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  1. Hello! Is your "Ushi" imp still for sale? Thank you!

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    2. Alarm


      Would you check, please? I appreciate it so much! Thank you for replying!!!! 🥰

    3. megank4


      Hi, sorry for taking so long. No, I did not find it, sorry

    4. Alarm


      Thank you for checking!

  2. megank4

    Crêpe Aux Fraises

    Okay, although none of the notes indicate "crepes" (flour, milk, egg) I was hoping for a little more "crepes" instead of just "fraise". Still, very nice strawberry scent.
  3. Hi! Sorry that this is a lil weird, posting here; it won't let me send you a PM! So lemme try this way~
    I was wondering whether you'd either be interested in a swap (after all I do have half a decant of Plastic pink flamingo, and can offer anything else from my list at  https://www.bpal.org/topic/89138-✫・。~-calis-cabinet-of-wonders-red-lantern-mary-celeste-v4-deux-61/ ) 


    I'd be interested in your following imps/decants;




    Before the Snowy Window

    Velvet Clown


    Anyway let me know if anything interests you; if not, let me know, I'd still be interested! Have a good day! :rofl:

  4. megank4

    Honey Snowballs

    A splort. I love it. To me, it is Pink Snowballs + Honey. I wish the honey were a bit stronger, but it is very nice.
  5. megank4

    Dalliances by Candlelight

    This smells very nice. A bit of an inky scent, reminds me of a Shunga from many years ago, Calligraphy Practice? I'll have to look through the scent descriptions. ETA: Yes, it reminds me of Calligraphy Practice, though I wasn't able to compare them. Strongly reminds me of Lights of Mens' Lives.
  6. megank4

    The Urchins

    Surprise like. I really just got the decant to complete my collection. I don't think I'll get a bottle, but it's not bad. Slight lavender? and metal?
  7. megank4

    Cardamom Cream Pumpkin Cake

    This smells like something? I know that is utterly unhelpful, but I can't put my finger on it. I have searched other blends with cardamom notes to see if something strikes a bell, but nothing comes to mind. Maybe something like the lavender-cheescake beaver moon? At any rate, it smells very nice, soothing.
  8. megank4

    Snake Skin

    I really want to love this but it turns out to be very fresh snake oïl and a hint of cherry. I think it needs to be put in a drawer and forgotten for about five years at least, then rediscovered. I think it has potential.
  9. megank4

    Lavender Pumpkin Floss

    nice. Definitely the lavender from Beaver Moon lavender cheesecake. Not getting much pumpkin though. Aren't pumpkin and lavender supposed to be the most desired scents by a man or something like that?
  10. megank4

    Entertaining the Heian Court Maiden

    Really nice. Reminds me of something, can't think what, going to drive me crazy. WombFury? Anyway, starts as a dark smoky honey and dries down to something a bit more like honey powder.
  11. megank4

    Pumpkin Lace

    When I first received this, about a year ago, there was a much stronger pumpkin scent to me. Now, it is mainly Tobacco, vanilla, and a little bit of pumpkin. Nice, fits in with the other Laces.
  12. megank4


    This is not a sophisticated scent. It is not for business meetings (unless you work for Yankee Candle). It is pretty much only for those days when you wake up and think "i want to smell like lightly spiced pumpkin candies today!" And let's face it, we all have thise days. True to the note list, doesn't morph, be careful in not doosing yourself or fellow elevator-mates will have a long ride.
  13. megank4

    The Candy Butcher (2015)

    Definitely bitter. Sometimes veering towards "mold" for some reason. Not getting too much cream.
  14. megank4

    Queen Alice

    Mmm, this is a thick, spicy wine scent on me. Maybe a bit of carnation, but no posies or amber. I think this falls though on my list of "Wouldn't buy a bottle but if someone gave me a bottle I wouldn't swap it away." (same for imps)
  15. megank4

    Pumpkin V (2014)

    This is intriguing. A musty (in a good way) unusual scent that makes one think of a field with dirt and pumpkin and other things growing. ETA: I like this but it seems to fall in the category of scents that has other people asking 'what's that smell?' Not necessarily in a bad way, but just not associated with perfume and something that one would be wearing.