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    DEATHROCK Hairspray, cigarette smoke, hair dye over wisps of olibanum, styrax, and benzoin. Wet: I get the hairspray and dye. Not much else. And mainly just hairspray. That generic, almost grape-y, chemical hairspray. I'm hoping this morphs like I remember on my way home from the event. :/ Dry: 15 min in I am still getting hairspray, although it is sweetening up nicely, and climbing toward that bright rock candy I remember. Still not a complex scent to my nose. Just sweet hairspray Final drydown: It is just like I remember! I get all the benzoiny goodness without any noticeable chemicals. actually maybe its just that theres no strong chemical scent left. Just enough to create a sparkling, or effervescent, rock candy scent. I should note, I never picked up one bit of cigarette smoke, not even out of the bottle. And I have never smoked, and no one in my family smokes, so i usually notice even the smallest amount. Just in case that note was scaring people..
  2. Mellifluous

    Copulating Mice

    Bergamot, clove, hazelnut, pecan, lavender, tonka, and thyme. Oddly enough, this smelled very creamy to me out of the bottle. Maybe a mixture of the tonka, hazelnut, and pecan? Wet on my skin there is a slight freshness from the bergamot and herbs, but this is still waaay creamy goodness. Which is actually a big change for me as most creamy, milky scents only stay very close to my skin and can only be appreciated hours later. Either way, I'm really liking this! Dry, this is still mainly a creamy smell on me with kind of a provincal feel. Like a nice milk tea, but not really too herbal.. just creamy with a little bit of the herbs. I dont notice the nuts individually at any point while wearing this, it is a very well balanced perfume on me.
  3. Mellifluous

    Haute Macabre

    Oak leaf, bourbon vanilla, almond husk, and black leather accord darkened by a 13-year aged black patchouli. Mmmm. I just got my pack, and insta-slathered. On me, this is a black leather... but with the almond, I get a very 'lived-in' leather feel. So that said, the almond is present on me.. but its mostly just adding a creamy butteryness to the leather. I do get a hint of woodiness, and just enough sweetness to have me really enjoying this. So far its a big win. Dry, it is still very similar. It does seem more creamy, but leather is still the primary and most dominant note. Mmm.. I think I get more of a tonka note than straight up almond... or maybe its a mix of the almond with the oak leaf? Either way, its a very nice delicate creamy nuttiness that tames the blackness of the leather. The patchouli is completely absent to my nose, but perhaps ageing will change that some? Overall I am really liking this creamy, and just slightly sweet, leather blend. I think that this will win the hearts of all leather lovers.
  4. I got one of the vanilla-based Scapula Chaos' from the kickstarter, and figured this was the place to review? Its vanilla, and maybe a touch of myrrh? There's something soft and nuzzly in there. Its kind of cool, but a bit rich as well. Maybe a touch of chamomile? IDK, it reminds me of blue tansy.. but with a little extra warmth and heft. Not quite as herbal/floral. Very pretty and soft, but persistent 2nd day of testing this.. and I think some lavender and tonka have developed? very subtle, but I keep getting whiffs of those. Beautiful!
  5. Mellifluous

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat

    LEMON-SCENTED STICKY BAT ...last week Maddy woke me up early in the morning. "Daddy," she said, "There's a bat on the kitchen window." "Grumphle," I said and went back to sleep. Soon, she woke me up again. "I did a drawing of the bat on the kitchen window," she said, and showed me her drawing. For a five year old she's a very good artist. It was a schematic of the kitchen windows, showing a bat on one of the windows. "Very nice dear," I said. Then I went back to sleep. When I went downstairs... We have, instead of dangling fly papers, transparent strips of gluey clear plastic, about six inches long and an inch high, stuck to the windows on the ground floor. When they accumulate enough flies, you peel them off the window and throw them away. There was a bat stuck to one. He was facing out into the room. "I think he's dead," said my assistant Lorraine. I peeled the plastic off the window. The bat hissed at me. "Nope," I said. "He's fine. Just stuck." The question then became, how does one get a bat (skin and fur) off a fly-strip. Luckily, I bethought me of the Bram Stoker award. After the door had fallen off (see earler in this topic) I had bought some citrus solvent to take the old glue to reglue the door on. So I dripped citrus solvent onto the grumpy bat, edging him off the plastic with a twig, until a lemon-scented sticky bat crawled onto a newspaper. Which I put on the top of a high woodpile, and watched the bat crawl into the logs. With any luck he was as right as rain the following night... Sticky-sweet iced lemon sugar! This has the icy note from waltz of the snowflakes, but is mostly sweet, fresh, lemon. This would make an amazing summer scent imo, cause it is just soo fresh, and chilly, and light. Just like a lemon snowcone or slushie. It was a little too sweet for my personal prefs, but still something with a fun scent.
  6. Mellifluous


