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    Crystals, scents, gardening, kitchen and green witchery, paganism, anything celtic, faeries, rabbits, nature, woods, tree of life, chocolate, 1000 thread count sheets, home, hearth, family, beading, bright and shiney objects, tree of life, prog metal music
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  1. Coldfire

    Fire of Love

    Imp: WOAH! Oh hi floral in your face! Wet on Me: Heady overpowering floral. Daisy, Carnation, mum and lily Drying Down: This is really really really strong. Getting rose too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dry: This is a very very strong perfume. Truly this is SOOO not for me!
  2. Coldfire

    Wolf's Heart

    Imp: oh there is dragon's blood in this. Wet on Me: dragon's blood that wants to head to Raid territory Drying Down: getting some floral now and the dragon's blood is going more resin than Raid. Dry: Floral dragon's blood. I'm of two minds on this. I don't hate it but I'm not loving it. But not disliking it enough to trade away
  3. Coldfire

    Dragon's Musk

    Imp: dark and deep musks with just the faintest touch of dragon's blood Wet on Me: there is the dragon's blood more than the musks need to be careful how this goes. Dragon's blood can sometimes go Raid on me. Drying Down: nice smooth powdery musks Dry: a dark baby powder. Happy to have tried. But will put in the trade/sell bag.
  4. Coldfire

    Blood Lotus

    Imp: lush and red is right! getting a red fruited floral Wet on Me: still red fruits and flowers Drying Down: glorious. deep dark red fruits and flowers but not so heady that it creates a headache. Dry: I didn't think I would like this as much as I love this!
  5. Coldfire

    Dragon's Heart

    Imp: definitely dragon's blood and dark musk alrighty Wet on Me: now the wee faint whisp of fig adds to the mix. Drying Down: definitely the red and black musks and the ghost of fig. Dry: the musks kept the dragon's blood from going all bug spray on me. pretty nice.
  6. Coldfire

    Blood Pearl

    Imp: the soft orris with faint touches of a sweetness and blood Wet on Me: getting the sweetness of the coconut Drying Down: the coconut is being tempered form becoming too sweet by the orris. Dry: nice. powdery orris and coconut. glad I tried it but probably gonna put it in the trade/sell pile!
  7. Coldfire


    Imp: vetiver and gardenia Wet on Me: vetiver, gardenia and the faintest trace of leather Drying Down: the vetiver has receeded, mostly gardenia and leather with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Dry: I gotta keep this! sshhh don't tell rose. this is just a smooth leather gardenia!
  8. Coldfire

    Dance of Death

    Imp: ethereal, almost floral, glowing Wet on Me: Powder Drying Down: Powder-y patchouli is what I'm getting now Dry: the patchouli disappeared and I get a powder-y pale faint incense. nice. Nice to have tried it but would probably be best to be re-homed to someone who would LOVE it!
  9. Coldfire

    Miskatonic University

    Imp: lovely Irish coffee. comforting. Wet on Me: Irish Coffee and oak. omgs I love this so far Drying Down: less Irish and more wood now. Still get the sweetness of the coffee but the deep wood notes are become more prevalent under my nose. Dry: Mostly a sweet deep oak scent. this is a total comfort scent.
  10. Coldfire

    Redoul Honey

    strong sharp deep honey. not as sugary as most honeys tend to get on me. this one is actually working on my skin and under my nose!
  11. Coldfire

    Imperious Tiger-Lily

    Imp: Lily and neroli scuffling under my nose\ Wet on Me: the ginger and purple fruits are trying to break up the scuffle under my nose but not succeeding. Dry: really heady. Lily has a way like rose of getting all bossy with the other notes and taking over. And not always in a good way.
  12. Coldfire


    getting rose air freshener and bug spray. Lilac always comes off as bug spray to my nose and skin.
  13. Coldfire


    Imp: OMGS this is old school air freshener rose. It 'rose' up out of the imp and smacked me hard! To the trade pile!
  14. Coldfire

    Black Rose

    Imp: Super heavy dark air freshener rose. Wet on Me: I'm giving up on Rose notes. she has it out for me. Dry: nuh -uh
  15. Coldfire

    The Rose

    Imp: sharp bright rose. Wet on Me: I get the green but it's putting up a losing battle against rose on my skin. The green lost. I haz a sad.