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  1. Supertrooper Omni

    The Mandrake Charm

    I wasn't ready for this scent when I first encountered it, and put it away for later, which is now. Mandrake charm is a really distinct scent, and now probably faded a lot since it's initial release. It's rooty, but also airy and suggests aquatic. So the scent doesn't strike me as outstanding or strong, and while it was initially more challenging it's actually a really calming, tall refreshing glass of water. More like a light cucumber water + fresh cut potato smell. During the initial application, it went on a bit more bitter-root scented, like the smell of a cellar. The scent changed from musty basement, bitter, to watery- herbaceous, airy, green, fresh watery celery stick but I'm also smelling the olibanum-hyssop-myrrh smelling vaguely leather-ish all blended in there as it settles down. Really unique and calming.
  2. Supertrooper Omni

    In Hel, We Feast On Sugar Packets

    Like many other reviewers, I was lured in by promises of sugar which were not to be found. However it was a intense experience. I had to apply a bit, as initially i tested with a drop and it promptly disappeared. Really blossoms in warmer weather. Initially, on application it was a green stemmy light rose, a flash of something vaguely violet-iris-wisteria then lily heady white floral. I smell maybe like a touch of opium or a hint of the 1980s Pert Plus green smell. Interesting, for lover of mysteriouso glam white florals (lily tuberose) and a touch of unplaceable green tangy clean under vibe on throughout. I don't like white floral and this is blowing up my face with a sneeze attack. Pleasant, big glam flower lady, nice soft powder finsih, did not go totally baby powder, but pretty gentle, drydown.
  3. Supertrooper Omni

    Sebaceous Lacerations

    Bigsmells! this is a very big orange blossom in the bottle. My experience was v similar to RoseThornandOak. Powerful champa. I have a Japanese mock orange tree and similar big spring vibe. Settles down, still floral with a touch of soap, and slight smoke finish, actually once this chills out i feel like we can get down. The champa smell is in for the long haul but opens up and is very pretty. This is lovely and some how manages to be really powerful but soft.
  4. Supertrooper Omni

    All While Dreaming, Shakes Her Head

    Rosy, delicious, red currant, tart, hint of patchouli and a hint of of something sunny and lemony, but that could also just the high end of the roses. This is reading as really diffuse and sheer on me. Very Lilith-y sweet soft floral with little puff of patch. I'd recommend the patchouli-curious
  5. Supertrooper Omni

    A Place of Seeing

    When I wear A Place of Seeing smells like the most heavenly iteration of exactly what I imagined after reading the notes. Generally I prefer darker autumn patchouli type scents, but am real finding myself drawn to the diffuse lavender carnation rose candy hint of musk scents in the Liliths, since these are generally hits but these notes tend to be weak, to my taste, in vintage bottles I've collected. Also, I'm not a rose hater, but I tend to be mixed on roses. Rose Quartz Bedroom was not my jam, but I'm really into A Place of Seeing. The lavender reminded me happily of the approachable sweetish van+lavender in Daybreak, another Lilith from years past that really surprised me. The sweet lavender, rose, vanilla, a little poofiness from the marshmallow and a hint of barely there bergamot. This perfume is hella cute. I get slightly better than average length and wear, since I tend to burn through sweet florals. Surprise hit! I absolutely adore this scent. Really wonderful if you liked Daybreak and can jive with the notes.
  6. Supertrooper Omni


    Strong strawberry kid shampoo, with a hit of tropical mango syrupy red, with a slight red musk tart lingering finish. Recommended if you like tropical scents, fun in the sun, mango n bubblegum but not too stupid, and drinks with fancy straws. Spiritually similar to aspects of Things We do Make Echoes. Up beat, playful, not too serious
  7. Supertrooper Omni