    STEAM.GOTH Oil-spattered brass, engine grease, and a warm splash of Victorian aftershave. Wet: I get the brass, with a little bit of oil, along with slightly pungent herbs.. similar to creosote. Dry: Just 3 minutes in, a sweetness opens the scent up. its not strongly sweet, but noticeably more so then in the wet stage.The brass is still there, and i'm noticing some musky wafts. I'm getting some clove also, and just noticed the herby scent is gone. Brass, clove, maybe a peppercorn? This is a very masculine scent. It has a kind of bayrum scent, but with brass. For the final drydown (3 hours later) I'm left with a sweet musky, still slightly metalic blend, which is very nice. There is a slight reappearance of the creosote, and a tiny bit of a floral that comes out, but i cant place it. I want to say violet, but the brass is making it hard for me to pin down (that and i'm crap at identifying florals, as I tend to avoid them) Overall its a really nice scent. It starts really masculine, but I think the drydown leaves it right in the middle.
  7. Mellifluous

    Young Pine Saplings

    Cream, clove, ginger, and honey. Oh young pine saplings, you smell so spicily sweet in the bottle. And actually a lot like Mother ginger in my opinion. On my skin however, you do show the deeper, warm, gingery spiciness (as opposed to the fresh zingy note in MG). I get the cream in there too way at the bottom, as is usual for me. For whatever reason this one did not last too long on me, except if I sniff with my wrist right up to my nose.. Which actually I dont mind because really strong spicy scents that are very persistent just remind me of old ladies perfume. Overall, I think this is a very nice scent, that is a bit more wearable than mother ginger or gingerbread poppet. As I said to a friend, all these shungas smell really nice to me! and there was only 2 that I wasnt totally in love with... but they are both still worthy of getting a bottle.
  8. Mellifluous


    Hoodie cotton and milk-splashed denim with a hint of pine needles and ectoplasm. I swear Norman smells a bit like marijuana. Not as much as Hippie ghost, but something about the combo of cotton, milk, and pine reads as hemp to my nose. That said, it smells a bit like baby lotion too. Lol, so pretty much I'm getting a freshly bathed (and lotioned) baby.. smoking a blunt. As its drying, the scent is heading more to the baby lotion side, and is not nearly as hemp-y. It actually is a nice scent.. and I think I like it.. but, its kindof disturbing as well. If I can get over my weird associations with the scents, I could see really liking this scent. Overall, its a bit cotton-y, a bit creamy, and slightly a bit herbal.
  9. Mellifluous

    Boystyle Aristocrat

    BOYSTYLE ARISTOCRAT A dapper Victorian bergamot and patchouli cologne that has been softened by orris and spiced with pink peppercorn. To me, it is reminiscent of a patchouli-type soap scent. A very clean patch, not very much throw.. more of a "just out of the shower" type of barely-there skin scent.
  10. Mellifluous

    Capax Infiniti

    Capax Infiniti Limited Edition (Lilith’s Birthday!) Scent Dear Lilith, Your giggle makes me smile. Your tears touch my heart. Your hugs give me strength. I love seeing the world through your eyes. Thank you for letting me hold your hand as we walk along your path of life. I love you infinity. Dad A scent warmed by a whole lot of love: honey-snuggled skin musk, sweet vanilla ice cream residue, and lavender oil (Lilith’s favorite!), with a gentle hint of Dorian. This is kind of exactly what I was imagining it to be. I had heard someones impression mentioning something about butterscotch, or something that gave me the impression of syrupy sweetness, but I dont get that at all. It starts very similar to the lavender Beavermoon (the cheesecake-heavy version), where the lavender is noticeable, but not the main player. Definitely primarily a creamy scent, as opposed to a sharp or herbal one. As it dries a bit, the lavender seems to step even further back, and I would call whats left a 'powdery ice cream musk'. Its delicate and fuzzy, and soft and creamy, and slightly powdery. I can see the Dorian in it, but just barely, and only because it was listed. I wouldnt have thought so just from smelling. Hours later, it reminds me a bit of aged Sed Non Satiata. The powdery creaminess really becoming the lasting fragrance. I guess I do get the honey too, but I think for me, the faded lavender and hint of Dorian really help balance it out. The wisps I get from this throughout the day is very nice. Soft and gentle and pleasant, but non-obtrusive. Huffing from wrist, it is a little too powdery-clean for me. Like, but not love... even though I love the bottle (cool metalic labels) and the inspiration
  11. Mellifluous

