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  1. Rshields

    Silkybat Hair Gloss

    Yes I wish there was not a six mo.expiration date I could hoard a handful of bottles. This is so damn good. I was digging Shiny Furball in all it's cedar glory, and now Silkybat has stolen my heart. This is hands down one of my favorite scents now. A sexy, sweet mellow patchouli , with a sugary candied lemon peel essence in the background. It's not a lemon pledge type lemon it's a smooth sweet non offensive gentle lemon. I don't know why i'm getting this lemon/citrus feel but it just works beautifully. It makes my hair feel so soft, and shiny. I would die if this were made into a perfume oil. Simply fabulous! Puddin please, please keep this as a regular item
  2. Rshields


    Sadly Tricksy played a trick on me and doesn't like my nose or skin chemistry. The "aquilaria aguillocha" component is not agreeing with me at all and is turning into "rubber tires", a hint of body odor and something rancid. The only oud based scent I have had luck with is Tom Ford Oud Wood. Farewell Tricksy I wanted to love you.
  3. Rshields


    Spicy carnations indeed! Reminds me of those chewy gummy like,cinnamon candies and a whole lotta carnation! I guess I amp carnations to high heaven and should avoid them from here on out.They just don't do it for me. I'll re test again later. For now the decant is fine and I don't need a bottle.
  4. Rshields

    Shiny Furball Hair Gloss

    As a fan of cedar I can appreciate this! It reminds me of Ventriloquist Dummy in regards to that delicious cedar type quality! The cedar is really dominating this gloss and the other notes barely peek through. I get a gentle hint of the coconut and fir balsam. The other notes are really laying low and I can barely detect them. I love the fact that my hair can smell like a fresh cedar closet now, I may seek a second helping of this! My first hair gloss trial, I love the fine mist and realized I only need about 2-3 spritzes tops for my type of hair. Excited to try the others!
  5. Rshields

    La Lugubre Gondola

    ih8perfume mentioned "Love's Baby Soft" perfume.Sadly I'm amping a sharp screech-y, expired drug store perfume-y baby powder blast. My nose can't do any kind of baby powder I will start sneezing, it's headache inducing.. I wish I could pull more out of this but it's stuck on powder mode and won't budge. Sadly my decant will remain unloved.
  6. Rshields

    All Hallow's Apple

    Another stellar autumn creation! The apple is freshly sliced,cold,and crisp. The dirt element is cool and mild. Not as in your face as Graveyard Dirt. I do love my Graveyard Dirt though! Total reminiscent of picking apples in a spooky orchard on a chilly fall day. Imagine a cloudy overcast sky and the moist earth squishing under your shoes as you take a bite of a juicy apple. Really nice I may need a bottle even though I went overboard on the Weenies all ready.
  7. Rshields

    Samhain in the Pumpkin Patch

    Samhain with a sugary,candied pumpkin feel. Not as dark and heady as the original Samhain. I am a fan of the original, it truly is the "scent of autumn itself". Samhain in the Pumpkin Patch is a lovely rendition of this fabulous earthy autumn fragrance. This patch is my favorite patch in the history of patchs! The throw is lighter than the original Samhain's. Poenari called it a "wearable Samhain", indeed this is a great every day fall scent.
  8. Rshields

    Snake Oil in the Pumpkin Patch

    Snake Oil for the holidays! I have been a SO lover for many moons ever since I received my first dark cobalt blue bottle with the glued on paper label. It's classic and enduring if you love it you must try this! It's Spiced Snake Oil! Like the Jagermeister Spice version for the holidays, adding some holiday pizzaz to a tried and true classic! Wear this while sipping that! The cinnamon was scary at first, thankfully it quickly faded into a well rounded pumpkin pie spice. I'm glad the Snake Oil barrel rolled into the pumpkin patch. Five gold stars
  9. Rshields

    Theme in Yellow

    Pumpkin pie spice with extra dashes of cinnamon. I wish I got the beeswax candlelit jack-o-lantern impression too. Sadly this is all overly cinnamon spiced, baked pumpkin pie with a buttery tone. Not sure if I will need my bottle. After the initial cinnamon-spicy buttered pumpkin,I am left with a faint sniff from a pumpkin candle. Lasted about an hour on me.
  10. Rshields

    Beaver Moon 2013

    Gourmet foodie cheesecake bliss! I love anything lemon and the addition of pear and thyme seemed too intriguing to skip. In the bottle this smells like lemon buttercream frosting. On the skin I don't get too much pear, more so creamy sweet lemon and a kick of the thyme chiming in. I want a cheesecake just like this, perhaps a word of caution this may make you very hungry! The chick on the black&white glossy label is too cute and I would have to keep this even if I didn't care for it because the label is darling!
  11. Rshields

    A World Where There Are Octobers

    Crunchy autumn leaves with a faint hint of maple syrup like sweetness wafting in the background. I love the leafy-ness this is October the month in a bottle for me.I don't have October the oil to compare it to, I've all ways wanted October. From what I have read this is a close contender for some. The glossy finish label is gorgeous, a photo of autumn leaves. Lasts a couple hours on my oil munching skin. I would recommend if you like crunchy leaves with a hint of maple syrup, the leaves dominate the blend
  12. Rshields

    Thirteen (13): September 2013

    I'm very glad I was able to obtain this too, from a very lovely swapper. I am a chocolate scent enthusiast, however when this was live I passed because it just seemed way too complicated with the extensive note list.I was afraid it would go haywire on my skin. It is actually a delicate herbaceous, spiced dark chocolate on my skin! There is a hint of powder but overall just a comforting dark chocolate based scent. A good fall and winter frag. Halloween is written all over it, hello chocolate trick or treating hoard!The bottle art of a black cat on an orange label is now one of my fav labels. Awesome..
  13. Rshields


    I can't explain this properly or break it down, Poison Queen? All I can say is that it is beautiful and for me evocative of a very expensive woody oriental perfume, classy distinguished and elegant. I don't know why i'm getting "a woody oriental" it just feels thay way to me. Sorry for the terrible review but I recommend trying this. I want a bottle, it's gorgeous and perfect for cold winter nights! You will feel like a diva in this oil.
  14. Rshields

    Dark Pumpkin Mead

    I think i've hit the spicy pumpkin jackpot! This oil is a lush golden orange shade. I am getting pure spicy sweet pumpkin! The cinnamon is amping, but thankfully not burning on my skin. Cinnamon does not like me, and can sometimes burn my skin right off leaving it beet red in the process. Dark Pumpkin Mead is playing nice! I'm not picking up the maple or honey influence. I'm not sure if I need this one. My decant is enough for now. Update: ouch! I put this on after my shower and the cinnamon factor got my skin bad, ouch.. No mas Dark pumpkin Mead.
  15. Rshields

    Alice in the Pumpkin Patch

    In the vial i'm getting a lady like perfect day time pumpkin scent. On the skin it's quite a bit of spiced pumpkin. It soon fades to cinnamon dusted carnations, with a dusty quality like an old dead carnation sprinkled in attic dust. My skin doesn't like it