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    I’ve been trying to contact you for a month now. Please reply!


  2. strangemodegirl

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    Dirt notes normally are horrid on me and I tend to stay far, far away from them, but with all the rave reviews for Hallow~e'en 1914 I decided to be crazy and get a bottle. So glad I did. At first the dirt was strong and I wasn't too sure, but, it has dried down to be one of the most gorgeous scents I have tried so far out of all this year's Weenies! So don't let the dirt note scare you and try this one!!
  3. strangemodegirl

    Plum Puddin'

    Did I get something totally different than everyone else? On me this is one of the most gorgeous scents I have tried! It is not foody at all, I don't get much alcohol at all, maybe a teensy bit of the sherry. Mostly it's currants and spices and even though it's not listed, it smells a bit musky. The color that comes to mind is a rich, royal purple. And on me it is strong with a lot of throw, and I barely put any on!! I almost never buy backups anymore, but I am seriously considering it for this.
  4. strangemodegirl

    The Changeling

    Bear with me y'all, I haven't done a review in a couple of years. I am not all that great at writing, so I usually shy away from reviews. But.....this is the first new scent that I have seriously fallen HARD for. When I first got my decant and put some on, the first thing I got was a smokey burnt smell. But that only lasted a few seconds. It dried to the most wonderful pumpkin I have ever had. The combination of scents here make this the most realistic woody/fall pumpkin. It's not a foody sweet pumpkin at all. Even though it is not a listed component, I get an almost sandalwood and pumpkin vibe. And this has amazing throw and lasts forever! I have gotten tons of compliments on it. One of the vet techs at the animal hospital I take Olive to practically licked me because she liked it so much! Ordered a bottle and have already bought one partial. Plus, I am probably going to buy at least one more from the lab before it goes away. This is going to age wonderfully.
  5. strangemodegirl

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Do you remember what time you placed the order and are you in a time zone that's behind CCNow's? I had this problem with my last order. I had placed it around 11:30pm West Coast time and when I went to check the status, it kept telling me that there was no record of such an order. I then saw that CCNow is based somewhere in the Central Time belt and tried checking my order with all the info, except with the date moved up to the next day (10/22 instead of 10/21). And it worked! I hope the problem is as simple as that! Let us know how it goes! Damn! That was it! LOL! I usually use Pay Pal for my orders. I think in the last few years this is only the second or third time I have used CC Now. Thank you!
  6. strangemodegirl

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Has anyone else had this problem? I placed an order on the 30th of November. Now, I know rationally that there is no way my order would have been harvested yet, but, I went to look and check order status anyway (cause I am horribly impatient sometimes) and it keeps telling me there is no such order on record. I used my order number, email, credit card number, order total and date of purchase. I am wondering if there was a glitch and I have to place the order again. But am nervous about that in case of being charged twice. It is not pending with my bank yet either. Usually I noticed that it is pending in the first couple of days and then disappears until after it's been harvested. Anyway...HELP! What would you do?
  7. strangemodegirl

    Berry Moon 2009

    Huh. I am also one of those who is getting almost no berry from my Berry Moon. Heavy on the honey and musk, then fig and a wee bit of raspberry. No blueberry to speak of. Funny thing is...I absolutely love it! Before I quit smoking last year I could never wear anything with honey because it turned to a sour cat pee like smell on me. Well, that no longer happens! Apparently honey is wonderful on me now! First I discovered that Lady Una worked beautiful on me, and now this! I am quite pleased that I got two bottles.
  8. strangemodegirl

    Lawn Gnome

    I haven't done a review in a very, very long time, and I am not all that good at them, but I wanted to pipe in here and say that I think Lawn Gnome is one of the best things I have ever smelled in my life. On me, it is all currant and vanilla cream. I get nothing else. Well, maybe a bit of musk, which is strange since it's not a listed note. Could be the patchouli acting weird. I know that ever since I quit smoking last year, things have smelled differently on me. I do enjoy foodie smells, but not usually on me as much. This is too tart to be foodie, at least, to me. This might be my first back-up/multiple bottle purchase in a long ass time!
  9. strangemodegirl

    What Scent Is This?

    The imp I got of Shub in my recent lab order (today) is also a light golden color, so I got out my bottle, which I have had for over a year and a half now, and decanted a little of it, and it is the same color and smell as the imp I just received. Maybe your original imp was from the first formulation?
  10. strangemodegirl

    Scent for Halloween?

    I am planning to wear SMUT today! Woooo!
  11. strangemodegirl

    Red Rose

    I get very little rose in this. On me it's all clove and amber and a bit of musk. I am completely in love. Clove is one of my favorite notes and I was hoping like crazy I'd amp that and not fir, which usually turns awful on me. I love both of the roses, but out of the two, this is the one I can see myself wearing on it's own more often. But like I said in the White Rose thread...gorgeous on their own, but layering them is amazing! I really need to pick up another set before they are gone.
  12. strangemodegirl

    White Rose

    I am quoting Alicia here because this is EXACTLY what went through my mind when I put this on. After about 5 minutes of wearing it I though, "hmmm..it's like the same tea in Dorian." Actually, I think her whole review is very close to what I wanted to write. I get mainly the tea, a hint of rose, and the coconut meat. But not the sickly sweet "candy" coconut, nor the suntan lotion coconut. To me, it's like fresh coconut when you just crack one open and scoop the pulp from the shell. If you have never tried one, you should. It's gorgeous on it's own, but really, layered, it's just stunning. Tomorrow I am going to see how layering them on a piece of cloth for my scent locket will work so I can sniff these at work all night. *not allowed to wear perfume to work*
  13. strangemodegirl

    Where is this scent?

    That is under the Picnic In Arkham line.
  14. strangemodegirl

    Beaver Moon 2005

    This is for the '08 Beaver'versary... Ok, I don't know what is up with my skin chemistry! I don't get strawberry in any way, shape or form. On me? This smells EXACTLY like Shub, with a bit of Eat Me mixed in. I love it, but still, not what I was expecting.
  15. strangemodegirl

    Eggnog Latte

    This smells absolutely gorgeous in the bottle, but sadly, just like Egg Nog, this does not work with my skin chemistry and turns to plastic. I am editing this to say...I meant to say it smells gorgeous in the vial! I do not have a bottle.