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  1. @Llanval Pink champagne jello? Wow. That is NOT what it did on me. 😄 That's one of the things that's cool about fragrances though, they actually smell different on different people, AND our noses pick up the various chemicals differently. If you spot someone in the reviews who seems to smell things the same way you do, keep an eye out for them. It can be super helpful if you are buying bottles blind. Some decant circles will ship internationally, some won't. Usually, they'll say so up front. If they don't specify, you can always ask. 😊 Shipping to Canada is less trouble than over seas, so you probably won't have too hard a time finding a circle. I do international packages. Tennis Match is on my wishlist. Lol. I missed that one too. Never got a sniff. You might also like Smug Yale, although it's not by any means a loud fragrance. Very nice though.
  2. VetchVesper

    Brood X

    This smells less like soil and more like the top levels of humus. It's got a damp sweetness I associate with composting vegetation - dead leaves, rich soil, grass clippings, and maybe a smidge of ripening berries on brambles winding through the pile. The patchouli is present, but smooth, slightly sweet, and well blended with the other notes. Gender neutral with a slight tilt toward feminine. Brood X is very "forest floor," but has a pleasant sweetness that people who aren't hard-core into smelling like a forest will find accessible. It smells like a cicada's home rather than an actual cicada, and if their homes smell so lovely, it's no wonder they so rarely come out 😉 Reminds me a wee bit of Woman at the Edge of the Wood, 'Tis the Voice of the Lobster, and Forest Reverie.
  3. VetchVesper

    Imayo Irokumi No Ito

    Vibrantly green and fresh. This is how the vibrantly glowing green of rainforest moss SHOULD smell. It's velvety and plush, with the faintest hint of sandalwood grounding it in the background. It's beautiful. I just wished it lasted a little longer. I might still hunt down a bottle since, hopefully, the sandalwood might get it to stick around more with some aging. ETA. Wanted to add, something in it also reminded me of Emerald Lace, though, when comparing the two, the tobacco and lace of EL make the two pretty distinct, but maybe it's just how Imayo really does smell so emerald green.
  4. VetchVesper

    Inspecting the Lantern

    I really loved this year's green perfumes, and this one ended up being a bottle buy for me. It's got a camphorous thing going on at first that's a little off-putting, I think from a mix of the cedar and cardamom, but after a few minutes, this begins to settle down, and something tart starts to creep into the mix, along with a hint of sweetness from the tuberose. This is not a floral, but I think the florals add a lot of complexity to the overall scent, even as they lurk, barely noticeable, under the moss. There's also a good bit of smoky incense going on. There's just a lovely, smoky, scratchy sort of texture going on that I really love. I'd say this one's is pretty gender neutral, and is a fun and unusual green incense sort of smell, overall. Complex and unusual.
  5. @Llanval I frick'n love Shungas, hence why I usually run a Lupercalia decant circle. 😍 I'll say, stand outs will depend on your taste, BUT sometimes fragrances are so good or unusual, they just seem like crowd pleasers. Last years Shungas were full of beautiful soft incenses, which had me squeeing in ecstasy. This year, the green perfumes really stood out to me as being lovely. If you love smelling like a garden, you should be really happy this year. Green smells, and my thoughts: Inspecting the Lantern - This one was lovely, mossy, and lush. I ended up with a bottle. Imayo Irokumi - Sort of in between Dancing Penises and Shadow pictures as far as weight. Juicy, green, pretty, fresh. I'm still dithering on whether I need a bottle of this one or not. Ecstatic Dancing Penises - really nice, but leans strongly towards masculine, so it depends how comfortable you are with that. I'm a woman, and some of my favorite GC's are listed on the Men's sampler pack. I don't smell like a man when I wear them. I smell sexy as hell. 😜 So it's all up to your choice. Shadow Pictures - the freshest of four. Really lovely, but it didn't last long enough on me for a bottle purchase. If it had though, I probably would have grabbed it. (And I realized while writing these, several I haven't reviewed. I'll try to do that this weekend. ) Lovely Surprises: A Karasu Tengu Copulating .... (I expected this to be super rosey, but it's really a lovely, foresty incense with just a bit of rose in the background. Really lovely IMO Adventuresome Encounters - super fun comfort scent. If you want to dip a toe into foody territory, I'd highly rec this one. Gokugetsu - a lot more gender neutral than I was expecting, and unusual use of red musk Underneath the Foot Warmer - LOVED this one. Had no idea what to expect, and I was really happy. The notes just blended into something I haven't smelled before. Unsubtle Euphamism - This is very foody. You will smell like bread. It's very fun though. Crowd Pleasers: Peach Vulva (didn't do it for me ) Adventuresome Encounters Vaginal Tales from the Nocturnal Palace Bottles I bought: Underneath the Footwarmer, Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace, Lighting the Lantern, Fracas with Eleven Kabuki Actors (keep in mind, I had leftovers from running my circle or I might have bought more. 😅 You said you're not big on florals, but you might still look into Blissful Domesticity, which is made very green by the juicy green apple up front. Florals and fruits covers an enormous dearth of scents and you might find yourself surprised. Butterfly Dancer seems to do different things on different people. I could appreciate it, but it wasn't for me. I would say go for it if you're comfortable with heavier, lusty, incense smells. And no, you will not smell like Victoria Secret. Hah. Possibly a high dollar French Escort. It did not got into poop territory for me or most people, I think. P.S. If you have decant circle questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  6. VetchVesper


