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    Favourite BPAL: Milk Moon 05, Lick It, Snow White, Snow Flakes, Carnaval Diabolique, Antique Lace, Bearded Lady, Dorian, Loviatar, Embalming Fluid, Ultraviolet, Snake Charmer, Bluebeard, Mania, Green Tree Viper, Squirting Cucumber.Favourite non-BPAL perfumes: Lolita Lempicka, Samsara by Guerlain, Parfum de Peau by Montana, Insolence by GuerlainFavourite notes: mint, white musk, lemon, violet, iris, apple, pomegranate, vanilla...The notes I'm not so crazy about: tobacco, jasmine, black and red musk, patchouli, tonka...

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    History, feminism, modern art, literature, astrology, independent cinema, mail art, music (Bowie, electro, baroque, prog rock...), Finland and many, many other things...
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  1. Emma2403

    Le Lethe Claw Polish

    Le Lethe really is the PERFECT classical red, it's stunning, I keep staring at my nails ever since I put it on. I was hesitant about getting it because, years ago, when I tried the first BPTP claw polishes, I had really disliked the formula terribly, especially because it wouldn't even last one day without chipping, but this time, it's pretty much perfect, easy to apply and I've been wearing it for 4 days and it's still going strong. Photos!
  2. Emma2403

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Personally, that's what I don't like. All the trendy companies over here go for that look, so it makes them look so common to me. But, hey, I've always strongly disliked A LOT of the Limited Editions labels (esp. the CD ones) and it doesn't stop me from loving the perfume, so it doesn't matter all that much.
  3. Emma2403

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh, I had absolutely no idea the GC labels had changed... I keep postponing buying GC because there are so many LE I always want! Mmh, I liked the old labels much more.
  4. Emma2403

    The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus

    Frankincense and orange. Quite unusual but... there's something wrong for me, and I don't seem able to find what. When it dries down, it's 100% incensey.
  5. Emma2403

    Faeu Boulanger

    Ooh lovely. But hard to describe: it's a weird mix of juicy green, wild violets and something a little aquatic. I don't really get mint, but so far, I think that's my favourite CD scent together with Faith! A little herbal when it dry downs. Still very pretty!
  6. Emma2403

    The Torture Queen

    On me, it's very floral... there's a hint of metal in the background, but honestly, I smell it because I look for it. It's not bad, but it's very banal while I was expecting something much more unique. Gets a little soapy when it dries down.
  7. Emma2403


    Blue lilac, lily of the valley, golden musk, beeswax, white ginger, bergamot, green tea, and nectarine. It's a lovely fresh floral but unfortunately, the bergamot gets all sour on my skin. I might try it again in a scent locket, though.
  8. Emma2403


    Very fruity, with a little bit of wood. Lots of plum, it's really extremely exquisite, and I'd recommend to anyone who looks for the perfect plum scent.
  9. Emma2403


    Why on earth did I buy this one? Maybe for the name, because Clémence is on my list for baby girls, I don't know... Anyway, it's spiced patchouli and it's giving me headaches so off to the swap-pile. (It makes me think of chai tea as well, and that's not exactly my fave kind of tea).
  10. Emma2403

    L'Heure Verte

    I was expecting (and hoping) something similar to La Fée Verte but not at all (at least, not on me). I get tons of rose. Beautiful rose, mind you but I was hoping for more absinthe. Absinthe is there, in the background, but rose is really prominent. When it dries down, I get lots of sugar and a beautiful hint of absinthe.
  11. Emma2403

    Golden Wave

    Mmm, greener than I thought. Lots of guava and some other tropical fruit. The drydown makes it a little more herbal and quite interesting.
  12. Emma2403

    Te Po

    Black cherries and LOTS of sugared almonds. Makes me think of marzipan. I've ordered this one for the vodka and mint but I don't get any of those two. Don't like it. The drydown's not too bad though, it becomes a kind of a resinous citrus (weird, I know) and that's quite nice. Not nice enough to bear the almonds and cherries when wet
  13. Emma2403


    Light flowers (gardenia somewhere?) and some distant tropical fruit. Not bad, but I've got the feeling I've smelled that 100 times before, so, I wouldn't want more than my decant.
  14. Emma2403

    Rangoon Riptide

    Very sugared when wet (very easy for me to notice that as it's started turning into burnt plastic on my skin). Gets drier afterwards... fruity, but I get no orange or raspberry... just a hint of pineapple. All in all, it makes me think of those canned exotic fruits with lots of syrup... Off to the swap-pile.
  15. Emma2403

    Blue Fire

    Ewww, horribly boozy, then getting all sour on me. One of the worst disasters I had in a while