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  1. Lots of great suggestions! I've made a list. Thanks everyone, and keep them coming if you think of any more.
  2. My husband has told me he wants "to smell like trees, or a forest." He likes Jabberwocky. Other suggestions for him to try?
  3. llamadolly

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I use wooden toothpicks but I'm planning to switch to plastic as soon as I remember to pick some up at the store. I feel like the wood absorbs oil and is a waste.
  4. llamadolly

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    Figured I'd hop on this costume thread instead of starting a new one. It's nowhere near Halloween, but my husband and I are kind of Renaissance Faire geeks, and also end up with many other events over the course of a year that require costumes. I'm new to BPAL and we need scents to match our costumes! Complementary scents for the two of us would be fun. =) 1. Our typical ren faire outfits: nobility, lots of embroidery and gold buckles, blue-green fabric. I thought maybe Bess, but my dress is a little more Italian renaissance than English, so possibly Catherine? No idea for my husband. 2. Celtic faire outfits: Scottish, not Irish. Still working on his, because I want him to wear a kilt and he's unconvinced. =) Mine's pretty typical merchant-class renaissance, green and black, with a green tartan arisaidh (the woman's version of a kilt, a combination shawl and overskirt), and a stag brooch (my family's crest). Obviously Glasgow's an option, but any other thoughts? 3. Potential SCA costumes: Byzantine nobility, embroidered silk and pretty jewels. I'm imagining incense, honey, something rich and sweet. Maybe Eden? 4. Pirate costumes - he's a pirate, I'm a siren (my costume inspired by a musical group I love, Sirena: www.wearesirena.com/) 5. He's got a plague doctor costume - traditionally the plague doctors stuffed their "beaks" full of strong-smelling spices and herbs to ward off the plague. Ideas? Suggestions?