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  1. annemathematics

    Constipated Elephant Alchemy Lab

    First impressions from a bottle that landed this morning: Gentle soft unvarnished pale woods. Leans ever-so-slightly powdery in the way that sandalwood can go velvet-fuzzy. Light sillage. Agree very much with the "nuzzle-y" descriptor used above. Occasionally I get wafts of the ambergris with the cypress and it reminds me of standing on the California coast. Lovely! eta two weeks later, this now feels like a classic perfume, soft and elegant with no hard edges. I really like it!
  2. annemathematics

    Thought Photography

    During the year 1896 considerable stir was created by the investigation of Dr. Hippolyte Baraduc, of Paris, in the line of “Thought Photography,” which is of interest to psychic investigators generally. Dr. Baraduc claimed to have gotten photographic impressions of his thoughts, “made without sunlight or electricity or contact of any material kind.” These impressions he declared to be subjective, being his own personal vibrations, the result of a force emanating from the human personality, supra-mechanical, or spiritual. The experiments were carried on in a dark room, and according to his statement were highly successful. In a communication to an American correspondent, printed in the New York Herald, January 3, 1897, he writes: “I have discovered a human, invisible light, differing altogether from the cathode rays discovered by Prof. Roentgen.” Dr. Baraduc advanced the theory that our souls must be considered as centers of luminous forces, owing their existence partly to the attraction and partly to the repulsion of special and potent forces bred of the invisible cosmos. A number of French scientific journals took up the matter, and discussed “Thought Photography” at length, publishing numerous reproductions of the physician’s photographs; but the more conservative journals of England, Germany and America remained silent on the subject, as it seemed to be on the borderland [Pg 199]between science and charlatanry. On January 11, 1897, the American newspapers contained an item to the effect that Drs. S. Millington Miller and Carleton Simon, of New York City, the former a specialist in brain physiology, and the latter an expert hypnotist, had succeeded in obtaining successful thought photographs on dry plates from two hypnotized subjects. When the subjects were not hypnotized, the physicians reported no results. As “Thought Photography” is without the pale of known physical laws, stronger evidence is needed to support the claims made for it than that which has been adduced by the French and American investigators. “Thought Photography” once established as a scientific fact, we shall have, perhaps, an explanation of genuine spirit photographs, if such there be. – Hours With the Ghosts; Or XIX Century Witchcraft by Henry R. Evans Mercury-limned lavender, palo santo, and ambrette seed. First impressions from a bottle that landed this morning: I know some people associate lavender with sleep scents, old lady smells and/or medicine, and kudos for all of those things, but thought photography is a blend that shows her potential as a sophisticated note in an elegant perfume. Beautiful strong musky lavender, reminding me of bpal's 18 June 1860. Not getting much Palo Santo at this time. Big throw and great longevity.
  3. annemathematics

    A Group of Pale Courtiers

    an elegant rose boutonniere wafting over warm and dusty fougere brightened by a discreet hint of lime. this gets nicely mossily powdery in the drydown, with rose staying present in the shadows. this is downright cozy. I dig powdery unisex blends so this is right up my alley. this would indeed be ok at the office, and it would transition well to the afterhours speakeasy soiree.
  4. annemathematics

    The Tastes of the Duke Were Peculiar

    ahhhh, I love the lab's use of absinthe over dark notes. it's bright without being cloying or shrill. I agree with SophieCedar's take above. this is a smattering of opposites coming together in a most intriguing way. I would love to smell it on different chemistries, as I imagine it would compliment different folks in differently fabulous ways. this would be great on the dastardly rival of the wearer of shelley, byron and keats.
  5. annemathematics

    When All Colors to Black Are Cast

    kinda cloying blackberries with sweet syrupy resins. there's a touch of musk dust, but this isn't a dry or powdery scent in the slightest. if I'm gonna wear a fruity scent, I tend to like darker, resin-heavy beasts with a touch of fruit. this is more for folks who like more fruit-forward and -focused blends. shopping mall goes goth vibes. hot topic candies for your skin.
  6. annemathematics


    I keep mispronouncing this in my brain as HARKONNEN. fortunately, this scent carries none of the negative connotations of that house! instead it's yet another way to smell like a magical forest, bpal-style. opens with dark pine and a li'l swirl of vetiver. drydown is a melange of pine and coriander gently backed by patchouli. it's rich and very pretty! I've been cooped up indoors due to california wildfires, and this is actually a soothing, calming scent to wear, very helpful as I can't quite get to the outdoors in real life. yet another gorgeous saturn moon scent bringing much-needed beauty to 2018. eta bottle landed only recently, and throw and longevity are on the milder side. I enjoy the scent as is and welcome the fact that it might get bigger and oomphier with time.
  7. annemathematics

    Rocky Mountain Goats Hair Gloss

    beautiful, natural pine and sage. as other reviewers have noted, the scent fades extremely quickly. 99% of other bpals that behave this way on me have grown bigger and stronger with a bit of aging, so I'm hopeful that this will too. thus no regrets that I snagged a full bottle of this. evergreen scents are my jam and this is a stunning blend, even if only for under an hour.
  8. annemathematics

