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    Top 20 - Indulgence, Depart Pour Le Sabbat, Satan Starting From the Touch of Ithuriel's Spear, Nasty Woman, Krampus Lace, Snake Skin, Die Begierde, Paduin Killer Swarms, Noctule Bat, The Dream, The Golden Room, Satyr, Voodoo, Blood Kiss, Kyoto, No. 93 Engine, Tezcatlipoca, Portrait of a Young Woman w/A Unicorn Others I Love- Licorice Bats, Prosperous Flowers of the Elegant 12 Seasons, The Caterpillar, The Bow & Crown of Conquest, Masquerade,Scherezade, Tezcatlipoca, Night Gaunt, Kabuki, Bathsheba, Elf, Kitsune Tsuki, Lady of Shallot, 3rd Charm, Witch Dance, Wan White Humming Hive, Aerowyn, Mithras, The Chapel, The Small Brown Cat. Torture Queen, ugh... the list goes on and on.... I tend towards resin and incense smells, especially patchouli, nag champa, vetiver, dragon's blood, and copal. I like heavier, darker fragrances, especially when mixed w/florals or pseudo-gourmand notes, but I can really fall for a good white floral or bright citrus on occasion. Gardenia, honeysuckle, and moonflower are favorites. I like leather, red musk, dark vanillas, and rum. Oh, and black licorice/ anise. I luuurve it! Strait up gourmands and salty or oceanic aquatics just don't seem to be my thing. Cedar and lemon grass are no-no notes, and green musk clings and won't let go!

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    sci-fi, fantasy, horror, poetry - writing and reading, music of all sorts, singing, RPGing, drawing, painting, sculpting, cooking & baking, gardening (badly), animals, people, dreams, all things shiny and all things sniffable
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  1. VetchVesper

    Ocean of Dreams

    Odd and herbal. Mugwort is the note I get initially, though there's probably some lavender at play as well and possibly some bay. It smells very green and medicinal. After a bit, something oddly foody creeps in, not sweet, but almost like an undertone of cooking grease? Perhaps the CO2 Butter? There's a powdery depth to that emerges and grows stronger with time. I'm guessing it's coming from the frankincense or the orris. Further along the dry down, the fragrance becomes less green and more softly woody. I get more of a forest quality from this than water. It's a very odd blend of notes. It's pleasant, but not really something I'd wear as a perfume. I'm glad I got to try a sample of it though.
  2. VetchVesper

    Actual Lump of Coal

    Is it odd that I actually rather like this one? I have in one hand some handy, dandy, oh so trendy, charcoal cleansing face scrub, and on the other hand's wrist, I have a drop of this lovely single note. They are very much the same smell, though the perfume is grittier, more industrial. It's really interesting, and I think I shall enjoy layering it with different things for intriguing effects. This might be especially nice layered with men's fragrances for a sort of "rugged" vibe.
  3. VetchVesper

    The Blood Red Window Panes Hair Gloss

    This is one of those lusty, sexy scents that verges on dirty. I dig it. The primary notes I get are the tobacco and red musk, but there's definitely a sticky sweetness to the tobacco from the honey and an undertone of funkiness from the oudh. It reads more as sex to me though than poo, if that makes sense. Overall, it's a nice balance of notes. I ordered a full bottle and will wear it when feeling naughty. This one lasts a while on me as well, and I have a feeling it will age really well.
  4. VetchVesper

    The Violet Window Hair Gloss

    So.... a big bottle of this is on it's way to my house. Generally, I get a dark, woody plum. It reminds me a bit of Black Moths, though it's not quite THAT dark, but a similar vibe for me. I tend to have a love - hate relationship with oudh. It's behaving here, as it has in all the Red Death blends I've tried so far, and lends a deep, woody, incensey base to the fragrance of perfumey plum tempered by a hint of violet. This one also sticks around for more than 24 hours on me, which I love, but be aware, it has some oomph. If you like dark scents and plum, this one gets a big, fat thumbs up.
  5. VetchVesper

    The Orange Window Hair Gloss

    Suuuper bright tangerine/orange. It doesn't smell like a cleaner or anything, but I'm a little saddened by the lack of complexity. I thought the other notes might come out in the dry down, but they don't really. At least, not on me. This pretty much stays a slightly sweetened citrus orange on me till it fades. To the swapmobile!
  6. VetchVesper


    I think age has mellowed and mingled this one to its benefit. Soceraphobia is still very acrid at first. The vetiver is dark and smoky, and the coffee is bitter and black. It's sharp and unpleasant at first, but then the vanilla starts to work it's way in, warm things up, and calm things down a bit, and the blend sort of works. It's like that one family member that's the peacemaker who manages to keep everyone else from screaming at each other at the family gatherings, b/c they're just so nice to everyone, and they brought really good pie. I dunno, it's an odd blend, but definitely interesting. A lovely take on the smell of dysfunction.
  7. VetchVesper

