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  1. mimosa

    12 Days swap 2016

    Hello Snow angel please ask if you need any specific answers, I'll try to answer all the questions here. I love crocheting, it's my favorite hobby. Can I make you a scarf/cowl/sweater/lap blanket to keep you wintery-warm!? Scarf or cowl would be great a lap blanket would end up cat blanket, How do you feel about amigurumi (i.e. little crochet toys), either characters from a fandom, wee animals, or as decorations? Cute but likely to be destroyed by the semi-feral feline that lives in my house. How do you feel about knit socks? (Plain stockinette, lacework, cables, etc). Are there any other hand knit items you'd especially like? (Mittens, fingerless gloves, hats, etc). All of the above I like and would wear. What kind of snacks do you like? Does dried fruit or crunchy dried vegetables sound appealing? Do you like (raw) honey? Jerky? Jam? What sort of local products do you like to receive as gifts? If you're familiar with products in the Pacific Northwest, is there anything specific you'd like to try? Crunchy fruit or veg- yummy, honey or jam no thank you, jerky -no, vegetarian. I've never been to the West coast, so very happy to try anything local to you. If there's one place you could go in the world, where and why? New Zealand, I love mountains, trees and waterfalls- it looked amazing in the LOTR films. I have flying so am unlikely to ever go there. What sort of dollar store items do you always get a kick out of? I don't ever go into pound shops unless I need a stack of birthday cards for giving out at work. I can't think of anything else i would pick up. Do you like to receive plants or gardening stuff? Do you grow plants? What's your favourite flower, if you have one? I love plants and flowers for indoor and out. I'm constructing an outdoor fern garden this year, having discover the snails don't decimate them, unlike a lot of the flowers I'd like to grow. I like old fashioned flowers, wild flowers, not keen on modern roses, dahlias etc. At this time of year I really enjoy the late daisies;heleniums, rudbeckias, asters and cone flowers, plus Japanese anemones. If you had a custom perfume/beauty/bath product made for you, what would it be and what would the scent description look like? (everything from prose to the specific selection of notes) Perfume, soap or body cream, I think it would need some amber or maybe some patchouli as they are my top two notes, they probably don't go so well together. My favourite ever scent is Tramp from Lush so something along those lines would be good or maybe a snowy scent for winter, I love drawing! Either fanart chibis on my tablet (ok it's my daughter's but still) or portrait work in graphite pencil... but it's been a while..so I'd love to use this as an excuse to draw something for you! If you could commission an art piece, would you choose traditional or digital artwork- and what would it be of? I don't know, I'm really bad at this type of question- i just like things when I see them. The stuff I have collected on Pinterest is mainly Botanical art: https://uk.pinterest...l-illustration/ When it comes to makeup, what is your coloring? Fair, dark? Sensitive skin? Eye color? Hair color? Style....funky, natural? Any additional makeup info? Fair usually 01 on a scale that starts 00, sensitive, blue eyes, blonde hair- natural plus a few unnatural ginger stripes! Is there any craft or hobby that you are interested in trying? Nothing new- no more time. Christmas Decor: Home made things, weird things like bats and spiders on the tree, natural things-bringing in the green.- Must be able to withstand cat attack. What kind of collector are you? And do you have a log or a list somewhere away from the forum of the things you love, hate or already own? I started a Scentbase list years ago and a spreadsheet- have been out the loop for a couple of years now- stopped collecting more- I have many boxes to sort out sometime. Any Lush showergel (or other product) you'd like to try? I sort of collect their showergels, mostly from The Kitchen. So if there's anything you'd like to try, now's the time to tell! I pop into Lush every couple of weeks - I like the bubble bars, Karma and blue skies. I picked up some new Tramp shower gel from the kitchen recently. Do you like licorice or would you like to try it? Would you prefer salt or sweet? I used to be a regular visitor to the Netherlands so I have tried lots of licorice- I like the salty stuff but don't love it, there are lots of other dutch goodies i like more. I live in The Netherlands but I will visit England soon and might pay a visit to Germany. Anything special from here that you'd like to try? I love treats from Netherlands/ German like marzipan or chocolates, speculaas/biscuits is you BPAL wishlist updated? If not: please do! I have updated, however as I have been out the loop for a while it's mainly older things on there. Do you like office supplies like pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, etc? I do, I have loads of pens, markers and highlighters, I can always use sticky notes and I always like to receive pencils, especially the souvenir ones from different places around the world. How do you feel about spicy, cheesy, or sour snacks? Spicy good , cheesy good. sour not so good Would you like any cook-able mixes like for soup or baked goods, cooking ingredients like spices, sugars, salts, oils, or cooking gadgets? Spices would be lovely, herbs and oils are good too. I wouldn't use salt or sugar mixes.I can't think of any gadgets I need. Would you prefer bar soaps or bath gel? Bar soaps. Candles, wax melts, or incense - yea or nay? Yea! I do have quite a collection already- I do use them up - just not as quickly as I acquire them Jewelry - any preference about length of necklaces, earrings, etc? I've had lots of allergy issues this year so must be metal free. I've actually stopped wearing jewellery for the last few months due to problems. Dried honeycrisp apples,Applesauce (with red hots for sweetness and cinnamon),Rose petal liqueur,Blackberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, or Peach Jam, Home baking I would be up for trying any of these.- as long as it's veggie. Handsewn project bags or makeup bags? I could use one of these to take my contact lens stuff to work. Yarn, roving, batts, fiber? Would be wasted on me - sorry If you said you liked candles/incense/etc., what are your favorite scents for such things? Nothing too foody or floral I like green, spicy and incense-y candles Do you have any interest in Shakespearean swag (insult mugs, play themed lip balms, oodles of other possibilities) or general performing arts related goodies? I don't have a special interest, but I wouldn't be opposed to anything of this nature. What is your favorite Christmas story - be it book, movie, cartoon - and if there are various versions, which is your favorite? Gremlins?? i'll add something more suitable if I can think about it for a while. Do you have a preference for numbered packages or random selection? Whatever my Snow Angel prefers! Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? If not, would you want some of their famous delicious treats? (Cookie butter - original or pumpkin spice!, sweet plantain chips, chocolate covered potato chips, etc) As before, happy to try anything new. What's your shoesize? Would you like to receive socks? UK size 7,EU 41, I think this about 9 US, yes socks are always useful, ankle length preferred .I'm going to San Diego next week. Are there any souvenirs from there you'd like? How about any little souvenirs in general that you appreciate receiving? I like little souvenirs, magnets, pencils, tea towels from wherever you are. Are you currently ISO any BPAL new or otherwise? What are your top 10 scents? I would like to try some of the newer BPALs - i haven't researched what looks good yet- I'll try and catch up. My top 10 changeable, my lasting favourites are Banshee Beat, Pallas Athene, L'estate, Dolly Kei, French Tobacco SN, One of my Vanilla chaos, the rest change. Black Friday will be a thing during this swap, anything you might want that will be on awesome sale? Not a thing in the UK - our sales are in January. Do you like to cook and would you be interested in cookbooks? If so, what kind? Low carb/vegetarian Do you like games (board/card), and if so what kind and for how many players? Wouldn't use these. If you have a Goodreads "to read" list, are those mostly books that you do not have and would like copies of, or are those mostly books that you already have piled on your shelves/lurking in your e-reader? I did start a Goodreads list- it is way out of date- I have huge plies of books to read and a Kindle full - so anything listed to read is probably in my possession Do you have a wood-burning fireplace or fire pit, and if so would you like handmade firestarters or scenting bundles to throw on it? (think bundles of apple wood chips and cinnamon bark, or little wax/herb/paper bundles with a wick) Sadly I have neither of these. You mentioned scarves in your questionnaire. Are you referring to a chunky thick keep-me-warm-in-a-snowstorm scarf, or a light and lacy could-be-warm-if-I-wound-it-a-hundred-times scarf? Either of these sound fabulous Would you like to receive a photography print? My pictures are mainly of animals or landscapes. What would you prefer? Any favourite animals you'd like to receive a picture of? Would you also like to receive postcards? You can view some of my pictures on http://www.by-ellen.com These are lovely photos Nemi- I sailed the Wadensee many years ago and have many happy memories of the islands and harbours full of sails.I love your kingfishers too. What are your most wanted BPAL's? All in my wishlist, I think they are probably all too rare and HTF now.I just have the list for swapping purposes. 1) Thinking about your package arriving and unwrapping, would you prefer more foody items or more non-foody things? A mixture probably- really I'm so happy with any swap parcel. I will love whatever you send dear snow angel. 2) Name a handful of things you would LOVE to see in your 12 Days gifts! See above-whatever you send. If it helps ( no expectations though) something woolly, something edible, something bath/body or smelly- actually all gifts make me glad.
  2. mimosa

