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  1. Ennikar

    Skies Grow Red With Rending Flame

    I second the preponderance of light red musk. I do get a solid hit of ginger at the beginning, and a touch of smokey clove, but this is less dark & spicy than light & powdery with a touch of spice. The throw is fairly subdued, and it's down to a close skin scent in an hour or two.
  2. Ennikar

    Skeletons Dancing to a Tune

    This is the thing that's impressed upon me that 'blood musk' and 'red musk' are, in fact, different. I get a strong cinnamon impression, almost like cinnamon candy, but not openly sweet. It reminds me strongly of olympic orchids dev #3, if you're familiar with that - mostly a very-slightly-sweet cinnamon, with a touch of wood and resins that are stronger, relatively speaking, in the dry stage.
  3. Ennikar

    Vanitas With Playing Cards

    The first impression I got was red musk, wood, and very definitely lacquer. It stayed lacquered all the way through, with varying levels of dry woodiness and a touch of musk, like a drier, lacquered fenris wolf. It's actually a touch too dry and astringent for me to want to wear it every day, but it's got a time and a place - in this case, I'm thinking when I want to put across the air of someone refined who can very much handle themself. It's probably the theme that has me thinking "Bond villain during a card game", but that's the image we get.
  4. Ennikar

    Vetiver & Black Pepper

    Very sharp when fresh. The vetiver I get is more grassy, as it dries I get more of a smoke dimension but I think the green is still dominant. The black pepper is detectable, but strongest early and I'd probably consider it a complementary note. Overall, the impression is smokey, kicky, and grass-like. I do like it - it reminds me of the sort of scent you'd get in a ~natural~ deodorant or bath product. Feels like some sort of low-level forest fae, the sort that offers you a deal you absolutely shouldn't take.
  5. Ennikar

    Rabbit Moon 2021

    I don't have a lot of specifics about this one, though there's a few things I can pick out. There's a lovely soft gardenia opening, and the clove is detectable, before drying down in to a vaguely spicy-earthy-sweet floral haze. The thing is, though, that despite not getting a super strong impression, I really like it. It's comfortable. I put it on and feel like I could wear it every day. My partner commented that the drydown read to them as a 'disturbingly realistic pumpkin pie', and someone with a slightly more trained nose 'gets something green', both of which make sense with the notes and my own impressions - but, again, my strongest impression is just 'comfy'.
  6. Ennikar

    Nasty Woman

    Resting changed this one a lot - when the bottle was fresh, it was powerful patchouli and a bit of bourbon vanilla. Now, after sitting on the shelf for a few months, it's a lot less 'nasty' and more 'pleasant', and has been moved from the 'statement' shelf (Talvikuu, Woman as Dragon) to the 'femme' shelf (Rose Red, A-Rovin', Rabbit Moon). The patch still comes on strong when wet, but after a few minutes, relaxes in to the background, leaving sweet fig and vanilla in the foreground. I don't really get rose from the loukhoum, but in retrospect there's a touch of almond. Overall, it's sweet, vaguely fruity, and grounded - my partner commented that it seemed 'right' on me, despite being different from the atmospheric/woody/green scents I tend to wear (October, Fenris Wolf, Believe), which I'm taking as an endorsement.
  7. Ennikar


    What a delicious dry-spicy-woody scent. Tried it at the same time as Fenris Wolf, and they've got a lot in common, though G has a lot more spice/bay rum (not really a boozy sort, at any stage, but spicy-focused) while FW dries in to a sweet-musky thing. The staying power is good and the throw standard for BPALs - very nice for your partner and maybe noticeable to anyone else paying attention, but not screaming. Resisted the urge to douse with it.
  8. Ennikar

    Spirit Board

    Much more floral than I was expecting based on reviews, especially in the drydown - there was a hint of tannins and woods at the beginning, but the drydown is all melancholy florals. Perfectly nice ones, maybe a touch melancholy and supported by the other notes, but I got mostly dry rose and lilac.
  9. Ennikar

    The Air and the Ether

    Lavender-centered, but not astringent or at all aggressive. The ambergris and amber appear to be mostly there for balance. What impressed me about this one was how it stayed true all the way through the drydown - the lavender was always center stage. Medium-to-low throw and decent longevity; what could be described as an "intimate" scent.
  10. Ennikar

    Fenris Wolf

    Woody and masc, with an almost sweet musk/amber drydown. Not really an "outdoorsy" wood, more a finished one. Very warm and snuggly.