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  1. galahad

    Body, Remember

    In the Bottle: Sweet coconut and champaca On the Skin: The champaca is actually quite strong with a backing of coconut and quite sweet, I assume from the sugar cane note. The initial blast softens quite quickly On the Drydown: The champaca is a little overbearing for a while but once it settles into the rest of the blend this is sweet and bone dry. The extreme drydown is really nice. Age will serve this one well.
  2. galahad

    Rope Pulley

    In the Bottle: Very sweet vanilla marshmallow and pulpy strawberry On the Skin: Juicy strawberry to start, backed by vanilla. The strawberry is tart and realistic. The strawberry backs off a little, becomes jammy and then candyish. The references to strawberry icecream in other reviews is appropriate On the Drydown: Creamy strawberry candy. I actually really like this especially since I am all out of Sticky Pillowcase.
  3. galahad

    Abalone Vulva

    In the Bottle: Cream, amber and lotus. Definitely a cool pink On the Skin: Creamy pink. Sweet and a little musky. All of the vulvas I have tried work on me and they all have the same vibe. This one is just as elegant and refined but is a little more playful. On the Drydown: This dries down to a sparkly, powdery pink. The ambers give depth and lasting power. This is really special.
  4. galahad

    Sad Love

    In the Bottle: Salt and sappy greenery On the Skin: A salty aquatic and green leaves. As it warms, the lotus sweetens the blend up slightly (blue or white lotus, not pink). It doesn't take long for this to smooth out and become a light floral aquatic. Perfect for summer. On the Drydown: On the drydown, this goes through a stage of pure salty aquatic and then onto blue lotus with the briny water in the background. There remains a fairly robust greenness. Nice
  5. galahad

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    In the Bottle: A creamy very nice tobacco On the Skin: The rice milk is immediately evident, slightly creamy and sweet. The tobacco is a very fine one adding to the sweetness. On the Drydown: A simple blend but this has depth and sophistication. The edges of the frankincense can be detected but it is a subtle supporting note. Overall, a lovely scent.
  6. galahad

    Wan Wan

    In the Bottle: Musky with hay absolute and vanilla On the Skin: Another quite green scent at the start and quite a rough green. The floral quickly come to the surface to sweeten up the blend, making the whole more like a fresh water aquatic. On the Drydown: As this dries down, the jonquil and carnation take hold to give a gentle but persistent floral note underpinned by the greenness and the spiciness of the clove.
  7. galahad

    I Wish I Were Your Mirror

    In the Bottle: A little green, slightly floral and cassia On the Skin: Definitely some cardamom in there but restrained. After a little warming, a dry dustiness creeps in and the herbal note of the southernwood. More herbal and resinous than floral but the lily is there. On the Drydown: The lily amps up in drydown, but isn't too high pitched, controlled by the resins and cardamom giving a background spiciness. Still quite green
  8. galahad

    Ehon Karanishiki

    In the Bottle: Very floral, most noticeable is the lilac, with a juicy and fruity background. On the Skin: Jammy strawberry and lilac with a little vanilla to keep it smooth. The other florals keep it from being too lilac-centric. Pretty but heavier than expected. On the Drydown: This is less a spring floral and more summer. As it dries it becomes greener under the blanket of pretty floral notes with the strawberry not really asserting much more than a subtle fruitiness. Nice
  9. galahad

    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru

    In the Bottle: Copal and sandalwood with a faint whiff of vanilla On the Skin: Mostly dry copal and sandalwood to start but the vanilla emerges as it warms on the skin to tone down the woody notes. No obvious patchouli. The vanilla is buttery and thick, not my favourite form. On the Drydown: The patchouli rears it's head further into the drydown, adding an earthiness needed to calm the vanilla down. Nice but not my favourite of the Lupers so far.
  10. galahad

    Golden Sunrise

    In the Bottle: The lab's glorious amber cream note and a subtle citrus muskiness On the Skin: As above but with the amber cream much stronger. The bergamot emerges to give a really beautiful fresh and creamy combination the the amber cream. This is a beauty! More brassy than gold On the Drydown: Drydown is a musky ambrette supported by the amber cream and still a waft of bergamot. Beautiful and multiple bottle worthy.
  11. galahad

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    In the Bottle: Milky musk On the Skin: Dry and slightly green hay. I still think there is a refined musk in this. This mellows fairly quickly with the rice milk note to a smooth and sweet almost mahogany scent. On the drydown: On the drydown, this is sweetish and creamy with a sharp edged muskiness. The hay is more prominent and bone dry. Lovely
  12. galahad

    Waltzing Matilda

    In the Bottle: Green and tart fig with a backing of musky vanilla On the Skin: As in the bottle but very tart which I like. The vanilla picks up fairly quickly and it's a perfumey vanilla as opposed to foody. On the Drydown: Drydown is linear, remaining zingy with a backing of vanilla musk. Overall, the blend is quite perfumey. I love it.
  13. galahad

    My Country

    In the Bottle: Softly rosy, salty and ozonic. On the Skin: initially, quite muted. Dusty-dry, very subtle rose and amber with that interesting musk, which is full and deep. On the Drydown: While the power of this never really ramps up, remaining understated, it is a real beauty and has lasts longer than expected. The rose never overpowers and the salt note is awesome, adding an edge.
  14. galahad

    The Kangaroo

    In the Bottle: Nutty cinnamon and grass. Nice On the Skin: While the nut note was, initially, alarming, it melds in with the dry grass note and the lemon myrtle emerges. Lovely, smelly very dry and toasted. perfect for the theme. On the Drydown: Almost bakery foody. The lemon myrtle takes a front seat as it does, underpinned by the other elements. Gorgeous, unique and masterful.
  15. galahad

    Halite Phoenix

    In the Bottle: Salty musk. I get the corn chip vibe but after a couple of weeks this is less noticeable. On the Skin: Surprisingly warm and very salty. Somewhat savoury. On the Drydown: This remains warm and toasted, intensely salty and delightful.