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  1. Teasandtoast

    Creaking Floorboards

    I love this in the imp - my favorite of the Weenies - but my skin eats it up. No bottle for me.
  2. Teasandtoast

    Doomscroll Blocker

    Got mine Saturday and was anxious to try it out, and in the bottle it felt like it smacked me in the face. 36 hours of settle time and it's amazing. I can't stop smelling myself. (And have successfully avoided doomscrolling!)
  3. Teasandtoast

    Ooyogari No Koe Home & Linen Spray

    "Clean" is definitely the right description. It's a very pleasant scent, and maybe more appealing to the masses than my favorite Dracula sprays. Enjoyed the tester and I'll probably purchase a full one.
  4. Teasandtoast

    Belgian Chocolate and Scorched Caramel Home & Linen Spray

    Smells exactly like you would expect from chocolate and caramel, but not at all overpowering. I was surprised by how much I like it.
  5. I thought this would be my favorite of the three atmos sprays I tried, but something in it seems to make me sneeze. Still a pleasant fragrance but not one I'll be keeping.
  6. Teasandtoast

    Ibis and Jacquel's Funeral Parlor Atmosphere Spray

    I wanted to like this so much more than I did. Ordered it when I was going through a myrrh craze earlier this year, but every time I spray it, it's much too sweet for me. I like the idea, but my rooms may be too small for the concentration.
  7. Teasandtoast

    Miskatonic University

    This really did not impress in the imp: the coffee is incredibly sugary and sweet, which just isn't what I want to smell like at all. Well after the dry down, the library scent comes out to play, and that is intoxicating. I'm glad I didn't just write this one off: maybe an hour or two after application, the sweetness tones way down and I'm left with a (still somewhat sweet and coffee-like) cozy autumn library. Super evocative, super pleasant. By the end of the day, I'm left with the faint, dusty-book scent I was hoping for all along. I can put up with a couple hours of coffee first thing in the morning (does double duty as a wake-up scent!) in order for the rest of the day. Went ahead and got a full-size bottle.
  8. Teasandtoast


    This is a very cold scent to me, and I don't pick up on the leather or coffee much at all, as some other reviewers mentioned. It does smell exactly like a classic men's cologne, which... does what it says on the tin, but probably won't do it much on my skin. After a few months, it has aged into something I like a little better, but of my full-size bottles, it's the last I reach for. Will try it out for a little while longer, but ultimately I guess I'm not a folksy FBI agent.
  9. Teasandtoast


    Not especially villainous - I love this scent. One of two I ordered full-size after trying in the imps. I was honestly surprised that such a light scent would be so masculine, but it is. Definitely a springtime scent for me though, so it's sitting back for a few months.
  10. Teasandtoast

    Jolly Roger

    Very oceanic and woodsy. Wet and in the bottle, it almost hits you in the face and you would think it would be too much, but I absolutely love it. Lasts well through the day and gives me a practical jauntiness in my step.
  11. Teasandtoast

    FORMULA GGSG3: Gravedigger

    I had no idea what sort of scents I would like until a bored exploratory order earlier this year, but Jolly Roger immediately jumped out as one of my favorites and I took a gander and ordered this on Etsy as the descriptions sounded somewhat similar and I loved the name. It became my all-time favorite BPAL scent as soon as I opened the bottle, and I had to order a backup immediately. It is a little reminiscent of Jolly Roger - a lot of similar notes that work well on my skin - but a much gentler version. The earthiness makes it a wonderful fall/winter scent, but I may find myself gravitating back to Villain in the spring and Jolly Roger in the summer.