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  1. Supertrooper Omni

    Marshmallow Snow

    Bazooka Joe bubblegum and tiger balm immediately. Not bad and definitely interesting. It's a perky camphor menthol minty sweetish scent. Not a gourmand, or really gooey smell at all. Kind of like a stick of mint chewing gum mixed with eucalyptus grove.
  2. Supertrooper Omni

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi hi team! Many life changes later, I've returned. My exercise goals have big time changed, and I'm basically trying to motivate myself to encourage myself to walk rather than take the bus to work (4.3 miles away) and my studio (2.7). Then work my way up from that. Ages ago I used to just ride my bike, but I've read that walking is more effective. And honestly when I was at the Y I was an ellipticizing queen. I walked about a mile yesterday to the grocery store, and was rocking It Was Just A Cat and a splash of Possets Wiley. Am currently getting ready to head out to the studio and am maybe thinking 🤔 laudnum or dee or Lydia. It's chilly and I kinda wanna go with something dark/earthy.
  3. Supertrooper Omni

    The Wish

    This is the first of the ars inspirio scents that I've tried. Some additional background, I tend to favor heavy patchouli scents and sweet scents. The Wish follows it's printed description exactly -- though not what I expected, since I was thinking it would be a syrupy brown patchouli fruit dracula. The Wish when first applied is a hit of piney, light, I can smell the datura accord and osmanthus distinctly in the early phase. It smells like fancy hotel soap or niche parfum, which I don't intend as a derisive or to over simplify. It's clean, sophisticated dry. Overall the scent is very light, dry and sheer. The fruits are faint to me. they are not immediately identifiable, nor are they the big juicy fruits of many bpal fruity fruit blends. It's like if you were in an incense shop that only carried those grey whitish colored japanese sticks in the octogon box, holding a wilting devil's trumpet and a dried osmanthus in your hand and there was 1 unsweetened dried jujube and 1 dedicated goji berry in a bowl across the room that suddenly manifested then disappeared. The scent is overall incensey, but not dark smokey. The scent morphs a great deal on me and settles to a very dry frank (thought it was sandalwood oops) and dry vanilla (not sweet). The amber is there but well blended. I'm not noticing patchouli. The pepper is pretty subtle. All of it is pretty subtle! Very evocative. I would recommend for day wear, or office since it's not heavy at all on me. There are no potpourri or outstanding chai-mulling spice type scents, btw. Recommended for incense lovers, sandalwood fans. Especially lovers of incense not smokey and not dark. Floral, not sweet. Dry unsweetened frank pepper vanilla drydown is giving me feels...? Very elegant and thoughtful.
  4. Supertrooper Omni

    What should I try next?: An inevitable thread

    Mmm there's enbalming fluid - white musk, green tea, aloe and lemon. Whitechapel - White musk, lime, lilac and citron (I expected this to be 7411 esque but it was not at all lame men's cologne, just very crisp) and Manhattan - sheer amber, black leather, white mint, lemon peel, white tea, grapefruit, kush, teakwood and orchid. Aizen-myoo: Yuzu, kaki, and mikan with cherry blossom and black tea. in the category of juicy scents that are not musty, nor sweet nor insanely floral. I am also kind of enamored with Cheshire cat. I like aelopile as well, Aizen-myoo is soft, and more femme to me and pretty different from aelopile but they have that non+pledge smelling citrus. I also am pretty into Against Mischief and Idleness, which is a chamomile scent, and chamomile is also pretty strong in Cheshire cat and not overly floral or stank. I also like vassilissa, and find little wooden doll delightful in same regard, however if you hate woods/frankincense some of these might be deal breakers. These are all GC catalog scents, so you can probably pick up imps for a buck on the forums of you look around. Anteros is pretty rad if you end up liking the snake oil and sed non saetiata, patch blend woody darker scents (my faves)!!
  5. Supertrooper Omni

