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  1. starryeyes

    Rapture Pig

    Fellow Lushies: this is a total dupe for Rose Jam. Roses, sweet berries, and sugar abound. Even after a few hours i get a sort of light soapiness mixed in with the thick jellied rose scent. Probably my new favorite
  2. starryeyes

    Discarded Shamisen Hair Gloss

    This smells exactly how it sounds, like a beautiful swirl of peach and cherry blossoms wafting in the air. It's a very sweet floral. The gloss aspect is very nice as well, makes my hair very soft and shiny (but not greasy). One of my absolute favorite scents, I'll even spend a few sprays around my bedroom.
  3. starryeyes

    Snooty Rose

    Wet on skin: smells very much like a classic red rose. Dry on skin: Still classic red rose, but with a little tiny bit of a sexy spicy sweetness peeking through. The first floral/rose scent that hasn't gone powdery on me, at last! Like a sexier "The Rose", without the greenery.
  4. starryeyes


    This smells like a warm vanilla-rose milk tea. It's not sugary, but mildly sweet and rosey with a dot of creaminess- doesn't go powdery on me either. This is a very gentle scent, not a lot of throw on me but I'm constantly smelling my wrists because of how good it is. It's good if you don't want something in-your-face, I think it's my new favorite.
  5. starryeyes

    Nasty Woman

    Wet: Fig overpowers everything, with an interesting bourbon scent. Figs soaking in spirits- it's probably the honey amber scent. Dry: The fig dies down and the amber and vanilla come forward, with a subtle earthy spice that must be the patchouli. They all mix very well together. The overall power of the scent also backs off a bit, not strong but not subtle either. I was pleasantly surprised by this blend! I was wary about purchasing without sampling, but I knew the money would be going to two good organizations.
  6. starryeyes

    Pumpkin Oakmoss

    This is a really nice, almost traditional autumn/halloween/samhain scent. I say "almost" because there is a slight edge to it, it's a pumpkin spice that got lost in a mossy forest on a warm rainy night. Cinnamon is definitely the ruling note. I had the pleasure of accidentally spilling a little bit on a wooden table, and of all the scents that could have soaked into wood this was probably the best choice. The scent has yet to subside in about three months!
  7. starryeyes

    The Rose

    This is what is says it is, a fresh rose, from its fresh velvet petals to it's green leaves and stem. It's very light, and possibly ideal for someone that likes very simple floral perfumes. Hard to see this going wrong on anybody, but always try a small vial first. I posted this detail in the Lust thread, but when I apply Lust I cut through the heaviness of it with just a touch of The Rose, and it makes it a much lighter floral-laced scent!
  8. starryeyes


    Wet: I wasn't too sure about it, there was an almost warm sour note that wasn't too pleasing, but I've learned to never judge a scent before it dries down. Underneath the sour I could smell the ylang ylang, so I held on. Dry: There it is! The musk and ylang ylang make an almost smokey dark sweetness that is very alluring, given enough time and enough inhales I could see it potentially putting someone in the mood. However, my initial reaction was to feel very relaxed and almost mystical, like I was cuddled in the corner of a dark, incensed occult shop. It's also just a scent my nose likes 😀 Personal Preference: I put this on with just a touch of "The Rose" oil, and that little spot of floral turned it from a dark sexual scent into a more romantic, passionate scent.
  9. starryeyes

    Snake Oil

    😭I'm so upset! I saw all the recommendations for snake oil on here, and how it's nearly a universally delightful scent on everyone, but it did not blend well on me. I got an imp, and when I put it on I was immediately overtaken by the smell of what I can only describe as "sour movie theater butter popcorn." I was so alarmed by this that I immediately went and scrubbed my arms and hands clean, and re-applied the oil- still sour butter! Even when it dried down and the vanilla finally came out, the sour butter scent lingered. I'm glad I heeded advice on here that, no matter how lauded a scent is, you should always try a sample vial if you can't try it in person. i was very tempted to get a whole bottle, but I'm glad I did not. I guess my body chemistry is not mixing well with this one, sadly. Happy that it works well for everyone else, more for you guys!