    The Witches' Ride

    Otto Goetze Red roses and vetiver with cashmere incense, rue, and cauldron spices. beautiful bright, juicy, happy rose scent. maybe a touch of smoke from the incense/vetiver at the very early wet phase, but the dry down is pure juicy rose. i love vetiver and have tried a few other bpal rose/vetiver blends, and this is the lab's lightest use of vetiver that I've met...almost like it's just there to help the rose stay bright and present. of course, i'm testing it in a city filled with the smoke from the Camp Fire from Paradise, CA, so apologies if that's limited my ability to detect smoke. moderate sillage. I've had this on for about eight hours now and I can still detect it when I huff my wrist. it's a little bit innocent, a little bit classy, very slightly creamy in texture.
  9. annemathematics

    A Certain Nameless Awe

    ambergris macerated in sandalwood oil is a classic, and I love this bpal version of it, with beth's awesome ambergris accord and her deft and delightful use of cognac. it's soft and gentle and so so good.
  10. annemathematics

    The Violet Window Hair Gloss

    wet this is a big bright fruity plum over slightly sweet and dusty violets and incense (the oudh is more dark rich smokey and not at all barny) the fruit calms down a bit as it dries. feels pretty and perfumey. i like it. reminds me of a brighter and more straightforward cousin to the century guild Alice scent, Nevar.
  11. annemathematics

    Dead Leaves, Ti Leaf, and Green Chypre Hair Gloss

    [No additional description provided.] i love the lab's dead leaves blends. i have SO MANY that I was going to be strong and resist getting any more this year, but yet I was weak and this baby slipped into my life. i love it. i love it!!! the richness of the dead leaves brightened by the ti and a really pretty chypre. I don't have the vocabulary to describe the scent better, but in the past week, every single time I've applied, the scent has made me smile. I'm a sucker for chypre and this is a happy little chypre for sure.
  12. annemathematics

    Ziegenkopf Hair Gloss

    I love a good black phoenix amber, and this gloss has it dusted with mosses and lightly spiced. when this first landed, it was more mossy amber. as it's settled, the clove as come out more. it reminds me of my beloved amber/patchouli gloss in that it's an easy scent to wear everyday, or on days when I'm not up for a big showstopper, but I still want something gorgeous and complex. it's that little black dress that feels as comfy as perfect jeans kinda vibe.
  13. annemathematics

    Ruhende Ziege mit Kitzchen

    I snagged a decant of this on a whim. i've been craving raunchy musky blends, and this one not only had the lab's lovely brown musk, but castoreum accord as well. i was wrong in expecting this to be a filthy funky blend. it's not at all! the muskiness reminds me of that in faunalia , only while that blend is festive and energizing in feel, this is still and calm, promoting a foundation of peace and safety. it's almost as if the musk in faunalia's fertility fete got knocked up, then these many months later produced offspring, and this right here is that moment of peace between parent and [finally sleeping!] kid (yep, just like the name...beth has truly bottled a moment captured in a work of art). it feels stately, classy--moneyed but not showy. we've been hit by toxic winds here in northern cali and the awful air/being trapped indoors + shorter days has been sullying my mood. this is a lovely scent antidote, as I find the lab's brown musk to be comforting, especially in this blend. I've been slathering it, and would also love to snuggle up to a fellow wearing this (note to self:be careful! this is the scent of either a gentleman or a smooth experienced scoundrel) throw is light and the longevity is low as it just landed yesterday and it will hopefully open up a bit more with time.
  14. annemathematics

    Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyeballs

    A ghost, though invisible, still is like a place your sight can knock on, echoing; but here within this thick black pelt, your strongest gaze will be absorbed and utterly disappear: just as a raving madman, when nothing else can ease him, charges into his dark night howling, pounds on the padded wall, and feels the rage being taken in and pacified. She seems to hide all looks that have ever fallen into her, so that, like an audience, she can look them over, menacing and sullen, and curl to sleep with them. But all at once as if awakened, she turns her face to yours; and with a shock, you see yourself, tiny, inside the golden amber of her eyeballs suspended, like a prehistoric fly. – Rainer Maria Rilke Sleek black fur and gleaming amber shining in the shadows, a rumble of myrrh, and claws as sharp as ti leaf. fans of the beautiful Raven Black and Pugsley hair glosses from the post should rejoice that there is a stunning perfume oil to layer seamlessly with them. inside the golden amber is a beautiful feminine musky black tea scent. soft and sleek and slightly more refined/subdued in feel than either of those two glosses...although both glosses have significantly upped their ooOmph since they first landed, so this might also increase in sillage over time. the label art is adorable
  15. annemathematics

    A Multitude of Dreams

    There was much of the beautiful, much of the wanton, much of the bizarre, something of the terrible, and not a little of that which might have excited disgust. To and fro in the seven chambers there stalked, in fact, a multitude of dreams. And these the dreams writhed in and about, taking hue from the rooms, and causing the wild music of the orchestra to seem as the echo of their steps. A blackened lavender mist, thick with opoponax, licorice root, and benzoin. ahhhhh this is one of those scents that's just so perfect, I can start circulating a conspiracy theory that beth made it just for me. lavender and licorice===the hottest dream pairing of 2018?? those two beautiful notes play and blend and support each other so well that they are my new blueprint for #relationshipgoals. the lab's opoponax is one of my favorite resin notes, and it adds its magical richness to this blend. with the name and the lavender, I had anticipated wearing this as a sleep blend, but instead it's become my go-to scent to wear out and about. this blend is one of those "little black dress/favorite jeans" perfumes that has me smelling elegant in any situation from fancy to casual. prob my favorite bpal licorice perfume. thank you, labbies!