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    Upa Upa, Wanda, Rose Red, Privilege, Seraphim, Yemaya, Elegba, Pulcinella and Teresina, Longing, Ragged Wood, Her Voice, Passionate Shepherd to His Love, Endymion, Holiday Moon, Orpheus, Voodoo Queen, Ghost Houses, Dandelion SN. Favorite TALs: White Light, Ouroboros I love: rose scents, spicy scents, fruity scents, aquatic scents. Champagne blends and grassy/dandelion notes usually work well also. I am wary of: vetiver, violet, patchouli, jasmine, lilac, and notes that powder out on me like cherry, almond, sandalwood, and myrrh (although sometimes the powdering can be nice...I'm strange like that!). No note is an absolute deal-breaker, although I'm not surprised when these notes wreak havoc with my chemistry.


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  1. savage_rose

    Three Witches

    It smells like Hell in the bottle (literally! To paraphrase Ralph Wiggum, "smells like burning"), but once it is on and has dried it's a lovely, sharp cinnamon. Warm and cozy and lovely.
  2. savage_rose

    Tis Thy Voice from the Kingdom of Souls

    It smells very light and pretty. Very incense-y, more so than rose on me (which is unusual since I amp rose). Smoky rose incense.
  3. savage_rose

    Thirteen (13): November 2015

    This smells a bit like minty cocoa, a bit like a chocolate orange. And then later it smells like Gelt. Such a fun, fun scent. Definitely my favorite 13. I'm glad I took a chance!
  4. savage_rose


    Fresh, warm, resinous. And there's something a bit tangy in there. Wet, it smells okay, but dry it's just very clean, warm, and just a little sweet. It IS a comfort scent.
  5. savage_rose

    Dr. Alan McMichael

    Alan doesn't smell at all like Snow White to me. He's very clean and light though, and unassumingly masculine. A little woodsy, a little leathery, not overpowering at all. Layered with Edith, WOW. The woodsiness bolsters her sweet lightness, and it's just a fantastic, complex layering that is sweet and strong with a light throw. Beautiful and glowing. I wouldn't keep Alan based on his scent alone although I like it, but his combination with Edith is worth hanging onto.
  6. savage_rose

    The Magician

    What an awesome scent! It starts out with a sexy, masculine, "Streets of Detroit" cologne vibe, and then after drying, morphs into this clean, sexy, masculine after shave-type scent. I love it on me, but I'll bet it would be equally as lovely on a man .
  7. savage_rose

    Basil Hallward's Studio

    A light, idealistic floral scent that smells clean with a hint of green. I get why some called it soapy, but it just smells clean and sweet to me. I love this!
  8. savage_rose

    The Velvets

    Very light, pretty scent. It smells like a light floral layered with Snake Oil, smudged with incense. Not much throw, but really nice.
  9. savage_rose

    All That I Possess

    This scent smells ancient, fierce, watchful. Like something dry, powdered resins, and a wisp of fougere. It smelled kind of woody and weird in the bottle, but on it's oddly lovely.
  10. savage_rose

    Ariadne Brunnell

    Poppy flowers, peat, sphagnum moss, gardenia, and white water lily. There's something unnerving about this floral...it morphs constantly. One sniff it's sweet and pretty, the next second it's somber and crisp. It's okay, it's interesting, but not entirely me.
  11. savage_rose

    The Waltz

    I love, love, love this...champagne and roses and warm vanilla. This is just a golden rose scent, warm and inviting. Mmmm!
  12. savage_rose

    The First Time I Saw A Ghost

    This smells a bit champagne-y--not as much as the prototype, but it has that same effervescent sweetness. But in this blend, it's much more subdued. It smells like a bit like an English garden, and rain, and a bit of sweet sadness muted by the resiliency of childhood. I love it!
  13. savage_rose


    Wet, it smells like the perfect sleeping blend to me, smooth florals and sweet lavender, and it's just perfect. On, the gardenia goes a little crazy and takes the forefront. Sigh. Beautiful, but a different kind of scent than it is wet.
  14. savage_rose

    The Enterprise of the Night

    Sweet, slight floral perfume with a bit of an edge to it. Not a lot of throw, but when you put your nose to it, it's unexpectedly strong.
  15. savage_rose


    Wintry mint and eucalyptus and a sexy-smelling light cologne that reminds me of Bed of Nails/Torture Queen. Really lovely!