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  1. starryeyes

    Perfectly Normal Childhood

    Super sweet but a little more grown up. The sugar is tempered by a more mature vanilla, and the spicy herbal cardamom skews a tad lavender (which might be my mind playing tricks on me since it IS a Lilith, lol). Overall very lovely and warm.
  2. starryeyes

    Milk Moon 2020

    So! Everything about this one sounds perfect, and I was so looking forward to having this. Something in it (possibly the olive leaf?) went musty on my skin after initially applying which made me nervous, but after ten minutes it morphed into sweet milk and honey goodness. Unfortunately, my skin also gobbled it all up so it's a verrry light scent on me. Will have to hold on to it for a little longer to see if it's worth it on my skin. Wanted to post my experience with it in case anyone else runs into the same issue~
  3. starryeyes

    Thirteen (13): March 2020

    I love this blend. For some reason, the first thought that jumps out on me after the initial drydown is how much it smells like a fruit rollup! I don't find this to be a negative aspect at all though. After about half an hour it morphs into a more smoky sweet, like molasses covered in powdered sugar. Very nice, and as other have mentioned, lightly layerable. I can see this layer well with The Rose, Harlot, or even The Empty Coffin.
  4. starryeyes

    Katrina van Tassel

    Finally got a chance to try this and it's heavenly. It smells like very crisp, fresh white roses with a sweet drizzle of honey on top. For some reason it's reminding me a little bit of white grape juice? I have no idea why that might be but I'm also not offended by it. Super lovely, especially since my skin loves to radiate roses.
  5. starryeyes

    Birthday Surprise

    A near one-note, not overly complex chocolate. The chocolate is very rich and sweet, though on my skin there was almost a too-sweet note that gave it that "fake chocolate" scent. It wasn't the most prominent but if I took a deep inhale I could get it. Still very pleasing overall. If it comes across a little too sweet on its own (as it did on me), consider combining it with a bit of "The Empty Coffin", a rose, oud, and wood perfume blend- they combine and suddenly it smells like I'm in some cushy, dark country club with the warm smell of wood and chocolate whiskey in the air. I have no idea how they managed to mix like that but I'm in love with how they combine.
  6. starryeyes

    The Empty Coffin

    Love the bottle art. It does smell reminiscent of polished wood, like that of a coffin. The roses and oud combine to make an almost plum-like scent. Husband says it reminded him of baby powder as well, and while i can also sense a trace of that the sweet coffin wood stands out more. If it comes across a little too sharp on its own (is it did for me), consider combining it with a bit of "Birthday Surprise", the molten chocolate perfume blend- they combine and suddenly it smells like I'm in some posh, dark country club with the smell of warm wood and chocolate whiskey in the air. I have no idea how they managed to mix like that but I'm in love with the combination.
  7. starryeyes

    Dana O'Shee

    Beautiful, sweet, straightforward almond/marzipan smell. Warm and foody, but not overly sweet. A new favorite~
  8. starryeyes

    Eat the Strawberries

    I once had a small imp that I gave to a friend and I seriously regret it! It's a lovely single-note strawberry, I only wish it were slightly more tart. It's very sweet, but i imagine it would be nice for layering. I can see this mixing really, really well with The Rose, the single-note rose scent.
  9. starryeyes

    Dead Leaves, Violet Candy, and Sugar Crystals

    I had really high hopes for this blend, it has such a lovely name and seemed to imply a bitter but sweet scent. Unfortunately the violets go very, very soapy and powdery on my skin. I cant even make out the sugar crystals, just soap and leaves. I tried mixing with Blood Rose, and the dragon's blood sweetened it up quite a bit but not enough. Gonna have to pass on to a friend that it will likely work for, but glad I tried regardless.
  10. starryeyes

    Pink Moon 2017

    It smells very soapy/powdery in the imp, but never trust the imp/bottle scent lol. On my skin, I think I smell tulips and carnations the most out of the floral blends, and then a light touch of the honey and strawberries at the tail end. It's a very nice light floral, not in-your-face, would work really well as a springtime perfume imo. Pretty lovely!
  11. starryeyes


    Initially hit with the sweet fresh plum scent, but it quickly gives way to the jasmine. i think that might be a thing with my skin, I really seem to push out jasmine scents. if a blend has jasmine, it'll quickly show up on me, sometimes overpowering the main scent. This actually reminds me of Peach VIII, only with plum instead of peach. Very pleasant sweet, fruity floral with a decent amount of throw. I really like it!
  12. starryeyes


    As others have noted, in the bottle this is almost like an uber-boozy cough medicine- but never judge a scent by its bottle smell! I have been fooled many a time, both positively and negatively. thankfully, this time was positive. I love smut as an alternative to lust. Lust comes across as a more playful and upbeat sexy, ready to hit the fun bars at 2 am. Smut is a sleepy sexy, on a red satin bed in your best lingerie with a bottle of booze. The musk is very prominent with a sort of nutty undertone, makes it a very heavy scent with medium throw, so I would layer it lightly, building it up as you see fit.
  13. starryeyes

    Right Atrium

    This goes on very green, like breathing in a big lungful of a bouquet that smells more like the leaves than the florals themselves. Must be the white tea and cherry blossoms coming forward on me first. After about 20 or 30 minutes on me, it shifts into a general warm, lightly sweet scent, which must be the amber and cashmere wood. It made me realize how much I love amber, though it doesn't throw very far on my skin. Ends up being a more private scent that only I or someone standing very very close to me can smell, but absolutely lovely.
  14. starryeyes


    This is a really amazing, almost pure, sweet, crisp, warm jasmine scent. I'm so glad it didn't go powdery on my skin, and whatever is in my skin chemistry makes it really throw far out. It doesn't last too long, a few hours before i can't detect it anymore. It also seems to stay pretty constant, no transforming scent. One of my favorites!
  15. starryeyes

    Peach VIII

    I don't totally get the spice with this bottle, but it's definitely more of a straightforward blend of peach and jasmine. I didn't think they could work well together but they really do. I haven't noticed any shift or morph in the scent over time on myself, but it's really nice and feminine. Radiates out for miles on me so I wear just a tiny dab and I'm good to go!