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  1. Llanval

    The Norns' Farmhouse

    Perfect encapsulation of the label image, and a favourite in my collection. This doesn't morph much, but it's a blue scent, a little melancholy and bitter, but the apple blossom gives it enough sweetness to balance the bitter herbs. I love the gently bitter/ash-like herbs against old, dusty wood. I really love this one, and it's still going strong since I picked it up in 2019. Norn's Farmhouse is a really good atmospheric that lasts most of the work day on me, with medium throw and staying power.
  2. Llanval

    ISO Stone

    Seconding the Lab's Theoi Nomioi! This is my number 1 scent, both for the stone aspect and for the forest atop the stones. Theoi is really incredible and I've had my bottle since 2019. It is still one of my most favourite bpal experiences, because it is so realistic and perfectly captured. The stone note here is A+ and stays present for me for the wear time. Really really love the artistry behind this blend. I would also have recommended Brimstone, but that can read less stone-like to some as it has a strong-ish smokey note. I personally really enjoy Brimstone but it it out of stock at the moment. I do have a word of caution with An Enchanted Cellar with Animals, as both my friend and I have tested/worn her bottle - if your goal is to smell like stones and clay, this will not satisfy you at its current stage of ageing. The clay and stone is very low in the scent/almost absent and doesn't break through the fuzzy animal musk/feathers and the sage/frankincense combo. Enchanted Cellar leans towards a high-end sage shampoo/spa vibe. It is not a bad scent at all but the stone/clay is not the star here.
  3. Llanval

    The Haunted Mill

    I passed on this last year because the lab's leather notes and I usually don't get along. But everything else in this bottle is usually a hit for me so when deepquietvoice offered a swap for this bottle I decided to give it a shot. OH BOY SO HAPPY I DID. Apparently boot leather and leather are NOT the same. I love this scent, it's cold and forbidding and then soft, sweet, and woody. The tar is great, the patchouli really is just a shadow and the oud and oak work well together. I really love the lab's oak notes in all their forms, and it's beautiful in this scent too. Really love this! I wore this one two days in a row, which I never do. The lab's boot leather is really something else and I'm excited to explore this note more! Good throw and wear length. By the end of the day, it is a soft boot leather slipper rather than a loud stomp.
  4. Llanval

    Spoopy Kid Assaulted by a Sunbeam

    Silkybat got all dressed up to take Honeysuckle out on an date to the local ice cream parlour! That's it, that's the review, lol. I was hoping for more prominent vanilla ice cream and cotton candy, but I'm not too sad about it. Ageing will likely bring different aspects of this scent out, as I've only had it about two weeks.
  5. Llanval

    Back in the Recording Studio

    This one ended up a bit disappointing, in comparison to my other Liliths. My fresh from the lab bottle was under-filled, already at the label, and I don't get any driftwood or candlewax. On me, this plays out as sharp lavender, sweet tonka and a perfumey amber. I think this would have been lovely if I'd gotten the driftwood or candlewax note to anchor the sharper floral notes. Still going to enjoy it, but I'm not willing to take a risk ordering another bottle to see if I get a different result. I'll tuck it away and see what 6 months does to it.
  6. Llanval

    Haunt 2021

    I couldn't resist testing this one even though I wanted to wait a few weeks before cracking the bottle open! And of course it's beautiful. Perfect, even. A masterpiece, even, as MamaMoth says above. Fresh, crackly red leaf litter and ephemeral snake oil, lavender and a thin hint of bonfire smoke. Dorian is in here, but he's a supporting player to the lavender, not as forward as I was hoping for. But overall, this is an incredible, oddly nostalgic, wonderful expression of Halloween nights. Every so often, bpal sends something truly magical out into the world and this scent is it for me, for 2022. I really hope there's a restock at some point, lol!
  7. Llanval

    Tomato, Patchouli Root, and Cedar Bean

    This is a really lovely trio that comes off as a very elevated cocktail of the notes (something you'd get at a super overpriced bar with ironic names for all the drinks). For me, the trio opens with a really strong showing for the tomato and cedar bean, with the patch leaning root-y and but not "dirty". I really liked this one a lot, it is classy and impressively refreshing. At about the four hour mark, it's all patchouli all the time on me, so I won't be full sizing, but of all the summer decants I chose, this one is my favourite. It's like stumbling into a perfectly maintained, sun-warmed tomato garden!
  8. Llanval

