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    Sailing Stones of Death Valley
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    Rose, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Fruity, Apple, LOVE anything grassy/green, anything Autumnal. Hate patchouli, strong eucalyptus bases.

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  1. DjarumCloves


    Constant wears/Holy Grails: Pumpkin I 2005 Elegba Poisoned Apple (good for now) Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener (need bottle with BPAL art) Beaver'versary Pumpkin II 2009 (good for now) Head of Holofernes (good for now) The Haunted Palace (good for now) Old Moon (good for now) Fearsome Pleasure (almost gone!) Arcana's Ganesh (the only cocoa I can wear!) To bring my collection up to speed: #20 Love Oil - pending A Countenance Forboding Evil Aelopile Aeval Aglaea aizen-Myoo All in the Golden Afternoon Antique Lace - yeah right Antony Anubis Aperotos Eros Baku - pending Bastet Bathsheba Belladonna Belle Vinu Bensiabel Bien Loin D'Ici Black Lily- pending Black Opal Black Pearl Black Phoenix Bliss Block Buster Blood Amber Bordello Brisingamen Brusque Violet Burial Cairo Calico Jack Casanova Centzon Totochtlin Chimera Cockaigne Coyote Crossroads Czernobog Darkness De Sade Deep in Earth Depraved Dirty Dorian - need more imps Dracul Dragon's Milk Eat Me Eden El Dorado Embalming Fluid Eris Fae Fenris Wolf Fire for Thy Stepmother's Daughters Follow Me Boy Forbidden Fruit Gaueko- pending Goblin Godfather Death Hellfire High John the Conqueror High-Strung Daisies Hi'Laka Horn of Plenty How Doth the Little Crocodile Hymn to Proserpine Incantation Incubus Intrigue Jezebel Juliet Kabuki Kali Katharina Kitsune Tsuki Kuang Shi- pending Kuman Kandam Kyoto La Bella Dame Sans Merci Lady Macbeth Laudanum Le Serpent Qui Danse Leanan Sidhe L'Ecole des Filles Lilium Inter Spinas Loralei Love-In-Idleness Machu Picchu Magus Maiden manhattan Mania Marquise de Merteuil - pending Masquerade Mata Hari Miskatonic University Morocco Mouse's Long and Sad Tale Muse Namaste No. 93 Engine O Oberon - pending Oblata Oblivion Ogygia Omen Pele Prurience Queen of Sheba Rakshasa Rapture Ravenous Red Devil Rosalind Saint Germain Salome - pending Santa Eularia des Riu Scherezade Séance - pending Serpents with Glittering Eyes Severin Shanghai Sheol Sin Snooty Rose Sri Lanka Succubus Swank Thanatopsis - pending The Black Tower The Chicken-Legged Hut The Lights of Men's Lives The Little Sparrow The Little Wooden Doll The Pool of Tears The Sea Foams Milk The Sluggard The Temptation The Unicorn The White Rider The Witch's Garden The Witch's Repast Thy Godfather's Present Titania Tushanamay Tweedledum Undertow Utrennyaya Vixen Windward Passage Wrath Xiuhtecuhti Other:Red are pending, green are most wanted Spare Change Last Squished Jellybean Any Tarted Imps - doubles are absolutely okay. :love!: I also need a bottle for my Mircalla 09 decants, would prefer the label art from BPAL.
  2. DjarumCloves


    My most treasured imp ever. In the imp: Froooty to say the least - I don't do fruit scents, but: Wet: Warm and spicy, florals upon florals...kinda Gardenia-ish to me. Drydown: It smells rather smoky on me...like burned paper/wood/fireplacy. I like it! It's got a faint Glade potpourri smell...kinda like sitting near a fireplace with a plug-in going... Final thoughts: I didn't like it at first when I got a freebie from a nice LJ'r, but after letting it age about three months (plus her two), it died down a lot...making the smokier (cedar, maybe) come out a lot more when I put it on.