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    Top 20 - Indulgence, Depart Pour Le Sabbat, Satan Starting From the Touch of Ithuriel's Spear, Nasty Woman, Krampus Lace, Snake Skin, Die Begierde, Paduin Killer Swarms, Noctule Bat, The Dream, The Golden Room, Satyr, Voodoo, Blood Kiss, Kyoto, No. 93 Engine, Tezcatlipoca, Portrait of a Young Woman w/A UnicornOthers I Love- Licorice Bats, Prosperous Flowers of the Elegant 12 Seasons, The Caterpillar, The Bow & Crown of Conquest, Masquerade,Scherezade, Tezcatlipoca, Night Gaunt, Kabuki, Bathsheba, Elf, Kitsune Tsuki, Lady of Shallot, 3rd Charm, Witch Dance, Wan White Humming Hive, Aerowyn, Mithras, The Chapel, The Small Brown Cat. Torture Queen, ugh... the list goes on and on....I tend towards resin and incense smells, especially patchouli, nag champa, vetiver, dragon's blood, and copal. I like heavier, darker fragrances, especially when mixed w/florals or pseudo-gourmand notes, but I can really fall for a good white floral or bright citrus on occasion. Gardenia, honeysuckle, and moonflower are favorites. I like leather, red musk, dark vanillas, and rum. Oh, and black licorice/ anise. I luuurve it!Strait up gourmands and salty or oceanic aquatics just don't seem to be my thing. Cedar and lemon grass are no-no notes, and green musk clings and won't let go!

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    sci-fi, fantasy, horror, poetry - writing and reading, music of all sorts, singing, RPGing, drawing, painting, sculpting, cooking & baking, gardening (badly), animals, people, dreams, all things shiny and all things sniffable
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  1. VetchVesper


    Not sure what year this is. My guess - 2015. This is spicy, woody dead leaves on my skin, maybe a touch of ozone - giving it a cool and cologney vibe. There's also something I recognize from the Samhain fragrance. I'm thinking either the mullein or the "damp woods" note, since I'm not familiar with those. It starts to get a titch powdery on me as it wears. It's pleasant, and would smell nice on a man or a woman. It makes me think of snuggly sweaters, blue jeans, and leather boots crunching in dead leaves, so - October appropriate. It's not, however, something I need more than a decant of, but then, I'm not a huge fan of "dead leaves" scents in general. If you are, this is a classic.
  2. VetchVesper

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    I get the fruitiness too, which surprised me. I guess it is from the olive? But the beeswax just makes the whole thing glow for me.
  3. VetchVesper

    Vampire Seraglio Atmosphere Spray

    Deep red musk and spicy carnation stand out the most, though there is a backing of woody patch at the base of the fragrance. On linens, the sandalwood becomes more apparent, with its dry, dust quality. This smells plush, sumptuous, and textured, like deep velvet - red of course. I don't notice the urfa pepper specifically, but this does have a nose tingly quality. My brain just chalks that up to the carnation though. Really beautiful and a good bet for those who love red musk. An ATMO equivalent to CP's Crimson.
  4. VetchVesper

    The Crown Hair Gloss

    Frack. I don't even know. Woody spices. Cinnamon, I think - maybe. Something cool and vaguely cologney that I can't put my finger on; the metal, I guess. Gender neutral. Hard to pin down. Dry and perfumey and not really doing it for me. Interesting though.
  5. VetchVesper

    Honey Maple Hot Toddy Hair Gloss

    Boozy to high heck. On my skin, I do get a whiff of apple, but mostly it's maple/butterscotchy booze. I keep waffling on my bottle, cause it's a LOT, but I do really like it now and then. Very nice for the holiday season.
  6. VetchVesper

    Sensitive Folk Music Dragon Hair Gloss

    Unapologetically hippie head shop, and i'm totally ok with that.
  7. VetchVesper

    Vigorous Dragon Hug

    Sugary sweet vanilla coconut. Something about this reminds me a lot of Pa-Pow, though on close comparison, they're pretty different. I think it's the sugary-almond-marshmallow aspect that makes me think of jellybeans and toothache inducing confection. This smells like those floofy, candy-coated marshmallow eggs you get at Easter, and it makes me smile.
  8. VetchVesper