    Switch Witch 2015

    Hello to my Witch, good to meet you. I've tried to list all my wishlists (for ideas and help only) on the spreadsheet, I'm not very good at adding things - I always forget. I use Amazon (UK) to add random things as i come across them. (list can be found by searching my email address on the UK site) My BPAL wishlist has only older stuff on, I've only tried a few of the recent releases- or even studied the updates to see if I like the sound of any. I'll read up over the next few days to get things up to date.(although I do have way too much BPAL). 9/17/15 Pumpkin? Not in perfume, I haven't tried many other things Booze? Yes-always! Anything except Whisky Want anything from Yellowstone? Be it postcards, key chains, shot glasses, pint glasses, or huckleberry what have you? Yes :)I love little goodies from wherever you are. 9/18/15 I know there is a question about "decorating style", but if you're comfortable, could you should us some photos of your spaces? For those of us who like to art and craft, it can be nice to have a visual sense of decorating style! just image a big mess and we're about there. My daughter is an art student so I do have lots of he wall art about. I'll try to add pics sometime. 9/19/15 Are you a fan of the TV show Penny Dreadful? I think i watched one episode- didn't get into it. I don't watch a lot of TV due to time shortage. I've followed GOT all the way- at the moment I have Vikings on my viewing list- just started series 2. that will keep me busy this month. What are your coffee and tea preferences? Do you prefer one, the other, both, or neither (and if it's neither, what about things like hot cider and cocoa)? Loose leaf or bags, whole bean or ground? Is caffeine OK? Any gadgetry you're in need of? Any brands or flavors that you particularly love, loathe, or want to try? Coffee and tea, whole bean coffee only, tea in bags or loose. For special treats I like small amounts of loose tea. I've tried a few Adagio blends- which were good, not to keen on those that contain chocolate chips- doesn't seem right in tea.I'm drinking large leaf Darjeeling now-one of my favourites. Smoky black tea is also good. What's your sense of humor like? Do you enjoy puns? Play on words? Dirty humor? Dry humor? Who are some of your favorite comedians? Dirty works. I love Miranda- always makes me laugh. Do you like board games? If so, which ones? Traditional or more unique? (like Settlers of Catan, Small World, Red Dragon Inn, etc) Not at all Is there anything that you specifically do NOT want to receive? can't hink of anything. Plain or fun socks? I don't wear long socks, except for hiking socks- that fold over. Short socks in any flavour are welcome. Name one (or as many as you would like) thing you would like to learn more about? I'm not very knowledgeable about IT stuff, I need to learn more skills and the words so that I can converse with the technical team without them patronising me! I really want to learn better drawing/ sketching techniques. What one thing you would like to do more of? Sleep- seriously, I get up an 5:30, get home at 19:45ish, try to fit in everything else before sleep- always need more sleep. I drive about 3 hrs a day- I htink i should use that time better, I'd like to maybe work out how to listen to podcasts on my iphone- and where to find the interesting things. What are some things that fascinate you? Or, What would you like to know more about? The myths and legends that Beth bases her perfumes on fascinate me. 9/20/15 Would you like any cookie butter (just to be clear, store-bought, not home-made, and does contain wheat since it's, y'know, cookie butter)? I like speculoos a lot, I always buy them when I travel into Europe- I don't think I've tried cookie butter. Is there any particular piece (or pieces) of art (painting, photograph, etc) that speaks to you in some way? There have been many over time- i'll get back to this. What kinds of things would you like from the Lilith BPAL or BPTP update (or are you joining a decant circle?) haven't picked up any decants, I'll wait for reviews and try to pick up some later if any call to me. Do you want to received knit or crocheted items? If so, could you describe or even link to a couple of items similar to what you would like to receive? Of course, I'll update Etsy for ideas at the weekend. What thing do you want to do (or get) but you keep putting off for one reason or another? An eraser pencil thing 9/21/15 Would you like anything from Lush? It is easy for me to pop into Lush, I do like bubble bars and pick them up when I fell like treating myself. Do you prefer hand-made or store-bought? Both of course. I love handmade and always appreciate the effort put into items, SPICY! Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "oh, that's a bit too much black pepper for me" and 10 being "ghost pepper? scorpion pepper? I laugh at these! I love as much heat as you can throw my way!" Where are you? I like hot, but no pain please, so maybe 7 or 8 What is your BPAL "Holy Grail"? it does change, I'm wearing out my Dolly Kei/o, it seems to work best for me right now. Analog or Digital? Or Both? Both. What scents from other perfume companies are you really wanting to have in your collection and or are just really wanting to test? Companies like NAVA, Arcana, Solstice Scents, Possets, Haus of Gloi etc.....? I don't have any on my radar right now. 9/22/15 Do you have an affinity for any specific animals? not really Kitchen Needs or Wants? Tea towels always, I like to dry up with pretty/ interesting towels. Spices too and herbs. Makeup! Do you like it, would you want some? If so what brands do you like to wear? I wear mascara every work day, I prefer a fairly natural look , not too clumpy. I am always searching for the longest lasting mascara as it always seems to flake off by he end of the day. I'm using Laura Mercier - it's doing Ok. I use a CC cream or all in one base and a lip stain and that is about it. No nail varnish. Chocolate fiends ahoy! What kind of chocolate do you like? Do you like any other things in it or just plain good ole chocolate? I try to limit my habit, so tend to go for the very best i can find: high cocoa content, nothing too sweet and interesting flavours. Peanut butter anything sounds good. Would you be opposed to receiving a ton of Halloween themed items? I can't think what I would do with Halloween stuff- we don't celebrate much here. If you are in the US I'd like to try small amounts of the treats I read about every year- what is this Candy corn- I imagine I would find it too sweet- will I ever know? 9/23/15 Would you be interested in any special little thing I might be able to pick up from the Great Lakes Bat Festival this Saturday? Both Janell Cannon (author of Stellaluna and other kids' books) and Fiona Reid (illustrator for lots of animal field guides) will be there, so would you possibly be interested in something like an autographed copy of Stellaluna or one of Cannon's or Reid's other books? Or something from the Organization for Bat Conservation, like a shirt or other swag? Shirt and tote look good. What items from the Weenie update interest you, should you have to option of getting anything as a gift from your Witch??? Would you be ok with decants, or bottles? I have had a quick look- I decided not to join a circle as nothing called desperate need. I'll wait till teh reviews are out. What's your favorite scary movie? Or movies, either way. If you don't like horror, what are your favorite movies to watch this time of year? I don't really like scary films, Carrie was scary enough for me, 9/24/15 Blu-ray or DVD? Both (UK region) Game systems - console or computer? Mac/PC? Which console? Don't really play games, we have Wi and PS3 I think Are you dressing up for Halloween and if so do you need any accessories for if? Not dressing up Talk to me about bags, what kinds do you like? Sizes and styles? I like:) Particularly totes and half size totes-suitable for lunch bags. (I have bag envy at the moment -a girl I work with has the best ever bad for lunch) What are your favorite fandoms and do you want to receive anything related to such? Not really my thing. I like lots of TV, films- fangirl type things but not enough to have "things"- well I don't think so anyway-maybe there is something I need I just don't know it yet. What are you planning to order from the Weenies update? Nothing yet. The Last Huzzah of the NY Renaissance Faire happens this weekend and I'm going! Is there anything you might want? (Besides a turkey leg, which won't ship well!) This confuses me- I don't know what goes on-if this is your thing dear witch perhaps a description/ account would be good? Do you like comics or graphic novels? Any issues or collections you want to read? No thank you Do you like fanfic? Would you like a story written for you as part of your gift? What characters/fandoms/pairings etc do you like? Not for me thank you Where do you have wishlists at? If you could please link to them or to a post that links to them. (Amazon, Etsy, Think Geek, Pinterest, Sephora, Lush, BPAL/BPTP, Soap Box Company, everywhere and anywhere!) Etsy and Pinterest (not used much) on spread sheet. Amazon can be found at Amazon.co.uk -search for my email. 9/25/15 Let's say you have indicated interest in receiving a hand knitted item. What colors, exactly, do you like? If you could provide color swatches here or to pinterest (or something visual), that would help out a lot. I realised recentlythat I wear cobalt blue a lot , black skirt/trousers plus cobalt top- or black and white or shades of blue/green/teal. Knitty things in these colurs are good plus purple. Would you rather receive a bunch of little packages through the round, a couple of medium packages, or one big package at the end? Whatever suits my witch. For those of us with out-of-country Witchees, would you be happy with receiving a few packages from local to you merchants (say, through Etsy or equivalent)? Again whatever suits. As an international witch I tend to use local throughout the round then send the reveal myself. Would Witchees like something from IKEA? (Or any other not always accessible by everyone store?) Haven't been to IKEA for a few years - don't think there is anything I need. If/when you go to the mall, for which store(s) do you beeline? I'm rubbish at shopping, i avoid shopping malls in general, I prefer to go to Cambridge and potter around the market and the independent shops rather than the chains. I do have a couple of clothes shops I go to, when essential, but usually get distracted by food. I am addicted to "Wasabi" they make delicious tofu curry and amazing veggie sushi. Do you receive any subscription boxes (julep, lootcrate, ipsy, birchbox, etc.)