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  1. Llanval

    Our Lady of Pain 2024

    Classic vintage glam; a 1930's starlet that collapses into a heart of powdery purple candy above a sharp, musky base. Not what I was expecting, hoped for or needed. The patchouli runs away and I'm left with what I consider a classic musk and a powdery heart (a distant distant cousin to Coriandre). My chic, always fashion-conscious grandmother would have bought this from the Simpson's (Sears Roebuck) perfume counter in 1955. That's not a bad thing, but it's not a thing I need to add to my collection. I would SLAY to smell the original, as clearly this isn't it.
  2. Llanval

    The Rice Field

    So bummed about this one. I get Glad plug-in, and I am not sure what's to blame for this. There's something fresh under the sweet honey dust note that reads as glade's "air" accord that sits like a band between what smells a bit like hay/lighter honey and the heavier champaca and sandalwood that just does not work on my skin, sadly. On the right person, this would be a lovely, odd atmospheric. On me it's a bathroom deodorizer (womp womp). I agree with Brianna Gemini's review so maybe it's the heliotrope that's making this wonky.
  3. Llanval

    A Ghostly Encounter

    So soft and ethereal it really was a ghostly encounter for me. Truly a "not really there" scent. What I could smell throughout the wear time (6 hrs) I got mostly a pleasant berry, bright, sweet, and uncomplicated - with a hint of woody palo santo and patchouli but that might be my imagination. This is mostly a quiet berry scent on me, and not at all what I was expecting or hoping for. I wouldn't even call the berries juniper berries, just berries. I love juniper in all forms and this did not give me that juniper hit at all. I will do another full test and see if anything improves otherwise this one is a pass.
  4. Llanval

    Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs 2024

    Very sweet, but not the kind of sweet I enjoy. Unfortunately, this rose scent on my skin flirts too close to a cheap, dollar store bath cube for it to be wearable for me. For those who love sugared, candied rose there is nothing wrong about this scent it'll get you where you want to go (to Sugaroseville obvs), but this one's too rosey for me.
  5. Llanval

    The Shimmering Mirror

    Perfect fantasy pine forest. I agree with the scent description: this is pine brocade shining, and threaded with gold. I don't get florals, just a wonderful, rough, hard to pin down fantasy pine scent. Since I really enjoy these types of pine heavy scents this is likely going to be my only Shunga full size so far. Strong-ish, long lasting, and good projection too.
  6. Llanval

    An Onnagata and His Lover

    I also felt this one went on like an odd version of bpal's dead leaves note, but it must be the chypre interacting with the cherry blossoms to give it an almost spicy, torn green plant vibe for about 15 minutes before it nosedives into that vintage makeup/lipstick accord. This stage domineers the scent for me, turning it into a makeup scent that sticks close to the skin but lingers well. I agree with hivesofbees and am not sure I need a whole bottle, but it is fun, odd and a little unique. If you're looking for a quirky, different little experience, give this a shot. But you must like makeup and beeswax.
  7. Llanval

    Snow-Covered Cathedral

    Soap and ashes. Bummer. 😭
  8. Llanval

    To a Wreath of Snow 2023

    Beautiful. Stunning. Perfect. If you're a lavender ho like I am, just buy this. It's great, it lasts all day, the throw is a lovely purple cloud of lavender/ambergris that never quits, and never gets boring. Good for sleep. Good for work. Brilliant. Lovely. A wonderful slightly chilly, purple and white scent that sparkles with little flakes of salty ambergris. If it's this good now, can't wait to see what it will be like in the future. 💕 I get the love this blend receives and I will absolutely be upgrading my decant to an FS!
  9. Llanval

    Batty Lace

    I agree with Little Bird, but my decant still hasn't developed the aged notes of Antique Lace and I still get a strong, sweet buttercream that collapses into doll's head vanilla and a really excellent caramel musk. No leather, no flowers. Just vanilla and caramel. I enjoy it, it's tooth-achingly sweet and yes, a little romantic - but without the flowers and the aged feel, this feels like something teenage me would like and then grow out of, so no bottle for me.
  10. Llanval

    Bringer of Evil

    Creamy, musky grapefruit. A little blue. A little gold. Strange and enticing. Very very close to just the literal pith of a grapefruit, and while that scent reigns, I really enjoy this one. After a few hours it becomes more blue, with the musk turning the pith into a luxurious cream. If I was to spring for one citrus scent, it would be this one. This one is the best I've tried all year and is quite the show stopper if evil grapefruit is what you are looking for. I was hoping for the grapefruit to stay fresh, sharp and pithy as that would have been an FS for me. I love my decant and will keep wearing it until the Weenies come down. If my mind changes, this may be a full bottle after all.
  11. Llanval

    Wolf Milk

    An absolute banger of a scent. Manly, sweet, warm, leafy, and kissed by cologne. But the waft, the waft!! On me, to my nose, I get buffalo wing sauce and cheese. Spicy buffalo wing sauce and cheese. Like, wtf nose?!? WHY?! I love this but I smell buffalo wing sauce and cheese lurking under all the beautiful leaves and cologne for HOURS 😭
  12. Llanval

    Witch in the Woods

    Blackberry attack! Lovely if you love the blackberry note, but I was hoping for the cypress, mandrake and black thorn to win out over the blackberry resin. I keep trying berry scents and never enjoy them as much as I hope. If you love blackberries, this is a really lovely example. Not too fake, not too sweet, but richly purple and juicy.
  13. Llanval

    The Witches Have a Fire Again

    Something that might have once been a fire and the taste of minty envelope glue?! IDK, I am blaming skin chem. This was a fail on me.
  14. Llanval

    Wayfaring Stranger

    For the first 30 minutes, this scent is insane. Wild. Literally rusty keys, dust and nightmares. Evil. Perfect. Then it turns into a lovely skin scent dressed up in dried coconut husks, a bit of sweet cold cream and something else ephemeral. Incredible atmospheric, a success by any measure. Evocative of the art and the idea. If the nightmare scent had stuck around, rather than collapsing into the lovely skin scent, I would have bottled this just for the wild ride. If you are looking for serious atmospheric, don't sleep on this. This is a story in a bottle. Perfect.
  15. Llanval

    Zombie Milk

    I really really wanted to love this one. And I do enjoy it very much, because it is beautiful. However, I added this one to my Weenie decants at the last minute for the orris and greenery and while those notes were prominent in the wet stage, the scent really becomes more of a sugar bomb on me than a green plant bomb. The green notes get swamped under by a really pretty almost brown sugar sweetness that strangles all the dusty, odd plant bits I loved. I never lose track of the scent, but it becomes a simple, linear 'green-ish' brown sugar, rather than the odd bog I was hoping for. But this is very very pretty and if any of the above reviews speak to you, you should jump on this one. This is similar to a Bath and Body Works scent, but it outclasses anything Bath and Body Works could produce.