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    LE: Eve, Our Hearts Condemn Us, Blood Popsicle, Streets of Detroit, Funnel of Love, Witch Dance, Callidora, Sumatran Red Patchouli, Banshee Beat, #ows, Infernal Lover, Snake Charmer, Mme. Moriarty, Clemence, Chrysanthemum Moon, Death of Autumn, Sugar Skull, Fearful Pleasure, Premature Burial, Crypt Queen, Makhanitis, Melainis, Mircalla, Lilith Victoria, and practically any Snake Oil variation. GC: Blood, Snake Oil, Dragon's Heart, Urd, Goblin, Hetaire, Anne Bonney, Eat Me, Lust, Le Lethe. Trading Post: Puddin' takes most of my monies. Bath oil & Hair Gloss in scents that go with all of the above. Atmo sprays: Smoky, incense, dark and sexy. Lucy in Darkness! Too many Trading Post scents to mention. I especially love red musk, black musk, any/all patchouli, clove, and dragon's blood notes.

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    My family, especially my grandson; my kitties, my BPAL, my friends here on the forum and FB! I have been a fan of gothic horror since I was a child, thanks to my dad, who introduced me to Poe at an early age. I love classic horror movies (the old Universal Studios monsters) and Hammer Horror from the 60's and 70's. I love Anne Rice and her vampires and witches. If I had been born in a later generation, I probably would have been a goth kid. As it is, I've aged into a bohemian gothic hippie in my 60's, and don't give a damn. :wink:
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  1. Poenari

    Lorraine Cross

    I have had my bottle of Lorraine Cross since its first release in 2016 and forgot to review it. So my bottle has some nice aging on it. There isn't a lot to say other than that I've been getting so many hits on the rose scents that I have chosen lately, after thinking that all rose would turn to dreadful soap on me for years upon years of BPAL. LC is a lovely rose, powdery from the myrrh, but not in an old-fashioned way. Pretty sure that's the sandalwood keeping the dreaded soap at bay. This is gentler than I had expected, and won't shriek anyone's head off. Slightly sweet, gentle resins with velvety rose petals. Very happy to have this!!
  2. Poenari

    Lollipop Smut

    Sticky sweet'n'sour citrus musk..that's all I get. Citrus isn't my thing, but at least this fades quickly.
  3. Poenari

    Panther Moon

    I was certain that I had reviewed this years ago. Several of my reviews seem to have disappeared in the Great 2014 Forum Crash. As I pull out a bottle to wear and come across a scent that is missing my review, I'm trying to review again. So this is for my very well-aged bottle of Panther Moon. OMG it is so thick, sticky, and syrupy! Super throw too! Very thick sweet smelling black musk and nag champa blend. That's what I get! All the other notes simply melted into these two. I love it even more than when it was new! Long lasting too!
  4. Poenari

    Candy Apple Smut

    No one has mentioned cinnamon?! Well I get a strong cinnamon Smut from this! The red candy coating is made from cinnamon candies, and it is poured over a layer of Smut. That's it. Deliciously Smutty cinnamon candy, no apple. I really like it!
  5. Poenari

    Vexed and Aggrieved

    Received my frottle as a gift from a wonderful BPALer. This scent is a big surprise to me! Typically I don't care for almond as a note in my perfume, and I am always cautious about rose. This has them both right out of the bottle! On my skin, they blend and merge into a lovely gentle sweet rose, similar in fact to the rose in my beloved Rose Quartz Bedroom. I can tell there is myrrh here, as it's powder also swirls gently in and out of the rose. I typically amp cassia and opium tar, and yet I don't even get them as individual notes here! I really love this scent and will wear it for spring. It's very comforting and is suitable for wearing in company, if that being around people ever happens again. This perfume is another example of why you shouldn't rule out a BPAL solely based on the notes. Always give a skin test!
  6. Poenari

