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The Buffalo Man

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#1 Casablanca


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Posted 18 May 2017 - 03:02 PM

Darkness; a sensation of falling-as if he were tumbling down a great hole, like Alice. He fell for a hundred years into darkness. Faces passed him, swimming out of the black, then each face was ripped up and away before he could touch it . . .
Abruptly, and without transition, he was not falling. Now he was in a cave, and he was no longer alone. Shadow stared into familiar eyes: huge, liquid black eyes. They blinked.
Under the earth: yes. He remembered this place. The stink of wet cow. Firelight flickered on the wet cave walls, illuminating the buffalo head, the man's body, skin the color of brick clay.
"Can't you people leave me be?" asked Shadow. "I just want to sleep."
The buffalo man nodded, slowly. His lips did not move, but a voice in Shadow's head said, "Where are you going, Shadow?"
"Where else have I got to go? It's where Wednesday wants me to go. I drank his mead." In Shadow's dream, with the power of dream logic behind it, the obligation seemed unarguable: he drank Wednesday's mead three times, and sealed the pact-what other choice of action did he have?
The buffalo-headed man reached a hand into the fire, stirring the embers and the broken branches into a blaze. "The storm is coming," he said. Now there was ash on his hands, and he wiped it onto his hairless chest, leaving soot-black streaks.
"So you people keep telling me. Can I ask you a question?"
There was a pause. A fly settled on the furry forehead. The buffalo man flicked it away. "Ask."
"Is this true? Are these people really gods? It's all so . . ." He paused. Then he said, "impossible," which was not exactly the word he had been going for but seemed to be the best he could do.
"What are gods?" asked the buffalo man.
"I don't know," said Shadow.
Warm dark brown musk, woodsmoke, and deep pools of labdanum.

In the bottle, there’s a heavy, dark brown labdanum, imbued with a Faunalia sort of musk and a little smoke. It smells moody, weighty, and thick.
On my skin, this is so heavy brown animal. The liquid itself is dark brown. It smells musky, woody, smoky, resinous, and brown. This is the herd animal stamping on the plain, or the rugged man wanting sexy times by the campfire.
The woodsmoke smells to me like that from Baby’s First Krampuslauf, which is what I hoped for. I liked that note. Those who enjoyed that, or blends like Faunalia and Coyote, might want to try the buffalo, too. 

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 08:45 PM

Dark, smoky labdanum and musk. It's a heavy brown musk, feral and animalistic. Gender neutral into masculine. This smells like warmed animal skin and fur.

#3 Whisperstilled


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Posted 23 May 2017 - 12:05 AM

Wet: Dark musk, almost spicy labdanum, and smoke. This is actually surprisingly sweet - I was expecting something more bitter. And holy crap, what throw! I just put it on my arm and I can smell it while I type.


Dry: Casablanca's comparison to Faunalia is very apt, that's by far the scent this reminds me of the most. It does sour a bit on the drydown and sharpen up in a way that cancels out much of what I love about the wet stage, but this is still a strong, powerful, uniquely shaggy scent. It's so weird - I feel like this scent should have patch in it, even though it doesn't, perhaps it's the woodsmoke and labdanum sweetness. Despite comparisons to other scents, this is definitely a rare breed of BPAL, and pretty unique. Really interesting.

#4 annemathematics


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Posted 24 May 2017 - 12:59 AM

sweet labdanum, woodsmoke that bounces between campfire and non-offensive almost ciggie-esque and the lovely musk from faunalia, coyote, ivanuschka, etcetc. 


very lovely. that musk and labdanum are two of my favorite bpal notes. 


this starts out with a nice strong oooomph but (freshly landed, keep in mind) faded away within a few hours.  smokey sweetened musk still detectable at the skin, but not much waft.  

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