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    Top 20 - Indulgence, Depart Pour Le Sabbat, Satan Starting From the Touch of Ithuriel's Spear, Nasty Woman, Krampus Lace, Snake Skin, Die Begierde, Paduin Killer Swarms, Noctule Bat, The Dream, The Golden Room, Satyr, Voodoo, Blood Kiss, Kyoto, No. 93 Engine, Tezcatlipoca, Portrait of a Young Woman w/A UnicornOthers I Love- Licorice Bats, Prosperous Flowers of the Elegant 12 Seasons, The Caterpillar, The Bow & Crown of Conquest, Masquerade,Scherezade, Tezcatlipoca, Night Gaunt, Kabuki, Bathsheba, Elf, Kitsune Tsuki, Lady of Shallot, 3rd Charm, Witch Dance, Wan White Humming Hive, Aerowyn, Mithras, The Chapel, The Small Brown Cat. Torture Queen, ugh... the list goes on and on....I tend towards resin and incense smells, especially patchouli, nag champa, vetiver, dragon's blood, and copal. I like heavier, darker fragrances, especially when mixed w/florals or pseudo-gourmand notes, but I can really fall for a good white floral or bright citrus on occasion. Gardenia, honeysuckle, and moonflower are favorites. I like leather, red musk, dark vanillas, and rum. Oh, and black licorice/ anise. I luuurve it!Strait up gourmands and salty or oceanic aquatics just don't seem to be my thing. Cedar and lemon grass are no-no notes, and green musk clings and won't let go!

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  1. VetchVesper


    Ew no. Yeah, all those other notes looked great, but the lemon verbena is front and center to my nose, and it's going swampy. Sort of an herbal, swampy, lemon thing going on. It almost smells like there's anise in here? A bit soapy -- yes, in a French-milled way vs. an aquatic way. After a bit, the lemon verbena does calm down, and this smells better, but it's still not my thing. MIld, clean, and herbal. Something's making it smell a bit creamy, perhaps the frank, but that just kind of adds to the feel of soap lather. Crescent Moon worked for me, so I'm going to blame the verbena and marigold. I know chrysanthemum smells almost green-aquatic to me, and it seems like I'm getting a similar effect here from the marigold. ETA - As a caveat, Lucchesa and I seem to have similar chemistry and tastes with perfume, so others might have a wildly different experience. If you like herbals and lemon verbena, this would probably be right up your alley.
  2. VetchVesper

    Hyakki Yagyō

    Ungh. Oh yeah. This is potent stuff, alright. Big blast of animalic musk and incense, right up front, and I am %100 ok with that because the dry down is gooooood. This actually reminds me of Callidora right away. It's got a similar funk that's almost p'oud, but not quite. It's a little acrid, but somehow, still enticing, though it needs to settle the heck down to be wearable. The only notes I see that overlap in Hyakki Yagyo and Callidora are the myrrh and maybe the musk notes, so now I'm wondering if Egyptian myrrh is bringing the funk. Either way, just like Callidora, the pungency of the animalic note is tamed on my skin, and this becomes a wonderful, powdery (but not baby-powdery) incense blend. The clove is an afterthought, burgeoning up from the depths of the fragrance to add just a touch of nose tingle to the back end. The champaca and coconut aren't recognizable to me as anything but a sweetness threading in and out of the heavier notes. This lasts for hours and hours, and is quite sexy. I shall be scrounging for a bottle of this. ETA. Thank you to the kind Lucchesa for the frimp.
  3. VetchVesper

    Mummeries and Straining-to-be-Memorable Passages

    In the imp - Astringent and herbal right up-front, with a hint of tart fruit from the blackberry. I'm liking the rosemary. The white musk becomes more prominent on my skin. It's not the kind that goes soapy on me, so that's a plus. There's still a good bit of herbaceousness going on, but the lavender has become more identifiable in the mix. The blackberry in this is a dry, tart note. It never smells jammy or fruity per se. I like this one, though I think my decant is enough. It makes me think of a musky, white tea blend, or a dry, gin cocktail. If you are a lavender or rosemary fan, I'd definitely put this one on your "to try list." Also, a unique and fitting summer fragrance. PS - I would LOVE a linen spray of this.
  4. VetchVesper

    Old-Fashioned Satanists

    Tea, something cologney, and something that's going a bit sour on my skin. Perhaps the "cashmere?" I know sometimes wool goes swampy with my chemistry. Ugh... Ok, that note's hard to get past. This seems like a lightweight men's cologne sort of fragrance to my nose. Probably pleasant without the swamp note, but not my cup of tea - so to speak. Perhaps I'd like the smell of New-Fangled Satanists better? After an hour, the ickiness does depart, and this becomes a pleasant blend of spicy tea and the cologne note. It seems more dapper than homey. Nice at this stage, but not worth wading through the swamp.
  5. VetchVesper

    Deserted Theater Atmosphere Spray

    Strange, but attractive. Wood, the smell of cosmetics, and dusty candle wax. If you like the smell of old buildings, this is perfumed mimicry of that nostalgia. It's not a particularly strong scent, but it lingers.
  6. VetchVesper


    This one smells cool and resinous to me at first, then the fir notes start to emerge, giving me the impression of a winter forest under starlight. I get the amber, the cool musk, the fir notes, and perhaps the balm melissa? There's a lemony edge and something tinging on minty in the blend. The olive blossom emerges later in the dry down. I don't get much cedar, a problematic note for me, or champaca. It's a pretty and unusual blend to be sure, a mix of serene forest and airy incense.
  7. VetchVesper

