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  1. lilyluxe

    18 June 1860

    This is magic! Wow! This perfume has a pretty strong kick of herbal lavender (big fan already) and when it dries down, it becomes a really rich, clean scent. But it is a clean scent with not a soapy bubble in sight! It's almost a bit like a glass of iced lavender black tea- it's got a richness and depth that is almost earthy. I suppose that might be the silver note. The amber is light and fresh and lends a subtle sweetness to the blend. Really wonderful spring rain in the lavender patch feel to it. It's not chemically at all, nor does it have a sharp metal note. The silver feels more to be atmospheric, invoking the idea of silver than a literal interpretation.
  2. lilyluxe

    The Lion

  3. lilyluxe

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X

    To me, this scent is rather discordant- it is sour and sweet and acrid and smooth all at the same time! The clove amps to high heavens on my skin, with a backdrop of pretty harsh men's cologne on the drydown. I was really hoping to love this one, but it's just a bit too weird for me. It just screams sharp citrus, squeaky clean leather, and CLOVE! I will keep it because I adore the name of it, but I don't think I'll be wearing it. I think, if you have a hard time with clove like I do, this won't be the one to fix it for you!
  4. lilyluxe

    V'al Hanissim

    This is sooooo pretty! I have to be careful I don't utterly slather myself in it. The beeswax here is almost thick and syrupy with the amber. It's not cloying at all, but it's like, rivulets of melted beeswax and dripping amber. Very intense and marvelous beeswax, and the amber lifts it up and sweetens it in a gorgeous way. There is a little bit of smokiness around the edges. Excellent beeswax scent; I fear is it making all the rest of my beeswax scents jealous.
  5. lilyluxe

    Isaac, the Living Skeleton (2006)

    This perfume comes off a little powdery to me- I think I am getting the cologne more than anything! I don't pick up much on the booziness or tobacco, which is kind of a bummer to me. I find it to be incredibly inoffensive, but also not really something I am loving. I don't hate it, but it's not wowing me! I think you could probably get away with gifting this to just about any regular ol guy and he'd like it. I was expecting something a bit sleazier, but to my nose it's mostly just a pretty standard and decent masculine scent. Probably will hold onto it because I love the label, but I don't see myself wearing this much.
  6. lilyluxe

    The Wild Men of Jezirat Al Tennyn (2016)

    This perfume is definitely one of my all-time faves. The ambergris and pepper give it a delightfully magical feel. It's almost got a hot and cold sensation to the way it smells. I was a bit scared of it in the bottle, because the pepper is strong enough to tickle my nose! I put off testing it for a while, but holy cannolis I am glad that I did. As it dries down, the pepper drifts into the background, and this becomes a wonderfully unique spiced amber. The vanilla lends a bit of smoothness to the blend. I have far too many amber perfumes in my collection, and this one shines above them! This really does smell like demon magic- sultry and a bit scary! I typically struggle with clove and avoid it because it usually either overpowers or does... cat pee things. It behaves really well here and stays smelling like proper clove until the perfume wears away. I get pretty good longevity from this one, more than most amber based Bpals I have tried- lasts a good 6 hours. The patchouli doesn't seem to be particularly wild in this one, but I am a terrible judge as a huge fan of all forms of rank patchouli lol.
  7. lilyluxe

    Devil’s Night in the Pumpkin Patch

    This is a really dark blend without being so fall-ish that it is out of place during the other seasons. It is different from Devil's Night that I can justify having both! Devil's Night is definitely sweeter. The musk leans into hot man territory, kind of dark and mysterious! It wears closer to the skin than Devil's Night in my experience. It actually really reminds me of one of my favorites, The Wild Men of Jezirat Al Tennyn- I believe that they both share a peppery note. The spices in this perfume are not pumpkin-spice like at all (and as a person terrified on cinnamon in perfumes due to its tendency to overpower everything) and instead are more peppery. While I mentioned that this perfume smells like a sexy mysterious man, I don't think it is out of place at all on more feminine folks, at there is still a sweetness to it in the background that almost feels a bit resinous.
  8. lilyluxe