? I get Birchbox, my youngest gets the make up and leaves me the wrinkle cream! Do you like tarts/candles/incense? If so, what type of scents? Small quantities, I don't use it up quick enough for a stockpile. Nothing flowery, patchouli earthy scenty are good. Is there anything you wish you could have picked up from the Dragon*Con exclusives? Is there a GC you've been dying to try but haven't got around to yet? The questionnaire asked about gold & silver jewelry, but how do you feel about copper jewelry? Do you like colorful jewelry, or do you prefer to keep it neutral? I don't own own any copper jewelry, i just took a look on Etsy and found some really pretty things. I like colourful- just not too big! We asked about decorating style, but are you interested in receiving decorations for your home? Are you interested in things that go on the wall or things that go on shelves? I can't thing of anything specific, my daughter is studying decorative arts and my house is full of her projects from diffferent modules (glass bowls, ceramics, wood and wire sculptures, wall art) it's fairly hard to find any free space Office supplies hound? Pens, pencils, journals, any preference, or favorites? I can always use sticky notes- I like unusual ones for work. I don't need pens-I have loads of freebies from conferences etc. Pencils are good, I like the souvenier ones as well as arty (I am using a Louisiana alligator pencil right now-a lovely minion gift from last year's SW) I l'm a little bit obsessed with sharp pencils so good sharpeners are very welcome. (is this just me? I write all my work notes, reminders in A5 books neatly in very sharp HB-blunt is no good at all) A5 books are good too,lined hard back, bound or ringbound. Sharpie pens are another I must buy a set one day-but never get round to it. Talk to me about socks! Is there anything, dear, dear Witchee, that I can get for you from Sock Dreams? Anything from another place? Being in the UK I'm not so familiar with Sock Dreams. I wear tights to work, short socks with jeans at weekends and hiking socks with my boots. I live near a huuuuge candy store. What kind of candy do you like? Gummies? Caramel? Chocolate? Sour? Sugar-free? I am really trying to avoid sugary things but I love chocolate in small quantities. I've never liked gummies or sour sweets, I do like cherry things (a lot), marzipan and other nutty things. I detest alcohol flavoured food, or non alcoholic drink- think rum flavour hot chocolate type drink. 9/26/15 How do you feel about animal products? Not so much animal toys or food, but more like furs, paws, bones, etc. Noooo- nothing made from animals. Are you interested in receiving any restaurant.com gift certificates for your area? I don't think we have these 9/27/15 How do you feel about "toys" - stuffed animals and the like? The kitten would kill them, he is semi-ferral and attacks everything in a poucy bouncy kitten way-so if they are meant to be destroyed they would be fine. 9/28/15 Did you see the eclipse last night? How do you feel about astrological events, like eclipses? Any interest in the Blood Moon Eclipse scent from BPAL? I didn't get to see the eclipse-just the moon the next morning. I didn't buy the scent. Witchee's, how tall are you? And perhaps, what's your arm span (from wrist to wrist)? 5'4" ish no idea about arms How do you feel about the 4 elements? Or are you more of an Asian 5 elements person? Do you feel strongly about any of the elements, like a connection or a preference? Earth- I feel attuned to earth mostly How do you feel about bento boxes? Is it something you would use if you were to get one? Some are really cute-I might use one, I've never thought about it before-just googled and found a fun japanese store-might search for my witchee! Scarves, shawls or cowls? Mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts or wristlets? Not shawls, everything else is good. how do you feel about online classes? Like, say, craftsy or creativebug? Or even lynda.com? I'm signed up to Billie Showell for a botanic painting course- there is only one new project a month -even then I struggle to keep up. 9/29/15 What do we want from Paintbox Soapworks? The Crofter's Bath Bath Streusel looks amazing -but would cost way to much to post to the UK I think If I were to make you some art, would you prefer a frame that hangs or one that sits? And what color/style would you prefer? If you were to make art I would love whatever but prefer not wall art (no room left) How do you feel about gourmet marshmallows? No thanks - unfortunately I have never enjoyed marshmallows of any kind Are you a slatherer or a dabber? i have evolved through my BPAL years from a little dabble here and there to all out slather. I know when I have gone too far when my boss complains about "smells like electrical fire in here"- Banshee Beat! Talk to me, dear witchies, about tea. I know we've covered this a little, but I really need the nitty gritty here- not just companies you like and don't like (Teavana? Adagio? David's? Some tiny place?) but I also want to know the other stuff: top 3 flavors, loose or bagged, the kinds of tea accessories you use- or have always wanted. Be specific. Provide links if necessary. I don't think I need any accessories. I use regular black tea in bags many times a day.I use less fruit/peppermint bags-just now and then, usually teapigs or Whittards. I also like loose Darjeeling which I make in a pot or in a filter thing for a single mug.I have tried a few Adagio blends (decants from a circle) I wasn't too keen on those with little chocolate chips but some were really good. Villainess is putting out brand new stuff for the first time in a while (as opposed to bringing back former lines). Sooo.... who wants it? I haven't tried too many villainess things- I love the Snake oil soap that they made for the TP. I don't tend to lust after things that are had to get hold of. 10/2-10/3 How does everyone feel about duct tape crafts? Any favorite patterns? ? No idea what this is Are there any flowers you especially like? Since I started botanical drawing I am fascinated by flowers, my favourites are usually wild or "old fashioned varieties" not modern cultivars. I have changed my garden so much this year with flowers to paint, my dad is really good at supplying me with fabulous plants. I came home today with a delightful Michaelmas daisy that he dug up from his "spares bed" for me. Snowdrops and Lily of the Valley make me happy, I am also a little obssesed with ferns, berries and autumn leaves. Would you be interested in any cozies or cases (yarn o fabric, not hard cases) for tech stuff (phone, laptop' etc) or for cups/mugs/bottles or anything else similar. Can't think of anything Would you like Halloween or Day of the Dead themed ornaments or a "bunting"? I probably wouldn't use them. My eldest daughter has a birthday around Halloween and we have a giant box of ornaments left from all her birthday parties,now she has left home I don't think we will do much celebrating. Are there witchees who would like book related gifts like a booklight, bookmark, bookseat or something for your reading gadget,like a cover or a light for example. I think I'm all sorted here. I make handmade journals, mini albums and similar items. Would my witchee be interested in something like that? Souds like a lovely idea, I'd like to make something like that myself one day. What songs/music/artists/CD's do you like to listen to around Halloween? Nothing special. Are you interested in leg warmers at all? Nooo I lived through the eighties once already!! Is your Halloween style scary, cutesy, folksy, grotesque . . .? Halloween to me is about autumn and leaves changing. Old customs from my scottish parents-so nothing commercial or excessive. 10/5/15 I bought the Portal board game last week & it came with a Portal 2 steam free download code. I already have the game on another console & it's one of my favorite series of all time. Soooo, would you want it? I don't understand what this is so probably no! I don't play computer games any more. 10/6/15 Have you read The Martian? Or do you plan on watching the movie? No sorry NaNoWriMo - Pertaining to that, how does everyone feel about such things? Will anyone be participating? How about NaNo swag, is there any you want? Not my thing-sorry Honey or beeswax products? Discuss. Yes-just not honey in BPAL- it's just too sweet. How do you feel about bumper stickers and car magnets? What do you like--cute, pretty, snarky, geeky/fandomy? No bumper stickers-my car is happy being plain and unadorned. Do you have any phobia's that your Witch should be aware of? Don't think so Trading Post Weenies are live! Anything calling to you? I haven't seen the update yet- i'll be back to answer this when I get a chance to look 10/7/15 Speaking of nail things, it that time of year and I am doing my jamberry order, Would you want some Lovely Jamberry's for your nails? No good to me - nail polish wouldn't work in my job, 10/8/15 Do you like or want to try Marmite? I love Marmite, I have a giant jar in use and one ready for when it's finished. Some folks have already said they do not want used nail polish. If you haven't already chimed in about that... would you be interested in a bottle of BPTP claw polish (in this case, either Event Horizon or Baku) that has been used for one manicure? No thanks. 10/9/15 Are there any DISCONTINUED (not LE) BPAL oils that you wish you had, or had a little more of? Black Opal was a favourite- but I still have plenty in my bottle. I didn't love Antique Lace so I'm safe from that one. Is there anything fairly basic that you're always running out of and need to buy more of? I'm a bit of a hoarder, I run out of boring things like handkerchiefs and nail files. Anything interest you from the recent Blooddrop update? I haven't tried anything, it sounds like it is hard to get hold of the goodies- I try not to lust aftre things that are out of reach. I clicked on the link read the first description for Ankou- which sounded very good- then i saw out of stock! 10/10/15 How to you feel about foreign spices/flavorings? I do like to try things like Harrrisa or anything with some chilli added. Interestingly Switch witch chat made me try Starbucks Pumpkin spice latte on the drive up to Yorkshire- it was sooo sweet, not very hot and tasted mainly of cinnamon and I didn't enjoy it much-this is my only experience of pumpkin spice- if pumpkin spice is really better than this I would like to know.
  3. mimosa