    Anne Bonny

    V short opening with patchouli acetone poppersesque 3 second rush which quickly disappears. Replaced by powerful zing of citrus-rosemary-green piney. Real eye opener pick up moment! Mellows out to more citrus salt as the evergreen smells recede. Once it settles down: Perky elegant golden pine touched light colored bright wood smell elegantly blended with just enough patchouli to make it mysterious. Somewhere in the family of aureus without musk and aelopile without citrus, lol. Recommend if you like bpals light woodsy resins and don't hate patchouli. Also recommended for out of this world knock your socks off hey get out of bed big openings.
  6. Supertrooper Omni

    Juke Joint

    Strange! My experience is more akin to the previous baby powder/amber reviews. I received it as a frimp from the lab. As a frequent bourbon drinker in a past life, and mint julep maker and consumer, I was very curious. In the imp it smelled like a brown men's cologne. On my skin I'm getting mainly powdery amber and something vaguely like a wood and oak moss. I can't identify any mint it might be mixed with the sweeter sugary powdery end of the amber. On v close sniff, one might interpret as like a dark woodsy light smoked oak barrel aged type smell. Slightly leathery. Not the over the top maple syrup mint boozy monster I expected and that some other people experienced unfortunately. But definitely not bad! Autumn smells, recommend it you like medium complex amber that's not too sweet. TOTALLY a hot dad or foxy office smell. My skin totally ate this up in 15 minutes though and it's almost completely gone, which was another big surprise. :-0
  7. Supertrooper Omni

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi hi witchy sisters, It's been a minute since my last update. The days go by v fast. Accountability! On Sunday I did about an hour of yoga in the morning and took 9 mile hike around a lake in a regional park nearby. It was nice to get out of my loud ass neighborhood and be around plants and non human animals. I gotta find some way to do this more often. Spacing a bit, def did some yoga Monday and Wednesday with Adrienne. This morning I wore embalming fluid for the first time and mixed Manhattan with my leave in conditioner to walk to my ballot drop off. It was about 90 degrees out, I was sweating, in a giant grapefruit lemon cloud. It was great! The citrus really helped me get going I think it was about 2 miles in all. I'll probably do a little more yoga before bed tonight. This thread has really been helping to motivate me to do a little more and to not be so hard on myself. It's been super helpful. Plus Adrienne and my Pilates youtube lady have been super encouraging, lol. Thanks a bunch!
  8. Supertrooper Omni

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi hi my health goth sisters! Tested Delight and Grief when I was doing my yoga with Adrienne this morning. Florals are not typically my thing, but these were very nice once everything got very warm, you know? I'm feeling way better today. Trying to motivate myself to do my homework currently. Planning a weekend hike, or ritual in nature after I finish all of these assignments. Rewards! Goals! Exciting lunches in the future?! I felt pretty gross yesterday, so I skipped Thursday and was pretty grumpy. Such bummer energy. I ended up sleeping and vegging out. I hate playing detective, because I never solve my biological mysteries. Too many anxiety dreams? a cold, something I ate? Depression? Dehydration? Low vitamin? Ovulation? Inhaling too much smoke? Too much caffeine? No fever though, thankfully. Then like that, it disappears! @Madame Mew it must be the changing of the seasons. I hope you score big on your mushroom hunt. Wednesday I had a 4.82 mile walk while wearing Voodoo with my buddy. Had also done my morning yoga. It was lovely! The weather's finally getting fall like. Leaves on the ground in the Bay area! Also sweatpants and pajamas 24/7 are cool again, because billie eillish and internet girls wear them, 4 r3al. You just have to remember to wear a beanie and something neon colored. Really!
  9. Supertrooper Omni

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi hi exercise team! I've been a bit behind in my posts. I am totally neglecting my homework to write this rn lolz. This morning I wore Western Pygmy Blue, which was a unique ashy tobacco coconut soft experience and did some morning yoga. Pleasant but also kinda yucky, I liked the initial application, an unfolding blueberry blue dusty vetiver tobac, but am having car air freshener and Grandpa's ashtray memories on the drydown. I am feeling ambivalent about riding my bike to my studio across town as my bike posture bums me out and makes my back tired, however it is a beautiful day and freeee, and I will get to visit my cat buddy, and human buddies, if I get over there. I'm in love with those stupid lime scooters though and might potato out and scoot over. Hmmm, my tracker tells me that my last substantive walk was 2 miles on Sunday, and I did yoga and kettlebell on Monday testing Alice's Evidence. The cinnamon was really uplifting and cheerful. @Amazonia your needy hubs needs to get in on that exercise game. Fitness couple!!! I used to have back pain, and really involved yoga, dance, walking was the only thing that would relieve it. I hope you feel better! Xoxo!
  10. Supertrooper Omni