    Autumn girl seeks summer scent

    Oh wow, I love your likes. It can be worth it to look on the sales forum or other spots on the internet to buy or swap imps before you commit to a whole bottle. There's a new Womb Fury in the Lupercalias this year. I've really liked the previous iterations. It's a much loved combination of snake oil + honey scent that many reviews think smells like a combination of o and snake oil. This scent is a spring release that returns every few years. I really like sed non satiata a lot too! I was pretty into Anteros at the same time, as I was in love with red musk. How do you feel about fruit, spices, patchouli? Cedar? Aquatic smells? Sometimes navigating around what I dislike helps too. Or what I only sort of like sometimes. I typically dislike lilly so I unfortunately have not smelled lyonesse. The reviews are super helpful. I also really like reading ascentadays reviews. If you're ordering from the BPAL site directly, honestly I'd look at the hair gloss and if any of the descriptions stir you, go for it, I've never been disappointed in hair gloss and it's a great body spray too. There are a bunch of limited edition scents up that I'm pretty crazy about right now, like pumpkin snake latte snake oil, Pumpkinville (this is a sweet red musk floral). It also seems like you like scents that feature red musk, are blends with floral, have honey, have Amber, frankincense, myrrh, sweet resins, potentially clove, white florals, tuberose, cognac. Leather. Patchouli. Sandalwoods. And snake oily scents. Have you tried Smut? That's a boozy red musk. Oh! Also The Organ Grinder is really nice. Stimulating sassafras strengthener is also great, in root beer cowboy territory, but super heavy. Tombeur is a lavender scent that I really liked which matches the your notes to some degree to. white rider and black rider are general collection sandalwood leather scents which seem to be loved in the community. My fave general collection is voodoo. But I also really like nosferatu (blood wine dirt ). There are also several lupers/spring scents available now that have ginger right now. I tried to paste a link but both of the Penis with yellow ribbon, the red ribbon, and penis penetrating a pickle something something sound awesome but I haven't tried them and hope to catch some reviews and find a decent second hand maybe. I'd be curious what you thought of chibi skull... Which is a sweet patchouli From the recent yules. Hopefully this gave you some ideas! Your scents sound rad. Did not mean to overwhelm, and i tried to recommend scents that are currently available and not an ultra rare seasonal release from years past. I've been waiting a while for a big shipment of decants to arrive so I've kind of been trying to figure out what I'm waiting for and read the descriptions maybe too many times waiting for my package. Good luck! Please update with observations! I'm sorry I didn't embed links but I'm on a tablet. 😕
  8. Supertrooper Omni

    Winter Scene in Little Russia

    Clean lavender, fuzzy, greyish light smoke, Ivory soap edge, light floral vibe, light smoky. my mind is bringing up iris/Oris musk, though no listed notes. This scent is like a clean cut business casual remix of To a Wreath of Snow. I love the lab's other lavenders and tea notes, though I tend to favor big heavy sweet scents. This isn't for me, but is a pleasant slightly mysterious violet acting clean lavender. Nice.
  9. Supertrooper Omni

    Sugar Cookie Snow White

    I'm going to preface this review, as there are a lot of qualifiers. I was delighted to receive this in the mail 📬😌. I'd had my eye on the sugar cookie and sugar plum yules from 2021. This is the first one I've smelled. I haven't smelled any of the versions of Snow White and haven't tried any scents with sugar cookies in them, apart from maybe a Lilith. I am moderately familiar with the lab's snow note from frostbitten scents. In the past I've noticed that some of bpal's caramel scents have a strong hit of tumeric on me. My preconceived notion: a dainty sugar cookie scented candle type smell with frost. I dab on a bit and it is syrupy brown POWER! Really strong Log Cabin maple syrup Dank and big time artificial pancake with butter with an undertone of downy liquid softener and a very small piece of green pepper. This perfume is super strong and lingers! My buddy sitting across the room smelled it distinctly and immediately. It's not to my taste, but I might have to re-test in the future after smelling that og snow white, which I am now super curious about. :-0
  10. Supertrooper Omni

    Virgo Side-Eye

    Androgenous. Cool, minty without mint and camphor without eucalyptus. Icy, sweet, refreshing. Reminds me of my Cabbage white caterpillar hair gloss. I like it a lot. No rough edges, nothing bitter, sweetish but not overly sweet, pleasant swish icy cloud.
  11. Supertrooper Omni

    Marshmallow Snow

    Bazooka Joe bubblegum and tiger balm immediately. Not bad and definitely interesting. It's a perky camphor menthol minty sweetish scent. Not a gourmand, or really gooey smell at all. Kind of like a stick of mint chewing gum mixed with eucalyptus grove.
  12. Supertrooper Omni

