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  1. grrrlennyl

    The Gentleman

    Gentleman At first: A sweet "masculine" cologne with a bit of something powdery. I think I smell a bit of anise, but I might be imagining it. 2.5 hours in: Powdery and lovely. 3.5 hours in: Still a powdery, sweet cologne. There's a hint of rosemary and tobacco leaf. 6.5 hours in: Still about the same, but a little sweeter. Overall: What a winner! This just hits all the right notes on me: powdery, a bit masculine, a tiny bit sweet. Love it!
  2. grrrlennyl

    All Souls' Night 1917

    All Souls' Night 1917 On: Sharp incense. 3.5 hours later: Sandalwood incense. 7 hours later: Still about the same. A little more powdery. Overall: This is nice on me, but nothing amazing. I could see layering it with some other BPAL, though.
  3. grrrlennyl


    On: Lots of fruits with powdered sugar and a slightly sour note. 3.5 hours later: The musk is definitely coming forward more now. It still has a hint of fruit to it. 7 hours later: Lovely. This is a light honey with white musk on me. There's a hint of pineapple and mint, but nothing much. Overall: I really like this on me. Honey blends love me.
  4. grrrlennyl

    Vol. 1 - Tricks & Treats Hard Candies

    Blue Pumpkin Floss: This tastes like cotton candy and something boozy to me. I don't get pumpkin at all. It's very interesting. Ghoulish: So boozy. I'm getting tons of amaretto. There's definitely cherry there, too. It's really dark. I can get some saffron, which is very interesting. Autumn Cider: Super spicy cider. Definitely nutmeg in there somewhere. There's a lighter citrus note, but it's pretty faint.
  5. grrrlennyl


    Senelion Note: This oil has some of the notes that smell worst on me (Cedar? Lotus Root? Two red musks?!?) and some that smell the best (amber, black musk, Roman chamomile), so we'll see how this goes. On: Musky, but light. A bit sweet, and I can definitely pick up the star anise. 1 hour in: I keep getting hints of anise wafting up at me. It's nice. 6 hours in: Still mostly anise with a base of black musk. Much nicer than I thought it would be on me. Overall: I'm not sure how I feel about this one, but I'm going to keep it around for a while.
  6. grrrlennyl

    Sangria Champagne

    Sangria Champagne On: Wow. Heady red wine and bubbly champagne. This may be too much for me. 6.5 hours in: Pretty. A light, slightly sweet, red wine scent. A bit candyish, actually. Overall: This is too much for me, especially at first.
  7. grrrlennyl

    Peach Champagne

    On: This smells like someone dropped one of those peach ring candies into a glass of champagne. I like it. Overall: I didn't really keep track of how this one developed, but it is honestly one of the only champagne scents that have every worked on me. The sweetness from the peach seems to tone down the bubbliness of the champagne and it's just lovely on me.
  8. grrrlennyl

    Pallas Athene

    Pallas Athene On: Spices and wood with incense. Really lovely and not as "hot" (from the cinnamon bark) as I feared. 1 hour in: Mostly cedar. Boo. 11.5 hours: This is just a soft, sweet scent on me. Overall: This is nice on me, but nothing spectacular.
  9. grrrlennyl


    On: Red candy at first, if that makes sense. However, I can pick out the red musk (which usually goes bad on me) and some sweet, candy-like notes coupled with incense. It's pretty now, but I'm wary as to how it will develop on me. 5 hours in: Musky and sweet. There's also a bit of incense. Nothing in particular is standing out. Overall: This isn't really "me".
  10. grrrlennyl

    Hot Buttered Rum

    Hot Buttered Rum On: This totally smells like butterscotch hard candies...doused in rum. Overall: This made me feel woozy when wearing it. I think it is just too boozy for me.
  11. grrrlennyl

    Donna con Ventaglio

    Donna con Ventaglio On: Wood and bergamot with a bit of the blood orange. I have the feeling this won't develop well on me. Overall: I didn't keep very close track of how this developed on me. It was just OK; sort of a sweet/wood scent.
  12. grrrlennyl

    Mango Lychee Champagne

    Mango Lychee Champagne On: I've been buying this mango / orange juice blend lately, so I'm picking up the mango right away. Of course, there's the fizzy champagne note foremost in this one. 2 hours in: Slightly fruity champagne. Overall: Like all of the champagne oils I've tried so far, the fizziness of this overwhelms everything else on me.
  13. grrrlennyl

    Blood & Champagne

    Blood & Champagne On: Dark, sweet champagne. It's still fizzy, but not as overwhelmingly so as a lot of the other champagne oils are on me. I have high hopes for this one. 4.5 hours on: A soft wisp of champagne with something dark underneath. Overall: This is by far the best of the champagne oils on my skin. Yay!
  14. grrrlennyl

    Crypt King

    Crypt King On: This smells amazing on me. Lots of something pink-like (the oakmoss, maybe?), darkly sweet pomegranate, and an assortment of other various delicious and beautiful things. I'm loving this one. 1 hour in: Sweeter now and, unfortunately, there seems to be an odd/vegetable note coming forward. It's mostly covered by the fougere and the bit of fruit, though, so that's something. 12 hours later: One of my partners said, "You smell like hippie," when I got to her place. It was a complement. Overall: This is a definite keeper for me.
  15. grrrlennyl

    Tree of Life

    Tree of Life On: Smooth. I'm getting a nice hint of cocoa with a bit of clary sage (love) and some words and moss. Very, very pretty. 1 hour in: Mostly woods with a hint of tonka. Still very pretty. 4.5 hours in: Smooth and a bit sweet. Overall: I am shocked at how nice this smells on me. It was a rather lovely surprise.