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    GC - Satyr, Voodoo, Defutata, Black Lily, Oblivion, Blood Kiss, Kyoto, No. 93 Engine, Tezcatlipoca, The Caterpillar, The Bow & Crown of Conquest, Masquerade, Scherezade, Tezcatlipoca, Kabuki, Bathsheba, Perversion, Absinthe LE - Callidora, Depart Pour Le Sabbat, Indulgence, Satan Starting From the Touch of Ithuriel's Spear, Nasty Woman, Krampus Lace, Snake Skin, Die Begierde, Paduin Killer Swarms, Noctule Bat, The Dream, The Golden Room, Portrait of a Young Woman w/A Unicorn, Licorice Bats, Prosperous Flowers of the Elegant 12 Seasons, 3rd Charm, Witch Dance, Wan White Humming Hive, Aerowyn, Mithras, The Chapel, The Small Brown Cat. Torture Queen, and many more!!! I tend towards resin and incense smells, especially patchouli, nag champa and champaca, Indian sandalwood, dragon's blood, amber and copal. I like heavier, darker, and vampy fragrances, especially when mixed w/florals or pseudo-gourmand notes, but I can really fall for a good white floral or bright citrus on occasion. Gardenia, honeysuckle, and violet are favorites florals. I enjoy plum and black currant, and cucumber. I like leathers, red musk (or anything related), dark musk, dark vanillas, super dark chocolate, and rum. I ADORE black licorice. Absinthe and anise are also tasty. :yum: I enjoy fresh green smells, dirt, mint, vetiver and moss, and occasionally pine. Strait up gourmands and oceanic aquatics aren’t generally my thing. Cedar and lemon grass are no-no notes. Cassia amps to high heaven and green musk clings and won't let go!

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  1. VetchVesper

    A Flaming Sword

    Weirdly fruity? I think it's the interplay of sweet honey with the other notes. Maybe the red musk? It's very different from what I expected, but it reminds me a bit of Fire For Thy Stepsisters. I like this better though. It's got more punch and bite and really does smell fiery somehow. There's a crackly, smoky, scratchy quality going on. Red musk is lurking but never steals center stage. The resins get darker and pop more after the initial burst of bright sweetness, like fire sparked to life, then dwindling to smoldering coals. There still plenty of heat though. I don't need a bottle of this, but it would be nice to have a decant. It's moody and unusual and I think it would be a great character scent for cos play or a fiery personality. Leans feminine to my nose, because of the sweetness. I kinda want to try it mixed with War.
  2. VetchVesper


    Juicy, happy, bright fruity floral. It's reminiscent of kitsune-tsuki but leans more fruity. It's got a similar vibe to orchids. Mostly, I smell sweet plum, cherry blossom, and sweet citrus. There's a dash of pine in the back just giving the whole thing a bit of a scratchiness. I don't wear this one all that often, but it's still an enjoyable part of my collection.
  3. VetchVesper

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Yay! Glad to be of help! Also, @Estamets, I have one more recs for you. It mind be hard to find a bottle (because it's so good) but Unicorn Junk is well worth a sniff if you aren't adverse to lilac. (Coconut foam, Siamese benzoin, Himalayan cedar, translucent petals, lilac milk, and mallow) Think Obatala with gorgeous lilac and marshmallowy sweetness, tempered slightly by the cedar. 🀀
  4. VetchVesper

    Pale, Without Name or Number

    So, without looking at the notes, I would have sworn this was a lavender and green musk scent. Apparently, the herbal quality of the violet leaf is tricking my nose. There's a warmth grounding the fragrance that must be the ho wood. I'm guessing the carrot seed adds some wistful sweetness, but for me, it's blending in with the green musk. Green musk amps on me - a lot. It's not quiiiite taking over completely, but pretty close to it. This is not for me, but the initial herbal/floral quality over the musky warmth was pretty. I'd be curious to get the impressions of lavender lovers to see if I'm just crazy.
  5. VetchVesper


