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    BPAL: Lucy's Kiss, Cairo, Eat Me, Crumpet Rebellion, Luperci '07, the Lady of Shalott, Leanan Sidhe, Rose Red '04, Snow-Flakes '06, Pink Moon '07, Hope, Oberon, Dance of Death, Priala the Human Phoenix, Szepasszony, Antique Lace, Tombstone, Selkie, Allison Gross, Death Cap, the Unheavenly City, Sugar Skull, The Gibbous Moon, Pirate Moon, Capricorn, Te Po, Wilde, Theodosius the Legerdemain, Jolly Roger, Dorian, Moon of Ice, Mechanical Phoenix, Shroud non-BPAL: Ginger and Cocktail by Lush, Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf, Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, Very Irrésistible by Givenchy, L'Eau Ambrée by Prada. Likes: incense, cinnamon, patchouli, carnation, rose, jasmine, neroli, honey, tonka bean, all musks (esp. white musk), Dragon's blood, tea, all ambers, cassia, lilac, lily, orchid, myrrh, sandalwood, plum, smoke, peppers, cherry, creamy coconut, cedar, magnolia, exotic fruits, leather, sugar, moonflower, vanilla (only in certain blends), pomegranate, monoï de tahiti, gardenia, vetiver, pine, tobacco. Dislikes: peach, pear, apple, melon (but: white peach, fresh pear and red apple are ok), skin musk and honey in the same blend, chocolate, mint, coffee, lotus, sake


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  1. 500ml


    Samhain 2011 half imp: I'm a die-hard Samhain fan, but my one and only bottle dates from 2007. So after seeing Samhain go back up with the Halloweenies I decided to try out an imp of it to see how different it was. Whereas 2007 was all apples and sugar on me (gorgeous, it's the only apple scent my skin can take), the 2011 version is much smokier. I feel it's a much more layered version, slightly more grown up. The 2007 will always remain my favourite (to the point I started adding it to unscented body lotion), but I'm certainly not disappointed with the 2011 version except for the fact that it doesn't seem to have quite the same lasting power as my 2007 bottle has.
  2. 500ml

    Mort de Cesar

    I skipped this back in 2008, apparently like so many did. The mention of the bitter clove turned me away and heck, I had enough other scents to order. A while ago I got a sniffie and I was sold. The cinnamon is gorgeous, never overpowering, but smells incredible. Slightly sweet and musky, this reminded me of a body lotion I bought several years ago and I loved that scent as well. I tracked down a bottle and it arrived today, my new scented love <3
  3. 500ml

    The Buggre Alle This Bible

    Absolutely gorgeous! On me this is almost all tobacco, a smooth almost creamy tobacco with a dusty parchment edge to it. So incredibly rich and yet it isn't too overpowering. What a truly stunning blend.
  4. 500ml

    MVJBA: Spring Training 2008

    Ultra buttery in the vial (totally what I was expecting) which then turns into a slightly nutty caramel on my skin. I feel the nuttiness keeps the sweetness down and turns the blend slightly savoury which is of course okay with me I'm picky with my foody scents, my one favourite is Eat Me and I don't usually like all that much in the foody category, but this isn't bad at all! Will definitely be keeping the decant.
  5. 500ml

    April Fool

    Ah well, this is just beautiful! I'm often a tad wary of tangerine as it can easily turn on me (Golden Wave is a good recent example), but the huckleberry and white rose really made me curious so I got a decant of it. I'm really glad I did try April Fool as it's so sweet and fresh on me with a fruity edge. All the notes work well together and they help to create a youthful happy blend.
  6. 500ml

    Punkie Night

    Punkie Night made me sneeze, no blend has ever made me sneeze before! Sweetened green apple with a slight boozyness. It reminds me very slightly of Samhain (which I love), but apple usually doesn't do much for me and in this blend it even fades rather quickly. It is a fresh and very true apple though, not fake smelling at all.
  7. 500ml


    Disappointing to say the least, I had quite high hopes for Tupapau, but in the end it just doesn't work for me and I'm not sure why. Wet it's a bit too bitter and dry. Dry I also get faint tropical fruits which I generally don't mind at all, but by then it just smells a bit too sickly.
  8. 500ml

    Heavenly Love & Earthly Love

    Instant favourite. The incense is so lovely and I can detect something slightly sweet yet still a bit bitter which is such a lovely combination on my skin. It is quite a light blend, but I feel that only helps make it more beautiful. I only have half a decant so I'd definitely love some more!
  9. 500ml

    Te Po

    This is amazing! I truly didn't think I'd like Te Po this much, but I do! Fizzy with an amazing mix of different notes. Sweet, a bit fruity, a bit spicy = wonderfulness. It reminds me (and my bf!) very strongly of a car refresher we once bought and loved (we don't own a car but we liked the scent so much that we ended up buying it anyway, plus it featured a very cute cartoon deer) so I'm happy!
  10. 500ml


    Smokey and bitter with a very strong alcoholic undernote. Sometimes smoke works on me, usually it simply doesn't. This reminds me of Death of Autumn which I really tried to love, but it was just too bitter. Moai at least mellows out a bit (and that nasty alcoholic note disappears quite rapidly) which makes it a bit better and it is an interesting blend, but it's not something I'd actually enjoy wearing.
  11. 500ml


    Midway Original Boy, this is ever so light. I mostly get powdered sugar with doughnuts underneath. A bit of cotton candy, but that's it for me. It's not bad at all and it's foody without being sickening, but it just doesn't do much for me I'm afraid!
  12. 500ml

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X

    Honey and hay. I'm not kidding, that's what this smelled like wet. Then it got a bit brighter, some wood snuck in, the hay dissipated and the honey stayed throughout. It reminded me a bit of Cairo (a less strong version of it) and I think it's really quite yummy, but I don't have a clue why I'm getting honey so strong. I will try this one out again next week and see how it fares then.
  13. 500ml


    This smells like... nail polish on me I really wasn't expecting that to happen, it really does not smell good. I can smell other notes underneath that seem like they could be nice, but the nail polish is just so strong that it blocks out everything else. So weird :/ I've never had such an odd reaction to a blend before, I'm really not sure which of the notes is causing this.
  14. 500ml

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal

    Oh my, that's buttery. Butter and fruit, not exactly my most favourite combination around. After a while something spicy comes out (the pink pepper I suppose) and it helps make the scent a bit better, but only so I can think that I'm happier with Gluttony. I'm guessing the butter note is coming from the clotted cream, but it's sadly not the kind of cream that I like. A bit too sweet methinks. Now after 2 hours the blend has completely calmed down and I'm left with slightly creamy fruits with a sweet note. It's not bad, but the wet stage really puts me off so I'll be passing on this.
  15. 500ml


    This is beautiful! Fresh citrus and herbally cologne, this would be great on any man, but isn't overwhelmingly masculine either so can easily be worn by a woman. I truly wasn't expecting to like this so much, to me it's such a timeless scent. Not all masculine scents work on me although I always gravitate immediately towards them so I'm well pleased this behaves so well on me especially as it contains one note which usually is a big no-no on me - lavender. Thankfully it plays along nicely with all the other notes and it's the kind of blend in which it just had to be included methinks. Lovely! ETA: it also stays around for a long time and turns a bit woody after a few hours. Very lovely indeed