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  1. Supertrooper Omni

    Man With a Haunted House for a Face

    Fresh on application, simultaneously a little oldy. Wood, oak/sandalwood fan with a root beer flavored dust/powder. Really mild, light, bright and approachable. No polish, no cedar, no pine tree. Antikythera device mademoiselle light flanker. Very likable.
  2. Supertrooper Omni

    Mummy Milk

    Hehe! I love it! I wasn't sure what I was getting into. The listed notes seemed to feature some extremes. I wasn't sure how condensed milk and bitumen would fit together. I'd sought out Mummy Milk for the mummy parts, I love those dusty old BPALs and museum smells. I'm kind of whatever about coconut and realistic gourmands, but crazy for resins. She smelled like buttery and milk candy in the bottle. Upon application it smells like toasted rice, coconut, sticky rice, sweet but not overwhelming sweet. I find the smell of cooking rice very pleasant. Overall a comforting, warm, cute smell after application. My partner said I smelled like luxury popcorn. Not too coconut-y, no sunscreen type smells thankfully! Also not super sweet, I wasn't sure is the condensed milk note would be next level over the top, but it's just right. I do perceive some cotton/linen type smells but overall the listed notes are well blended into a happy cloud. It reminds me of some of the Lilith or Shunga releases, but mainly because of mood. As it dries I think it starts to smell more elegant.
  3. Supertrooper Omni

    Cacao, Black Leather, and Incense

    Imagine the Nosferatu GC oil, minus blood and wine scents but with chocolate instead. Mild chocolate sweetness, atmospheric diffuse airy leather crypt scent.
  4. Supertrooper Omni

    Methods of Relaxation and Leisure

    I think I need to re try this again. Is my skin that dry and fussy? I get a wildly over the top artificial honey on application and overall high pitched sweetness, very sweet skin musk overall, nothing else.
  5. Supertrooper Omni


    Very subdued, charming. Honey, white musk, and florals, in general I am ambivalent about and really find the strength of the notes to be deal breakers. Fear not! This is really quite different from expectations based on notes in description Mild, elegant, well blended. This also reminds me spiritually of some of the fae scents like Fairy Lovers and Oberon, Titania, etc, but I could be tripping since Pazuru is comparatively not as sweet or floral. Against Mischief and Idleness is a GC favorite of mine; Pazuru is more ethereal and upscale distant cousin. Gauzy sandalwood, light very mild chamomile mild wildflower honey opening, overall very smooth, sheer, well blended. Androgenous, sexy, expensive smelling upbeat everyday/daytime scent. Low throw. Would be like holy fuck amazing to smell this on someone I was on a date with/getting a hug from.
  6. Supertrooper Omni

    Kon Kurabe Tama No Ase

    So... My experience was fairly similar to the other reviews on first application, sweet, pleasant, nutty Background -- I admittedly was stepping out of my comfort zone, since I find marzipan, pistachio milk, and vanillas delightful, and have enjoyed other darker BPAL blends featuring clove and cinnamon, but knew there was a chance that it might be too sweet or the blend might not be my thing. I did not care for the scent after it's initial application -- which was reminiscent of a Monin macadamia syrup (which I love). The fragrance settles on my skin as a sweet flat cinnamon+clove scent which reminds me of Trader Joe's cinnamon brooms and clove in potpourri. I'm not sure if it's skin chemistry or my super fussiness around clove and cinnamon, but I'm rather lukewarm/cold fish on this one.
  7. Supertrooper Omni

    Con El Dolor de la Mortal Herida

    Big heady red roses is right! This is exactly as the listed notes indicate, a voluptuous rose, sandalwood = mysteriousness and a opening flash of the frankincense that I recognize from Traditional Sheet Ghost. While I'm mentioning other BPAL scents, I think Con El Dolor... is spiritually similar with Harlot or Spellbound (dark, sensual and rose forward) moreso than Rose Cross or Little Wooden Doll (resinous lil baby rose). I enjoy the big ripe juiciness of the rose, but at the same time the sandalwood is dry brown and velvety. Oh la la The opening is pretty huge and very much what she says on the bottle. It did end up calming down within an hour into a rosey sandalwood, however it is still powerful! I think this is a quite accurate pairing with the Sor Juana poem, big drama. I'm kind of getting a vague hint of Guerlain Samsara vibe but I may be tripping. See also: sexy, velvet pillows, red lipstick in gold tubes, glamor, warm woody exotic. Spiritual? Sophisticated, Hot mom 🥵 Death Becomes Her vibes? Also might smell very dashing on the right sort of gentlemen.
  8. Supertrooper Omni

    First Class Upgrade

    I've been really into the 2022 Liliths that I've tried. It took me forever to get a tester of this one, as I tend to be suspect of clean, rich bitch, fancy scents. I tend to agree with the above reviews, though I find First Class Upgrade to be approachable, softly sweet, creamy, airy and perhaps a little bit of a suggestion of nutty almondy, low key amber frank golden glow. Possibly androgenous, light, pleasant, casual, everyday/office appropriate, not too perfumey or high freq floral. Attractive and charming. It has a $300 designer candle version of a cabbage patch doll head vibe. I quite like it. Upscale yarn store vibes.
  9. Supertrooper Omni

