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  1. annemathematics

    Sea of Grief

    This smells like a classic perfume, lavender-focused with brightness from the berg. My nose is reminded of violet, prob misinterpreting the lavender+angelica. It's slightly sweet, the vetiver is mellow. Very pretty with big silage. Tested this out during the roller coaster this past week of the chauvin verdict followed immediately by the heartbreaking execution of Ma'khia Bryant. I don't know what I expected(would i wallow in sadness?), but the experience was surprisingly gentle and grounding, comforting, calming. It's been weirdly helpful for me in the mornings kicking away grogginess and being present going about my day.
  2. annemathematics

    Jinx Removing

    I love the scent, which is bright and pretty, and I love the act of anointing candles with this on the new moon. A simple basic ritual when I'm overwhelmed with other demands, or made more elaborate as needed/desired. Afterwards everything not only feels cleaner, but also brighter, happier, sweeter. Gentle in nature but with profound effect. 💖
  3. annemathematics

    Hekate Cthonia

    I haven't performed rituals with this yet, but energetically I find it to be rich and deep and unexpectedly cozy for an underworld ancestral tool. Scent wise, it's predominantly deep musky patchouli and powdery myrrh. Dark and powerful and kinda sexy. I really like it and look forward to working with it.
  4. annemathematics

    Lady Hatton

    love love love the lab's aldehyde blends. this is a classic champaca-focused parfum accessed via time machine from an old department store. yes it's glam but projects as quite proper (society gal with a lot of breeding and a lot of virgo in her chart?) good throw for about three hours, then lowering it's sillage to be a barely-there skin scent for another two. this might be my favorite bpal champa blend.
  5. annemathematics

    I Sit and Sew

    This is lovely. A light, watery vanilla-floral that feels both innocent and sophisticated. Feels like a floral lilith blend, cousin in spirit to venustas.
  6. annemathematics

    Socius Beard Oil

    I've got crazy kinky snarly hair that I bleach and manicpanic so it's always a little thirsty. I use the hair gloss in it but the bath oil is what it really adores. I snagged a few beard oil decants to try on the ends, including this one! Scent-wise, I get a soft patchouli that I think might be the one people refer to as "peanut butter patch." The scene of this is nice, but not quite as beloved to me as that of the amber patchouli hair gloss (best slept-on bpal maybe ever???) Minimal barn from the oud. It's really about the patchouli. While the beard oil doesn't penetrate/moisturize as deeply as the bath oil (which is amazing in my hair, adding moisture, shine, scent and just the perfect amount of weight), it does nicely coat the surface adding a bare trace of moisture. It tames the frizzies and makes my hair crazy smooth. Crazy. Smooth. The scent of this is on the lighter side, which I think would be a huge bonus considering its intended to be worn under ones nose and one wouldn't want to have it impede eating or smelling other smells, would one?
  7. annemathematics

    Lorraine Cross

    initial tests of this were wet rose over dusty powdery myrrh that I knew would smell akin to baby powder to the untrained nose. I liked it, but was wary of wearing it out b/c baby powder/baby soft is so not my thing. although I liked it, I considered rehoming it as I have enough stunning rose blends to wear out already. however, the other night I put some on before going out..and for the next few hours, I kept getting these magical wafts of dreamy velvet rose over whispers of incense. so glorious! it was MMEEEEE. er, well, actually, it was exquisite lorraine cross! so good. keeping this around to anoint on cool evenings.
  8. annemathematics

    Get Your Shit Together

    if you'd asked me what sort of magic OOMPH oil i've been needing this past year, it'd be a GYST oil. like beth made this for me, only i didn't have my sh!t together enough to write her and ask for it. but she's magic and she knew and thanks to her I have this oil. honestly, i have mostly forgotten to take it out and use it more like I need to (sh!t is not together, y'all!) scent-wise it's a spicy resin blend that's heavy on the ginger (spiked with clove) over anise-y patch. some orange-y brightness? I put some on this morning because I had a growing pile of things I was avoiding. adding to the accomplishment obstacle course was a stuffy seasons-changing-headcold and a migraine. ew!!! well, twenty minutes after anointing myself with this, my migraine vanished and my sinuses cleared. my head cleared of distracting thoughts and my spirit felt renewed despite great weariness. and yes, today I've gotten most (but not yet all/night's not over yet) of the things done that I needed to tackle. huzzah! energetically it feels like a firm but non-judgey nudge. it's supportive but also grounding. it's there for me but it's also entirely up to me. echoing z-z above, I feel good enough about my place in my process to proceed in said process.
  9. annemathematics

