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  1. annemathematics

    The Umbrella Incident

    maybe it's the constant seasonal rain or the fact that I've just finally read the umbrella academy comic (haven't caught the show), but i was drawn to this scent just by reading the name. add to that an adorable origin story. then top it all off by it being a fantastic scent. I've neglected testing about half of my decants because I love wearing this beauty so much. fancy schmancy rich perfume with a polished leather note at the base. i'm bad at identifying floral notes, so while i think I smell some lily, i could be wrong. if you enjoy bpals that evoke classic perfumes, this is a nice dark potion that smells fabulous in rainy spring weather. (it's always overcast in spy dramas, no?) good throw still going strong after a twelve hour work day. this is one of my favorites from this series of lilith adventures. it's also one of my top two bpal leather blends, up there with olla adam.
  2. annemathematics

    Shadow Embrace Bath Oil

    I knew I was going to love this, but I admit I was expecting a smouldering dark beast of a scent. Nope! While lightly smoky (much much less so than recent yules first lash or hearthflame and incense), it's actually more of a beautiful, delicate, cheerful vanilla spring floral. The kid sister of Hellboy's Liz, sans leather and a little less smoky than that. This has just the right hint of smoke, hint of sweet, hint of floral to enable it to layer wonderfully with so many of my perfumes. It's such a great compliment that I'll def get another bottle before it comes down, and an gonna bug puddin to make this baby gc if the components will allow. I think this scent will make a lot of bpallers squee.
  3. annemathematics


    this is pale and ephemeral and elusive in the imp. freshly applied it's powdery orris root with an edge of youthful innocence. about an hour later, while looking for source of the beautiful incense I was smelling, I brought my wrist to my nose and realized it was a late-blooming subtle frankincense,. light enough on the violet note that it might not satisfy people craving that specific note. I love powdery iris scents, and this is a nice, simple blend. feels like a childhood favorite despite me only trying it now in adulthood. Eta just a touch of aging has brought the violet note out. This now wears like a powdery violet, the violet is soft and not candy-sweet.
  4. annemathematics

    Yule Cat

    2018 version when the lab released the yule lads a few years ago, I felt a tiny greedy pang that their yule cat didn't join them. so i was thrilled when the scent was included in this year's lineup. first try was with about ten other decants, straight out of the mail...and i got nothing! no scent! none at all!... besides something a little bit sour and oily. oh well. can't win them all. no throw. not a winner. went back about a week later and did a second round of testing with a smaller group of scents...and this magical aroma kept wafting to my nose and pulling it to the wrist where this was slathered. turns out, kitty just needed time to adjust and declare me worthy of wearing it. prob one of my favorites from this year's scents, it's a feral, magical, musky, piney and yes a little bit sour. this is a blend that just smells like "classic bpal" to me. youthful gothypunk spirit in effect. my real life kitties ADORE this blend. their eyes kinda bug out and they start purring and burrowing to get to my wrists. like my real life kitties, this is a total love that i'm happy to have in my life.
  5. annemathematics


    when I first put this on, the mint and lavender bring an immediate smile to my face. this is an uplifting scent! gentle and very pretty, lightly feminine in feel. there's a sweetness from the vanilla but it doesn't go too foody for me. there's something kind of innocent about this. It'd make a brilliant bath bomb. Eta wearing this reminds me of the last unicorn perfume. It doesn't contain white chocolate, but there's a creamy gentle sweetness to this that makes it feel like a scent cousin.
  6. annemathematics

    Perchta 2018

    wow. what a gorgeous sophisticated snow perfume. haughty ice queen signature scent. a cool floral blend with the only note standing out being the touch of snow. I really like it, but it's so different in personality that it feels like I'm an impostor in costume aka this will never be my "signature scent." at least on its own. I learned from my initial "test all of the decants at once because I have no patience" test that this layers well with other yules, most notably schoenperchten and one of the musky lashes. classy and slightly out of my league.
  7. annemathematics

    The Ghost of a Ghost’s Ghost

    the lab is brilliant with lavender scents. I have sooo many that I almost excused myself from trying this beauty. glad that I didn't! opens with sheer veil of lavender over chewy, tweedy patchouli. dries down to a snuggly cologne-ish blend with patchouli and oakmoss being the most prominent. the lavender contributes a brightness without screaming it's own name. the oakmoss gives the whole thing a rather velvety texture. (aka leans powdery, for those who love or fear this texture in their scents). I get no barn from the oud (I honestly can't really detect the agarwood at all).
  8. annemathematics