    Like Ghosts the Shadows Rise and Fall

    On my this is a big glamorous jasmine. To me it's not particularly sweet, the oud, vetiver, and patchouli are support players, which don't really come into play in an identifiably strong way, but as touch of vaguely dark background. I am more perceptive of the jasmine plus amber, which to me reads as a big floral style perfume. Like perfume as in what I picture ladies wearing on dates with full makeup and nails did, hair styled, fancy drawers, diva mode. I'm a patchouli and vetiver lover, so I was drawn in by the patch+vet+oud description, which would probably be a big nope for the people that would most be into it potentially? However it really isn't as intense as the notes listed. I think it might be worth a try for those drawn to sophisticated jasmine, platinum blonde Lana Turner vibe perfumes. Classic floral Oriental with wood.
  10. Supertrooper Omni

    You Are So Emo

    I really enjoy the cool lavender scents that the lab has done in the past, like To A Wreath of Snow, The Air and the Ether, and Schoenperchten. I also enjoy the herbal berble scent of carrot seed, so I slavishly ordered this immediately. I had some reservations regarding potentially heavy oakmoss or tangy amber going in, but thankfully unmerited. Initial application was a sweetish ethereal lavender, tea, and the bpal ambergris, similar to the scents I mentioned above. Which I really enjoyed, v ghostly dreamy mentholic kinda sweet cloud. During the drydown, the lavender n tea combo calms down. There's a pleasant dryish rooty herbal hint that becomes more apparent after as it dries, which I think is the carrot seed + wood + labdanum, which I enjoy and find interesting and mild combined with the still present quieted lavender tea ambergris. However i could see the drydown being kind of iffy for people looking a big snowy sweet lavender bomb. The scent has less throw as it settles down, but it's still working hard and repping the opening notes. I find it very pleasant and wearable, somewhat androgynous, for both daytime and sleepytime. Win win hubba hubba, I'm pretty bonkers about this one, btw. Recommended for handsome ghost dandies in gray velvet suits and perfuming your white lace parasol white listening to Madame Butterfly alone in a Victorian graveyard on an overcast day.
  11. Supertrooper Omni

    Drink Me

    From an imp: pineapple upside down cake, pleasant, upbeat, light. In the opening there are lots of interesting touches of really light currant, cherry, gold rum type hints. Emphasis on cake and pineapple juice, only slightly syrupy after initial application. Not super artificial fruit smelling, which I appreciate. Also very light on caramel, butter, and dairy, which tends to not work on me. Recommended for pineapple lovers and people who want a gourmand cake smell that's not super in your face artificial foodie. Definitely Captain Morgan and pineapple juice cocktail vibe :-0
  12. Supertrooper Omni

    Sugar Cookie Peacock Queen

    I enjoy peacock queen and other rose, however when I wear this it smells comically bad. My forum buddy who likes creamy and sweet scents piqued my curiosity with her fondness for this scent so I gave it a few test drives. The sugar cookie scents didn't do very well on me or suit my taste, I'm not sure. Initial application: tangy, intense sweet brownish syrupy smell, hints of rancid dessicated orange, forgotten produce, slightly greenish, very strong. After about ten minutes, the scent came down to a syrupy sweet curry powder, with rose barely present underneath. Then dries to a sweety + light rose smell which is the most pleasant stage, very mild and more balanced and likable, but I think I prefer other combinations and other BPAL rose blends.
  13. Supertrooper Omni


    I am ambivalent about leather notes and florals. Typically, heavy dark leathers are not something I'm attracted to. Wanda has a lot of recommendations on the forum for leather lovers so despite initial reservations, I love trying crowd favorites. Not dank! Pretty light actually. Several reviews noted a syrupy grape blast in the beginning, which reminded me of Nosferatu, a GC scent that I'm extremely fond of. Quickly the cherry grape wine syrup morphs to leather then into a diffuse mixed flower with a cloudy atmospheric rocks quality with a hint of sweetness and ghost of a ghost of leather and v light moss. Very airy and reminds me of a BPAL nosferatu (which I love) but in a different arrangement. Wanda is a very wearable light sheer -- androgenous spring vampire drinking maneschewitz wearing a single leather shoe in a springtime graveyard enjoying meadow breezes vibes
  14. Supertrooper Omni

    The Mandrake Charm

    I wasn't ready for this scent when I first encountered it, and put it away for later, which is now. Mandrake charm is a really distinct scent, and now probably faded a lot since it's initial release. It's rooty, but also airy and suggests aquatic. So the scent doesn't strike me as outstanding or strong, and while it was initially more challenging it's actually a really calming, tall refreshing glass of water. More like a light cucumber water + fresh cut potato smell. During the initial application, it went on a bit more bitter-root scented, like the smell of a cellar. The scent changed from musty basement, bitter, to watery- herbaceous, airy, green, fresh watery celery stick but I'm also smelling the olibanum-hyssop-myrrh smelling vaguely leather-ish all blended in there as it settles down. Really unique and calming.
  15. Supertrooper Omni

    In Hel, We Feast On Sugar Packets

    Like many other reviewers, I was lured in by promises of sugar which were not to be found. However it was a intense experience. I had to apply a bit, as initially i tested with a drop and it promptly disappeared. Really blossoms in warmer weather. Initially, on application it was a green stemmy light rose, a flash of something vaguely violet-iris-wisteria then lily heady white floral. I smell maybe like a touch of opium or a hint of the 1980s Pert Plus green smell. Interesting, for lover of mysteriouso glam white florals (lily tuberose) and a touch of unplaceable green tangy clean under vibe on throughout. I don't like white floral and this is blowing up my face with a sneeze attack. Pleasant, big glam flower lady, nice soft powder finsih, did not go totally baby powder, but pretty gentle, drydown.