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  1. Puddin

    The Return of Etsy!

    Greetings all, BPAL is now in Philadelphia and finally getting settled in our new dungeon. I am no longer chained to the shipping desk and had a moment to dig though the mountains of boxes that contain all the old bottles. I finally put up some Etsy listing and you can find them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/alchemylab Please enjoy! xoxo Puddin'
  2. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    Greetings everyone, Here is the update as of Saturday Dec. 19th. There is not really a ship through date but my best guess would be December 14th. Of course there are a few stragglers from November 27th to today and we hope to get to some of those. Brian and I worked Monday through Saturday last week but sadly we did not get all of the Black Friday or regular orders out. We ran into some issues with out of stock oils and Imps and set those orders aside until we could find time to pour them. If you have not received a shipping notice, please forgive us. Here are a few of the problems that are causing the delays. We ran out of Frimps and had to stop to make more, and they are time consuming and that slowed us down a bit. We are out of wand caps. There are a handful of GC's and Halloween scents that are out of stock and we will be blending them tomorrow. I am planning on going in to the dungeon early tomorrow and pack all day to get as many as I can out so they might get to you in time for Christmas. I am sorry if we do not get your package to you in time. Thank you for understanding. Puddin'
  3. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    Hey look! It's Puddin' I have not updated this recently because I really didn't have an answer for the ship through. Here is the situation right this moment. I am packing orders from the first week of December. December? I can hear you saying "What happened to the Black Friday orders?" We had an issue with the Black Friday Imps so to try to get as many orders out in time for Christmas, we set all of that weekend aside and I kept packing. The other issue is for some orders from November, and I am just going to post our announcement for it. There is a component hold up with outstanding orders for Aoede, Melete, Mneme. We expect to be able to ship your order out early next week. We are deeply sorry that it has taken us so long. Covid-19 is impacting the supply chain in myriad ways, and we are doing all we can to navigate all the snags. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! Brian and I are doing our best to get as many orders out as fast as we can. Please forgive us. Much love Puddin'
  4. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    I would like to apologize for not updating this very often but it is hard to really say what the ship through date is. I was packing order from September 24th yesterday but there a lot of orders still open from Sept 14th to the 23rd and if you count the Lunacy tees there is even an order from August. To sum up, I am shipping order from around Sept 24th but if you have an order before that and are concerned, please email me over at answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com and we can talk about it. Forgive me
  5. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    I have no clue when we are shipped though... I am too sleepy. Okay... I think we just finished June but of course there are a few strays.
  6. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    I have not updated this recently and I am sorry. We are packing and shipping orders from June 24th.
  7. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    Very little change but we are doing a few of the June 10th orders.
  8. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    I'm sorry for not updating this often. I am old and forgetful. The good news is that I was packing April 6th and 7th on Friday. Brian worked yesterday so there might even be more packed and ready to go. Go us!
  9. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    We worked a bit over the weekend and moved the ship through date to May 24th. Yay us!!!
  10. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    It is hard to say exactly what date we are shipping because of a few stragglers but I was packing orders from May 16th yesterday.
  11. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    Oops... I thought I updated this. We are shipping orders from May 11th right now.
  12. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    As of today, I have shipped orders from April 25th. As a famous Libra once said "I've got blisters on my fingers!"
  13. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    We are now shipping April 19th. Work faster Puddin' !!!
  14. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    April 14th is where I am packing as of yesterday.
  15. Puddin

    BPAL Ship Through

    I just finished April 10th with a few orders that are missing items.