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    Whichever one fits my mood, but I smell gorgeous!
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    LE: Eve, Our Hearts Condemn Us, Blood Popsicle, Streets of Detroit, Funnel of Love, Witch Dance, Callidora, Sumatran Red Patchouli, Banshee Beat, #ows, Infernal Lover, Snake Charmer, Mme. Moriarty, Clemence, Chrysanthemum Moon, Death of Autumn, Sugar Skull, Fearful Pleasure, Premature Burial, Crypt Queen, Makhanitis, Melainis, Mircalla, Lilith Victoria, and practically any Snake Oil variation. GC: Blood, Snake Oil, Dragon's Heart, Urd, Goblin, Hetaire, Anne Bonney, Eat Me, Lust, Le Lethe. Trading Post: Puddin' takes most of my monies. Bath oil & Hair Gloss in scents that go with all of the above. Atmo sprays: Smoky, incense, dark and sexy. Lucy in Darkness! Too many Trading Post scents to mention. I especially love red musk, black musk, any/all patchouli, clove, and dragon's blood notes.

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    My family, especially my grandson; my kitties, my BPAL, my friends here on the forum and FB! I have been a fan of gothic horror since I was a child, thanks to my dad, who introduced me to Poe at an early age. I love classic horror movies (the old Universal Studios monsters) and Hammer Horror from the 60's and 70's. I love Anne Rice and her vampires and witches. If I had been born in a later generation, I probably would have been a goth kid. As it is, I've aged into a bohemian gothic hippie in my 60's, and don't give a damn. :wink:
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  1. Poenari

    Pumpkin Incense

    A little sweeter than the Pumpkin Incense atmo, but very very close. Not a sweet pumpkin spice blend, but a darker drying pumpkin with the incense blending into it perfectly. These make such a great set to really be atmospheric.
  2. Poenari

    Dead Leaves, Prune & Patchouli

    I LOVE THIS. The dead leaves and patchouli are very reminiscent of my beloved Autumn Leaves & Haitian Patchouli hair gloss, and the prune adds a touch of dark sweetness to them, without being fruity or sweet, if that makes sense. Prunes are dried plums, as raisins are dried grapes, and this prune has that dark chewy but dried note. It's not your grandpa's morning prune juice. I might need a backup bottle of this!
  3. Poenari

    The Harvest Haunt

    Dark pumpkin and incense. This is not the sweet candied spice scent. If you love this, get The Harvest Haunt perfume too, as they are almost the same! I love it. Atmospheric and autumnal, this one's going in my car.
  4. Poenari

    Palo Santo and Patchouli

    This is soooo good! It reminds me of my beloved Autumn Leaves and Haitian Patchouli, but with the palo santo replacing the leaves. Trying to talk myself out of a backup bottle. If you love patchouli, you must buy this!
  5. Poenari

    Snowy Cross

    I have a love/hate relationship with the snow notes. If it is the same as Snow White, then it's a nope for me, as no matter how much I want to love Snow White, she just doesn't work on my skin. So I was cautious and only bought a decant of Snow Cross to see. Well this was unexpected! Not only is the most definitely NOT the snow note from Snow White, it's not really minty or wintry at all! The rose is very prominent here, but instead of what I expected, I get a scent that takes me right back to my childhood! This smells like the little grey anise candies that my dad used to love! It's very surprising, and this is not what I would call licorice either. I have several of the other BPALS that have contained a licorice note over the years, and it's not that. But somehow whatever Beth used as her snow here has blended with Rose Cross in a very unexpected but delightful way, at least for me. Long lasting on my skin, and decent throw too! I need a bottle of this because not only is it lovely and wearable, but I need it as a nostalgic memory.
  6. Poenari

    Is He, You Know

    Very lavender forward, but there is a poopiness right there lurking. Fortunately that part fades quickly upon drydown. It remains a woodsy lavender on me. I wish the patchouli was stronger. This one is not really my cup of tea.
  7. Poenari

    The Witches Have a Fire Again

    Very simply, a smoldering woodsy scent. The final embers are almost gone and there is a hint of pine sap. Wears closer to the skin than I expected. This reminds me of Rumpelstilzchen, but is his softer, sweeter younger brother. In the same family but not as "in your face."
  8. Poenari