    Mitral Valve

    opens with a blast of herbal lavender and a touch of juniper. then the benzoin and hops step up and lend a dry sophistication. the lavender instantly smoooooooths out. I think I get a hint of carnation's spice, but that note--which can easily amp on me--stays in the back, a nuanced supporting player. likewise, the honey adds just a bare touch of sweetness. ultimately this is a dry and regal blend. I can see this going easily from mettings in your corner office to a formal cocktail event, but it'd be too proper (stuffy if it weren't so pretty) to wear to that weekend rager. I've been dabbing this on when i get home from work. i like it, but can't vouch for how long it lasts as i fall asleep and it's gone when I wake.
  10. annemathematics

    Left Atrium

    i've been reaching for this beauty quite a bit over the past few days. opens with a juicy burst of grapefruit against the thrummmm of mimosa, grounded by a light, resin-veined cedar. seriously i can amp cedar for daayyyyys but in this blend the note is sublimely light, contributing to the blend without taking over. this is one of those scents that is about "the blend," with the notes all working in harmony, not a one trying to hog the attention. this feels refreshing and so easy to wear, more like a classy aromatherapy blend than fancy perfume. just a hint of sweetness, just under moderate throw, and fades to barely a skin scent after four-to-five hours.
  11. annemathematics

    Snakes Slithering Through Stinging Nettle

    I do like snake oil and i do love nettles [although this is my first time with nettles as a bpal perfume note]. however, the way the two clash up against each other isn't very endearing to my nose. the dark swampy green of the nettles is causing the sweetness of the snek oil to amp louder than in any other snake blend i've tried in a way that felt almost grating. didn't get a hit of "dandelion sap" but that may also be contributing to the sweetness overkill. I wore this for an hour and then let it wash away while doing housekeeping. it was weirdly too much for me. sorry garden snek!!!
  12. annemathematics

    Snake's Shadow

    funky oud and smoky vetiver a first out of the gate, causing the snake oil/labdanum that follows to play like weird dr pepper soda. drinking spiced cola near a smoldering barn fire? honestly a little too sweet for me to test fully and properly. sorry!
  13. annemathematics

    All Head, All Spine, All Limb, All Loin

    I'm mostly getting a swirl of leather and ambergris that reminds me of olla adam. snake oil is super subtle in this. agree that this is clean and smooooooth gorgeous leather blend. eta to state that the leather in this has receded a bit, and now it's a lot of snake oil fuzzy musk coming forward and slapping the leather around. this will be great on some but it's a little too sweet for me.
  14. so much of this depends upon one's chemistry. if you have any scent twins on the forum, I recommend seeing if they review these scents to get a sense of how they might play on your skin. in addition to the above suggestions, maybe try or check reviews for baobhan sith, aelopile, countenance forboding evil, khubla khan, knucklebones, search engine, take the moon, only a sip and spider from the lab's gc range currently available le's balmy 26degrees, beware pickpockets, right ventricle, left atrium, dreadful snowglobe and blood and the lemon. you might enjoy absinthe blends. they are a little bit lemony and refreshing. happy huffing/hunting! eta hedonism bath oil from the post is lovely resins and citrus. makes a great after-shower/bath lotion if you have dry skin.
  15. annemathematics

    A Woman Practicing Calligraphy on Her Lover’s Erect Member

    when this first landed, it was a lovely rose/oakmoss combo that was soft and a little powdery. since then, however, she's morphed into a sophisticated velvet parfume that flaunts a juicy haughty red rose that swirls over inky shadows. yes, it really does feel like wet, dark ink. can't describe it better than that. i wore this to the theater to watch the Favourite, and it felt like the perfect scent to compliment that movie: regal and full of secrets. good through and lasts all day and night, with the rose holding strong and not fading on me as lovely roses scents often do. brilliant!