    Strong on the violet, but there's a sharpness that made me thing lavender, and I would have thought white rose rather than tea. The chamomile makes this feel gentle and somber. It's fitting for the poem, but a bit too perfumey and mellow for my tastes, though I do enjoy violet. I enjoyed getting to test this one out though.
  7. VetchVesper


    Thanatos is a somber, resinous rose on me. It's rather gentle smelling, but has depth. I think myrrh plays heavily in this, and myrrh is a note that often barely registers for me. The imp I have has aged quite a bit, but I don't recall this one ever being loud or heady or opulent. This is the smell of dried roses laid upon a forgotten tomb. ETA wanted to add, this does seem like a pleasant, if unconventional sleep scent.
  8. VetchVesper

    Lord of the Heavens

    This strikes me as a very nice mens' cologne. Smooth sage up front, with something warm and earthy perceptible underneath, which I took for subtle patch, but is probably a combo of frankincense, cedar, and nutmeg. The other herbs add complexity, and this smells dusty green. There's a bit of a sharp cologne edge I associate with the cognac note and hopefully with soften with age. I don't get root beer at all. The cedar is mild and well-behaved. I get gentle, fuzzy, herbs, dried by summer sun but still growing in the field. And I get handsome man in a classy but casual pullover.
  9. VetchVesper

    The Hierophant's Robe

    Luscious king mandarin right up front that does feel a little more red than orange somehow. It's a deeper citrus than this year's earlier offerings. There's a cleanness present that reminds me of geranium, and the frankincense creeps up after a few minutes, adding a warm incense underneath the mandarin. I don't get much floral, and I think this is fairly unisex. I'd say this smells like grown up fruit punch, but I don't want to undermine it's complexity. A very nice example of the mandarin note, with enough going on to make it unique and dare I say, elegantly proper.
  10. VetchVesper

    Wild Rose & Dandelion Sap

    This is really, really pretty at the start. A green, dewey smell, well-balanced with a light, but somewhat perfumy rose. On my skin, the dewiness starts to go a little soapy, but it's still very nice. Very freshly showered rose. It's simple, feminine, and clean and strikes me as a perfect rose blend for casual summer days. After about 20 mins, the dandelion is full center stage, and the rose has been freshly showered off. At this point, it's pleasant, but not something I would wear. The earlier stages remind me of a less fussy Asses Plus Long but they're also plenty different. If you are a rose lover who does well with mist and dewey notes, check this one out.
  11. VetchVesper

    The Grey Columns

    Reminds me somehow of Antique Lace, but paler and mixed with a strange dustiness that evokes old stone. The grey amber is most prominent to me, reminding me of the one in Gloomy Day. Something smells vanillic to my nose as well. This is pretty, but understated and a touch somber.
  12. VetchVesper

    Bloody Corridor

    Woohoo! Thanks to the amazing @GoldenRubee and her kittens, I managed to get my grubby mits on a bottle of this. So, Endless Corridors was almost a bottle purchase. I managed to resist, but adding red musk proved my undoing. I was expecting a beeswax scent with a little splash of red musk, but I get a lot of musk. Also, a stronger honeyed sweetness and more bitterness - that metallic tang @starbrow mentions. I can see the comparison to a darker, thicker Bard, but where my brain jumped was " if Quintessence of Dust and Sanguinum Menstrum had a baby." I'd also say it's a distant cousin to Smut. Right now, this smells promising, but I think it needs to settle a while. Once that bitter edge has smoothed out, I think this is gonna be reeaal nice. 🤤
  13. VetchVesper


    This is a murky, clove incense on me. My bottle has had about 5 years to age. There's a thick, syrupy undertone to the scent that I associate with myrrh, but I guess it must be the patchouli, sweetened very slightly by the florals. The florals are only vaguely recognizable in the bottle, and perhaps for a flash on my skin, then it's all about the clove.
  14. VetchVesper

    Miskatonic is AMAZING - but also CHEEEEESY. Recs?

    @Estamets The paper note in MU comes out really strongly on me, and I end up smelling like a brown paper bag soaked in Irish Cream. 😕 I also really like Café Mille et une Nuits as a coffee scent. It's not super sweet, but I like that. Abolish ICE is really tasty and in the permanent collection. I'd also recommend Jólabókaflóðið: A dribble of candle wax, distant hearth-smoke, a fleck of chocolate Yule log, and aged, yellowing paper bound by well-loved leather that has passed through many gentle hands. It's a Yule that has appeared several years and you could probably find a bottle or tester pretty easily. There is Black Coffee and Old Books, which I have up on my sales page. Alas, it didn't work for me, but books and coffee, right there! There's The Buggre Alle This Bible, and The Book, which are general catalog, but aren't sold on the site as imps. Haven't smelled the BOOK, but Buggre Alle is nice if you like leather. The Crimson Peak, The Manuscript was also a really realistic book smell to my nose, but you might have to do some digging. Dee, Scholar's Tower, and Aelophile are very nice library scents, without exactly being "book" smells. Antikythera Mechanism is very nice. The recent Weenie, Creaking Floorboards is very "polished" wood.