    Hime Gyaru

    HIME GYARU Fit for a princess: pink musk, spun sugar, white rose, pink gardenia, black currant, and violet leaf. Imo, wet it smells like herbal essence shampoo, with cotton candy and violets. I actually mean this in a good way, as its a really pretty scent. It is very pink, and a bit powdery sweet. Hours later, the powdery sugar note turns more cotton candy-ish, and the violets drop back to the gardenia. So on me, mostly a cotton candy/gardenia scent. And at the very end, you do get a huge wallop of pink musk. Overall, this thing throws like a star quarterback. Its a nice girly pink scent. If you liked loli or cab goth, you'll probably really like this. ...its actually quite in the middle. The cutie-pie sweetness of loligoth with the bright floral aspect of cab goth. The finish on this one is similar to velvet unicorn.
  12. Mellifluous

    Mori Girl

    MORI GIRL Forest tuberose, woodland mosses, wisteria blossoms, hime wood, night-blooming jasmine, and honey dust. Those that liked weeping branches will probably like this. The tuberose is the first note I get, followed by wisteria and jasmine. After some hours, the tuberose really steps down, and it seems more of a spicy jasmine and powdery-bright wisteria. It finishes with a slightly powdery non-descript floral.
  13. Mellifluous

    Dolly Kei

    DOLLY KEI Antiqued bourbon vanilla and tobacco-tinged yellow sandalwood with copal and amber incense, frankincense, tonka absolute, and myrrh. It is a bit tobacco heavy on first application, but mellows really nicely as it dries. Like really really nicely. TBH, it smells like Pinched had a baby with Underpants. Not to sensationalize it, but its TRUE! The vanilla/sandalwood combo, with some spicy resins, woods, and tonka next to that tobacco. It starts with a resin chewy sweet tobacco and then the vanilla /sandalwood just develops and develops until it reaches this nice vanilla/sandalwood/tobacco with just the slightest incensey spice , which keeps it from being too cloying. The finish is a distinguished smelling vanilla wood, with just the slightest wisp of tobacco.
  14. Mellifluous

    Grand Guignol: Thanatos

    GRAND GUIGNOL: THANATOS All stage blood and pantomimed gore: black myrrh and murky opoponax with beeswax, Oman frankincense, rosewood, black tea leaf, bourbon vanilla, sugar cane, vetiver, and Daemonorops. This is so interesting. The vetiver is not present at ALL to my nose. Its a very dark herbal resin scent. Actually rather sweet too initially. But not rooty, nor funky in the least. The black tea adds the slightest astringent quality. I think I primarily get the Black Myrrh from this. Followed by a very beautifully softened frankincense. The beeswax and rosewood are also gorgeous, and while not super prominent on my skin, they do add dimension to the blend. As it dries, the sweetness fades a bit, and the daemonorops unfolds. It adds a slightly camphorous herbal quality, that along with the frank/myrrh create a very blackened incense vibe. This is a really evocative perfume.
  15. Mellifluous


    What I get from this is a cool sweet lemon. Not tart at all, a sweet hard candy lemon.. like lemonheads, but frozen. Lol. It does start off with a scent that can lean towards pinesol, but after a while it is very much like a nice lemoncello over ice. At the dry down I do pick-up a slight white or yellow floral quality, thats waaay light, and possibly slightly herby. hmm, it actually might be carnation, lol or maybe melissa. But overall its a cool sweet lemon.
  16. Mellifluous

    French Vanilla

    I gotta say, I'm really loving my Vanilla. It is very gourmand perfume-y vanilla, on me. I did not get any plastic notes at all. Not overly sugary either. Just a slightly warm, rich, diffusive vanilla. I'm happy I bought 4 bottles... and I might go back for more with the next update, if still available. ETA: I called it 'perfume-y above, but now that I've thought on it and worn it a few times, its actually slightly amber-y. Like maybe it has some labdanum in it? Maybe tonka? Either way, still total win for me!
  17. Mellifluous

    Guatemalan Volcanic Coffee Bean

    A very nice coffee SN, although there is a throbbing pulse of vetiver that creeps up every time I huff my wrist. I think that may be the scorched/acrid note Hexnut picked up on. It definitely does not overpower the warm roasty coffee, but adds just a touch more darkness and I'm sure helps with longevity. Very interesting blend. Still looking forward to a coffee blend thats closer to BPTP's Jonathans Coffee House, but I'm definitely keeping my GVCB's too.
  18. Mellifluous

    'Pink' scents

    Mouses long and sad tale Mouse Circus Velvet Unicorn Ava (from OLLA) If One Only Knew The Right Way To Change Them Jailbait These are the ones that immediately flew into my mind. I'd imagine the Pink Moons too, but I havent really smelled them.
  19. Mellifluous

