for my blind bottle hesitation.) This is a lovely scent! I already have other more beloved red musk blends so can pass on a bottle, but will slather my decant to abandon!
  11. Poenari

    Mystery Powder Fizzy Candy

    I was gifted a frottle of this from the Lab with my Weenie order and somehow forgot to review it! I tried it fresh and recall that I got very citrusy fizzy candy. Today I slathered it on to really immerse myself in the scent and see how it goes. So I definitely get a mixture of Sweet Tarts and Smarties candies from this! Citrusy, fizzy, a little powdery. I don't get any of the cola undertones that others have mentioned. But as it dries down I do get an undertone that feels somewhat sinister... I'm really having a hard time placing it, although it's something I clearly recognize. It's definitely not bleach, and not the lye note from Lye-Filled Bubblegum. But it puts me in mind of an old-fashioned powdered cleanser like Comet. Yes I think that's it. Sinister as in "caution, this person is not quite what she seems." Bubbly and fresh on the outside but if you come to close she has a real bite! What a fun scent! I don't see it going into my rotation (and I actually promised to pass the bottle on to a fellow forumite!) I definitely need to get this into the mail!
  12. Poenari

    Pele Bath Oil

    How is it possible that I never reviewed this wonderful bath oil?! Will remedy that right now! Note that I always use my bath oils as after shower moisturizers. Pele is the perfect summer scent, a tropical ginger flower. The bath oil matches the perfume perfectly and I'm going to be heartbroken when I finally use the last drops. I would love it if this became a part of the permanent collection if bath oils ever return.
  13. Poenari

    Pecan Pie Bath Oil

    I don't know why I forgot to ever review this lovely bath oil. I bought my bottle back when they were live. I always use my bath oils as an after-shower moisturizer. Pecan Pie bath oil is a lovely cozy spicy scented oil. It's that perfect scent for the holiday season. To be honest I don't think it smells like pecan pie at all, but my experience with the pie is limited. However if you want a warm clove/ nutmeg/cinnamon blend kind of spiced scent (and mind you, there is absolutely nothing burning about it on my skin fresh from the shower) then find yourself some of this beauty!
  14. Poenari

    Beautiful Death

    This is another scent that I never reviewed before! I thought I had, but it's not here. So will remedy this. I pulled this bottle out for today, because we had a gorgeous sunny and unseasonably warm weekend, followed by a gray chilly windy day today. It really put me in the mood for a spring scent with a gloomy edge. It's so lovely. This really evokes an earth scent without Beth's prominent graveyard dirt note. On my skin this wears as a dark Berry with the drydown of sandalwood and tobacco holding steady. It always makes me feel happy when I wear it. As far as being in the Lace family, yes I get that, but this one wears so much better on me than most of the Laces. I love this.
  15. Poenari


    After all these years of wearing BPAL and loving so many of the vampire-inspired scents (I mean, a bottle of Dracul was in my first order from Feb. 2006) I finally tried Nosferatu! I can't believe that I waited all these years. The Lab frimped me an imp in a recent order, and here we are. On my skin, Nosferatu opens with my beloved graveyard dirt note. The wine is a sweet red blend that immediately melds with the dirt and becomes more than the individual notes. This scent is so much sweeter than I expected, and also lighter and brighter somehow. I really love this. Zombi is one of my favorite BPALs to turn to when I want a spring scent, and Nosferatu is right in my wheelhouse. Bottle worthy!