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  1. Llanval

    The Apothecary

    This smelled so amazingly fresh and green in the imp, but on my skin it goes dead quiet almost right away, to the point that it's not noticeable after 30 min. 😔 I DO get clean airy green tea and vibrant green mosses, without much input from the ginger and fig (which I loathe and hate so yay!). I really wanted this one to work as I love both tea and moss heavy scents. Tragically, it seems my skin won't cooperate here.
  2. Llanval


    Iago is not here to hang out. Iago is not here to braid your hair, or snuggle up in a onesie. Iago is here to *play*. Specifically if you would like to smell like you're at the leather ball in your newest, least broken in gear, or in the midst of a very intense leather session, please go buy iago immediately you will be very happy. However!!! If ur not here to smell like a sex dungeon, maybe give this a pass. I put this on and the new car/black squeaky leather was so intense I had to wash it off. I left a leather scent trail through the house!! I had to put on some Rentless even after I washed iago off, just to get the leather note to shush. Then it became cotton candy sex dungeon and I LIKED IT A LOT. IDK the leather is too much for me, but balanced w cotton candy it became cheeky, fun, and a little enchanting. give it a try if the leather sex dungeon vibe doesn't scare u off.
  3. Llanval

    Deep in Earth

    Deep in the Earth is a twin to Zombi, only Zombi is the twin weeping over a bouquet of funeral roses at the freshly dug grave, and Deep is too busy trying to dig themselves OUT of that same grave. The rose is so quiet here, and with the spanish moss gives this a sweet almost rose cold cream and mosses vibe. Much more "soapy" than zombi, and with much less "salty tears of grief" vibe hanging around the whole scent. Deep is a straightforward graveyard dirt scent, with a touch of creamy but wavering into old lady perfume type rose, backed by inoffensive dirt and moss. I do genuinely prefer zombi despite zombi and I not getting along at first. If zombi was too much rose for you, or too heavy on the "grief and tears" vibe, give Deep a whirl.
  4. Llanval


    I was very hopeful for this one, as I love juniper and pine maaaaybe too much. But my skin loves to not cooperate with musk and I'm left with nothing much at all after 30 min. When wet, it's a little unobtrusive sweetness from the juniper and bright pine quickly swamped under a muzzling veil of powdery musk. I adore bpal for their photo realistic forest scents, but thanatopsis isn't one of them. Forest adjacent yes, but not like Theoi Nomioi or Druid. Dark/black musk seems to be very temperamental on me, so another one gets lobbed to the gift imp pile!!
  5. Llanval

    Schmendrick 2021

    Okay so I totally get the powdered soup mix, but that ultra savoury first blast of sage and herbs calms and the chamomile turns this dusty soft and yet still freshly, sharply mouthwateringly green. Love this one, caught me totally off guard. I do actually get a hint of sweet caramel and raisins after an hour but it's hard to hold onto. The tobacco is just snuggling right up to the sage it's hard to pull the two apart. It is masculine, but no where near the dreaded "men's cologne" note that usually kills a scent for me. Schmendrick is a bright, well kept apothecary room filled with bundles of both dried and freshly picked and snapped stems of sage and herbs, the sharp green alive potential of the newly bundled herbs blending in with the drier, softer comfort of older bundles. This is a clean, herbaceous yet warmly masculine scent, filled with sweet potential. Super wearable and enjoyable for me.
  6. Llanval

    Mommy Fortuna 2021

    so i finally get to experience the "sweaty honey" that I've seen floating around on some honey-based scents (and had quietly hoped was a myth) and that is breaking my little unicorn fan heart. i really really wanted this one to work, so badly. i love gun powder to pieces and i've fallen in love with two strongly honey-based Shunga 2021 scents with no "sweaty honey" in sight. What happened, ugh?! Mommy Fortuna is a swirl of tangy grungy baby powder and sweaty honey, with a little whistle of woody notes for the first 30 min. Then it shifts to sweaty baby powder honey and waxy OG cherry Chapstick. Where's the gunpowder?! the herbs?! Booo! I've been defeated by skin chem again 😭 if bpal's honey note can sometimes go "off" or overly powdery on you, be warned - this twopenny magic may not bloom just right on you.
  7. Llanval