    Switch Witch 2014

    Hello Witch I am looking forward to getting to know you. I'm answering the questions to try and help. I know my questionaire was filled in late and copied from out of date answers so please ask if I missed stuff.I'm easy to please and appreciate everything, I love hand made things and I don't expect spendy gifts or heavy things that cost lots to ship. 1. I wonder what a potential witchee would think about being bombarded with PUMPKINS in various formats. Because my current obsession just may last long enough to be of use in spoiling.....but I know wouldn't be appreciated by everyone. Would you appreciate it?!? I'm not too keen on Pumpkin scents although I haven't tried many, none of the BPALpumpkin oils have worked for me, I think it's the "buttery" spice thing that doesn't work. Candles or room scents might be good. I haven't eaten pumpkin very often; when I have I've enjoyed it. Pumpkin shaped things or images are all good with me. 2. I currently have a CSA and my significant other is perpetually out of town for work, so I've been doing a lot of canning and baking with my vegetables. How do people feel about canned good (pickles, salsa, etc) and vegetal baked goods (squash bread, zucchini bread). I'd like to try, I think this would only work if you were in Europe though. 3. Trading Post wants? I'm out the BPAL/BPTP loop this year, I'll update my wishlist in my signature this week, so you can see the type of scents I enjoy. 4. What direct sellers do you not like and would prefer not to get things from? And also feel free to list any retail brands you really don't like. Is this things like Avon? I'm not too keen on their stuff. 5. How about y'alls coffee and tea preferences? I've become addicted to coffee recently, my husband likes to grind beans fresh for each cup, so beans are best. Tea; I drink lots of black tea, I also enjoy black tea blends, less frequently. 6. Do you cook? Would kitchen accessories make you happy? I do cook, kitchen things do make me happy, spatulas, stirring spoons, bottle openers, dish towels, pan holders all those things and more 7. How do people feel about creative endeavours? Would you like to receive one? Or supplies to make your own? What do you like? Drawings, stories, poems? Creative is wonderful if you enjoy creating, but don't stress if you don't. I'm not great at drawing/painting but I'm trying to get better. I've finally got a spot on a botanical paiting course at Cambridge botanical gardens next week, so I'm hoping to produce so watercolours soon. 8. What culture or country (doesn’t have to be modern) do you feel an innate connection with? What about it makes it special to you? Vikings, don't know why! 9. Is there any sort of art commission you would like: cartoony, pin-up, fantasy, realistic, etc? If so, what subject would you like drawn (a picture of you, a character, a loved one or pet)? Thinking about this on, nudge me if it's important 10. What do you find yourself doing for fun in your free time? What are your main hobbies and interests? I like to be outdoors, walking, photography. 11. Table-top gaming? If yes, what kind, edition, etc? Gaming accessories you long for? No, not for me. 12. DVD movies or games that you wish would magically appear in your hands? Can they be used, through Amazon? I have an Amazon UK wishlist, I tend to randomly add things there when i see them. 13. What kind of snacks or candy from other countries/states would you like to try? Any! (unless it's meaty) Love regional type goodies. 14. Do you have a favorite internet meme, character or pop culture fandom? Not really 15. Do you have a Facebook profile (or other social media) that you are comfortable linking to aid your witch in stalking? Please note whether you are willing to add BPALers as friends. I have added lots of BPAlers my link is in the spreadsheet. 16. Anybody interested in something from RCCC, whether it's con-exclusive merch or from a particularexhibitor or artist? I don't know any of these exhibitors or artists, sorry. If you are there feel free to educate me 17. How important to you is regular contact / chatter with your witch? I do like to know that i have a witch and i would like to get to know you. I am happy with whatever contact you want to make 18. Do you like puzzles/riddles/treasure hunts and that sort of thing? Maybe,if I can work them out. 19. If you were to receive music, would you want a physical CD or digital versions? Either. 20. What’s a current problem/annoyance you have that could be remedied but you haven’t had time to address it? Can't think of anything 21. How do you feel about having some sort of trinket to carry around for good luck/wishes? i.e. a small figurine, symbol, card, coin… I have something like that already, I've carried three red seeds given to me "for luck" by a lovely woman I met in the Seychelles about 20 years ago 22. Are you superstitious about anything? Any things you can't have in your house for that reason--bad associations? My mum grew up in a fishing community in Scotland and is very superstitious, I've picked up many of her habits, mostly they involve behaviours rather than things, I can't think of anything not allowed in the house. 23. For the vegetarians and vegans: How do you feel about things (say, marshmallows or gummy candy) made with vegan gelatin or other typically-animal-derived-but-not-in-this-instance products? Prefer not. 24. Ok, so we've covered pumpkin. How do you feel about the other fall classic – apples? Apples are good in all forms, eating, smelling , drawings 25. Do you have any fabric or skin-contact aversions? I don't like to wear angora unless it's cruelty free. 26. How do you feel about Christmas/Yule ornaments? Non religious, natural materials are good. 27. How do you feel about Hello Kitty, and Hello Kitty accessories (including mugs, cups, etc)? No thank you, I don't do cute, sorry. 28. If you had a week free where you could learn anything, with no financial restrictions, what would you want to study? I'd like to learn a craft, something creative like glass or metal working. 29. Do you enjoy poetry? Who are your favorite poets and what type of subject matter do you like? Never really got into poetry 30. Would you enjoy receiving something related to a favorite Disney character? See kitty answer above. 31. How do you feel about cute things as decorations or accessories? (Example: Would you enjoy this stationery - or do you prefer elegant/creepy/neutral stuff?) My daughter adores this kind of thing, my taste tends towards nature or abstract but I enjoy Studio Ghibli who could resist (http://www.shopkawaii.com/My-Neighbor-Totoro-s/314.htm) 32. What is something you'd really like to recieve from your witch? Please be as specific as possible - no, "Oh whatever she thinks is fine!" Some contact through the round would be lovely. A little taste of her life/location , maybe a regional food or a local craft, a photograph or picture. 33. Go to your music source of choice - on random or shuffle setting if possible - & share with us the 10 most recent songs/artists. Photosynthesis-Frank Turner Up the Junction-Squeeze Standing in the dark -Lawson Indian Summer -Stereophonics 10,000 Miles -Eliza Carthy Brute Force and Ignorance-Rory Gallagher Don't come close-Ramones Budapest-George Ezra Here comes my man-The Gaslight Anthem Roxette-Dr Feelgood 34. Tarot cards, rune stones and/or other divination tools yay or nay? No thank you 35. Do you have a Celeb crush? or someone who you just can't get enough of....other than your SO No I've never really had a celeb/popstar crush - it always seemed so pointless. 36. Glitter? are you okay with it, or hate it like the plague? No problem 37. If there was another time period other than now that described your style/aesthetics, what would it be? 38. If you had to pick one or two quotes to live by, what would it be and why? 39. Do you prefer physical books? CD books? eBooks? If eBooks do you have preferred format, kindle/nook/kobo/PDF/ePub/ect? eAudio? E-books, Kindle 40. Smut! Yes or no? If yes, what kink, er, kind? Smut is fine with me 41. Ebooks! Yes or no? Yes , i use my kindle all the time and read at least one book a week. 42. If you were to get a custom bottle from House of Gloi made for you what notes would create your perfect blend? It would need Amber, black or white or both? Chai and amber woks well, then I'm stuck- possbly musk or tea, cardamom could be interesting or oakmoss, coffee, tobacco. wouldn't it be fun to have everything lined up and try various blends? If I tried it would probably smell terrible. 43. If your witch were to take a photograph (or paint or whatever) of something just for you, what would it be? Landscape? Flower? Critter? Something to illustrate a favorite quote? I'm really liking ferns right now. 44. What is your favorite Halloween animal or other symbol/decoration? Black cat 45. Makeup, especially of the indie variety. Nail polish, nail wraps, eyeshadow, lipstick/gloss, etc. Y/N? Specific preferences (color, finish, product, brand, etc.)? No nail stuff, I wear mascara and lip stain every day, currently Laura Mercier mascara and Benefit lipstain, wouldn't mind trying others. 46. How do you feel about profanity and off-color humor? Profanity is me (out of work) Smutty humour is good depending on type 47. I make hairsticks...would you like/use them? No, my hair is too short and very very fine (think baby hair) 48. Does anyone here LARP? If so, what kind of LARP? And what kind of character do you play? No 49. Would you completely freak out if I sent you a chocolate covered scorpion or some other food oddity? This includes things like 'bacon powder' from thinkgeek.com. As a veggie this wouldn't work for me 50. This has kind of been covered, but, are you ok with receiving canned jam (from a veteran jammer!) and if so, what flavors would you like and not like? I don't think you could ship this to me. 51. Let's talk nail polish. What colors do you love? Hate? Which brands are you dying to try? Have you ever used indies? Do you like glitter? Any textures to avoid (glitter, sand, etc)? I only use on my toes, so anything special would be wasted on me. 52. How do you feel about getting a special Halloween plushie? If it was small and fun, yes. 53. I'm in Japan, anything specific you might want from the land of the rising sun? I don't really know anything about Japanese specialities. Things I've never tried/used are always good 54. Are there any GC scents that you know you love, but for whatever reason, keep putting off buying bottles of? Snake oil, I didn't like it when I first got into BPAL (7 years ago) however it's grown on me. I keep forgetting to order a bottle on the couple of times a year when I make a lab order. 55. I know not everyone likes Lush products, but if you do, which Lush items would you like to get from your Witch? I used to be a Lush fan, not so much recently, I buy bubble bars occasionally when I'm passing but other than that I don't bother now that they don't make Tramp anymore. 56. Is there anywhere (in the US) that you are dying to get away to? Also when would you be able to get away. Would this even be something you were interested in? If so, go look at the Southwest sale for routes and dates and times.I'd like to visit all sorts of places in the US, for lots of different reasons. I'm unlikely to get there in the next few years. 57. If you are ok with receiving t-shirts, what size are you, do you prefer tissue tees, normal crew tees, babydoll etc? I like the BPTP tissue tees, baby doll, I'd probably buy medium or large they are expensive , especially with shipping added. I have picked up a couple second hand which are reat. 58. THINKGEEK! Who loves it - do you have a wishlist on there?? What are some things you are jonesing for on there for under $20? Had a quick look, they have some fun things, I picked a few that i liked: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/14c5/ Periodic lunch bag http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/eaf9/ Batman ice tray http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e684/ Lab science cookie cutters http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/f039/ Hobbit moleskin 59. Zombies, yes or no? No 60. Would you like arm warmers/fingerless gloves? If so, what length? just beyond the wrist, almost to the elbow, full sleeves? Yes,just beyond the wrist. 61. Do you feel a particular affinity for a specific animal/s? Not really 62. Anyone have any Paintbox Soapworks loves? I've had some lovely soaps in previous rounds, I've been buying all my soap from Future Primitive recently and I prefer those. 63. How would you feel if your witch or a minion of your witch showed up in person at your house with goodies? Thrilled? Annoyed? Completely creeped out? Very surprised! It would have to be well timed as I'm not at home very often. 64. Do you have a ravelry account? Tell me about your yarn obsessions. I don't, I can just about knit a plain square and crochet a flower and that's it. 65. Sock Dreams, yay or nay? We don't have sock dreams in the UK, I've never ordered from them, I have received a splendid pair of sock dream socks from a previous witch 66. Knitted items like scarves, shawls, dishclothes....yay or nay? Favorite fibers? Favorite colors? Scarves yes, shawls& dishcloths probably not. 67. Is your Amazon WL up-to-date? Will update it this week to be sure. It's a bit random I add things as I come across them, often just to remind myself they are available. 68. If you were to receive handmade caramels, would it matter if they were made with raw cream (unpasteurized)? Not if the cream was boiled 69. Would you enjoy getting a sampling of quality incense taken from various sources? Are there types of incense you know you don't like? Would you want a burner for loose incense and a few charcoals to get you started with that, or would you rather stick to simpler types? I've only ever had regular stick and cone incense, I'd love to sample more exotic kinds, I have never seen any to buy except on line. 70. I know we already had a question about needed kitchen accessories, but what about spices? Yes, love differet spices, I use chillies whenever I can. 71. Would you like handmade stationary or cards? How about a quill pen? I can't see me using a quill pen, love the idea but i'm way too messy. Hanmade cards are good, I'm not a letter writer these days so I wouldn't use writing paper. 72. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "gimme that ghost pepper!" and 1 being "oh, that's a bit too much black pepper for me" Where is your heat tolerance? Pretty hot, but not panfully so. 73. What is your favorite type of Halloween candy? I've never tried any special Halloween candy. In the UK Cadbury make Halloween stuff, it's just variations on the usual but in Halloween shapes! I try to avoid sugar as much as possible these days but I would like to try Candy corn one day if you are the US, just because I read about it every year and don't know what it is yet 74. Do you need or want any cosy footwear, like fluffy slippers, or slipper socks etc? Hiking socks always come in handy, don't wear slippers etc. 75. What do you most look forward to each Fall? Fungi!!!, Autumn is the best time for fungal forays, I love tramping through the leaves looking for mushrooms to photograph. 76. What gadgets do you use in your everyday life and would you like a cool case for them - with your favourite fandom or artwork or saying? Just my iPhone 5s, my current cover is a bit tatty, I do like it a lot though, it's my favourite blue colour and flips over to cover the phone as well as the hard bit for the back. 77. Are there any beauty accessories you need or would like? For example make-up brushes, facial brushes or eyelash curlers. No eyelash curlers please- torture instruments. Big facial brushes are good, I do have one or two already 78. Would you be disappointed to get one big box, or would you prefer a bunch of little ones? And would you be disappointed if your witch actually had it together early and sent it to you sooner than later? I would never be disappointed, I always hope my witch will reveal. 79. Stores are putting out their halloween PJs and undies! Would you be happy to get any in a package? And if so, what size? For PJ pants, do you like cotton or flannel? No undies, very picky there sorry. Pj pants a bit picky too, I like jersey type fabrics, knee length, 3/4 length or v long shorts. Size medium probably, not too tight UK 12/14 (US 10/12 I think) 80. Do you like M&Ms? I do like peanut ones, would like to try peanut butter. I should avoid sugar however I really enjoy trying new treats. 81. How about wax melts? I'm well stocked at the moment 82. Would you like a subscription for Spotify? I wouldn't use this. 83. What scents from the Lillith update would you like to try? I'm so out the loop with recent updates, I think I'll wait for some reviews, I'm not desperate to try everything like I used to be. 84. Would you be interested in receiving a box of sugar cube skulls? Not really 85. Skin care routine? Fave cleanser? Toner? Moisturizer? What about body lotions? Any particular brand or scent? Lip balms? Yay or nay? Cleanser- wipes usually, too lazy for cleanser, toner micellar water, use Uk No7 serum , Ren BB cream, body lotions Future primitive body whip is my current favourite, lip balms using Haunt lip lusts right now. 86. Is there anything you would like from Salem MA (mugs, keychains, postcards, etc.or witchy supplies like incense, candles, books)? All of the above would be welcome 87. Would you be interested in any of the items in LisaNut's etsy shop? There are some pretty scarves, love the colours imn this one https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/161475223/long-warm-multi-colored-scarf-royal?ref=related-6 88. Spiders (as in cute knit kind) yes or no? Probably not 89. Pillows (the mostly decorative type)? Yes 90. Any kind of bags - big, small, medium, purse, grocery, etc? Canvas shopping totes are great, like this http://content.janome.com/index.cfm/ProjectCenter/Project_Detail/Janome_Shopping_Tote or https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/128279864/botanical-lemon-tote-bag 91. Is there anything special coming up in your life? Not this year.
  4. mimosa


