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    artisan jewelry, books, chocolate, comic books, crafts, irony, jewelry making, paper, photography, roleplaying games, rpg, rpg's, shiny things, silly things, toy cameras
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    In random order: Glitter, Enraged Bunny Musk, Red Lantern, Nuclear Winter, Sugar Cookie, Absinthe, TKO, Bliss, F5, Whip, LunaFavorite notes: Fruity, Foody, Acquatic, Ginger, Mint, Coconut, Liquorice, Anise, Cardamom


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  1. Nuclear Winter? On my skin it is a soft mint that soon morphs into a sweet acquatic.
  2. enui

    The White Rider

    On my skin this smells like a cross between Morocco and Enraged Bunny Musk (that smell very similar with my skin chemistry). If I sniff my wrist closely, I detect an undertone of resinous leather, but it remains close to the skin
  3. enui

    Nanny Ashtoreth

    Wood and leather, definitely a men's cologne scent, but a very good one, nicely balanced. However on my skin it has very little throw; I applied liberally on my wrist, and I have to stick my nose to it in order to smell anything I need to try this on the BF
  4. enui


    On my skin it's banana candy with strong sweet (almost to the point of chemical fake) floral notes. Interesting, but not something I'm going to wear.
  5. enui

    White Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Coconut

    Wet on the skin is lovely, to me it smells the way Bounty chocolate bar tastes. A comforting sweet foody scent, but not overwhelmingly sweet. However after about half an hour it becomes sort of plastic/burnt butter sour, the way most "creamy" scents react on my skin
  6. enui

    Giant Vulva

    In the vial it's a pleasant light sweet floral with a citrus overtone. Unfortunately on my skin it soon turns into a cloying sweet sticky sugary mess, kind of plastic with fake vanilla layered with cheap knockoff designer perfume. Sometimes I hate my skin chemistry.
  7. Oh, skin chemistry, you are a harsh mistress. On my skin this starts as very nice foody scent, like a creamy syrup pancake with a hint of coffee. Reminds me a bit of Miskatonic University, but stronger. Then suddenly something herbal/floral appears out of nowhere and start fighting with the foody part, and it's not nice. After a while the fight settles down, and it becomes interesting, an unusual but not unpleasant mix of foody sweet and light floral with a herbal side. And then, on the drydown, the patchouli comes out and goes straith to my throat. To me it's the same kind Monster Bait: Ventriloquist Dummy, that unfortunately my skin chemistry turns into something harsh and nasty, that causes me headache and an unpleasant feeling in my throat. After less than one hour I had to go and wash the wrist where I had it applied because it was making me feel bad
  8. enui

    Love's Torments

    Wet on skin this is very nice, a delightful balance between the sandalwood and the vetiver, with a hint that is almost nutty. I'm sure the neroli plays a role in this but I cannot detect it, and in my case it's a good thing, as we usually don't get along very well. Unfortunately as it dries on my skin I can smell only the vetiver. A very nice, earthy and rounded vetiver, not harsh at all, but not much else.
  9. enui


    once applied, the first whiff is Snake oil O_o the second whiff is cologne, then it settles down a bit and a nice, complex slightly musky masculine scent emerges, it becomes hard to pick specific notes but it's really, really nice. towards the end the patchouli becomes dominant and it becomes a bit to dry for me, but I need to test it on the boy, absolutely *grin*
  10. TAL Euphony worked very well in my office.
  11. enui


    The essence of faith, love and devotion: lilac, lemon, green tea, wisteria, osmanthus, white cedar, and Chinese musk. Starts as delicate white floral but then something else emerges that makes me think of lemon verbena, even if it's not listed as a note (probably the combination of lemon and something else). During the drydown it's interesting, because the throw is sort of layered: I applied it to my wrists, and I could sniff a delicate floral/herbal, but if I sniffed my wrists closely the lemon verbena impersonator note was there. Once dry it becomes a very dry powdery smell, with something harsh that makes me sneeze It's an interesting scent, but does not work for me
  12. enui


    This one is a real morpher on me. It starts very woody, almost harsh medicinal, but after a few minutes it starts mellowing and it turns sweet but not overly, very pleasant. Not something I would wear everyday, but I'm definitely keeping my imp.
  13. enui

    Traveling with BPAL

    I did the same for Milan - Frankfurt and back, twice, with no problem at all
  14. enui

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Jenesis: wow O_O Castrensis: I believe sofiaviolet's having domain problems : http://sofiaviolet.livejournal.com/270608.html
  15. enui


    in the vial: fruity sugary berries wet on skin, the sugared part amps a lot, it becomes too sweet, almost chemical, a bit rancid (same things happens with Bon Vivant ) It stays this way for a long, then the sugar mellows out a bit and the berries come out again. It has a good throw and staying power. I like it in the end phase but the intermediate lasts too long :/