    i really really really want to love this one, but I'm not sure i love it enough to get a full bottle, because there was an incredible review of dracul on the BPAL retail site, and that convinced me to give this one a try. I was primed to want to love this, as I haven't found a "vampire" scent i like yet. on my skin, dracul is a whirl of lots of different scents and impressions. wet it's all fir and spices, with that sting indole from the orange blossoms. this really doesn't have much throw on me past 2 hrs, and i blame the black musk which tends to just die and go baby powder/cloying on my skin and then disappear as quickly as possible. as it dries, the orange blossom adds what would be a heady quality to the scent if not for the black musk muffler already working to blunt these notes to nothing. this is sexy, powerful, dynamic; its bitter, cruel and captivating. But it doesn't work on me because of the musk which makes me 😥 by the time we get to 4+ hrs, it's just fancy, brooding hand soap. Discount Edward Cullen, who was already nowhere near the OG, Vlad himself. I want my vampire scent to be terrifying, as magnetic, alluring and beguiling as the Son of the Dragon himself, not make me smell like a Saks 5th hand wash! Stupid skin chem.
  8. Llanval


    this was oos when I first got into BPAL in 2019. It JUST came back into stock, so I jumped and picked up an imp to test and boy I am not disappointed. Troll is decidedly not a traditional pine forest, tho. The pine pitch is almost subtle here, giving the impression of a forest you'd smell while building and lighting a fire. The cumin, basil and clove lead and dominate, giving this an almost campfire cookout vibe. I don't mean charred meat or wood, but the spice of seasoned wood being split and stacked, then burned, with you and a mug of winter cider or wassail near by. This is such a Yule vibe, I love it. This scent lasts and lasts and lasts. it lasts hours, and it is a heady, sweetly smoky herbaceous experience the whole way through. Nothing of this scent is hateful, lurching or bitter. This is beautiful, soft cozy Yule fire log. If your skin can handle this, it is absoultely worth the experience. If you're afraid of pine pitch, try it here because it's not loud at all. I am sooooo excited to see how Troll plays out in this year's Lilith scent, Bridge Trolls.
  9. Llanval

    Becoming Thunder

    I was so hopeful for this one, as I desperately DESPERATELY want to find a proper raging thunderstorm scent. A true, storm in summer scent. This is not that. Maybe on some other folk's skin, this is the rain drops on hot concrete and booming thunder clouds I so so so badly wanted, but this is just some pleasant aquatic asphodel that reads more like honeysuckle, and floral sweetness from the remainder of the notes. Gentle, sweet summer florals with little complexity. Maybe I'll test this again since it's had a solid 6-8 months of aging on the shelf. Maybe the ozone will behave and I'll get something other than asphodel/honeysuckle. 😥 Maybe I'll give Slate-Black Clouds Tumbling Over Eden a try, lol!
  10. Llanval

    Amour Fou

    rivetted sent me a sniffie of this and I fell in love and bought a bottle (and some others) within a few days of testing! This really is a vintage scent, a genuine vintage chypre that immediately reminded me of exploring my grandmother's giant mahogany curios filled with old bone china and dried flowers, leather photo albums and that strange, comforting smell that settles on well loved and maintained objects. Each scent note has settled on top of another to make a lovely unified whole: green, soft almost twilight twinkling moss paired with soft brown leather in a close, enveloping hug. I don't clearly read the sweet vetiver but it's not smokey or spiky at all, just another aspect of those soft, comforting mosses. This is so so so vintage, I almost can't explain it. The scent got to my brain and a neon sign lit up flashing VINTAGE! GET YOUR ROARING TWENTIES VINTAGE HERE! This takes me to my grandmother's buffets AND it also gently reminds me of the sort of man my grandfather had been before he passed. He was the tall, broad-shouldered sort, and he exuded a classic, 1940's rugged soldier's masculinity that gave way to a much gentler spirit as we grandchildren arrived. So this scent reads like a lost-to-time masculinity in the softest, most comforting way. He loved Edith Piaff and wearing Amour Fou is like hearing her voice over the record player - soft, laden with age and memories, yet timeless and transporting - while being held in a pair of strong, comforting arms. 🖤
  11. Llanval