    2006 Bottle, gift from my Witch. Apples and more apples, with a soft creamy covering of butterscotch. I don't love caramel scents ever, but this is different. its soft and buttery, not nose burning sharp caramel like Ventiloquist Dummy. the apples win out, right to the end. This is one foody scent I can wear.
  5. mimosa

    Summer Lace

    This is so lovely It's light and beautiful and perfect for summer. I get the mandarin immediately and gentle whisps of tobacco as it dries. I don't get florals just some sweetness and luckily for me I don't get any caramel.
  6. mimosa

    Switch Witch 2013 (2)

    ThursdayJune 27/13 I live near the Brown and Haley outlet - makers of Almond Roca andMountain Bars - would you want anything from the outlet? For nut-haters, they have nutless Roca For the no-sugar folks they have sugar-free as well. I haven't tried these but I adore all things nutty I also have an Oberto jerky outlet local to me - any wants there? No Howdo you feel about home-canned goods? Think the postage costs would be interesting! Do you like BPTP clothing? What size do you wear of: I've bought a few shirts for my daughter, I don't wear T shirts usually as ribs are an odd shape and stick out! What else do you love from the Trading Post site, and need to have? Recently bought and loved House of unquenchable fire and implacable tyrant. Snake oil soap is another favourite. Is there a particular movie genre that you like (Fantasy? Drama?Romantic Comedy? Musicals? TV-Series, etc), and what format would youprefer: DVD, Blu-Ray, or something in the cloud (like Amazon, iTunes,Flixster, etc)? Varied genre in the massive collection in this house, DVD or blu-ray. I'm going to try my first download on the 15th July when Game of Thrones series 3 is available to buy in the UK. -Followingup on the Adagio question from earlier, what are you top five wishes,for teas and blends?I usually drink just black tea, however I have recently been trying to have three vegan days each week as my youngest wanted to try, so I have been experimenting with various blends and enjoying them all. Doyou have anything that you do ritually, every summer? Can't think of anything Doyou like audiobooks? If so, do you have/would you like to tryAudible? (I'm an addict, myself.) I'm not really into audiobooks, I might try later this year as my journey to my new job is nearly an hour each way. Chocolate:Love? Hate? Allergic? If love, what are your faves? Love chocolate, especially with nuts and or marzipan or peanut butter, Belgian chocolate, chocolate with spices, chocolate with fruit, milk chocolate, dark chocolate you get the picture! (I really don't like Hershey chocolate-sorry or alcohol flavoured anything) WednesdayJune 26/13 Do you have any long trips coming up? If so, could you use things to occupy yourself? No long trips planned, I am working at least 6 days a week till I leave my job. I'mgoing to Jungle Jim's next week (it's basically a massive international food gasm in Ohio, look it up); would anything interest you?Did you say food?? If I was there I would look for things that were new to me or things I can't get in the UK. Interesting spice/herb blends, unusual candy, hot sauces, cherry flavoured things. Name three things that you could use, but might not necessarily think to get for yourself? These questions are so hard, if I could think of them I'd probably remember to get them at some point Doesanything from the TP Etsy update interest you? Ijust found out Oreo is launching ones with watermelon flavor in theUSA only. Is it something you would enjoy? I know a daughter who enjoys Oreos- I think we only get one flavour here Whatare the three BPALs you would most like to receive - one GC, onenot-hard to find LE, and one HTF LE from your dreams? I really have way too many, but I keep collecting. GC probably Chimera, not hard to find I think Lucifer is still available. HTF just a little Voyeurs among the Cherry Blossoms. Ifyou don't consider yourself in a "fandom" (and I get that... I don't really go overboard on my liking of any TVshow/Movie/etc), are there any TV shows or Movies that you really like and/or watch regularly or any actors/actresses you wouldn't leave standing in the rain (unless you like looking at them sopping wet, in which case ... well, nevermind)? So,dear witchee, would you like some Tw*twaffle soap or scent orlotion? Soap sounds fun Hasanyone asked about tattoos? Do you love them? Hate them? Have any?Want any? I don't want any, I do like to see them and often find them attractive. What styles of artwork do you like? Watercolours, abstract Ifyou cook, would you be interested in-hand made spicemixes/rubs? Yes.lovely idea Would you like mexican vanilla or silver rings/necklaces? Is this vanilla as in edible? That would be a yes, silver rings no and necklaces yes. TheConjure Oils update (http://conjureoils.com/emporium.htm)looks absolutely fabulous...I didn't know she made soaps and candlesand whanot. Is there anything from the Oddment Emporium you wouldlike? Whatis your favorite color? Blue What is your favorite season? Autumn If you could live anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would it be? I'm actually happy in the UK, if money was no object I'd probably look to move back to the North East beside the sea and the hills or North West Scotland again by the sea. Doyou have any symbols or totems that are meaningful to you? Trees, Oak and Beech trees in particular When you are having a really rough day, what do you like to do/have to make it a little brighter? I like to be with friends I can have a good bitch/cry or laugh with depending on the kind of day.On my own a cup of tea, bath and book will do. Would you like if your witch sent a regional pop/soda? If so, what type(Root beer, creme soda, cola, citrus-flavored, chocolate-flavored,etc...)? If it was the packet that you add to water maybe. one big package or a bunch of small ones? Digitalstuff all at the end when the box should arrive or as we go? Whatever suits my witch. Do you welcome knitted items? If so, what would you like most?(amigurumi, washcloth, socks, shawl, shawlette, scarf, wrist warmers,hat, etc.) Do you have any favorite fibers? How about any fiberallergies? Favorite color for knitted items? Anything my witch makes would be received with love, as a unskilled person with no time I am in awe of crafty talented persons. My favourite knitted colours are blue, green, purples.Socks,gloves,scarf, wrist warmers would be used most.
  7. mimosa

    Smoky Moon 2012

    Smoke,citrus incense I don't get the champaca or patchouli, the only problem I have with this blend is the subtlety, I love the wafts of incense -just wish they were a little headier with more throw.
  8. mimosa