    Prairie Witch

    I think apple notes and I simply do not get along. Prairie Witch opens with aggressive fall spices and apples laid over a rich, lovely bed of vetiver and dried grasses. After an hour, the vetiver and grass lose their brave fight against the apple and mulling spices and the scent wanders straight into candle territory on my skin. But if you love apples and mulling spices and don't dislike vetiver, I really recommend giving this a try. Prairie Witch is a banger autumnal scent that is very long lasting with a big, wild throw. You will absolutely leave a scent trail! If that sounds like your thing, don't pass this up.
  9. Llanval


    The fleur de lait and florals absolutely came for my neck in this scent and I did not survive, lol. This one turned into rose bath cubes soaked in weirdly cheese-y ice wine (specifically ice wine from Ontario, for those of you who might have had such an experience, lol). I almost scrubbed this one off, it was such an overwhelming rose and cheese/wine experience. URGH. I am still searching for my perfect rose blend, but I was so hopeful it was going to be this one. C'est la vie, I guess!
  10. Llanval

    Wisteria Blossoms

    Wisteria blossom soap, tragically. Stupid skin chem. The smoked bamboo reeds are a no-show and the rest gets trampled by the indigo musk. Sometimes my skin cooperates with BPAL's range of musk types, and sometimes it simply refuses. I'm sad about this one as I really love many of the other notes, especially lilac and oakmoss, which is usually really well behaved on my skin.
  11. Llanval

    Vigil for the Harvest Suitors

    I really, really wanted to like this one so much!! I love lilacs and to me personally their scent is the embodiment of a hot summer day in July or August. There is nothing better than catching ribbons of heady lilac alongside the scent of hot pavement and dry summer grass. So I'm still searching for my perfect summer lilac, but this one is a nice, straight forward beeswax and lilac scent. It's sweet, floral lilacs with a hint of beeswax that serve to tame the louder edges of the lilac and a bit of drier/dustier sweetness from the broom corn. But on my skin the whole scent reads a bit like a bath and body works lilac candle rather than fresh lilacs, unfortunately so it's a pass for me.
  12. Llanval

    The Potter's Field

    Like lying in an open grave in a grassy field, watching black pine trees sway against a dark night sky. So, basically Perfect for me. The slow emergence of the cedar, herbs and flowers turns this from just lovely dirt into a true, atmospheric stunner. If you like dirt and cedar and you're not afraid of vetiver, give this a whirl! Though, I do personally wish the vetiver was a little stronger. I find it has good wear time (4-6 hrs), and doesn't have huge throw, so you won't be leaving a dirt trail wherever you go.
  13. Llanval

    Phallus Acrobatics

    Phallus Acrobatics is a beautiful cloud of strawberry/blueberry sweetness, with equal support from the cream and honey dust, like the most perfect arrangement of berries and whip cream on a stack of pancakes (just no pancakes). I feel like the fruity-floral aspect of this scent is sort of clobbering the cream a bit. But at the same time, the pull between the sweet/sharp fruityflorals and the smooth cream almost makes this scent into a fairy-tale bouncy house, lol! Every bounce brings you something else, its delightful and a little odd. You never know where you're going to land. I don't need a bottle, but I've very glad I got to try this one.
  14. Llanval

    The Red Ribbon

    I also get black cherry vanilla from The Red Ribbon. A shiny, bright black cherry lollipop or lip gloss is exactly the vibe of this scent....which is tragic because that's not what I was hoping for. I was hoping for something a little similar to last year's Famous Kabuki Actors In Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking with the really good goat milk note, but everything is being trampled by the very fruity red musk. I haven't had red musk go fruity on me before, but that may be because I have no other scents with so much red musk. I'm glad I have two decants just in case all the other notes I was hoping for start to sing louder than they do now, so I think I'll put these decants in perfume jail and see what happens just before the Shunga come down. Throw is only medium on me, but it has decent staying power.
  15. Llanval

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    This is like a magic trick, if magic trick were designed to annoy rather than delight. The magic trick is that for about 5 minutes, this is the best most intense vanilla extract and marshmallow fluff note I've ever smelled. BUT THEN, oh then, with a snap of the fingers, all the perfect vanilla marshmallow clouds get blown away, leaving behind.....a 90s barbie doll head instead. And then I can't smell it at all. Since I don't want to smell like my childhood toy-box, this is a pass for me. But I'm very sad about it, lol. Maybe I'll try the NAVA Moonstone mentioned above.