    This is a VERY aged imp, so I'm not sure if it's held up. There's only enough perfume left for a test or two, and chemical changes happen more quickly with a smaller amounts of liquid. What I'm mostly getting at first is sort of non-descript, powdery dark floral. I do start to get a bit of dark plum, and there's definitely some murkiness from the resins, which become much more apparent as this warms up, but alas, I'm not getting any sort of complexity from this scent. Honestly, it just kinda smells like the resins have kept going, but the top notes of escaped. Perhaps it's just my chemistry. Dark, dark resins, with a hint of plum, and the memory of powdery floral.
  6. VetchVesper

    Conical Beast

    I'm going to agree with torikitty that there's some dirty jasmine going on, but on me, it's blending with the other notes and ends up being pretty interesting. The pine sap adds sort of a gritty, forest vibe to everything. I don't really smell vetiver, but I'm guessing it's darkening things. I don't get anything fruity. Maybe my skin eats those notes, or maybe they've aged out from my decant. Overall, I like Conical Beast. It's sort of a earthy, forest-floral with a bit of funk. Brooding but playful.
  7. VetchVesper

    Snakes Slithering Through Stinging Nettle

    These aren't notes I'm super familiar with, so always fun to try something new. My first impression is weird green tea, with sort of a warm, resinous vanilla slithering through it. Definitely the Snake Oil making it's presence known. It's weirdly discordant, but interesting. I don't get the bright, wet greenness I associate with dandelion sap, but there is greenness. It's becoming more resinous as it warms up, more of a sweeter Snake Oil with and herbal edge. It's quieter than SO though, lighter, and more aimed at summer. It seems like a sister to Green Tree Boa, but is different enough to make having both worth it. Yup. Once this has settled in, the weirdness becomes a good thing. The sweetness also tones down. This is an herbal with a bit of sexy slink, a cup of green tea swirled with a spoonful of warm resins. Very nice.
  8. VetchVesper


    Whacky. I was really thinking this had cedar in it, and the cedar was really behaving itself for once on my skin. I guess that's cause it's actually patchouli. 😐 I'm getting fruitiness up front, mostly the mango, with a backing of woody patch that becomes the most prominent note as Tweedledum dries down. The mango isn't super sweet or juicy to my nose. Maybe that's b/c it's an older imp, or maybe it's because it's "green" mango, but this give me more of a sun dried mango sort of smell. I'm guessing the fig is deepening to overall frutiness. By the time everything has settled in, I get an earthy, spicy, cedar smell, with just a hint of warm mango adding complexity. I never get any green tea vibes at all. This seems like it could actually work on a guy really well, if he has any interest in fruity smells (Again, this imp is well aged.) or for someone looking for a different sort of mango from the typical fruit punch sort of thing. For me, I think it's not quite patchouli enough, or else not quite in your face, fruity enough to be a win. It's pleasant though. I'd love to see this blend of notes without the patchouli - as a more buoyant, juicy sort of summer scent.
  9. VetchVesper


    So, a lovely forumite frimped me a sniffy of this a while back, and whenever I give it a sniff, then look at the notes - it blows my mind. Up front, this is the figgiest figging McFigster of a scent ever. I just can't fig--ure it out. I get NONE of the other notes until after about 20 mins of wear. As heavy as those other notes are, I'm really surprised, when they do finally show up, they are barely peaky out from behind the bossy fig. Tiny bit of pitch and a titch of frankincense. That's it. The rest is all fig. I wish the resins played more of a role on me. I agree this is the same fig as in Lola Lee Loo, and it is reminiscent of Gomorrah, though that fig seemed a little jammier. The fruit is too bright and tart on me to think of this as a dark scent. I'm thinking of figgy fruit roll-ups. I'm thinking I amp the hell out of fig. Weird.
  10. VetchVesper