    El Amor y la Muerte

    I've had my bottle since '07 and wore it today for the first time in a long while. I've been on a clove kick lately, with many newer scents that have clove. I looked this up to recall my review and didn't find one! Time to remedy that! Yes, this is clove. Also patchouli and sandalwood, with some sweetness. I knew I loved this, and I wore it a lot when I first bought my bottle, then as so often happens, I slowed down so as not to run out. Now that I know I have other gorgeous clove-forward BPALs, I'm going to wear this more often and so be it if I use it up. You only live once!
  7. Poenari


    I received a frottle of Krampuslaufen with my recent order. Thank you Labbies!! In the bottle, I get something sour, fermented, and musty. Freshly applied, oh there is definitely red musk in here! The rusty chains seem to be made from the same red musk as in my beloved Krampus. I can smell a hint of mint, and then whoosh that's gone. It morphs on my skin as it dries down. I can't detect individual notes other than red musk. It's definitely got the feel of a Yule scent. It is like Krampus' sweet sister, minus the leather in Krampus. I like this and will definitely wear it a lot!
  8. Poenari

    Champagne & Maraschino Cherries

    Testing a sample gifted by a friend. At first, super strong maraschino cherries, a little dizzy. Strong, syrupy, and sweet. It dries down quickly to a gentle cherry note on my skin, and stays very close to the skin. I don't mind the drydown, but overall I don't really like to wear cherry or almond scents. I'm going to try this on my grandson and see what he thinks! It might be perfect for him!
  9. Poenari

    Our Hearts Condemn Us

    I somehow forgot to review this, and it's one of the OLLA scents that I even needed a backup bottle of! The teakwood is present and the cedar doesn't turn to pencil shavings. The rose is tempered and deepened by the woods and the oudh, and the overall scent is elegant and absolutely gorgeous.
  10. Poenari

    Bocal de Sang

    I completely forgot to review this when I got it all those long years ago with my autographed copy of the book! OMG it's been over 10 years now. BPAL time flies too. Bocal de Sang is another terrific vampire scent. I get blood, dark wine, cloves, honey, and maybe a hint of tobacco. It's dark and syrupy and I love it. If this came in a bottle, I would buy it.
  11. Poenari

    Dorian Hair Gloss

    Well this is as advertised, all Dorian in a hair gloss. The vanilla is a bit more prominent than the perfume, but it is still Dorian. So glad I bought this long ago and forgot to review it, now that there is a Dorian drought. Certainly hoping it returns!
  12. Poenari


    This is lovely! It is like a more clove-forward version of my beloved Vampire Red hair gloss. Patchouli, clove, incense scented. Might need a backup bottle.
  13. Poenari

    Dead Leaves, Red Wine, and Black Oudh

    This decant has the least "dead leaves" note out of the multitudes of dead leaves scents I own and love! It's definitely a wine scent, with the oudh coming out on the drydown. Barely a hint of leaves. The overall feeling is autumnal, as if I'm sitting near a pile of raked leaves, drinking a glass of merlot. Nice, but I prefer more dead leaves in my dead leaves scents.
  14. Poenari

    Red Incense Hair Gloss

    Reviewing this when worn as a body spray. This is a great Sandalwood blend! I also get the wine note, but it isn't boozy or overpowering. The cinnamon and copal come out on the drydown. I really like this a lot. Pairs very well with several of my wine-based Poe scents, especially Prospero, The Mask, and Montresor.
  15. Poenari

    Personent Hodie

    This one is very unusual, but not in a bad way. I get smoke followed by tart pomegranate, powdery myrrh, and a titch of cassia, all swirled together. It makes me think of a swirl of smoke drifting up into the air, softly swirling into a curling wisp that smells faintly of incense, tart and sweet fruits, but not a fruity scent. Olibanum is another term for frankincense, but this is so subtle. Each of the resins in this scent mingle together and give it that incense base, without overpowering the pomegranate and currant. I think people who are uncertain about wearing incense or resin based scents should give this one a whirl! It's lovely, gender neutral, stays close to the skin.