    Eighth Lash

    warm snuggly spicy fur note. i totally get the dampness SophieCedar mentions. I love the lab's fur musk. ferocious beasts at their most cuddly and cozy. who's a good lash? oh yes you are!!
  9. annemathematics

    Ninth Lash

    the lab's honey notes range from beautiful to awful on me. the note in this blend leans a little bit stale and funky, like something starting to spoil. I get an herbal hint of helichrysum and the mildest suggestion of clove. not a winner on my chemistry, but I still enjoyed the balance of the notes.
  10. annemathematics

    First Lash

    frank-heavy amber under wafts of smoke. weirdly, not getting much pine. this is lighter and brighter and less smokey on me than hearthflame and incense. it's nice now, but i'm curious to see how it will shift with a few months of aging.
  11. annemathematics

    Hearthflame and Incense

    burgundy pitch! I love the resins in this, but it was the listing of the pitch that had me go for a decant. this is a nice, deeeeep woodsmokey scent. a touch of sweetness that just stops short of being cloying. the resins don't stand out so much. there's something dark and sinister about this. very atmospheric in an RPG/fantasy adventure sort of way. compared to 1st lash, this is heavier, darker and smokier.
  12. annemathematics

    Shattered Silence

    this is a jolt of frosty evergreen when first applied. dries down to black musk (reminding me of unsweet red musk for some reason) strongly backed by cedar. this actually does remind me of wolves/wildpuppers in a snowy winter woods. I love it layered with 3rd lash; they play against each other wonderfully. moderate sillage/leans unisex.
  13. annemathematics

    Third Lash

    the opening to this is absolutely gorgeous: sweet evergreen sap and syrupy frankincense anchored by a little dash of thyme. 3rd lash stays like this for an hour or so, before drying down to a warm and dusty leather skinscent. the drydown is nice, cozy, easy to wear, but it's the opening that really thrills me.
  14. annemathematics

    Constipated Elephant Alchemy Lab

    First impressions from a bottle that landed this morning: Gentle soft unvarnished pale woods. Leans ever-so-slightly powdery in the way that sandalwood can go velvet-fuzzy. Light sillage. Agree very much with the "nuzzle-y" descriptor used above. Occasionally I get wafts of the ambergris with the cypress and it reminds me of standing on the California coast. Lovely! eta two weeks later, this now feels like a classic perfume, soft and elegant with no hard edges. I really like it!
  15. annemathematics

    Thought Photography

    During the year 1896 considerable stir was created by the investigation of Dr. Hippolyte Baraduc, of Paris, in the line of “Thought Photography,” which is of interest to psychic investigators generally. Dr. Baraduc claimed to have gotten photographic impressions of his thoughts, “made without sunlight or electricity or contact of any material kind.” These impressions he declared to be subjective, being his own personal vibrations, the result of a force emanating from the human personality, supra-mechanical, or spiritual. The experiments were carried on in a dark room, and according to his statement were highly successful. In a communication to an American correspondent, printed in the New York Herald, January 3, 1897, he writes: “I have discovered a human, invisible light, differing altogether from the cathode rays discovered by Prof. Roentgen.” Dr. Baraduc advanced the theory that our souls must be considered as centers of luminous forces, owing their existence partly to the attraction and partly to the repulsion of special and potent forces bred of the invisible cosmos. A number of French scientific journals took up the matter, and discussed “Thought Photography” at length, publishing numerous reproductions of the physician’s photographs; but the more conservative journals of England, Germany and America remained silent on the subject, as it seemed to be on the borderland [Pg 199]between science and charlatanry. On January 11, 1897, the American newspapers contained an item to the effect that Drs. S. Millington Miller and Carleton Simon, of New York City, the former a specialist in brain physiology, and the latter an expert hypnotist, had succeeded in obtaining successful thought photographs on dry plates from two hypnotized subjects. When the subjects were not hypnotized, the physicians reported no results. As “Thought Photography” is without the pale of known physical laws, stronger evidence is needed to support the claims made for it than that which has been adduced by the French and American investigators. “Thought Photography” once established as a scientific fact, we shall have, perhaps, an explanation of genuine spirit photographs, if such there be. – Hours With the Ghosts; Or XIX Century Witchcraft by Henry R. Evans Mercury-limned lavender, palo santo, and ambrette seed. First impressions from a bottle that landed this morning: I know some people associate lavender with sleep scents, old lady smells and/or medicine, and kudos for all of those things, but thought photography is a blend that shows her potential as a sophisticated note in an elegant perfume. Beautiful strong musky lavender, reminding me of bpal's 18 June 1860. Not getting much Palo Santo at this time. Big throw and great longevity.