    This is Your Wilderness

    Thanks to rivetted, (again, lol) i got to test a genrous sniffie of this scent. AND HOLY FUCKIN' WOW this is an absolutely banger honeyed patchouli and black pine forest. This is absolutely incredible. Just the right balance between earthy, rich chewy patchouli and cool, gently mentholic pine forests. The honeyed patchouli stays strong and bright, only walking back a little bit as the scent dries down. The pine stays clear, clean and gorgeous, with a slight ghost of honey dust and that special cypress green smell, the softer, fuzzier impression sap leaves on your hands after you crush cypress greens. YAAAAAAAAAS, I love this to death this is so much better than I thought it would be. I don't get a strong rush of tobacco as it dries, but it's there, playing a little "spice it up" game with the patchouli. This is SUPERB patchouli and pine, with a sweetening slash of honey. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, bottle is on the list for a 2021 purchase! Seriously, I need my bottle of Silkybat to show up like yesterday so I can compare these two patch notes! If you like patchouli and pine, this is a MUST. Do yourself a favour and check this out if the slightly higher price tag and 500 bottle run limit doesn't put you off.
  12. Llanval

    Melancholy Inferno

    like the two reviewers above me, the red musk stomps on all the other notes, and I don't get that bright peppery tomato leaf I love so much. I'm starting to realize that musk and I are not friends, which makes me want to stomp all over things too! Musk just goes powdery on me 9 out of 10 bottles - the black musk in Black Forest killed that scent on my skin, it left almost NO SCENT in under 30 min, and I KNOW Black Forest is a deep, strong forest scent. Any kind of musk, tho brown and green seem to hold up okay, just mutes the notes immediately, and then muffles them all down to almost nothing: waxy/powdery impressions of what each note might have intended to develop into. weirdly enough, I don't have that same problem with the red musk in under the foot warmer. hmm. ...still like it though, and glad to have tested it. this inferno isn't choke-you-out powdery, just soft downy waves of vaguely melancholic greenery.
  13. Llanval

    The Sea Foams Blood

    Masculine leaning soap. But not so terrible that I have to wash it off. I like this quite a bit even with the soap, as it reads more like someone has taken a lake and crystalized it. This is heaps of the idea of salt and the sweetish wafting of DBR. The DBR is whisper quite on me, not easily picked up. I may need to slather this to get the full idea. This is a less complex version of Cycling for Pleasure, which I loved a whole lot. This is a very gentle, pretty aquatic, and it calls up the idea of a flash of red-gold metal on churning water, but i was looking for blood and sea salt so...c'est la vie!
  14. Llanval


    This starts as sweet, sugared yet fresh greens of the nondescript sort. I think I'm reading the absinthe and that's making this scent a bit more conventional than I usually prefer. A touch classically powdery but not so much that I want to scrub it off. This is green, vivid and sweet. The absinthe is subtle and doesn't lend this scent a blast of alcohol-like sharpness, more like its responsible for the airy quality of this scent. The currant is there dark and berry-like deep in the background. I don't know if its the rose or the ferns that lend this its powdery quality, but I do enjoy the lushness of this greenery. Can't ping the lilac/lavender directly but they're in here, lending a heady floral quality through the dry down. A drop of bitterness, yes, but not obtrusive. Not the close to nature green scent I go absolutely *feral* over, so not a bottle for me. But still a really lovely experience.
  15. Llanval


    thanks to rivetted, i tested enough of Alien/Siren to get a good feel for how it wears and this one! this one is really really really cool. this is the murky, creeping, unsettling, salty deep dark ocean aquatic i have been searching for. this stays, from wet to dry down, the perfect salty, murky, smoky black kelp and dark water scent. the cthulu scent i was hoping to find in the arkham line. on second testing, i get no citrus, this is just straight up the description of this scent. don't clearly get the violet leaf and i have less than zero familiarity with siamese red benzoin or davana but none of it does anything i don't enjoy on my skin. don't know if i can genuinely smell the squid ink or not, but there is an inky quality to this, like the results of a finely ground calligraphy ink stone. whatever it is, whatever is going on in this bottle, i am HERE FOR IT. ambergris isn't detectable either, but i don't know enough abt wearing bpal's version of it to clearly make a judgement, but it isn't making it tough to wear, for anyone who is iffy on ambergris. this does smell oily and sebaceous but not in a bad way, this is a really unique experience and if you aren't afraid of aquatics and laundry detergent/dryer sheets doesn't kill a scent for you, absolutely give this a whirl. this blend didn't give me any laundry detergent/dryer sheets, unlike one or two other aquatics i've tested and i haven't figured out what keeps it at bay in certain blends yet...but I am trying!!! this is another "to buy" bottle i'm tossing on the long loooooong list.