    An Aged Town of Curious Customs Atmosphere Spray

    I splurged on a few Etsy atmos, and my naughtiness has been rewarded. This is lovely. It's a murky mint that reminds me a little bit of Cathode. The other notes are not obvious, but they're there, lurking in the background to darken the fragrance and give it a subtle nuance of rotting, damp wood. Still, this manages to be comforting and dips no toes (or tentacles) into aquatic territory. This is a calm, mossy mint vs. sweet or bracing mint. It will be very nice for when I'm trying to write, especially when my subject matter turns Antediluvian.
  8. VetchVesper

    Dead Dreams of Days Forsaken

    Huh. The cumin note in this mixes with a smooth, woody patchouli and almost gives me a cedar effect -- except a cedar that actually works for my chemistry. It's sort of a raspy warm wood. The almond smells very cherryish. I'm not getting much frankincense or labdanum, but that's ok. Overall, this is pretty, but a lot lighter than I was expecting with all those rich notes... Lol. Ok. Wait. I just needed to give it a very good shake. Now I'm getting the rich earthiness everyone else mentioned, along with a bracing hit of cumin, which I am aaaall about. A good reminder that some of things bottles need a bit more than gentle rolling. Very nice fragrance and the cumin makes it distinctive from my other patchy blends. Yay!
  9. VetchVesper

    Mahogany Hall Atmosphere Spray

    Cool, spiced wood with a hint of vanilla. It reminds me of a cooler, lighter, less syrupy version of Antikytherian Mechanism. There's a hint of spice, I'm guessing from the cardamom, which is probably also lending to the overall cool vibes of what would otherwise be a bunch of warm notes. As it start to dry down, Mahogany Hall starts to smell mossier and a little powdery. The paneling and floorboards of this venerable establishment have known the damp caress of southern floods, and traces of mildew still cling to its old, dark heart. This is posh, decadent in all senses of the word, and vaguely masculine, but I will happily squirt it all over my female domicile. I'm glad they put it up on Etsy.
  10. VetchVesper

    Ezekiel 16:49

    I like smoky scents. I like red musk and all its cousins. That's said, I don't like Ezekiel 16:49. The strongest note I get is one I associate with a tobacco note I don't care for. (I like most tobacco notes.) Maybe it's actually an ash note? Anywho, this smells like Hearth and Snaky Hair'd Moirai, so if you like those, give this a whirl. The blood musk is there, ala Bloodlust, but it's behind the ill favored tobacco. Not for me.
  11. VetchVesper

    After the Winter

    This reminds me a tad bit of Shoggoth at first. It's bright, fresh, a bit floral, a bit citrusy, sort of chaotic, and very Spring. I think the shared coconut note is also adding to a similar vibe. I get more of a sugary lemon blossom than orange blossom from After the Winter, at least at first. I can smell the grass and the coconut, but for me, they are backup notes and this stays primarily a bright sugary floral. I wouldn't call it green or particularly coconutty. Maybe tropical. After a bit of dry down the "lemon blossom" gains a bit of a bite and smells more distinctly like neroli. Another one this reminds me a bit of is Snow Bear, from the Lilliths a few years ago. Though the notes are different, it's in the same scent family. It's pretty and well suited to those who like youthful, bright Spring florals. I'm not sure how much I would wear it though, so I'll probably pass my decant along. So far, this is the fragrance that has worked best for me in this release. ETA - Wanted to add, if you enjoyed Smug Yale, I think the base in this is similar. The florals take center stage though.
  12. VetchVesper

    In Splendoribus Sanctorum

    This is one of BPAL's ecclesiastical blends, like Jacob's Ladder or Ecclesiastiphobia. It's dry, powdery resins that smell a tad dingey to my nose, but if you like church incense blends, it's worth a try. When I first got this, I found the bergamot clashed unpleasantly with the resins. Aging's improved things, with the bergamot adding a touch of bitter green to the whole. Still not really digging it though.
  13. VetchVesper

    Frenum Bath Oil

    Sharp and crisp at first. The tea and cucumber is my first impression. Possibly the lettuce, but I'm not super familiar with the note. This smells like cucumber water tastes, fresh, watery, green, and not sweet. In the bathwater and on my skin later, the cherry blossom shows up, softening the astringent edges of the fragrance. This is cleanly feminine, calming, reminiscent of the spa. It's definitely cucumbery up front, but I mostly cherry blossom out of the bath.
  14. VetchVesper

    Mouse Circus

    Mouse Circus is primarily kettle corn on my skin. There's a hint of pink sugar, but it's easy to miss. After half an hour or so, the scent grows warmer, perhaps the wood, perhaps furry musk. It's just a touch of complexity to what is still, very much, kettle corn. It's a very cute scent. It lasts well on me. I can still smell it in the morning if I wore it the previous night. My bottle, I bought new in 2015, and I don't detect a noticeable difference in 2020, so it seems like it will at least keep that long if stored well. I never got much cotton candy though. It's always been sugary, salty popcorn with maybe a hint of vanilla.
  15. VetchVesper

    Velvet Pink Kitty

    Wanted to review this one since there were several very pink, very lovely, strawberry fragrances in this years Luper release. Rope Pulley and Party Tricks, I'm looking at you. I wanted to compare. I bought my bottle of VPK lab fresh of Etsy a couple years ago. Think pink. Strawberry cream candy pink. In this way, it's very much like Rope Pulley. I've had issues with strawberry smelling plasticy or "lip-smackery" on me, but this one, like RP and PT, works. The gin is what sells VPK for me, though. It elevates it above simple pink confection by adding a fizzy, tart contrast against the sugar, making it feel a little more grown up and perfect for summer. It's definitely a keeper. If you put liked this one, Rope Pulley is a less complex cousin, and Champagne and Maraschino Cherries has a similar contrast of sugary pink vs. tart fizz. Not dupes, but worth looking into.