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  1. ForeverLastcXs

    Coin Trick

    Coin Trick smells like...shampoo? Not in a bad way, but as I was testing this and trying to pin the scent down, all I could say to my boyfriend is "it smells commercial...but not in a bad way!" A few seconds later I realized that it smells like shampoo. Again, not in a bad way! But that's totally what this reminds me of. Something bright and fresh, easily accessible, and very unisex to my nose. I like it a lot just because it's so different to anything else I have, but I don't know know yet if I'll seek out more than the decant I have.
  2. ForeverLastcXs

    Le Rideau Cramoisi

    This is one of my favorites from this year's Lupers. To my nose, it's soft, smooth, honeyed nag champa with a subtle, barely there kiss of leather, which is how leather should be, at least IMHO. It's just a lovely scent all around. A little head-shoppy, yeah--okay, maybe more than a little--but that's how I like it.
  3. ForeverLastcXs

    The Fainting Couch Atmosphere Spray

    Oh! There IS a review thread for this! Took me long enough to find it! I got a goblin squirt of this a while back. The only thing that I can say about it is that it's all sweet pea and violet to my nose! I can smell the rose other people are getting as well, but it's not too strong or overpowering. Very pretty!
  4. ForeverLastcXs

    The scent of a sexy vampire...

    It's a little hard to get a hold of, but my vote would be for Ecstasy of Passion! The notes are "bourbon vanilla, red musk, galbanum, ambergris, sweet clove, petitgrain, and golden amber," and it always makes me think of goth clubs, vampires, and all things spooky and macabre. It's usually my oil of choice when I'm going out on the town in my black vinyl, velvet or lace.
  5. ForeverLastcXs

    St. Lucia v8

    This is a basket full of gingerbread, clove and cinnamon goodness, with a touch of something creamy in there too, perhaps vanilla. I love this! And now that it's been swapped to me I will be keeping it forever and ever.
  6. ForeverLastcXs

    White Rose

    I rarely ever go for rose blends because they often go horribly wrong on me, but I'm really glad I sprang for the Unity set. White Rose is not offensive on me at all - in fact, it's smooth, creamy, feminine, delicate and pretty. I love it! I never thought I'd say that about a rose blend! I think what really makes the difference here are the supporting notes, especially the coconut. They all keep the rose from beating me over the head and going all old-lady-musty. I'm so glad this worked on me, because it's an amazing scent.
  7. ForeverLastcXs

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    Well, I was expecting to love Strawberry Moon 09 just as much as everyone else, but sadly things didn't work out that way. It's definitely an awesome scent, but it is not as candy-ish strawberry as I was hoping. It's actually smells more like a strawberry patch with light florals and leafy greens. I'm not the biggest fan of herbal, "green" scents, so I've already swapped this one away. My boyfriend doesn't like it much on me and I don't think I'd wear it much besides, even though I can appreciate the artistry that went into this scent and its lovely complexity.
  8. ForeverLastcXs

    Bat of Good Death

    I couldn't say it any better than the first two reviewers! This is, oddly, a comforting, relaxing sort of blend despite its resinous properties. Perhaps it's the coconut? Whatever it is, all the notes here are in perfect harmony. I don't think this scent warrants a bottle purchase, but I will still hold onto my decant and enjoy!
  9. ForeverLastcXs

    Bat of Longevity

    In the decant: Wow! Strong lavender. Very herbal. On my skin: I can smell the peach coming out, which tempers the lavender and other herbs nicely. Not getting any amber yet or else I just can't pick it out. Overall, sniffing it straight from the decant is a bit off-putting, but on the skin it morphs into something rather lovely and delicate. It's becoming all sweet peach and soft lavender. Each time I sniff it I like it more and more, which isn't something I would have expected from reading the scent description alone! Even though I love peach and amber, I would have expected the herbal notes to overwhelm the blend entirely. It doesn't seem to be the case right now, however. I'm not sure this is something I want to have a bottle of, but I will definitely be keeping my decant, I think! A few more generous tests will help me decide whether or not a bottle is needed.
  10. ForeverLastcXs

    White Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Coconut

    To me, this smells EXACTLY like the Irish coffee I make. Definitely chocolate in there, but where are the marshmallow and coconut? I'm not getting them, just coffee, chocolate and Irish cream. It smells nice but I'm NOT sure I want to walk around reeking like liquor. I'll try it a few more times before reaching a definite verdict.
  11. ForeverLastcXs

    Pumpkin IV (2008)

    This is amazing. It smells like what I hoped The Illustrated Woman would be, with the addition of a sneaky little pumpkin in there.
  12. ForeverLastcXs

    Graveyard Dirt

    ... This is the scent of pure graveyard dust, spattered with grave loam and dusted lightly with tombstone moss. Yes, this is definitely very spot-on. Smells EXACTLY like moist dirt. Unfortunately, that's not something I want to smell like. BLECH. Get it off! So no, definitely not for me, but, once again, I'm stunned by Beth's blending abilities.
  13. ForeverLastcXs

    Huesos De Santo

    This is SO GOOD. When I put this on, the first thing I was reminded of was Zarita, the Doll Girl (another scent I love), except this is like her sweeter, less sociopathic sister, without all of that strong, potent in-your-face sugar. Definitely smells like a freshly-baked, VERY edible white cake with thick, orange, buttercream frosting.
  14. ForeverLastcXs

    Mead Moon

    Two words: BABY POWDER. My heart is broken.
  15. ForeverLastcXs

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    In the Schwarzer Mond review thread, someone mentioned that it smells like what Angel would wear. I have to agree.