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    Deathrock, Blue Wig Spray,Strawberry Moon 2009, Kamisuki HG, Smut HG, Hag Grey HG, Dusky Shroud, Zombie Moon atmos.I mainly use hair glosses (both in hair and as a body smear)Anything with red musk I adore!

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  1. degaussingcrown

    The White Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    Sandalwood and vanilla orchid upfront with chamomile lingering in the background. Can't really smell any lily of the valley but it may be hiding as just a general "floral note" to me. After it's been lingering in the air a bit the polished oak comes out and it really keeps it from becoming overwhelmingly floral. My new go-to!
  2. degaussingcrown

    Googly Eye Christmas Tree

    I wanted to love this so badly. Once on my skin it turns into a cinnamon-plasticky mess; I'm attributing the plasticky smell to the tinsel but could be putting blame in the wrong place. Contemplating putting this in my wax warmer to see if I'd like that.
  3. degaussingcrown

    Dens of Sin Hair Gloss

    This. Is. GORGEOUS!! The sweetness of the tobacco and bourbon come out amazingly with the unisex undertones of the oak wood. I wear this a few times a week, at least and is quickly becoming my new all-time favourite.
  4. degaussingcrown

    The Mournful Influence of the Unperceived Shadow

    I am not a fan of patchouli in ANYTHING... but this is the exception. The sweetness of the labdanum and the dark musk are definitely in the forefront, with patchouli leading up the back. Lasts a good 6 hours on me but turns into a close-to-the-skin scent. I'm contemplating a back up bottle
  5. degaussingcrown

    Take a Knee

    This. Is. AMAZING. It is classic apple pie with a bit of spice and a "clean" edge- reminds me a bit of Egg Hunt Grass Stain. This would be a perfect fall/early winter scent. I want to eat my arm so bad *tries to resist*
  6. degaussingcrown

    Apple Marshmallow Hair Gloss

    Vanilla marshmallowy goodness hits you wave after wave with a hint of crisp apple <3 If you love Boo HG, you'll love this!
  7. degaussingcrown

    Oil and Pitch

    this is like no other BPAL I've tried before, and I LOVE IT. It's a slightly sweet tar but with a bit of an engine grease undertone (maybe it'll go away with aging but I honestly like it). I'm regretting not getting a full bottle...
  8. degaussingcrown

    My Little Themysciran Princess

    *I'm always a bit weary on both amber and coconut, but because I'm on a quest to find the 'perfect leather', here we are* The leather note is very soft in this and doesn't overpower the other notes at all. The sweetness of the coconut milk and olive leaves next to the warmth of the amber and leather intrigued me and they surprisingly work... really fucking well together. I don't find the coconut milk to be overly sweet, but I'm a major foodie fan- the leather and amber calm it down so it's not sun-tan lotion. It stays close to the skin but I was wearing this with a jacket, and it warmed up the scent a bit and I was getting some throw then. Maybe this would be a good colder weather scent? *fingers crossed*
  9. degaussingcrown

    Bone Orchard Atmosphere Spray

    Back in prison, Low Key Lyesmith had once referred to the little prison cemetery out behind the infirmary as the Bone Orchard, and the image had taken root in Shadow’s mind. That night he had dreamed of an orchard under the moonlight, of skeletal white trees, their branches ending in bony hands, their roots going deep down into the graves. There was fruit that grew upon the trees in the bone orchard, in his dream, and there was something very disturbing about the fruit in the dream, but on waking he could no longer remember what strange fruit grew on the trees, nor why he found it so repellent. Clacking white sandalwood bones, grave soil, and the bruise-purple fruits of death and decay. Gah! First yet again! I've been getting more and more into sandalwood lately, so when I saw this I jumped at it. I haven't had a lot of experience with graveyard dirt/grave soil just because if spooks me a bit (pretty sure that's the intention) so forgive me. When I sniffed right out of the mail, this was mostly the fruits/florals and sandalwood. Very pretty! Dry sandalwood as the description implies, so don't be too worried of the mixture turning foodie. I haven't sprayed this around yet but I did a bit of a skin test and the florals/fruits seem to REALLY come out then and leave sandalwood behind. With just sitting on my shelf for a few weeks, the sandalwood has really become a bit more dark (perhaps mixing with the grave soil?) so I'm excited to see how this ages.
  10. degaussingcrown

    Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel

    Smells how a raspberry lemon/lime spritzer tastes. I'm new to metallics but effervescents I've played with a bit. Nothing screams metallicy to me at least, so this seems like a nice way to ease into them.
  11. degaussingcrown

    Milk Chocolate, Cacao Cream, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Coffee Absolute

    I take risks on anything that has a coffee note, so naturally I was going to pick this one up. Cocoa/chocolate notes almost always turn to plastic on me so it was interesting to see how this went. I get mostly cinnamon and milk chocolate as I'm applying, but I do get a whiff of the coffee absolute. As it's drying more and more of the cacao cream comes out and I see less of the coffee absolute *sadface*. It ends up as a chocolate-cinnamon-cream skin musk on me, which I don't totally hate. The chocolate notes don't turn to plastic on me, which is a plus! I can see keeping my decant around, but can't see myself reaching for this too often.
  12. degaussingcrown

    Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden

    When just sniffing the bottle, it's mostly oudh and honey. Almost a bit minty but I think that's just the herbalness in general. Once actually on my skin the burbon appears and adds a bit of 'spiciness' in a way to the oudh. Has a drier vanilla note that reminds me a bit of the one in Reapers Gonna Reap. Not a ton of throw on me, but doesn't stay close to the skin either. Definitely bottle worthy!
  13. degaussingcrown

    Young Man with Long Hair Hair Gloss

    When just smelling the bottle, I mostly get the black coconut and vanilla with a smooth nutty undertone. The chestnut doesn't scream at you, but it definitely sets this HG apart from the rest and deepens it a bit. Seems pretty unisex but probably more 'masculine leaning'. Right after application (wet hair) this smelled very warm/cozy and how I wish every person in my life smelled. I've now learned that coconut turns to powder on me so I'm super bummed about this. If only it stayed true!
  14. degaussingcrown

    Pleasures of the Imagination I

    Definitely a strong, black leather backed with amber and myrrh. The myrrh goes a bit powdery on me but I don't think I mind that. VERY strong throw so you really only need a tiny bit to last all day. Not sure if I need a full bottle, but for sure will be keeping my decant.
  15. degaussingcrown

    Sanju Rokkasen Atmosphere Spray

    White incense and black currant with mandarin, verbena, and green tea. Gah! I've never been the first to review a scent but hopefully I do it justice. I'm almost always a fan of the Post's white or pale incense notes so of course I had to try this. I'm a bit picky with tea notes and I'm not entirely sure what black currant is I don't think, but I'm *so* glad I picked some of this up. To me, this is mostly mandarin/verbena with white incense. There's a bit of green tea in the background if you look for it, but it's not loud and proud. It could be balancing out the citrusiness which I appreciate. This is a very spring 'til summer scent which will be used a lot at my house! Very bright, cheery, and all around just kind of light. Maybe someone else would be able to pick out the black currant, but since I have no experience with it I can't.