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  1. *butterflybynight*

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    Here are some other leafy scents (not necessarily composted leaves, mind you) Dia De Los Muertos - This is a Mexican paean to La Huesuda: dry, crackling leaves, the incense smoke of altars honoring Death and the Dead, funeral bouquets, the candies, chocolates, foods and tobacco of the ofrenda, amaranth, sweet cactus blossom and desert cereus. Devil's Night - This is the scent of autumn night, fires in the distance, with a touch of boozy swoon, playful sugar and thuggish musk. ("leaves" aren't a note, but if you search the topic for the word you will come up with 3 pages. I personally can get a hint of them in my '05s. Chant D'Automne - The scent of the year's fall and the setting sun, ominous and foreboding: dried leaves, charred wood, blood musk, amber, khus, and Nicotiana tabacum. edited4?sp.
  2. *butterflybynight*

    Swamp Atmosphere Spray

    Traveling by fan boat over narrow aquatic paths, the swamp water is stirred, spraying and splashing into the air. The water-way becomes a tunnel, enclosed by green mangrove vines that strangle out any rays of light. The deeper into the swamp the boat travels, the more flowers start to appear, until coming upon a cul de sac of the most full and fragrant blossoms on BPAL's entire plane of existence. Think I'll stop and rest here a while...
  3. *butterflybynight*


    CABARET.GOTH Inspired by European perfumes in the 1920’s: gardenia, amber, mandarin, orange flower, and sweet spices. SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PICK-UP ANGEL FOR THIS LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN! Cabaret.Goth was *not* one of the Bat's day scents that immediately stood out to me. Thank Gods I ended-up with a bottle of it, though, as it is really quite beautiful! Cab.Goth smells to me like The Lab's rendition of Hypnotic Poison. Only this isn't the standard version, it smells more like the deeply concentrated Elixir version, a scent which I LOVE passionately! It hasn't been mentioned yet, but I definitely detect a base of the smoothest-smelling anise (not licorice, anise), creamed-up by the amber and with a touch of those slightly spicy top notes. Not much gardenia/floral until the tiniest bit creeps in near the end. A soft and feminine scent that stays close, something which my collection sorely lacks. Very much a sophisticated blend and one that I see myself wearing lot throughout Spring and all the way into Fall!
  4. *butterflybynight*


    FETISH.GOTH Skin musk, slick black leather and wet latex with dark myrrh, patchouli, opoponax, THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN TO MY PICK-UP ANGEL, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Fetish.Goth really attracted me with its tri-fecta of resins. The idea of the incensey notes mixed with naughty leather and latex was an instant draw! Upon applying, this actually is exactly what I imagined the re-release of Spanked would smell like! Spanked was mostly spice with a little leather, this is leather backed-up by spice, on my skin. Not alot of muskiness and virtually no detectable resins. The leather is prominent throughout all stages and the scent remains very true on my skin, clear through drydown. The overall impression is leather with a noticeable spiciness. This doesn't burn my skin like Spanked, an added plus. The strength is a little above average and lasting time is a little below. I am really hoping that the resinous notes will develop over time and I can come back here in a month or two to update my review....
  5. *butterflybynight*

    BPAL scents appropriate for very young children?

    How about Twinkle Twinkle, Little Bat, if for the name alone.
  6. *butterflybynight*


    Yes, Celeste is a true beauty whose reputation definitely precedes her... And she totally lives up to the hype! This is one of the sexiest blends ever, the musk is prominent yet ladylike, with a sweetened edge that makes me want to slather her in places other than the usual wrists and neck! The drydown stays true with a note almost like a long-forgotten linen or what the beautiful Herb Girl described as a leather. Oh my...eyes...rolling...back of...head...... After having a full day to wear this, I am ultimately overwhelmed with just how noticeable the throw is, and the fact that this is such a long lasting scent, especially for, what is IMO, a vanillic musk. Edited to fix mistakes induced by the scnet-stupor.
  7. *butterflybynight*

    Pine and Evergreen goodness

    Yes, Slobbering Pine is very wearable! I've always avoided pine, but somehow got frimped SP and Nocnitsa, and both made it into the "Keep" pile!
  8. *butterflybynight*

    Wine, Beer, Rum, Bourbon... the booze scents

    Retested Bocal de Sang, and it started off with a strong tobacco smell (not burning, the leaves) and ended up a perfect red wine scent.
  9. *butterflybynight*

    Wine, Beer, Rum, Bourbon... the booze scents

    It' not going to be easy to find, but Bocal de Sang is by far the most red-wine smelling scent I've had the pleasure of coming across.
  10. *butterflybynight*