    The Ghost

    Spectral, ghostly, iris, violet, ozone, clean aquatic watery flowers, blue lotus? Fresh from the floral refrigerator white carnation, a tiny touch of something like bergamot or citrus rind in the background and barely there musk. More delicacy, an airy muguet(?). An androgenous scent. Sophisticated, aloof. Wet but also dry. In the imp, this smelled very off putting wet, but I went for it anyway! What a transformation! The ghost is a very un-bpal type scent for me, as I tend to be attracted most to the lab's rooty-herbal-earthy blends. Noticably no sweetness, nor patch dark musk, zero vanilla, no fruits. The weird blondes in lovecraft country would wear this. Very surprising clean fresh spring futuristic ectoplasmic vibes. Strong memories of the late '90s smelling l'eau d'issey for the first time. Or CK One-esque, but less abrasive. I think the ozone and mix of floral and citrus is what people are picking up as Lysol wipes and the other reviews. Clean, invigorating, fresh, uplifting, hydrangea? Snowdrops? Clean laundry?!
  11. Supertrooper Omni


    Very sheer, mild scent. I do not detect the strong cinnamon that other reviews mentioned. The scent is very quiet, reminds me of oil of olay, or cold cream, or ivory soap. Mostly Johnson and Johnson pink lotion scent, soft mild powdery floral with touch of green stemmy smell if you search for it. The smell reminds me of a newly pressed compact of face powder. I'm not sure if the imp I received was old, but to me it does not smell like Bulgarian rose, or any scent I'd identify as knock me on my ass rose. Such a different experience than other reviews! Low throw, very fleeting, barely there, though I applied a lot.
  12. Supertrooper Omni


    Initial blast of fresh strong green bay, ginger, lemongrass. A little prickly camphor-cinnamon, sweetness. I can't distinguish balsams and resins very well, but there's a nice light musk/opoponax dry down. I don't smell any smoke or pepper. Though it is "incensy" and masc, but easily gender neutral, and really not even close to the smokiest bpal scents (malediction = bbq). No vetiver, no patch, no identifiable woods. Also, not Christmas candle spice! I had a very different experience than other reviews, but tested 2 imps, one new and an older one and they were both identical. Similar scent to aureus (again my olfactory memory is not at all reliable). Light cozy after a meteoric opening. When I queried my bf, he said it smelled "sweet". Pleasant! Wild, unique, intense, bold, refreshing, cinna-sweet then soft... Highly recommended! Smells like the leaves and trees and grasses I gather on hikes in nor cal
  13. Supertrooper Omni

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Oh oh! Me too me too! I have been doing a lot of yoga with Adrienne and YouTube Pilates. About 30 minutes daily or an hour if I'm feeling some kind of way. I used to go to the Y and do classes, dance, weights, ellipticals on my days off, but my covid shelter in place changed my routine big time. Coincidentally I had testing my imps when exercising for a few weeks. As I can non-committally test drive and then wash them off if I don't particularly enjoy them. Convenience! Today I tested Lust, which do not inspire lust, despite the many reviews lol. I don't have much to say about the scent, but it does seem like the backbone of many other scents in the catalog. Also psa: do not over indulge in liquorice to tea, as you will poison yourself. Don't be like me!
  14. Supertrooper Omni


    Cozy, soft, warm. Not super leathery or hempy on me, not cedary or barny. Rosin, sweet vague benzoin. Pretty, adorable, not raucus. Reminds me of the little wooden doll and aureus in my scent memory, but uhhhh, minus the woods. Recommended!
  15. Supertrooper Omni


    Reviewing a hand labeled tester from 2018: Strongly echoing doomsdaydisco's notes. Amber, iris, maybe some benzoin. Soft, dry, medium bright. Feminine, elegant, vaguely baby powder-ish but not distractingly so. Strong resemblance/dupe to prada's infusion d'iris. No sweetness or fruitiness.