    The Sea of Ice

    This one's actually rather nice for an aquatic. It reminds me a lot of The Night Bridge in the Neverwhere scents, but it's more in your face and, I think, leans more masculine. If The Night Bridge is stone in nighttime coolness, this is stone in a blustery, frigid winter storm. I get anise, a slightly sweet mint, cologne, and stone. I don't have a problem with it going soapy on me, which is unusual, and why I've kept this imp around for a couple years. Icy, energizing, bracing stone.
  8. VetchVesper

    The Violet Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    This is feminine and posh. Very floral to my nose, and leaning a bit into the girly, froofy, fancy floral I'm usually not too into. This one is unique and interesting enough that I will use it though when I'm in the right mood. My mom absolutely adored it. I get a fruity orchid scent with a sort of effervescent/ozoney note underlying it that's intriguing. Dark Alice mentioned mint, and I get that, but I think it's the geranium. It gives the fragrance a bright and airy quality and a coolness that would fit well in an upscale, modern boutique or salon. Not something I need a big bottle of, but I'll keep it around for when I want to feel froofy.
  9. VetchVesper

    The White Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    This reminds me a lot of BPAL's "Cabbage White" perfume. I'm guessing it's the mix of lily of the valley with vanilla over a bed of dusty softness, though in Cabbage White it's from the orris, and here it's from the sandalwood. It's nice, vaguely sweet, and a bit powdery and feminine. It's not overpoweringly floral or prim, and I think the wood notes keep from going too fussy. A gentle cedar comes out on my blankies that I squirted down. It actually makes me think more of the color lavender than white, sort of soft and muted.
  10. VetchVesper

    A Young Boy and His Brother Seated on a Goat

    This is a gentle, warm, dark, wood blend. There's a mellow patchouli up front, and something sort of sweet like berries in the dry down. I have no idea what's giving me that vibe. It still smells masculine to me, just... with dark berries or something. Mahogany can be acrid with my chemistry, but this is behaving itself. This lasts a while on me, leaving a soft dusting of sandalwood. I think this would be really lovely on a man. Sort of understated but refined. I think a woman could easily pull it off too, but it's not really the kind of scent I wear. Glad I got to dry it though.
  11. VetchVesper

    It Was Folly to Grieve, or to Think

    Bright, crisp, dry champagne with a fruity citrus feel. The ginger has a bite and reminds me of grapefruit. I keep swinging back and forth on this one b/c sometimes it just seems harsh on me, and sometimes it's sparkling and fun. This is in the wheel house of Bon Vivant, so if you like your champagne note front and center, give it a go. If you don't - skip this one.
  12. VetchVesper

    The Tastes of the Duke Were Peculiar

    Hmmm.... it would seem that The Duke has a taste for.... gummy candies?? O_o My friends specified "sour gummy candies." This smells bright, sweet, and citrusy on me at first, with the mandarin front and center backed by an odd melange of I'm not sure what. I don't really get laudanum, opium, leather, or absinthe from this, which is what I bought this one for. I might get a hint of coolness from the star anise in the dry down backed by a tinge of dustiness. This one doesn't last very long on me. Two hours tops. For me this is a miss, but given how many notes it has, and how those are likely to play with different chemistries, I'm curious to see other reviews. It might be more to my liking with a bit of age. We shall see....
  13. VetchVesper

    The Hag

    Sweeter than I was expecting. I guess it's the rum that's dominant on me. On initial sniffage, I get something acrid mixing with black currant and a brown, sticky sweetness. I get an undercurrent of black musk on my skin as kind of a dusty, lurking backdrop for the black currant, and the bitterness fades. The bourbon vetiver comes out more in the dry down and it gets more boozy, though never foody. This one is interesting. It makes me think of treacle for some reason. Like... someone wearing a wool coat and eating treacle. (There's my weird sensory imagery for the day O_O ) Anyways, I think I'd like it better on a man than I like it on myself, but it's probably pretty unisex. I'd put it in the same family as the Marquis de Carabas. - Not that they smell the same. Just that they'd hang out in some of the same places and like each other's coats. Musty, sweet, boozy, and unisex.
  14. VetchVesper

    A Multitude of Dreams

    Very nice. This lavender and licorice combo reminds me quite a bit of Baku, but the resins darken this up and give it a hint of sophistication. It's not very long lasting on my skin though. 😕 ETA - This has settled a bit, and it feels much darker than it did originally. Still a bit of Baku, but definitely a heavier, dark feel from those resins. Very moody.
  15. VetchVesper

    Scarecrow Turned Philosopher

    This smells of sweet ozone and cologne to me at first. Not what I was expecting, but pleasant. Once it warms up on my skin, the fragrance deepens. I smell hints of vanilla and ambergris, though I'm not sure if that's in the perfume. It has a fresh, citrus, sweetness akin to white tea, but different, and though the cologne edge of the scent gives it a coolness, there is an underlying warmth, like shafts of sunlight on a chilly autumn day. It's a light scent, but it seems to be wearing well, as I've had it on for several hours. The ozone I smelled in the beginning isn't making this go soapy. It's very pleasant. Not something I'd wear enough to warrant a bottle, but I'll enjoy my imp. If you like white tea or airy wild flower scents, check this one out.