    Switch Witch Halloween 2012 part 2

    >Paintbox Soapworks: Interested in anything from her?I liked the soaps I got to try from a previous Switch Witch round ThinkGeek: anything interesting to you on there? There are fun things, I'll take a look and list some that entertain me-usually the science geekery things What's one thing you want, right now, that you're having difficulty finding? are there any e-tailers you're desperately wanting to try? if so, any specific items/scents/etc? There are a few things in my wishlist Lip balm - tube or tin? Both (but I do have a stockpile!) Would you like to receive a journal or sketchbook? How about other pretty paper goods like post-its, notepads, bookmarks, letter paper/envelopes? Post its -my favourite stationery thing Are you interested in audiobooks? If so, any specific titles? No Bar soaps with some scrubby bits, yes or no? Love these< Do you need any small electronic gadgets like flash drives and the like? No Would you like a pair of knitted socks? Yes, for cosy indoor use or for hiking boot wear. Do you have any use for knitted dishcloths, facecloths, etc, especially if they were fandom related? Do you subscribe to any sample boxes, and if so, which ones? Would you like to receive some samples? (perfume, eco/"green," skin care, hair, music downloads, cosmetics, soap...) I get Amarya box, tends to be organic brands do you have a problem with nudes???Male or Female? No problem People ask a lot of questions about dogs and cats, but I know a lot of forumites have rodent pets. How would you feel about hammocks or toys for your rats/hamsters/gerbils/etc.? Don't have rodents My Little Pony... Cute or meh? No, I'm too old to have been into this >I realize that we had a similar question in the ?aire, but I need you Witchee-s to list at least 5 items, each ranging $20 and under from Amazon.com or Walmart.com I have a wishlist on Amazon.co.uk, I'll try to update it, it may have a few of my daughters bits on, she sometimes adds them to my list as a hint! I'm browsing Walmart.com some things look the same as the UK but with different names. Some names just seem wrong Calgon is a brand of washing machine de scaler here and bath salts in the US-just wrong.< My new job is at a consignment store where we have all kinds of designer brands for very reasonable prices. Are there designer clothes/purses/sunglasses that you desire/love? (Give some indication as to your "style" as well. For example, do you like bohemian-style frocks in lavender? Crossbody purses in black? Sunglasses that are round and bug-like?) Are there any existing Weenies that you have your eye on, but haven't gotten around to getting? I haven't got my decants yet In the meantime, let me know what you like to do on the Internet to kill time. Flash games? What are your daily websites/blog visits, or favorite YouTube videos? Shameful addiction to Neopets (from when my girls were small) and Bejewelled. Old music videos on YouTube And what are your favourite characters from your fandoms? >Don't have What is your holy grail "I'd kill to just have one drop in an imp" bpal scent? I've never tried L'estate oil, I have and love the spray Are there any existing Weenies that you have your eye on, but haven't gotten around to getting I have a few decants coming if you wear earrings, do you have pierced ears? Yes , I just have single holes at the moment, I wouldn't mind getting a few more holes sometime You are meeting up with someone on a casual lunch/early afternoon thing. This person is someone you want to impress/look good for (for whatever reason, not necessarily romantic, and not necessarily for business either). What would you look like, given the contents of your wardrobe/etc? >I usually wear a dress, I have a collection for all occasions . Like this http://uk.monsoon.co.uk/medias/sys_master/8847457222686.jpg I would wear the shoes in the picture too, with opaque black tights You are to be let loose in a clothing store of your choice, to pick a full outfit, down to the shoes, the accessories, etc. and things would be altered to fit you if needed. What store would that be, and what would you look like? Hate clothes shopping, would probably head to Monsoon and pick up a pretty floaty top and jeans for casual, to wear with ankle boots, as ever,Monsoony make great accessories too, so I'd grab a new bag, maybe a cardi some jewellery and whatever went with the outfit. You open a box from the post office to reveal the 3 things you want most right now. What are they? (caveats: size doesn't matter, but they have to be tangible/buyable). I'm useless with this type of question, I can never think of anything at the time-hopefully will edit soon. ">WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!! movies, comedians, black humor, your partner, a comic strip? what? My friends-we are on the same wavelength and laugh at the same things, usually ourselves and ageing or smutty things. Candy Corn? I've never tried, it sound sickly sweet but I'd love to try a tiny bit if it's something you have access to, just to know what it's all about I live in Japan. Anything you would be interested in from there? I like unusual things, not sure what! Will edit if anything comes to mind.< If you have cats, do they like catnip toys? If you have doggies, would they like a super-reinforced canvas toy with a squeaker in it? Kitties just don't get excited by catnip-I've tried. If you have kids, what are they into?< All grown up How do you feel about wearable knitted lace? Shawls, wraps, and the like? I like the wraps, don't wear shawls Looking at the warehouse, I notice that our lovely Greenwoodtree is able to do chart readings and/or forecasts at a very reasonable rate. Is this something you would want? ">No thank you, I have a good friend that has done them for all my family What's a new company to you that you most want to try a product from or what would be a new product to you that you most want to try (make-up, perfume, or bath/body)? If you like necklaces, what are some symbols or images that you would love to have a necklace depict? (ex. spiders, skulls, hearts...?)Trees! If you had a fairy for NYCC, what exclusive scent would you kill to own? I'm so lucky, I have found my first ever fairy to pick up Badgers for me What do you think of Shiro Cosmetics Halloween Collection? (www.shirocosmetics.com)Fun things, but I don't really wear much make up a the moment, just foundation,mascara and a touch of lipgloss The Godiva Halloween Collection: link?I never turn down chocolate but I can live without it (just) Would you be interested in comic books and if so what ones do you read or what genre of comics are you interested in?The only comic books I've ever collected were Fat Freddy's Cat .They make me laugh. WITCHEE, DO YOU WANT ANYTHING FROM CALIFORNIA?I don't know what I would like from California, I've never been I like to try new things, so where ever you are from dear witch I'd love to try something local to you. IngenuiTEAs?>Looks good Honeycrisp "Apple Crips" (Dried honeycrisp apples, nothing added.) DO YOU WANT SOME WITCHEE?????<They sound delicious. Design a tea?I wouldn't appreciate this enough, I do like my black tea blends, not keen on flavours FusionSweets? (etsy)<Look nommy but shipping is expensive Poe Day? Dark Del merch in general?I've tried Alone before, The haunted palace-rose death note,The House -roses again (safe again), Lenore- tried before,Madeline -roses (escaping well from this batch) The masque, no tried before. The Pit and the Pendulum, no death notes, I like the sound of this one. Premature burial, too much earth, Prospero- can't find anything not to like-might need to seek out a tester of this one.Spirits of the dead, not sure-not jumping up and telling me to try. Kombucha?Hmmm, looks like something I would grow at work, I don't think so , but I'd probably try it . Are you dressing up for Halloween, Witchee? If so, is there anything you're looking for to complete your costume?No Do you need any accessories for your smartphone (case, skin, etc)? No thank you
  9. mimosa

    Switch Witch Halloween 2012

    Dear Witch, I get back to this to update when I can, nudge me if there are things you need me to answer. 9/19<>Do you have a forum buddy? Someone who knows you and/or your tastes well enough to answer questions on your behalf? No If you are on Livejournal, would you appreciate LJ stuff like paid time, custom userheads, stuff like that? If you are NOT on LJ but are on other sites that have similar paid-for services (Flickr, for example?) would you, and what are those sites/etc? I don't use LJ much, I've never had a paid for account. if you are into tarot, what is your favorite card? I don't know much about tarot, I wouldn't mind learning more. would you like your own set of handmade rune stones or worry stones? I don't think I'd use them Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, or none of the above? All of the above I'm avoiding the hot chocolate right now though ">Gum, hard candy, soft candy, or none of the above? See above answer (all of the above) Loose tea or tea bags? Do you need anything for your loose tea? (Filters, presses, etc.) To be honest I prefer loose tea but I generally use bags, any gadgets would be well tested. Do you do Goodreads or LibraryThing or a site like that? If so, can I see your to-read list, please? Goodreads is out of date, Amazon may be a bit better, will make sure I update it soon.(this is on Amazon.co.uk nothing on .com) Are you a gamer (of any sort - video, casual, tabletop) and are there any games you want? Not at all Do you like coffee? If so, what kinds? Flavored, fancy, basic? Beans or ground? Not flavoured, I like my coffee plain and rich, I don't have a grinder so I can't use beans. Would a Starbucks gift card make you happy or do you prefer your local place? I prefer Costa (not sure is this just a UK chain? they are everywhere here) Would you be interested in BPTP CANDY? I'd love it, but I shouldn't be eating it at the moment. CUSTOM-Made Pottery?? yea or nay? coffee mugs, rustic or more elegant? a set of bowls? soap dish? bird feeder? something alltogether different? and lastly, good colors for glazes...? I would love this, bowls, dishes anything, I don't think it would be practical to post though 9/18 Songs that you keep meaning to buy but never get round to it? Its more like I forget until I hear them again. I'll add later if I remember Movies that you love but forgot to put in your questionaire? Name one movie you keep meaning to buy, but just never get around to getting? Can't think of one, we have a stupidly large DVD collection Any favorite Bath & Body Works scents/products? I haven't tried any Haus of Gloi is offering custom perfumes - would you like one? What would your ideal blend be? I'd be rubbish at choosing the notes, I'm not very good at working out which motes I like. Love the concept. Any Bath, Body or nutritional type items you would love to try from a Natural and Organic food store (similar to Whole Foods) that you don't buy because they are a bit too pricey? Tell me of your taste preferences. Dry/sweet? Red/white? Lager/ale/porter/stout? Fruit? Spice? Hops? Sour (brettanomyces, etc)? Is this an alcohol question? If so the answer is all of the above! are there any if MeiLin's books (e-book or print) you'd be interested in? I have a few, will get back to you with those i haven't read I'm about to be near a Lush store next week, is there anything you might like from there?No need I have one near here Witchee, will you be gone from your normal mailing address at any point during the round?Unlikely Are you a Disney fan or does even thinking about Disney make your head hurt? If you're into Disney, would you like something from the Happiest Place on Earth ?No thanks dear witchee, would you, could you use an electric candle warmer? i'm talking something like this. Do you lust after some new socks/tights? I do like ankle socks, however my sock drawer has become communal, daughters 2 and 3 "borrow" regularly when they can't find their own socks. Ninjas or Pirates? I have an extra room spray and 2 extra bath oils (one Cephalopod, one Exhibit Hall Fatigue) from Dragon*Con - would anybody like a decant? I live near a Mast General Store. It has lots of vintage-y toys, southern foods (jams, jellies, spices) and vintage candy. Is there anything I can get for you? Do you have any Fall or Halloween traditions? Not now, when I was younger we followed Scottish customs like apple bottom, carving turnips (swede) into lanterns (no pumpkins) Are you OK with "special deliveries"? Is the address in your questionnaire the best place to reach you for said deliveries? If the delivery requires a phone number (as say, some florists do) would you be OK with that information being tracked down by your Witch or asked of you anonymously? Would you be interested in beer, wine, or other specialty beverages from your Witch's area?Love to try different things, especially local specialities Are there any crafts/skills you've wanted to learn but haven't gotten around to? And if so, would you be interested in supplies and tutorials? Who here would be happy to get a lil' sumthin sumthin from Adagio Teas? Haven't tried anything from here, I drink mainly black tea (I drink a lot of black tea!, I like cups of tea Do you Ravelry? And if so, what's your handle over there? Would you be interested in gift patterns from your queue? Not a member Who likes Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses? Dislike Hershey's Kisses, sorry. Put your iPod/MP3 player/what-have-you on random and list the first 10 songs it plays Witchee, what are your favorite quotes? ">What's one random thing you really like and one random thing you really dislike? Are there any herbs that you haven't been able to lay hands on that I could send you? There's an herbal shop I really like here in NYC called Flower Powerthat has quite a wide selection. Will take a look and edit later. If there are no "witchy" shops near you, is there anything I can pick up for you from Enchantments? Great site, I enjoyed looking but I don't think I need anything unless it comes with instructions. >Some of your favorite artists? Classic and modern? If you could have an image or certain subject painted for you on any type of "canvas" (on a box, on paper, on a canvas, and so on) - could you point your witch to some of these images?Tree of Life , will add links later Is there a GC scent that's been on your list for ages but keeps falling off the bottom of your order because of the LEs? The Lion I've been getting into indie nail polish brands recently. What's your favorite indie brand of nail polish? Or what's your favorite mainstream brand of nail polish? Or are you not big on polish?<Not big, my no1 daughter is into OPI, I don't know much about nail polish Stuffed things: yea or nay? Food yes, toys not so much. mix-in-a-jar? How to you feel about cookie or cake or soup mixes that come in jars and you just add, like, an egg or water or what have you?Not something I'd use live near this very cool Retro store (you can order online too) - are there things from it that would make you squee if your witch sent them?I like a few of the things Would you enjoy receiving cute but useful items like colorful kitchen utensils/gadgets, or bento supplies? (boxes, chopsticks, accessories, etc?) What about things like spice mixes (homemade, or Penzey's for example) Spices are great, I love spicy food (useful if they are gluten free but not essential as I often cook for just my husband and me. Kitchen utensils I can find good use for. Do you like cute, seasonal or fluffy PJ bottoms? Like they sell at Target, Old Navy (they have had cute Halloween ones!) If so, what size do you wear? I'm not sure, my PJ bottoms are all knee length jersey style What kind of chocolate do you like? Nuts, no nuts, white,dark, etc? All the chocolate, my favourite is milk and nutty, or minty or praline or coffee flavoured etc I'm trying to cut sweet stuff from my diet so I haven't eaten chocolate for weeks and this question is making me hungry I live near a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Penzeys! What does your little heart desire from any or all of these places? I don't know any of these, sorry. Are home made foods acceptable or does the idea of eating strange mailed food disturb you? Perfectly acceptable I just gave you $20 and sent you into a "has everything" store ala Walmart and told you that you have to come out having spent it all, and none of it on anything you need. What would you buy? Be as specific as possible! Difficult question as I think I'd pick up things I liked the look of. If I was in a different country I'd be looking at unusual (to me) goodies, sweeties that I'm not supposed to be eating, snacks or gum, lip balm ,stationary, sticky pads, that kind of thing. What kind of cuisines do you like? (I mentioned this in my ?aire but curious what my witch may like)And, what are your favorite restaurants? My favourite restaurants tend to be those that I go to with my family, so they need to be gluten free. We like Yo sushi for regular visits and Carluccios for special occasions. I'm from Canada - is there anything specifically a witchee might like that is only available here? I've never been to Canada so I don't know what I'm missing. what are your "fandoms" and would you like a t-shirt from TeeFury if an appropriate one came up? No fandoms, don't wear t-shirts often, fairly picky about style due to having a weird rib deformity thing. Must be black/dark colours, fairly loose (UK size 16- think this s about 14 US) with v or deep scoop neck. Do you have an eReader and if so which one? Kindle and iPad Do you like candles, or tart burners, or something? If so, what's your favorite scent to burn? Not flowery, I enjoyed Witches brew Yankee candle that my lovely witch Molls sent, I looked and couldn't buy that scent here. Marzipan?I adore marzipan with a passion, if you are in Spain you must spend me all your marzipan Actually I'm trying to avoid all sugary foods at the moment so maybe just half the world supply would do. Would you be interested in washable/reusable muslin "paper" towels (basically muslin squares hemmed around the edge)? Maybe in some sort of box to put on your kitchen or bathroom counter? I think so Do you drink alcohol and if so, would you be OK with your witch sending you homemade infused vodka? Also, does your state allow alcohol to be shipped through the mail?I'd be very happy to receive this but I don't think international post would allow it If you get me (or a fellow Aussie, if there are any playing this round) as a witch or witch's minion, would you like to try some Australian specialties, such as TimTams (delicious chocolately cookies), Caramello Koalas (koala shaped chocolates filled with gloopy caramel), Australian native spices or anything like that?Spices would be lovely< If your witch is a knitter, crocheter or sewer, is there a particular type of garment you would love to receive (hat, scarf, wrap, cowl, socks, fingerless gloves, arm warmers etc)?I have a coat with 3/4 sleeves, I'd really love long gloves or arm warmers to wear with it Is there anyone else in your house (kids, pets, partner) that would really appreciate a small gift being included for them in the switchwitchy haul so they don't feel left out? r No need, my daughters always like to share everything Since it's been mentioned several times, and I've also offered to nacho witch some, would you you like to receive wild rice and or maple syrup? I promise to include recipe ideas with the wild rice.I think the postage may be too much I have 5 bushels of tomatoes sitting in the kitchen right now that are supposed to turn into red sauce tomorrow, so would anyone like a basic red sauce (spaghetti sauce) to make its way to them? As above How would you feel about a taste of (insert witch location here) box Delighted, I love to try things local to one area. Last year, my wonderful witch Alethia adopted a bat for me from batworld.org, a bat rescue and sanctuary. Bat's World Would you be interested in having a bat adopted in your name? If that made my witch happy it would please me too. Do you like s'mores and s'mores-flavored things? No What's the neatest freebie you've gotten? It can be cool or thoughtful or just totally unexpected, and not limited to BPALdom.
  10. mimosa