    Salty! VERY salty. A bit of wood, a bit of floral, and maybe ... some vanilla going on?? Woah! Found some green musk in the dry down. Hmmm.. okay. Retesting and looking at the notes. STILL salty! I think I'm smelling opoponax, which I have mixed feelings about. It always smells sort of treacly thick and sickly sweet to my nose. Maybe that's what is reading as vanilla-ish as it mixes with the benzoin. I still can't identify the violet, though I do think I smell the sort of astringent, clean-floral davana going on, and the ambergris is giving me Lyonesse vibes. I don't sniff much squid ink, so I'll have to leave that one to the judgement of other reviewers. I might like kelp? I DO like salt, and apparently, these kinds of aquatics work with my chemistry. There's a threat of soap in the beginning, but then things decide to behave themselves. I like this. I wouldn't purchase a bottle, but it was super fun to try it out, and I'd use an imp. A salty, dark, semi-aquatic, with resins and green musk. Definitely unique.
  11. VetchVesper

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Lol. I know how you feel. Hard to only pick 5. And especially since one of your extras is cat related - you are forgiven. 😸 The scents that jumped to my mind are: GC - Goblin, Black Pearl, Eden, Black Phoenix (a lot of people seem to smell cherry, but I get almond, myrrh and roses), Jolly Roger, Mary Read, The Sea Foams Milk (if you're interested in aquatics), and How Doth the Little Crocodile (cuddly, slightly foody cedar) Unimpable GC - The Organ Grinder, Kamau Kogo, and Death Adder (if you can handle vetiver) LE (if you feel like hunting them down) - Materialization (like a fancier Obatala to my nose. The honeysuckle's not super prominent.) and Ghost Faced Bat (snuggly, creamy and sweet) You might also try to get a sniff of "Leave Her, Johnny" from the Sailor Shanty Anniversaries. I haven't smelled it, but seems like a lot of notes you fancy. Possibly Luperci? and Cheerful Oxen. I'm not real familiar with Queen, so I didn't give any recs to scratch that itch. @Smoochadore The only thing that popped into my head was The Spotted Cat - White ginger, green mandarin, ti leaf, cedarwood, chocolate mint, bergamot, and sweet vetiver. Not super masculine, but not really feminine either. Cuddly, a little mossy, a little citrussy, and a bit like How Doth the Little Crocodile.
  12. @Llanval Pink champagne jello? Wow. That is NOT what it did on me. πŸ˜„ That's one of the things that's cool about fragrances though, they actually smell different on different people, AND our noses pick up the various chemicals differently. If you spot someone in the reviews who seems to smell things the same way you do, keep an eye out for them. It can be super helpful if you are buying bottles blind. Some decant circles will ship internationally, some won't. Usually, they'll say so up front. If they don't specify, you can always ask. 😊 Shipping to Canada is less trouble than over seas, so you probably won't have too hard a time finding a circle. I do international packages. Tennis Match is on my wishlist. Lol. I missed that one too. Never got a sniff. You might also like Smug Yale, although it's not by any means a loud fragrance. Very nice though.
  13. VetchVesper

    Brood X

    This smells less like soil and more like the top levels of humus. It's got a damp sweetness I associate with composting vegetation - dead leaves, rich soil, grass clippings, and maybe a smidge of ripening berries on brambles winding through the pile. The patchouli is present, but smooth, slightly sweet, and well blended with the other notes. Gender neutral with a slight tilt toward feminine. Brood X is very "forest floor," but has a pleasant sweetness that people who aren't hard-core into smelling like a forest will find accessible. It smells like a cicada's home rather than an actual cicada, and if their homes smell so lovely, it's no wonder they so rarely come out πŸ˜‰ Reminds me a wee bit of Woman at the Edge of the Wood, 'Tis the Voice of the Lobster, and Forest Reverie.
  14. VetchVesper

    Imayo Irokumi No Ito

    Vibrantly green and fresh. This is how the vibrantly glowing green of rainforest moss SHOULD smell. It's velvety and plush, with the faintest hint of sandalwood grounding it in the background. It's beautiful. I just wished it lasted a little longer. I might still hunt down a bottle since, hopefully, the sandalwood might get it to stick around more with some aging. ETA. Wanted to add, something in it also reminded me of Emerald Lace, though, when comparing the two, the tobacco and lace of EL make the two pretty distinct, but maybe it's just how Imayo really does smell so emerald green.