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  1. theal8r

    The Last Squished Jellybean

    Oh. My. God. I love this. imp: *ugh* black licorice. wet: spicy cinnamon with an earthy, dark undertone. Nice throw, too. *huh* The boy perked up with a "oooo, what smells gooooood" It even got an eyebrow wiggle (unheard of! in regard to smellies) Drydown: it fades after a couple hours but leaves a spicy, playful hint. I.must.get.more.
  2. theal8r

    Mircalla, Countess Karnstein

    In the bottle I thought this would never, ever work. Too dark, too heavy... Wet: the vanilla amps out just enough to cover the plastic-weirdness I usually get with musks. I was surprised the florals didn't jump out and tweak my nose unto sneezing ferociously, but they played nice! Dry down: the musk comes out a bit more, but not offensively. I'm fond of this -- it has a dark, sexy note to it, but it doesn't amp so badly that it makes me self-conscious. I don't like wondering if you can smell me 15 minutes after I've left the room This one I won't wear frequently, but I think I need a bottle (or lots of imps, to fill my sniffie bottle).
  3. theal8r

    The Hell-Gate Of Ireland

    Smoldering brimstone, bitter labdanum, clove, black musk, and copper-colored feathers. In the bottle this smelled like a pretty strong, heady dark scent. I wasn't sure it would work -- musks often turn soapy and plastic on me. Wet: HOLY cologne batman! It was like eau de olde man dry down: This mellowed nicely over time, still very, very masculine, but i found myself, throughout the day, getting a sniff of it, thinking, "wow, that smells nice -- who is that?" This baby has lasted, although finally a wispy sort of hint, for 12 hours. WOW, that's some long-lasting strength. This musk didn't ever do that plastic thing, but the initial dry-down is awfully strong. I like this, but not enough to get a bottle. Definitely enough to keep the imp, though!
  4. theal8r

    Punkie Night

    I agree, Gin -- it smells wonderful. Sadly, it didn't last even 30 minutes on my skin. *boo* I didn't get a golden feel from it, though -- not quite as spicy as I thought it might be -- more crisp than warm.
  5. theal8r

    Butter Rum Cookie

    I wanted to love this one. I did! But, alas, it was not meant to be. In the imp this is all sweet, sugary boozey deliciousness. But the moment it touched my skin it went... wrong. It has a sort of burny plastic smell to it that is not at all pleasant. Could this be the brown sugar? The only over scent that has done this to this degree for me was Miskatonic U -- and I think it was *supposed* to do that!
  6. theal8r

    The Magi

    I've been trying to figure out how to describe what this smells like -- I should have saved the trouble and read the reviews: soapy cola is it 100% Toward the end of the dry down I started to get some lovely spices, but not enough to warrant a bottle purchase for me
  7. theal8r


    In bottle: Chocolate with a slightly plastic note (my mom thinks the lab chocolate notes smell like vomit.) Wet: warm chocolatey notes. I was hoping for something closer to Cocoa Pink's Black chocolate. Dry down: chocolate with a weird jamine-y, plastic-y note. Not bad, but it isn't at all what I expected. It comes very close to making my nose itch a bit. After an hour or so: a sort of powdery chocolate, not deep and rich like El Dia De Reyes. I'm just not sure about this one at all.
  8. theal8r

    Upa Upa

    earthy, green coconut. *yum* In the imp it was... weird. green, like celery, with rum. But on -- oh, it is heavenly. This is walking on a windswept tropical beach with a tiki drink in your hand. oh yes.
  9. theal8r

    Banded Sea Snake (2006)

    Snake Oil with oakmoss, sea moss, and olive leaf. in imp: Weird! green vanilla? There's a lovely creamy undertone to it. Wet: This is pretty nice, so far. I'm picking up a strange... root beer...? note that I'm not so sure about. I wonder how this might layer with Stimulating Sassafrass... I'm a little worried about throw -- I seemed to be casting a lot of scent around in my car. dry down: mmmmm this is like what would happen if Green Phoenix had a luscious, creamy vanilla baby. I want to slather myself in this and roll around in it. YUM YUM!
  10. theal8r

    Villainess and BPAL

    Quick or Dead + Death Cap = OMG teh sex. Quick or Dead + Antique Lace = really sexy scent, but more feminine.
  11. theal8r


    Ah, the patchouli grabs me first in this! Imp: patchouli sweetened. Lovely. Tomboy/hippy -- Wanna get high and climb trees? I'm tempted to run out an buy a bottle! But, musk is iffy. Wet: Yep, musk is iffy. I smell like someone just dropped the entire men's cologne shelf in K-Mart and I rolled in the puddle. The throw is amazing. Daughter sez, "Mommy, I can smell you all the way over here and you don't smell nice." Dry down: Oh, woe is me, but the poppy has lightened the mess out to something soft and warm, but those musks are really just big bullies. Into the swap pile with this. *sobs*
  12. theal8r


    in the imp: Whoa! Sharp, sort of a peppered floral? This went immediately to the back of my head and went stabbity stabbity there. wet: thick, heavy floral -- sort of like this old, old bottle of perfume we found in grandma's closet when I was little. dry down: Huh. Musk, for sure, and that peppery note (is that carnation? what is that?) Sort of a little old lady who has been making out with a little old man smell. There is a creaminess in this scent that is just to die for, but I can't get beyond that stabbity pepper thing at the start. I want to love this. I want want want to love this. This is going to be a swap only, at any rate. There is so much in here to love, but that initial note just kills my sinuses.
  13. theal8r

    The Apothecary

    I'm beginning to suspect that tea and I do not get along. In the imp: herby. Green and sharp, but not noxiously so. Wet: very green, but with a soapy overtone. Soap like.... public restroom soap-smell. Drydown: This has a lot of stay-power. 8 hours later and I can still pick it up very lightly on my wrists. This late in the game it is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could find something that smelled like this ALL the time: herbal, light with some slight earthiness to keep it (no pun) grounded -- not really GREEN, but green. Sadly, it took most of the day to get to this point -- mostly it just smell of soap.
  14. theal8r

    Lemon, Lemon, Lemony Goodness

    I didn't get the creamy from Delousing Powder.
  15. theal8r

    The Fruit of Paradise

    In the imp: sweet, a little floral with something darker beneath. wet: Whoa. This goes immediately to some man's cologne on my skin and the throw is amazing. Sadly, because this smells so bad on me, that's a bad thing. dry down: Uhm. No. I smell like that dirty old man groping all the little girls when they come to get a cup of punch at the grand daughter's birthday party. Dark, bitter with a bright sparking floral. It is just all wrong with me.