    Wormwood Field

    WORMWOOD FIELD Wormwood accord, pink lime, yuzu, thyme flower, hinoki, cedar wood, and green musk. Wormwood Field is really bright and crisp, and dewy. I like it, but it kind of reminds me of Herbal Essences shampoo. I do smell nice complex nuances, of the woods, and a pretty consistent soft floral/herbal note from the Thyme.. But overall the grapefruit/yuzu dewyness and the green musk, just remind me of shampoo. I know I personally have horrible scent associations (horrible in that, once it pops into my head, I have a hard time NOT drawing parallels ), that dont translate to most people, so it probably is just me.. but if I could stop thinking about HE shampoo, I would say this is a lovely spring/summery dewy green musk blend.
  20. Mellifluous

    Snake Charmer Hair Gloss

    Sensual, sibilant, sexual and hypnotic: Arabian musk and exotic spices slinking through Egyptian amber, enticing vanilla, and a serpentine blend of black plum, labdanum, ambrette, benzoin and black coconut. Got my bottles last night, and have been luxuriating in the scent since. Reminiscent of the namesake, but on me this is a fresh remake. Still a sultry deep vibe, but overall it feels brighter than I remember the other 2 versions being. Reminds me of Death Adder with a pinch of Mme Moriarty, and a shot of gleaming shiny vanilla. Really beautiful. I could see almost everyone liking this. Its deep, but not too heavy, sweetened but not cloying, and the fruit is noticeable but not the star, and not jammy.The only people who may be weary, are musk haters, as this does have a nice dollop of that Arabian musk (but imo, it is tempered perfectly with that amber and the spices). Mmm. Just, everyone, please PLEASE get a bottle of this if you are even pondering it.
  21. Mellifluous

    Virgin’s Blood Bath Oil

    Rose petals and fresh cream.No virgins were harmed in the making of this product. Everlasting youth and eternal beauty not guaranteed. Having just tested this, it is a bit heavier on the rose than I remember from the event. I'm not a big rose fan, but it's still not a terrible scent. I would still say this is similar to pink snowballs, only it is just roses and cream, no "snow" note. Its fairly basic, not too complex, but a really beautiful soft rose scent. Definitely a young, virginal, pink rose, is what comes to my mind.
  22. Mellifluous

    Samurai in a Graveyard by Night

    Mulberry leaf, juniper berries, cypress, Himalayan cedar, neroli, night-blooming jasmine, galbanum, and wisteria. This scent is primarily juniper berry. That said I can easily pick out most of the other notes listed. A good amount of cedar is noticeable, and the juniper/cedar blends really well with the neroli and jasmine. Its definitely not a floral blend, but the slight pungency of the juniper berry does meld with the heady qualities of them both. I also get a touch of wisteria that adds a nice subtle coolness and freshens the other peppery woody heady notes. It is nice, but a bit too medicinal for this gourmand lover.
  23. Mellifluous

    Glowing Vulva Bath Oil

    GLOWING VULVA BATH OIL Cream accord, amber, teak, and lotus blossom. Shea oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, fractionated coconut oil, rosehip seed, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, isopropyl myristate, glycereth-7-cocoate (derived from coconut), oleth 3, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume blends. OMG cream! This smelled sooo good! I wanted to jank the tester!!! (of course i never would) It seemed a lot creamier then the perfume, but it has been a while since I've tested it. This was a very luxurious scent, that honestly I might just buy 5 bottles of, because it was that good! teak and blossom were there, but definitely a lightly ambered cream was the main player. Mmmmm, cant wait!
  24. The truest chamomile scent I've smelled from bpal doesnt actually list chamomile as a note.. but I grow chamomile, and can verify it 100% smells like it. The sweet milky, almost appley kind, with tiny whispers of dusty floral, and dry hay notes. Anyhow, the blend is The Day Burned White, from the Clive Barker section. The notes: Plaster and spraypaint, mottled with buttermilk – sweet, chalky, and edging on sickly. White and golden amber beams of daylight pour through the belly of the scent, while oakmoss and Spanish moss add a touch of decay. I know, it doesnt even sound like it would be what you're looking for.. but if you could track a decant down, I think you'll find it a perfect match to rich sweet chamomile (thats not too sweet nor medicinal in the slightest).
  25. Mellifluous

    Loved To Death

    Mmmmm, this is that same very true to life glowing, almost ambery, beeswax note from Greater Horseshoe Bat, but with a mild woody clove and little bursts of vanilla sugar every once in a while. I never got any cinnamon, which is totally fine by me. Definitely evocative of a candle but I get more of this: than this: ... if you know what I mean.