    Tanuki No Yudachi

    Rice wine is predominant when I open the vial, I not getting any citrus yet. I really like this at first sniff, it reminds me of two of my favourites; Loosening of the Obi and the original Hungry Ghost Moon. As it dries the Lily and Grapefruit appear,blending with the Rice wine to give a pretty, light, soft scent which fades quickly.
  11. mimosa

    Winter Swap Questions

    Are you a big ol' nerd for any particular subject? Science, math, linguistics, etc? Or particular authors/fandoms? I have a bit of a nerdy thing about fungi which makes my friends laugh. I'm a microbiologist during the day and I like to look for fungi when I'm out and about. I don't have any fandom type things. Does anyone have issues with gently used things like books, etc.? No, not at all. Do you have a strong preference for any sort of bath and body product brands (i.e. etailer/etsy type cos, department store/specialty brands like Lush) or are you cool with anything that doesn't smell like Bunnybane? I like trying Etsy stuff, I'm fairly happy trying anything new. A question: reveal, yes or no? Yes please. Any favorite cuddly characters? No, I think I'm a bit old for that Charity gifts? Either fair-trade type stuff, or virtual type gifts, like vaccinations or school supplies being bought on your behalf, or something along those lines? I do all my family (not children) holiday shopping like this, we exchange charity gifts and buy cards etc from places like The Woodland Trust, RNLI , Oxfam and Traidcraft Bunny, are you interested in tarts from Two Timing Tart? What scents, if any, are you interested in?Interested , happy to try any scents Do you need any holiday recipies? Is there something in particular that you'd like baked or made for you? And for those of you doing the no sugar/low sugar, etc. thing these days, how about savory things? Recipes are good, if I can translate them into metric. I use Delia's Christmas for indulgent holiday cooking Do you like/need boxes for perfume/knicknacks? I can always use a box or two, I have way too much BPAL so I shouldn't really get more boxes as I will fill them up. Nano-ing: Is that the writing thing? If so , no. facebook/twitter: I have a Facebook account, under my real name, don't use it that much. If I were to send you chocolate is there anything I should avoid as in nuts, cherries etc.? Also, what are some of your favorite holiday candies? Chocolate is always good unless it is alcohol flavoured or Hershey's. Does anything from Fusion Sweets interest you? Some of the caramels in yummy flavours sound good,marshmallows I'm not so keen on and the postage to the UK is expensive. Interested in anything from the Elements and Artifacts Yule update? I have some lovely earrings that I was gifted with in the last SW round, I like lots of things, they are a little pricey though. If your fox/bunny were to gift you with a giftcard from anywhere, as in any store foodwise, music wise etc. what giftcard would you like? Don't know, maybe Amazon. If I were to place ONE LAST Weenie order, (uh, which I will) what would you want me to include for you? (presuming that is that the order can get here in time, bites nails)? I'm starting my testing tonight. Will you be away for any part of the round? Unlikely, possibly a night away with my youngest first week in December, may even take a few days right at the end of the round as I have a scary birthday with zero at the end just after the round finishes (half the age it says on my profile page) Anyone else with an Etsy store and a member of Tradeaholics (or you could join) and interested in bartering for gifts for their bunny? No Etsy, not a crafty being. What type of books do you like? Dying to read anything? I do have some on Amazon list. Rose/mastic flavored things? Rose, meh, mastic never tried, Turkish delight is un-delightful to me i live in the city of the chicken wing. if i were to send you something savory, what's your heat tolerance (or sweet and heat for that matter)? Please no chickens, they wouldn't be liking the journey and I am vegetarian. I like hot food generally , spicy is good. Honey/beeswax? Yes, why not? Trader Joe's? I know nothing about this store, I keep seeing the name on the forum. Holiday movies: Can't think of any Superheroes: Not really. would you like a Paintbox from Paintbox Soapworks? If so, which scents? I've been lucky enough to get one in Switch Witch last year, all the scents were lovely. Would my bunny like anything in particular from Lush? I do have access to an actual Lush store, and also wouldn't mind ordering retro items online. Lush is much cheaper here in the UK and we have a shop in Cambridge Cocoa Pink? Never tried. Anybody into nail polish? Any color or formula preferences? No only wear on my toes and not that often If you found a $50 bill on the ground and were to place a Lab order, what would be in it? (And shipping is free through the magical BPAL unicorn!) I just got my weenie decants today so I'll get back to this after I've had some sniffy time I have way too many bottles as it is Tim Tams? I wouldn't mind trying them. Talk to me of coffee. Whole bean? Ground? Flavored, not flavored? Decaf, whole caff? Favorite roasters? Drip, french press, keurig? BRING ON THE TEA? I like tea, I prefer it plain black, with occasional departures into the flavoured varieties. I drink coffee too Who else here loves or would like to try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics? If so, what would you like? Never tried Would any Bunny like to receive Holiday serving bowls, trays, platters etc...? Winter/Christmas or Thanksgiving/Fall themed? No thank-you I know some people are squicked out at the idea of eating things that other people make, or the thought of deep fried cookies sends them into cardiac arrest. If you were my fox, would you like to receive some homemade goodies, or would you prefer that your goodies came from the store? Not squicked, homemade or shop are good. My lovely fluffy Snow Bunny, would you like a bodyscrub made by me? If so, what scent(s) would you like, if you had to think along the lines of essential oils? And would you prefer sugar or salt? A dryer scrub or one that's more oily/moist? I would love a scrub made by you, I am not an expert so no idea about the questions. Dear snow bunny, do you like candles? if yes, then what kind? scented (what scents), unscented, what colors, do you like them plain/painted on the outside/with decorations attached to the surface/sculpted? Also what do you think of little soaps? Candles in moderation, like tarts too and soap. Socks! Slippers! Do you love them or not really wear them? If you love them, do you also love Sock Dreams? Never had anything from sock dreams, don't wear long socks just the ankle type, which are always welcome, as log as they accommodate fat feet and ankles Do you do a Christmas tree? If yes is it themed or specially colored or do you just have all different ornaments and such?We have a tree, non religious, with an assortment of baubles collected over the years, some handmade, no theme whatever. Would you like a special ornament? I just joined the ornament swap. Is there any sort of regional food/drink/treat you miss or have always wanted to try? Lots of regional goodies sound exciting . I guess it depends where you are sending from. hey swap partner...could you use a new mug? A new mug for work would be appreciated, my colleague is an angel and always makes my tea for me and my mug is past it's best.It could be difficult to post. Do you like knitted goods? If so, what would you like, what colors, and do you have any sensitivites or preference when it comes to type of yarn (ex: wool: yay or nay? Do you prefer machine washable materials? Do you not care?)? Of course I like knitted things, blue is always my favourite, I prefer washable and non-itchy, scratchy but I know very little about types of yarn. I live near a brick and morter location for a really, really good spice store. would you use cooking spices and if you would, what would you need? (it's penzey's if you want to google it). In the UK we get lots of great spice mixes from India and Pakistan, I'd love to get Spice mixes from wherever you are. Someone has gifted you a $20 gift card from walgreens to ONLY use on things for yourself. no necessities here. what do you buy? I google-d the store and found that I would buy some Burts Bees stuff and Reeses Peanut butter stuff or Peanut Butter M&Ms Bunnies, how do you feel about lemon-flavored items, like lemon marmalade, lemon curd, lemon pound cake, or lemon cookies? I love lemony flavours. pink?Oh no thank you "fingerless mittens or full mitts? Probably fingerless But the question then becomes, do you want all 12 feet worth of Tom Baker scarf? No thanks, I knitted two when I was 17 (when Tom baker was the current Dr Who!!) Do you like snow and wintery scenes?Not if I have to drive somewhere Bunny, could you use a 2012 calendar, and, if so, do you like big monthly ones or the page-a-day type? I don't think I'd use it, sorry Do you prefer dark or milk chocolate? Both,milk slightly more Do you like artisan oils and vinegars? I do like fresh pressed olive oils, that would cost too much to post.:What are your opinions on traditional holiday cookie flavorings? I'm thinking anise and cardamom in particular.Cardamom is one of my favourites, not so keen on anise. Any crafty pursuits you've been dying to experiment with? Would you like a little kit of something you've never tried? Do you need any particular items for your new or existing stash? just bought a whole load of soap making stuff, I haven't tried it out yet.Maybe it won't work If your fox were to knit something for you, would it be a lacy shawl or a pair of socks? Inquiring foxes want to know! Socks Would anyone else be interested in a soap dish or something like that? I don't think I'd use it. chile, yay or nay? Yay Would you rather have an early reveal, or would you prefer one close to the end of the round? Whatever makes my Fox happy. How do you feel about cherries? Prefer the sweet or tart versions? Dried? Jam? Salsa? Hot sauce? BBQ sauce? Nom, Nom
  12. mimosa