    Burning Vulva

    This, in my opinion, is very closely related to Giant Vulva. Maybe kissin' cousins? Not exactly what I expected, but I like it none-the-less. The note that stands out most to me, both in the bottle and on the skin, is the beeswax. Very similar to the aforementioned Giant Vulva, it's a honeyed/waxy fragrance with just a bit of something going on in the background. Some have mentioned a spiciness, but it seems to just be an afterthought. I'm guessing this is the ginger and pepper, whispering from far in the background. The notes I most wanted to smell; opoponax, leather, myrrh, and oakmoss don't seem to be present. BUT: These are pretty much all notes that seem to strengthen with age, so they will probably be late to the party. There is just a smidge of powderiness here, after a bit. To me, this is a much more wearable Giant Vulva. Where the Giant version's beeswax and vanilla flower could become sickly cloying after a while, this is much more wearable, in the end. GV's smell was sometimes overpowering, clogging up my nostrils with it's strength and intense throw. Burning Vulva, on the other hand, is not nearly as strong and sends minute whisps of fragrance all around. Don't get me wrong, where it lacks in strength, it makes up for in longevity, lasting for many hours. This blend is the epitome of a work/office fragrance that should add some depth and character to itself when given a chance to age. Added: This is one of two BPALs that I've gotten positive comments on, thus far. After giving my grandmother a hug, she kept going on and on about how good I smelled!
  11. *butterflybynight*

    The Illustrated Woman

    The Illustrated Woman is an oil that I've been wanting to try since reading the description. The notes looked like a win and the concept is just as attractive...So, I was delighted when frimped a decant in the mail today, from 2008. Upon testing, I would never have guessed it, but this is Schwarzer Mond all over again! The Mond actually rivals Snake Charmer as my favorite scent to date, so this is absolutely awesome! The smell is a resinous, rooty headshop blend, just a touch sweet with much depth. The only real difference is in the strength and throw, both of which are lighter than Schwarzer Mond's syrupy thickness. I believe The Illustrated Woman would be a perfect substitute for anyone missing this hard to find blend.
  12. *butterflybynight*

    Obsessed with Tomato Leaf

    Yes, yes, the Jerusalem Cherry Infused Honey is probably the closest thing you'll find to a straight-tomato smelling BPAL. Smells like the vines, more-so than the fruit.
  13. *butterflybynight*

    That! The Thing From Over There! v1

    Received TODAY from Midnight Aeval First sniff, wet, it's umm wha....oh, I'm hearing the DoubleMint gum commercial in my head, and I want it gone! Double your pleasure, double your...NOOOO, make it stop! It's all spearmint chewing gum when wet, I'm really getting not much of anything else. Then the drydown comes and there is a certain sweetness, must be the melon? Kiwi? Doesn't exactly smell like either, just adds a certain level of sweetness to my chewing gum. I can start to pick up a musky base to the blend, green musk makes the most sense. It remains this exact smell and slowly fades over the next two hours. I think the ageing has subdued the fruits and amped the spearment to a fever pitch. This will be nice to wear when the weather breaks over the next couple of months. Definitely fills a void in my collection, a very different blend from what I normally wear, and ultimately, I like it! Well, what a difference a couple days makes! This time the oil lasted much longer on me. Actually it's one of the longer lasting BPAL's I now own. Also, the musk is much more prominent and takes over upon drydown, with a cool spearment backing. I'm starting to love this blend...
  14. *butterflybynight*


    I had the opportunity to purchase this from Venneh, here's a big for everything! Ok, I made the same mistake I always make when I get a BPAL package, I rip it open and go right to testing! In the bottle, this is marzipan, no maybe the marischino, or something like marzischino I guess....I put just a dab on the wrist and I instantly get the cherry tootsie pop smell that has been spoken of. It's pretty dead-on, but then it is gone, in no time! 20 seconds, the scent has now shifted to musk ~ just musk ~ all musk. Hmmmm. I remind myself that Gothabilly just came from the mailbox, she's cold, she's just had a long journey. So she's allowed to rest for a while... Three days later, freshly showered, which scent to pick....let's try Gothabilly now....This time I get the liberty to slather, as I love to do, and I hit all the right spots with the clear, sweet oil. This time, tootsie pop is back and I just pulled it from my mouth, it's right under my nose! Mmmm it has a very slight creaminess to it and this goes on for a good 20 minutes and THEN the musk comes to the party and it is now the most sexiest sucker I've ever tasted! My tootsie pop smells like I've stuck it in some very naughty places! This is soo awesome, and it is wafting all up in my face, the throw is surprising me, usually sweet or foodies have little throw from me. But, I find myself paralyzed on the couch, not wanting to move, I might happen to stir this beautiful cloud around me. This time, the cherry fades slowly away, leaving a long lasting musk scent that hangs close to my skin. I am so in ~love~ with my Gothabilly, it is everything I wanted it to be and I will wear this on special occasions, when I want to escape everything in a loving scent coma.
  15. *butterflybynight*

    Snake Charmer

    My first review of any sort and I want to start right off by thanking GypsyRoseRed....I was only able to get my mitts on this through her and it was a nice, full bottle of the Resurrected version. The first time I ever read about this scent I just knew I had to have and wear it, no matter what! This is a perfect scent for me and my tastes. In the bottle this is sort of astringent. Closing my eyes, I clearly envision a snake, the top end is an herbal and bitey head, followed by a long and smooth vanilla body, which leads down to a whispy tail of incense...OH MY GOD! >slathering NOW!< Close to the skin it keeps most of its herbacious twinge, but get a foot away from me and it is all vanillaish spice, which turns more and more nag champaish more and more towards the drydown. This smell to me is divine, this could easily be my signature smell and I even want my casket to reak of it when I have to pass....