    Dragon Snack

    Earthy, dry patchouli. Comforting and verging on masculine. Something about it reminds me of Pognophobia, actually. It has sort of an animal warmth. Not much, if any sweetness.
  9. The chocolate is dry and dark, with the carnation adding a spice, and the sage giving this a dry herbal bite. It could almost be a masculine chocolate. I like it very much. I never get plum though, and myrrh is usually vague to my nose unless it has the starring role.
  10. VetchVesper

    Nerves and Sinew, Wood and Clay Hair Gloss

    Ya know... I definitely got the Big Red gum vibe on this one when I first got it, but something else seemed interesting enough to keep it around for a while, and now, two years later, there's a lot more complexity and a lot less in-your-face spice. They're tempered and sweet and there's a coolness to the blend from the elemi. I also get a subtle thread of sweet licorice. I'm not a big "spices" fan, but I'm glad I kept my decant of this one around. Check it out if you want a lightweight spice scent or want spices that won't make you smell like a Christmas candle.
  11. VetchVesper

    The White Window Hair Gloss

    Dusty lily of the valley. It's nostalgic smelling to me and reminds me of something from my childhood. It also manages to not go into soap territory, a problem I often have with lily of the valley. I don't think it's something I'd ever really wear though - too floral - so I'll swap my decant. It does have an elegant feel though. It makes me think of Victorian heroines in white night gowns and silvered ladies in daguerreotypes.
  12. VetchVesper

    Black Pumpkin Floss

    Technically this is from a prototype, but I was assured it was the same as the official version, so here we go. Boozy butterscotch/maple/rum in bottle, but dramatically shifts when it touches my skin to black licorice candy - like in Licorice Bats. 🤤 Yum yum…. Drat. ...Pumpkin spice is creeping in. I'm hoping it won't overpower the licorice. So far they are sharing the stage amiably. Mostly I'm aware of spice, but the licorice is definitely there if I bother to let my nose sort through the melange. Hmmm..... no. Overall impression is pumpkin spice. 😕 Surprisingly, the boozy note is no where to be found on my skin, except to add maybe a teensy smidge of sweetness in the drydown. If you are a pumpkin spice lover, and ALSO like licorice, this would probably be pretty good, but for me, it's too spice heavy. Glad I finally got to try it though. It's been on my wishlist for a long time. I shall pass it along to a more appreciative home.
  13. VetchVesper

    Pumpkin Queen

    This was a bottle bought off BPAL's Etsy recently. Someone mentioned "autumnal potpourri," and I get that. Spiced orange rind, cinnamon sticks, and black tea right off the bat -that's my impression without reading the notes. It's a nice, high quality version of these notes, but not what I want for personal wear. I'm hoping the amber, pumpkin and fig will come out more in the dry down to make this work more as a perfume for me. 15 It's not "pumpkin spice," which is good, b/c that note rarely works well for me. 15 mins later - The spices are beginning to calm down, and I'm starting to get more of the "buttery pumpkin" that others have noted. It's subtle though, which I like. The orange is more prominent on me, and the black tea has turned to a good chai. I'm still not sure if I'll wear this a ton, but it is pretty. I wish the amber was more prominent on me, b/c I think that would tip it over into fantastic. As it is, I'd love this in a linen spray. Will edit if this changes drastically over the next hours.
  14. VetchVesper

    Pumpkin Princess

    Odd in the imp, both salty and sweetly floral in a cacophony of notes. I look at the notes and realize the sweetness is coming from the guava note. It's light and very ripe smelling. On my skin, this goes right into tropical floral territory, which I don't get since I don't see any listed florals in the notes. 😕 If I'm getting any pumpkin, its the wet innards kind, not the pumpkin pie kind. The saltiness has died down, so that's good, and this is pretty, but it's not really doing anything special for me. I shall pass on the imp.
  15. VetchVesper

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    Hanerot Halelu - when the Yules come out. You might also look out for Eusapia if you are open to florals. Both fragrances have shown up in multiple Yule drops, so they shouldn't be too hard to come by. The Gambols of Ghosts was a 2016 Weenie that had a pale, luminescent, candle-wax scent. No vanilla. Also, the Witch's Kitchen. These two might be a bit more rare, but you never know, and they are both lovely. It seems like the "Evening With the Spirits" line tends to have a lot of candlewax/beeswax notes. They are included w/the Yule drop. Lastly - if you want something less wearable but more atmospheric - Dusty Accumulated Menorah Wax. It's a Yule single note.