    SW Autumn 2011 part 2

    I think the first few questions have dropped off the bottom of the last entry, so it must be time to start a new entry. October 14th Do you like scary books? What's the best/scariest thing you've ever read? October 13th Are you interested in anything in the latest round of Lab auctions on eBay? I think they are finished What favorite song(s) would you think would translate into a cool or unique scent? Steel River -Chris Rea Anyone interested in VApothecary's Halloween update? Not seen this Interested in anything from the Beaver Moon Lunacy update? Not really I sent you with $20 into a drugstore/Walmart (nothing too fancy/imported/expensive, just your average selection), and you are restricted only to the candy aisle. What would you blow it on? In the USA, peanut things, cherry things, chewy things-things I don't know about. Central Europe- violet candies, marzipan, swiss/belgian chocolate. Other countries, whatever you have, especially f I haven't tried it before. October 11th What is your favorite kind of cookie? The one in my hand! How many boxes are you hoping for? Whatever works for my witch How do you feel about loose leaf tea in baggies? I mean, I have a TON of loose leaf, would it be okay if I send you samples in some zip lock baggies? Or is that something that would squick you out? Would prefer not. How would you feel about getting a custom poster with your favorite quote on it and some cool graphics? I'm an architecture student and can print posters (provided I make them) at pretty much any size using Adobe Illustrator at a low price. Also if you would be interested in this, what quotes would you like? I can't think of a quote, don't know where I would display it. October 9th Is there anything you would want from NYCC, something you'd like your witch to ask me to pick up? Can't think of anything The best thing I ever ate...: many delicious and memorable meals, great holiday in Tuscany, first Balti I tried when I lived in Birmingham (UK) many more October 6th Do you like liquorice? If so, hard or soft? Sweet or salt? Normally salted or so salt it pulls your face into a fishy shape? And which shapes do you like? Not a huge fan. Do you like listening to audiobooks? Would you like to receive one, and if you would, what sort of audiobook would you like--or is there a particular audiobook you've been meaning to get? I don't listen to them at the moment, I occasionally listen to a CD audiobook if I have a long journey on my own. October 5th Are there any DIY / Crafty / Free / Budget items you'd love to get but haven't noted yet? (Or, maybe you'd just like to emphasize something you may have only noted in passing?) Anything crafty/DIY would be lovely. I'm not very crafty myself so I totally understand if you are not either witch Do you own a DSLR camera? Are you interested in a minky camera strap like these? What about anything from Photojojo? I don't need a strap I have a good one already. Is anybody else into film photography? Interested in receiving film, supplies, etc from Lomography? I don't use film atm. Are you musically inclined? Do you play an instrument or sing? If so, what? Not at the moment October 3rd Does anyone else like collector Barbies? No thank you What small everyday items would you like, that you keep forgetting to get? I forget! Tarot My daughter does, not me Tell me about something you like, and why you like it. I like being outdoors, in woodland in summer (cause I don't do hot) and hills when its cooler . I like country and wildlife and feeling part of nature, I'm not a city girl and I don't do grooming very well, so I'll be looking very natural and windswept. If you're the MMU type of Witchee, what Geek Chic Cosmetics tickle your fancy? Would any witchees be interested inQuinn Popcorn? Sounds interesting October 2nd Who likes silly items from Archie McPhee??? Maybe Nocturne Alchemy's NAlloween Pt. 2 update islive here! (And for a few days, last month's update too.) What do you want? Trying to stick to BPAL and not look! What are you drooling over from the Sock Dreams Halloween stuff? Looks pricey for socks and i don't wear long socks. I'm not showing this to my littlest girl because I know she would love some of those. Luck charms? I have a set of three red seeds(look like beads) that were given to me in the Seychelles, that are supposed to bring me luck, they have been in my purse now for about 18 years Does anyone want anything from... here...? Very spendy- think I would make my own For those of you that like candles, do you like stuff from Yankee Candle? And if you had to choose, tarts or candles? I like the tarts, Lovely Molls sent some last Autumn round., The votive candles are fun too. Would you be interested in getting a custom necklace fromhere? They have some pretty things. Is there a movie you want so badly that you don't own now? I have one on my Amazon wish list that I can't buy as it's not available in European region and I don't have a multi-region player. Is there a song on Itunes that you haven't downloaded yet? Hundreds! Can't think of anything I'm desperate for, when I get the ear-worm I try get the song into my Amazon basket so I can buy it when I have funds, at the moment I have 74-75 by The Connells in my basket to buy later just because I heard it on the radio and I remembered it from years ago. Is there a rare book you've always wanted? I have a few that I collect Is there anything you want to buy yourself but have been too embarrassed (R rated or pg)? Don't think so Have you seen the Lush holiday update? Do you like the look of anything from there? I can get Lush so easily from the Cambridge shop, I wouldn't want my witch to pay postage. if you were my witchee, would you want some of my hot nuts my candied nuts my nuts covered in butter and brown sugar candied walnuts? Nuts are good October 1st Is there anything you either didn't like or had never heard of that you're now curious to try thanks to the discussion in this thread? Every round I find new things and new music and stuff, reading the shuffle question (which I didn't answer this time I don't think it was on the list-I'll pop it in now although it always works out embarrassing-even with 1000 songs on iPhone Led Zeppelin -Rock and Roll (yep 70s!) Chris Rea-Stainsby Girl (wow 80s) Guns N Roses Knockin' on Heaven's Door )somewhat embarrassing) Stereophonics-Maybe tomorrow (love this band even though it's old) Neil Young Heart of Gold (getting older and more scary- I know there is new stuff why doesn't it come up?) David Bowie-Life on Mars (another oldie, but still good) Russell Watson-You raise me up (well he is rather nice) Paolo Nutini-New Shoes (This century! both my youngest and myself have played this album to death) Bat for Lashes-Glass (Must be Martha's) Ryan Adams-Wonderwall ( What can I say, except I prefer the original Oasis version) Reveal? Please reveal, then I can get to know you better, after all you have had to endure all this stuff about me, I'd love to know you. Would you be interested in the #occupywallstreet scent? I went with a decanter here, it sounds so good- just worried about the cocoa thing and it's a good cause. Do Paintbox Soapworks' Goat's Milk Hand and Body Creams sound like something you'd like to try? Goat's milk sounds yuck, but it probably smells good. Is there a magazine that you DON'T read because you can't find it near you, but wish you could? Can't think of one Describe your sense of humour. Hate slapstick, don't find it funny. Like intelligent women comedians best, things I can relate to , like Dawn French, Victoria Wood, French and Saunders. Witty humour, don't mind smutty stuff, but not lavatory. Love laughing with my girlfriends, we laugh a lot and I'm usually smiling. Do you like reusable grocery bags? If so, do you like the kind that fold up (ie Chico Bags?) Don't know what a Chico bag is, use cloth shopping bags whenever-they are very popular in the UK. I'm about to make an order from Sephora (nothing off of my wishlist, witch, so don't worry about that). Is there anything for you that you would like to accompany my order, if you're my witchee? What is Sephora? Do I need more googling?
  13. If you can get hold of it, I died for beauty is very similar. Unfortunately was discontinued recently so can't be bought from the lab.
  14. mimosa

    Elli's Song

    This smells like Listerine antiseptic mouthwash wet. The strong sweet smoky black scent remains when dry. This is not for me.
  15. mimosa

    Loosening of the Obi

    Very light and pretty, a perfect summer scent. Wet; something sharp almost minty. The sandalwood peeks out as this dries, then hides behind the vanilla musk. I love this, it stays close, I can slather safely without upsetting anyone else.