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi hi team! Many life changes later, I've returned. My exercise goals have big time changed, and I'm basically trying to motivate myself to encourage myself to walk rather than take the bus to work (4.3 miles away) and my studio (2.7). Then work my way up from that. Ages ago I used to just ride my bike, but I've read that walking is more effective. And honestly when I was at the Y I was an ellipticizing queen. I walked about a mile yesterday to the grocery store, and was rocking It Was Just A Cat and a splash of Possets Wiley. Am currently getting ready to head out to the studio and am maybe thinking 🤔 laudnum or dee or Lydia. It's chilly and I kinda wanna go with something dark/earthy.
  13. Supertrooper Omni

    The Wish

    This is the first of the ars inspirio scents that I've tried. Some additional background, I tend to favor heavy patchouli scents and sweet scents. The Wish follows it's printed description exactly -- though not what I expected, since I was thinking it would be a syrupy brown patchouli fruit dracula. The Wish when first applied is a hit of piney, light, I can smell the datura accord and osmanthus distinctly in the early phase. It smells like fancy hotel soap or niche parfum, which I don't intend as a derisive or to over simplify. It's clean, sophisticated dry. Overall the scent is very light, dry and sheer. The fruits are faint to me. they are not immediately identifiable, nor are they the big juicy fruits of many bpal fruity fruit blends. It's like if you were in an incense shop that only carried those grey whitish colored japanese sticks in the octogon box, holding a wilting devil's trumpet and a dried osmanthus in your hand and there was 1 unsweetened dried jujube and 1 dedicated goji berry in a bowl across the room that suddenly manifested then disappeared. The scent is overall incensey, but not dark smokey. The scent morphs a great deal on me and settles to a very dry frank (thought it was sandalwood oops) and dry vanilla (not sweet). The amber is there but well blended. I'm not noticing patchouli. The pepper is pretty subtle. All of it is pretty subtle! Very evocative. I would recommend for day wear, or office since it's not heavy at all on me. There are no potpourri or outstanding chai-mulling spice type scents, btw. Recommended for incense lovers, sandalwood fans. Especially lovers of incense not smokey and not dark. Floral, not sweet. Dry unsweetened frank pepper vanilla drydown is giving me feels...? Very elegant and thoughtful.
  14. Supertrooper Omni

    What should I try next?: An inevitable thread

    Mmm there's enbalming fluid - white musk, green tea, aloe and lemon. Whitechapel - White musk, lime, lilac and citron (I expected this to be 7411 esque but it was not at all lame men's cologne, just very crisp) and Manhattan - sheer amber, black leather, white mint, lemon peel, white tea, grapefruit, kush, teakwood and orchid. Aizen-myoo: Yuzu, kaki, and mikan with cherry blossom and black tea. in the category of juicy scents that are not musty, nor sweet nor insanely floral. I am also kind of enamored with Cheshire cat. I like aelopile as well, Aizen-myoo is soft, and more femme to me and pretty different from aelopile but they have that non+pledge smelling citrus. I also am pretty into Against Mischief and Idleness, which is a chamomile scent, and chamomile is also pretty strong in Cheshire cat and not overly floral or stank. I also like vassilissa, and find little wooden doll delightful in same regard, however if you hate woods/frankincense some of these might be deal breakers. These are all GC catalog scents, so you can probably pick up imps for a buck on the forums of you look around. Anteros is pretty rad if you end up liking the snake oil and sed non saetiata, patch blend woody darker scents (my faves)!!
  15. Supertrooper Omni

    Anne Bonny

    V short opening with patchouli acetone poppersesque 3 second rush which quickly disappears. Replaced by powerful zing of citrus-rosemary-green piney. Real eye opener pick up moment! Mellows out to more citrus salt as the evergreen smells recede. Once it settles down: Perky elegant golden pine touched light colored bright wood smell elegantly blended with just enough patchouli to make it mysterious. Somewhere in the family of aureus without musk and aelopile without citrus, lol. Recommend if you like bpals light woodsy resins and don't hate patchouli. Also recommended for out of this world knock your socks off hey get out of bed big openings.