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    Animal Rights, Anime, Cemeteries, Cemetery Tours, Comic Books, Drawing, Gardening, Gargoyles, Ghost Tours, Halloween, Homebrew, Hiking, Manga, Painting, Photography, Piercings, Pin-Ups, Road Trips, Swimming, Tattoos, Tea, Tea Pots, Watercolors, Weather
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    I am in love with the whole Ars Draconis series and every 13 I can get my hands on. I like scents that are sweet, sticky and dark, a little bit foodie, a little bit fruity and Dragon's Blood is just too wonderful not to enjoy.


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  1. theblackcloud

    I have a tea set!

    Hurray for you. There is nothing like an afternoon tea served from your very own tea set. :-)
  2. theblackcloud


    A frimp from the lab. In the imp it is soft and light with hints of orange and jasmine. As I apply it to my skin the orange grows stronger while the jasmine fades quietly into the background. As it dries down the musk comes out along with a blooming rose. It lasts a while. Overall Rapture is a very soft and warm scent with floral, fruit and the presence of sex... I want to curl up next to someone right now.
  3. theblackcloud

    To everything there is a season

    Through time and patience anything can be accomplished, and this is a perfect example. Thanks for sharing that information!
  4. theblackcloud

    Blog? What the?

    I just loved the groundhog, so it will be well worth the wait... even though the wait won't be that long.
  5. theblackcloud

    What is this livejournal creature you speak of?

    I remember Open Diary, I had a blog on there way back when... is that even still around? I've been on LiveJournal since 2001. I don't have a lot of "friends" on there, because it is more or less where I vent about everything and no one really needs to hear that.
  6. theblackcloud

    100 things about me - the first 50

    50. I secretly wish I was a ninja. Or at the very least had a ninja at my beck and call. I so here you on this one.
  7. theblackcloud

    My grandparents' farm.

    I think is a wonderful idea that your Mom chose to repair the house than build a new one, with all the rich history and fond memories there I know she won't regret that (even if it does cost more).
  8. theblackcloud

    Heal Over

    The other post was just to exposing. Those that read it Thank you for the support. It means so much. It helps. I can certainly relate to that and though I may not have read that post I hope all is well.
  9. theblackcloud

    ...more GSSS stuff. Plus assorted nattering

    OSU? Is that Ohio State University?
  10. theblackcloud

    PSA: Here but not talky

    I hope everything is okay.
  11. theblackcloud

    A Beginner Knitter

    My sister has been knitting for what seems to be like forever. So have my friends. They all tried to teach me, but I can't just get the hang of it. All my items are in a bag in my closet haunting me. So if it makes you feel any better, your scarf will be done long before mine will ever get started.
  12. theblackcloud


    I don't think there is anything wrong. Sometimes we just have these moments in life where everything is out of sorts, misplaced and lost. Enjoy your dinner with our folks, enjoy that night out eating good food and creating fond memories; then take things one day at a time. I have a feeling things will get better, they may get worse before that (because life is funny like that), but they will get better.
  13. theblackcloud

    Wake up call!

    Things will get better, believe me they will. Just stay strong and try to find something, anything at all to brighten your days as you go through this.
  14. theblackcloud

    Red Lantern

    In the bottle: Sticky and sweet with lots and lots of caramel. On me: The caramel softens and I smell a toasty sort of coconut. Not too strong, not too light... it is perfect. A sweet mix of sugary goodness. As it dries: It turns a bit smokey, but is still soft; I'm guessing this is the tobacco. Now I'm hungry and longing for a cigarette. Red Lantern is a winner. I simply love it. Why didn't I buy more?
  15. theblackcloud


    What a cute label, I just love it (and wonders whose cat that may be). In the bottle, wet and dry down all I can smell is cinnamon. The cinnamon was overpowering and I was worried that it might burn, but instead it had this brilliant, warm glow. I'm not sure how I feel about this at the moment, but cinnamon does not work for me. I think I'll put this to the side for a bit and try it again in a few weeks... I so want the kitty love.