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  1. Joyleaf_

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    I am not a florals type person. I love resins and patchouli and vetiver. However I am trying to branch out to new horizons, and try what Im frimped no matter what. That being said, I kind of hate this. Its very sweet and powdery and floral and I imagine my grandmas carpet to smell like this. If you like delicate sweet florals, then this is for you! Enjoy!
  2. Joyleaf_

    Gaia's Blessing

    I got this in the mail today and I couldn't help myself, I immediately tested it. It's amazing. It's like a resin incense layered over patchouli root pulled from the soil with earth still clinging to it. I manage a Garden center that by virtue of being attached to a local farmers market is allowed to be open. Almost all the other garden centers around us in PA are closed. This makes the run up to mothers day especially stressful. All of this to say that my shoulders actually relaxed when I first applied this blend. I took a more grounded breath. It was freeing. Should a full days test prove to be much the same, I'll have to restrain myself from ceremoniously dumping the whole vial over my head and rubbing it into my pores. I need this in my life, and may need to get a back up bottle.
  3. Joyleaf_

    Cafe au Lait & a Wool Blanket

    For me this has a light coconuty-lime hint at the beginning. I dont get much coffee at all, but then a light vanilla wool comes in and steals the show. Its like a sunny morning in a breakfast nook with your favorite sweater. I really like it, and Im not one for soft scents usually.
  4. Joyleaf_

    Honeysuckle & Patchouli

    I received my decant of this yesterday, but life got a little funky and I hadn't even touched the package. Fast forward to about ten minutes ago when I thought stupidly to myself: let's test one with breakfast! This is the one I was most intrigued by and so I grabbed it first. Immediate regret. The scent is all honeysuckle in the beginning, incredibly potent and strong. And not a good mix with buttered toast and strawberry yogurt. It's the kind of smell you can taste and by the gods I can taste it. After about 15 or so minutes (not actually counting) it does have the patch come out to play and it helps mellow out the incredible honeysuckle. I would never choose to have breakfast inside of a honeysuckle patch, and yet after today I feel I can truly speak to that experience. 10/10 do not wear while eating toast.
  5. Joyleaf_

    Smoke and Lace

    I bought this from another forum member, kind of on a impulse, its birthday buy. Boy am I glad I did. In the bottle its a little off putting, there's a sharp almost chemical smell to it. But on my skin, it blooms into this gorgeous complex scent. At first the leather is very predominant, and it is very much the riding crop leather as a previous reviewer mentioned. However, the cognac, incense and plum come to the forefront and help soften the leather and they meld into a very warm, almost cuddly sort of scent. Like a lady who has come home from a fancy event and just changed into her robe. I love it!
  6. Joyleaf_

    Dragon's Milk

    This smells exactly like a Lush perfume scent to me, I think it is the honeyed vanilla note thats triggering some college scent memories. Lovely and strong! But I dont want to be transported to a time of hangovers in figure drawing class, and dorm life.
  7. Joyleaf_


    Got this in as a frimp from the lab.In the imp and in the first second of wear I smell freshly cut roses, but once the cinnamon starts- it overtakes all. Dries down to almost nothing, just the hint of cinnamon. Like I held red hot candies for too long.
  8. I always like to rec Oblivion because it's strange and unusual and I've found nothing like it. Also Satyr because either you will love it or you will hate it, but either way, youll know how you feel about civet/animalistic scents.
  9. Joyleaf_

    Umbra - Resurrected

    This was one of my instant buys of the re-releases, and while I havent smelled the original, I dearly love this version of Umbra. Its very soft dark patchouli, the exact same kind that is in Black Moths, which is my all time favorite scent. The vetiver and the cedarwood mingle in the background helping to keep it very firmly entrenched in the soft shadows. I absolutely love it, and will probably pick up another bottle before these come down.
  10. Joyleaf_


    This smells like a mix of creamsicle and LUSH's jasmine scent. Pretty, sweet and fairly simple. Probably a good scent for a teenager or anyone wishing for a good summer time floral.
  11. Joyleaf_


    In the frimp this smells a lot like juicy fruit gum. Or the zebra stripe stuff? Very sugared fruits, not a lot of florals kicking in just yet. After applying to my wrist the over sugared ripe fruit smell disapates a bit, leaving behind the faintest dewy residue of light florals and gum. As a previous reviewer said this is very shimmery. I have a Midsummer's Party to attend this weekend where this would be perfect for, but it wont get much use after that, I am afraid.
  12. Joyleaf_

    Calico Jack

    Almost headache inducing aquatic with a very odd salt note. I feel like I can taste the salt water? Its super strange and very much not for me. I know that I dont like aquatics anyway, so if you do, please try this! Its so unique and I have tried anything like in the rest of Bpals catalogue.
  13. Joyleaf_

    Black Pearl

    Like other reviewers, this is light and gentle and also full of coconuty-horror. I despise coconut unless it is in an adult beverage, and the note is very excruciatingly prominent in this blend. Not for me!
  14. Joyleaf_

    Black Forest

    This was one of my first Bpal purchases, as I was on the hunt to smell like greenery in all its forms. Unlike many of its fellows, Black Forest has remained a favorite. I love the mix of the ambergris and the pine, and it stays cool and forest like throughout the day in all types of weather. I love this, and its one of my favorites for a day where I need to feel centered and peaceful, in my beloved forest, if only in a sense.
  15. Joyleaf_

    Black Cat

    I have two vials of Black Cat, the older one is much more yellow than the new clear vial. And all I can smell is myrrh in the imp, and I know that myrrh is just straight baby powder on my skin. I know why I let the old one age so much, forgotten in my imp box. To be swapped or gifted, as this is not going to be worn.