    Gingerbread Snek

    I really love my 2013 Gingerbread Snake and even though the description is different this time, I knew I needed at least one bottle of this! So as a comparison, trying to think of this without the aging factor of my 2013, this version is heavier on the Snake Oil. I get a lot of gorgeous Snake Oil, with a bit of gingerbread showing up on the drydown. The OG is much more gingery, and if I recall correctly, was also heavier on the initial blast of ginger. This is gorgeous and I'm certain it will age well too. If you love Snake Oil and gingerbread, you will love this. Even though I still have some backup bottles of the 2013, I will definitely order at least one more bottle of this before Yules come down.
  9. Poenari

    An Autumn Stroll for a Pumpkin Man

    Very autumnal sweet maple leaves with pumpkin, very little smoke or rum. It's a very clever blend of notes that work very nicely on my skin. Not a pumpkin spice, very much a carved pumpkin, but the other notes keep it from going to foodie or vegetal stages. Nice!
  10. Poenari

    Things Are Fine

    Tea and autumn leaves with the hinoki wood are my initial impressions. There is a brightness to this scent, different from my usual preferences, but very pretty. I can understand the spa-like references from others. Nice!
  11. Poenari

    Fig, Autumn Amber, and Tobacco

    Sweet and Smoky indeed! There's nothing acrid about this. It's a very smooth, spicy-sweet woody scent. I cannot pick out individual notes- they swirl and meld together in a very autumnal scent. It really does smell like a very high-end fragrance. I've been using my decant in the car. It is long-lasting... A couple of spritzes in the car and I can still smell it when I get back in a couple of hours later. I'm not only upgrading my decant to a full bottle, but getting a backup as well. This is one that I will want to keep on hand for a very long time and will regret when mine is gone and it's no longer available. I've learned my lesson the hard way on this.
  12. Poenari

    A Melancholy of Goths

    This is so good! I always amp clove, which is fine because it's a note I love. This clove doesn't stomp out all the other notes, although it is the most prominent note on my skin. The champaca and plum notes meld into the clove in a way that makes this a perfect scent on me. Also, no hairspray detected, which is fine. Dark, incensy, sweetened from the plum, but not as strong as Thorns Clove Cigarettes. It lasts a very long time, and several times I wondered what that lovely scent was that I was catching whiffs of. Then I remembered: It's me!!
  13. Poenari

    Man With a Haunted House for a Face

    This reminds me of the sandalwood in my 2021 Every Day Is Halloween! It's very pretty, kind of sweetened with a bit of oak on the drydown. Very lovely.
  14. Poenari

    Autumn Fougere

    I haven't tried this in my hair yet, but am giving it a good test on my arm, since I sometimes use my hair glosses as a body spray. Unless something changes a lot after dry down, I won't be using my decant as a body spray. The fougere is very dominant, with the leaves secondary. I was worried about the leather note, because I rarely enjoy it in my perfumes. But fortunately leather is at most a supporting player, only barely showing up after dry down. Unfortunately, instead campfire smell, which I love, I get stale cigarette smoke, which I hate. In fact, this smell of cigarette smoke amps after about 20 minutes and is all I can smell. I still plan to give this a true test in my hair, and will update my review after I do that. I truly hope that it doesn't make my hair smell like cigarettes. My hair used to quickly pick up that smell from places where smoking is allowed and I hated it. Since there are no places I go any more where smoking is permitted, I always hoped that would remain a distant scent memory. Stay tuned!
  15. Poenari

    The Premature Burial

    Bizarrely, I never reviewed this gorgeous scent, even though I've already gone through two bottles and have a few more backups stashed. I had just started my BPAL journey in March 2006, and Poe scents were an insta-buy do to my love of all things Edgar Allan Poe. In the bottle, the dirt note is the most prominent, as it also is when I first apply. Then the patchouli rises up and the orchid sweetens the whole thing. The cypress was more prominent in fresh bottles than in aged bottles, but it and the teakwood make this a woody, earthy floral. It ages very well, as my bottles are all over 17 years old! They can almost vote! And I vote YES for Premature Burial.