    Two Frames

    This is one of my favorites- it's freshly whipped buttercream with plenty of vanilla, paired with herbal lavender! The vanilla cupcake scent it there, but its smells almost like the cupcake was browned a bit in the pan before frosting it, if that makes sense! It's got a bit of that crusty caramelized cake stuck in the bottom of the pan if you overbaked it a bit. The longevity is fleeting for me, unfortunately, but it seems to be the same for a lot of the lavender based Liliths for me, so might just be a me thing? Definitely still worth slathering in- I adore this.
  9. lilyluxe

    Mari Lwyd

    Wet, this is mostly a brown butter, honey, and lavender scent. When it starts to dry, the lavender fades way in to the background and the scent becomes mostly a wheaty, sweet brown bread scent. I wish the lavender stayed around for a while longer, as it is that nice herbal kind. Very much a "cuddled up by the fire with a buttered biscuit" kind of scent, and it certainly invokes the mythology and tradition of Mari Lwyd, so I can't complain! It's very pretty and sweet, a hearty scent if ever there was one!
  10. lilyluxe

    Cannibal Lady Macbeth

    Oh man, I have a love/hate relationship with this one. In the bottle, this smells exactly like cherry tootsie pops. Like, full stop. I get the chocolate and the heavy duty cherry. It is sickly sweet in the bottle and made me scared to try it for a long while. Finally I did, and I am cautiously optimistic about the drydown! I think the key here is to apply it very cautiously, only a drop or two max! When it dries down, the sickly sweet cherry burns off almost completely, and leaves behind a very lovely, vampy, and sweet incensed patchouli. I would say that the patchouli is completely different than what I am used to- I love patch but this one is a different animal. Very spicy and almost reads more like cherry tobacco than the typical earthy patchouli with the cherry element in play. The drydown is very worth it for this scent, though when it is wet I honestly have to force myself not to scrub it off. Definitely love the way this scent settles, and one that you have to try even if you hate it in the bottle. One of the wildest morphers I have ever tried, and BPAL usually delivers in spades with morphing perfumes.
  11. Holy moly, I love this perfume! It's basically a blast of really nice, luscious lavender in the bottle. I don't really get anything else, but as a lavender lover I was already sold! When it starts to dry down, the other herbs come out to play, as well as the benzoin. I honestly thought this scent might include cetalox or something similarly ambergris-y without looking at the notes, because there is a bit of an airy/fresh quality to this on the drydown for sure. Not at all surprised to have seen the note once I checked back! Has pretty good longevity and the lavender sticks around for the whole run in my experience. This is a very cool-toned cozy scent, like being cuddled by a warm furry nature spirit while the last cool breezes of spring waft by. This is a very weird one, and stands out as a stunner in my vast lavender collection.
  12. lilyluxe

    The Lion

    This is a very warm, resinous scent with just a bit of spice. (Thankfully no cinnamon to be found!) Smells a bit like a spice market in the desert might, with the warmth of the amber almost giving off a rooibos tea vibe. This scent is super mellow, though. Probably the softest warm amber scent I have ever tried. I wish it were a bit stronger, but it is such a cozy scent I don't mind it too much.
  13. lilyluxe

    Judgmental Longhorn

    I contemplated getting this for a really long time- waffling back and forth on it because I wasn't sure if I was just buying it because I am obsessed with cows. Well, I did it anyway, and absolutely love it. Skyrocketed up to my top faves of all time. This scent is really well blended to the point that I can't pick out individual notes in it really. I would say that it definitely leans masculine without going into cologne or shower gel territory- it is a really earthy, warm scent that warms up as it dries down. Definitely feels a bit sharp/green in the bottle but that fades away really quickly into a very brown scent. I personally love earthy gender-neutral scents so this definitely hit the spot. I would say that it is not really sweet at all, nor do I detect any cocoa, though I suspect it is what binds the earthiness together. If you like nonsweet warm scents, this is a keeper. Super cozy without feeling too heavy in hot weather. It also layers really nicely a sweet pipe tobacco note or a warm toned vanilla single note. I do that sometimes to sweeten it up!