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  1. blackrayne


    Based on the notes I'd have never thought Spider would be a "me" scent, but Spider is so damn sexy it should be illegal. I loved Spider in Anansi Boys, my very first thoughts on him were "Yeah, I'd fuck him." And I can absolutely picture him smelling exactly like his scent - crisp and fresh and sultry and sexy. all rolled into one. I love wearing this scent. I cannot stop sniffing myself with it on, and even hours later I can still catch the scent unexpectedly when I turn my wrist or bend over.
  2. blackrayne

    My problem(s) with Heaven & Earth Essentials

    I've been very silent regarding this whole situation, just silently sitting back watching everything unfold. And every time I read the H&E thread I am reminded of a similar thread from last fall... the Atropa's Cottage (egad... I don't even know if I spelled that right!) thread. Sure, they have a lot of differences, but they also have a lot of similarites, most notably the drama related to a company that came out of nowhere, with a lot of "unique" blends under their belt, and very fierce supporters who refused to acknowledge for the longest time that yes, there really was a problem with these blends... whether they bore similarities to popular BPAL blends or popular pre-blended bath and body ingredient oils, or whether they were named the same as already existing popular scents by other companies, or whether they infringed on trademark or copyright laws by their name, there most certainly was a problem. A lot of the H&E supporters keep saying her oils are nothing like Beth's, but there are several with identical or very similar names, and others with identical or very similar noted listed. Yet they are nothing alike? I am sure the supporters of H&E are right... they are nothing like BPAL, because BPAL has depth. Personality. Character. And class. I had a point in this reply. I think I lost it though, and I should be sleeping since I have a million things to do tomorrow, but before I post this comment, I just want to say that I really wish people would stop being blinded by the massive amount of freebies tossed into their mailboxes long enough to really see that there is something to this ordeal. F_S, thank you for your well-researched, well-thought-out post.
  3. blackrayne

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CT III: Strange Attractors; bottle # CXLVI in the bottle: a strange lightly sweet fruity, but almost faintly root beer type smell. first applied: smoky, a little dusty with a hint of powdery... the slightly sweet fruityness I smelled in the bottle is gone, though there's a hint of the root beer smell remaining if I search for it. dry down: Not letting it fully dry down, as it produced an instant sinus headache for me. Conclusion... as all Chaos Theories go, this one is indeed a wonderful experiment. I wish this blend had cooperated with my skin chemistry, but perhaps the next one I order will be the perfect one for me instead.
  4. blackrayne

    BPAL scents appropriate for very young children?

    Sage, the 3 year old, loves Bliss. I have some in a rollerbottle that I put on her frequently. Every night she goes to bed smelling of Somnus as well. Sacred Whore smelled wonderful on her too, but well... I am not going there having to explain the name, so I tend to avoid putting it on her. Harley, the 10 year old, prefers Lick It right now. Alice and Anne Bonny work quite well on her too.
  5. blackrayne

    it's good to be back!

    hehe...it would appear that i did not. Hahahahahahaha! Yay on the house, by the way. I slack with the comments these days.
  6. blackrayne

    testing this out so I can skin it

  7. blackrayne

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    LXVIII - a repost In the bottle - very pink, fruity sweet smelling with a sharp edge Wet on skin - light and sweet with a faint herbal undertone Drying down - the sweet fruitiness fades into a light, soft, slightly floral scent. It still has the sweet edge to it, but not to the point it was at in the bottle. It's a gorgeous scent, just not one I'll wear.
  8. blackrayne

    The Perfumed Garden

    This is the first of the V-Day scents I got to try on my skin and I am in love. It's sweet and juicy, soft and flowery, and totally sexy and seductive all rolled into one. I've had a lot of problems with scents going wonky and powdery on me lately, but this is pure yumminess. I can't stop sniffing my wrist because of how yummy this is.
  9. blackrayne


    Wow. I just got this as an extra, and like it. It's soft and delicate, yet not too obnoxiously girly for me. The flowers blend beautifully and there's just a gentle kiss of vanilla on me. I can see myself wearing this once in a while... not too often, but on the rare occasion that I am feeling a bit girly.
  10. blackrayne

    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    I would totally wear a Devil's Panties scent. As long as it was mush and amber and civet free. Sara does indeed rock. She has been wonderfully prompt and courteous every time I've sent email to her.
  11. blackrayne


    I finally got a chance to try Spanked earlier tonight. It's a very interesting scent, but totally not me. After about an hour's dry down it is cardamom and leather on me. But mostly cardamom. Unfortunately, it appears that I am not overly fond of the smell of cardamom and it's making my sinuses scream in agony. It's really quite a shame, too, because I would totally love to tell people that I am wearing "Spanked."
  12. blackrayne

    Beaver Moon 2005

    In the bottle: Sweet, sweet, sweet. I feel like I've walked into a cheesecake and cupcake factory. Wet: Pretty much the same as in the bottle. Well, ok... slightly more cheesecake scented, very sweet and creamy and totally edible smelling. Dry (about 30 minutes after application): Mellows somewhat, though still positively craving inducing. I think I may need to find a place that has cheesecake because I want some in the worst way now. Verdict: I don't wear overly sweet foody scents as much as I should considering my love for them, but this will be great every now and again.
  13. blackrayne

    Nuclear Winter

    In the bottle: barren, desolate, frozen icy chilly mint. Not peppermint, more wintermint as has been mentioned by other reviewers. Wet: Slightly darker and moodier than in the bottle, as if somewhere in the midst of that frozen wasteland there was still a hint of barren earth peeking out. Dry (about an hour after application): Mellowed out version of when wet... stays very true to the original scent. Verdict: I love Beth's minty scents, and this one is no exception. ETA: Getting a horrid sinus headache, I am pretty sure Nuclear Winter is the culprit. I will have to try it again in a few days, but I think it's related to that barren earthiness I am getting from it.
  14. blackrayne

    Lick It

    YUM. In the bottle: Beth perfectly nailed that sweet, minty, slightly vanilla candy cane scent perfectly. This is positively AMAZING! Wet: So terribly hard to resist nibbling on my wrist... this is utterly perfect in every way. Dry (about an hour after application): it has faded a bit, mellowed out more and is still divine (I barely put a drop on, I am sure it would still be stronger if I'd put as much as I normally do on). This is such a perfect scent. I think I may need to get at least one more bottle before it's gone.
  15. blackrayne

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh. My. God. That is so awesome!!! I can't wait to see the others... though since mine are in transit maybe I'll be able to wait a few more days. I hope. Though if someone happend to have photos of any of the other Yule LE's I'd totally love to see them now.