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  1. Mellifluous

    French Vanilla

    I gotta say, I'm really loving my Vanilla. It is very gourmand perfume-y vanilla, on me. I did not get any plastic notes at all. Not overly sugary either. Just a slightly warm, rich, diffusive vanilla. I'm happy I bought 4 bottles... and I might go back for more with the next update, if still available. ETA: I called it 'perfume-y above, but now that I've thought on it and worn it a few times, its actually slightly amber-y. Like maybe it has some labdanum in it? Maybe tonka? Either way, still total win for me!
  2. Mellifluous

    Guatemalan Volcanic Coffee Bean

    A very nice coffee SN, although there is a throbbing pulse of vetiver that creeps up every time I huff my wrist. I think that may be the scorched/acrid note Hexnut picked up on. It definitely does not overpower the warm roasty coffee, but adds just a touch more darkness and I'm sure helps with longevity. Very interesting blend. Still looking forward to a coffee blend thats closer to BPTP's Jonathans Coffee House, but I'm definitely keeping my GVCB's too.
  3. Mellifluous

    'Pink' scents

    Mouses long and sad tale Mouse Circus Velvet Unicorn Ava (from OLLA) If One Only Knew The Right Way To Change Them Jailbait These are the ones that immediately flew into my mind. I'd imagine the Pink Moons too, but I havent really smelled them.
  4. The truest chamomile scent I've smelled from bpal doesnt actually list chamomile as a note.. but I grow chamomile, and can verify it 100% smells like it. The sweet milky, almost appley kind, with tiny whispers of dusty floral, and dry hay notes. Anyhow, the blend is The Day Burned White, from the Clive Barker section. The notes: Plaster and spraypaint, mottled with buttermilk – sweet, chalky, and edging on sickly. White and golden amber beams of daylight pour through the belly of the scent, while oakmoss and Spanish moss add a touch of decay. I know, it doesnt even sound like it would be what you're looking for.. but if you could track a decant down, I think you'll find it a perfect match to rich sweet chamomile (thats not too sweet nor medicinal in the slightest).
  5. Mellifluous

    Loved To Death

    Mmmmm, this is that same very true to life glowing, almost ambery, beeswax note from Greater Horseshoe Bat, but with a mild woody clove and little bursts of vanilla sugar every once in a while. I never got any cinnamon, which is totally fine by me. Definitely evocative of a candle but I get more of this: than this: ... if you know what I mean.
  6. Mellifluous

    Snake Charmer Hair Gloss

    Sensual, sibilant, sexual and hypnotic: Arabian musk and exotic spices slinking through Egyptian amber, enticing vanilla, and a serpentine blend of black plum, labdanum, ambrette, benzoin and black coconut. Got my bottles last night, and have been luxuriating in the scent since. Reminiscent of the namesake, but on me this is a fresh remake. Still a sultry deep vibe, but overall it feels brighter than I remember the other 2 versions being. Reminds me of Death Adder with a pinch of Mme Moriarty, and a shot of gleaming shiny vanilla. Really beautiful. I could see almost everyone liking this. Its deep, but not too heavy, sweetened but not cloying, and the fruit is noticeable but not the star, and not jammy.The only people who may be weary, are musk haters, as this does have a nice dollop of that Arabian musk (but imo, it is tempered perfectly with that amber and the spices). Mmm. Just, everyone, please PLEASE get a bottle of this if you are even pondering it.
  7. Mellifluous

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    From five bottles of RR hair gloss, I got three that were tall and skinny, and two that were Boston round. The labels were clearly designed for the taller bottles, though. Ah, thank you thank you thank you! I mildly thought I was going crazy, lol.
  8. Mellifluous

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Random question... has anyone else got the BPTP RR goods in the tall skinny bottles? Maybe it's just my eyes, but all the pics of them look like they are in the traditional squat 'boston-round'? And very awesome arrangement/design with the bottle porn pics, nathanielherbert! What a nice treat
  9. Mellifluous

    Revenant Rhythm Atmosphere Spray

    I'm crossing my fingers that this is GC... its so good. Very rich dark vanilla with little kisses of patchouli and hemp. I actually could do with a bit more patch, but even as it is now it is love. I sprayed this throw at the foot of my bed a week ago, and still get whispers of it throughout my room ♥
  10. Mellifluous

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    Aglaea Fae Pandy Slippery Poppy Tincture Eden Tis the voice of the Lobster Glasgow Jailbait Prunella for some more
  11. Mellifluous

    Enable my habit: What would you recommend?

    Velvet Unicorn Liliths Tea Party Tamora Mouses Long and Sad Tail TKO Titania Skytyping with Chemtrails Reflected Vulva The Last Unicorn Lady Amalthea Lady Death Savage
  12. Mellifluous

    Smite All Thy Borders with Frogges

    My experience isnt much different from the other ladies'. Starts as a fairly fresh green musk blend, but with added richness and body from the benzoin/tomato leaf/sage. I get a bit of fresh birch or hinoki.. one of those cool-er sour woods. Maybe that is supposed to be the cucumber and/or squash? Either way, that aspect only lasted for 15-20 minutes, and was tempered under the musk anyhow. I really didnt get much vetiver at all, but man did this blend laaaast. When I woke up this morning, it was nearly as strong as when I had put it on the afternoon before. There were occasional wafts that hinted at irish spring soap, but for the most part, it was a beautifully rich, resiny, and voluptuous green musk. I think this just may be a keeper... although I may decant out a few imps.
  13. Mellifluous

    Blood Throughout All the Land

    This was a surprise like for me. I was expecting herbal aquatic meh, but it was incredibly different on me. It started with a cola note, that warmed to a Blood Popsicle-ish/dragons blood note, and then settled into a champaka/carnation-y spiced soapy musk. Fairly simple, but pleasing.
  14. Mellifluous

    The First Love Fades Too Atmosphere Spray

    I have been loving this so harcore! I've only had my bottle about a month and its nearly 1/2 gone. To me, this smells like a musky-er and only slightly oudh-y version of Lush's Twilight. Its a richly sweet and almost dusty lavender, with dark embracing undertones. LOVE
  15. Mellifluous

    Angel of Death

    Definitely agree with the Liz aspect Mystery mentions. There really is a hint of leather here, or at least it smells of it. I dont quite get underpants levels of sweetness, but it is sweet in that aged resinous frankincense kind of way. The sandalwood is definitely present, and amazingly it is not migraine-inducing (as is usually the case with 'white' sandalwood)! The scent this most reminds me of is a drier, less sweet/rich CC: Female. I do rather like this, but it isn't a holy grail scent for me. Thankfully an imp will probably suffice just fine.