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    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge
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    kathmandu, blood moon, white rabbit, blood countess, chimera, drink me, torture king, geek, beaver moon, the black tower, horreur sympathique, cockaigne, luperci... anything earthy or spicy, and apparently some foody stuff, too. :) I'm voraciously experimenting! Rose and aquatic notes hate me. Spice, earth, and lotus love me.

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  1. shadesong


    In bottle: Weirdly... *foody*. On me: Goes from foody to straight black pepper to benzoin... morphs like crazy. Cacophony indeed!
  2. shadesong

    The Rat King

    In bottle: Dirty musk! On me: Dusty dirt musk. Aaaand it goes straight to dime-store cologne. o.O
  3. shadesong

    Bearded Lady

    In bottle: Lots of battling florals, but the amber grounds them and vanilla sweetens them. On me: Huh. This is actually a nice subtle floral. I'm not sure that's holding all of these flowers in check, but I'm grateful for it.
  4. shadesong


    In bottle: Pine and earth. On me: Ooooh. More earth than pine, and something incensey and musky. Dark. Something sharp and green in that earth.
  5. shadesong

    All Souls

    Reviewing 2007: In bottle: Sweet, with the incense below. On me: Huh. I actually smell the currant-cakes in this, whereas last year's was 100% incense on me.
  6. shadesong

    White Moon

    In bottle: Woody floral. On me: Woody floral... will it stay? No. Floral Death.
  7. shadesong

    Chaste Moon 2005

    In bottle: Sweet, light, clear. On me: I can't pick out individual notes, but yeah - sweet, creamy,light, clear. One my sweet-fragrance-loving daughter and I can share.
  8. shadesong

    Egg Nog

    Reviewing 2004: In bottle: Mmmm. Thick spicy sweet. On me: Luscious. The booziness doesn't take it over. It's lickable sugar and spice. Wow, I hope Egg Nog '07 is like this...
  9. shadesong

    The Lurid Library

    THE LURID LIBRARY: In bottle: Light musk. On me: ! Used bookstore! Musty pages.
  10. shadesong

    The Forbidding Foyer

    In bottle: Thick wood and cognac. On me: A beautiful room in disrepair; rich, lush decay. That mahogany note is so yummy.
  11. shadesong

    Crypt Queen

    In bottle: Pomegranate/patchouli. Rich. Deep. On me: Huh. There's a bit of a plastic note to it. What is that? Maybe the rose musk, since I swear I've smelled everything else in here in different oils. Damn shame, because it's *really* nice in the bottle.
  12. shadesong

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    n bottle: Very lush pumpkin-spicy. On me: I don't get the sourness I get from real-life cheesecake. To me, this is pumpkin pie all the way, baby. Delicious! The pumpkin note is dominant, of course, but I also get pumpkin pie spices and, yes, even the brown sugar and graham-cracker crust. This is amazing stuff! It lingers through the evening, with a vanilla note emerging during drydrown but not taking over.
  13. shadesong


    In bottle: Fig, cypress, tonka. On me: Damn! None of that. Flat dead floral with a shot of patchouli. Whuf - *big* shot of patchouli.
  14. shadesong


    In bottle: Mostly tobacco,with the sweetness of date palm. On me: The tobacco comes out, rooted by something dark and planty. The snakeroot? There's a sharpness here.
  15. shadesong

    Poisoned Apple

    In bottle: Hey, yeah, that's apple. On me: Yep. Appleappleappleapple. Also? Apple. ..did I mention the apple? Because this is apple. But it's an apple that reminds one that apple seeds contain cyanide. There's just a touch of that opium/hemlock darkness, an afterscent post-apple - when you've already bitten in, when it's too late. Perfect!