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  1. cyborgutena

    The Ghost of a Ghost’s Ghost

    In the bottle and going on, it's got that sharp lavender smell with a sort of herbal-woody background. The herbal is only a tiny bit sweet, which is what I prefer. The wood in it isn't harsh or dominating at all. It's sort of soft and floaty. It stays sharp for a while, developing into something nearly citrus without the fruitiness. The herbal-wood scent emerges as time passes. At the end, I'm left with a nice oakmoss-patchouli blend with lavender. The lavender starts off sharp but really does calm down to something that 'misty' is a good description for as it dries. The throw and longevity are medium at best on me. Although I've been having that issue with all the ones I've tried in my latest purchase so I suspect it might be the cold temperature and some other factors. I might end up trading this one. It really does smell quite good but I'm not convinced it's me and therefore I'm not sure how often I'd wear it.
  2. cyborgutena


    I think.... I have a low tolerance for tonka, unfortunately. Wet, I get mild spice, a little leather and tonka. It's warm and a bit green somehow. Kind of cologne-like in a woody way. It's kind of pleasant but I get the feeling I might get a headache if I have to sniff it for an extended period. I like that it gets more leathery, but I prefer something darker with my leather. This stays relatively pleasant, but again the tonka sticks around. It's kind of mildly sweet woody masc. Not sure that I ever get parchment from it.
  3. cyborgutena


    I do like Darkness but I don't love it. I get the notes in roughly equal portions, I'd say. They do combine to make something dark and beautiful. I think something about opium bothers me. though... It's mostly fine but there's just this kind of....thing at the back of my nose that I have no idea how to describe.
  4. cyborgutena


    ... this is the essence of Victorian-era spiritualism: rosewood, oak and teak notes with wispy blue lilac, tea rose, dried white rose and ethereal osmanthus. This is weird. I thought I'd like it but I am not a huge fan. On wet it's....something I don't particularly like and very strong. I think it's one or more of the wood notes. I normally like wood but one of them is not for me when it's this strong. Maybe the teak? It makes me think 'cologne' (in a not great way) for some reason. I like the dried rose that I can smell, which becomes more apparent as the wood note I mentioned becomes less dominant. As it dries, it smells a lot more pleasant. It's old wood and petals with this slight weird fruitiness (osmanthus?). The drier smell isn't great, so it's not really worth getting through the wet stage which actively bothers me.
  5. cyborgutena

    Baobhan Sith

    I get mainly grapefruit. It's a sweet juicy grapefruit. Yumm. I think I also smell the apple blossom and ginger backing it up. The ginger is very faint but I think I detect a tiny bit of spiciness. Unsure if I can detect white tea. This isn't a winner for me because it has very little throw and it disappears incredibly quickly. The grapefruit fades so quickly and I'm left with an incredibly subtle (and not necessarily unpleasant) soapy smell. Like I'm talking a VERY short time. After 15 minutes there's no trace left. Maybe my skin magically kills grapefruit and the other notes aren't strong enough to survive on their own.
  6. cyborgutena


    It's really sharp and clear to start with. I think I mainly get lavender and possibly pine, which is refreshing and cool. As it dries down, I get a weird dish detergent thing happening. I wonder if I had a dish soap with one or more of these scents at some point... The main scents don't last super long on me but the soapiness hangs around faintly for a while.
  7. cyborgutena


    Going on wet, it's sharp lavender and cedar backed up by the nice floral gardenia. After a while, the gardenia really comes out. It ends up very floral but keeps that sharpness in the background for a while. Very light and white scent. Unfortunately, my partner said the scent reminded him of old ladies at church (probably down to the gardenia).... it wasn't a scent I was going to wear out anyway, luckily. This is strictly a 'sit around and huff with wild abandon' kind of imp.
  8. cyborgutena


    It's certainly intriguing. It's a very interesting combo of fruit and smoky wood. The fig adds a slight and somewhat juicy sweetness to this scent. This is accompanied by woody and vaguely smoky goodness. Like the balcony of a wooden shack with fig trees outside. The reason I don't love this is there's something musty about it. I think it's the 'shadowy wooded notes' (or maybe the black palm?). Or maybe I associate slightly sweet wood with mustiness. Hmm.
  9. cyborgutena

    Les Bijoux

    Got this as a frimp and not necessarily one I would have picked for myself based on the notes, but I do enjoy it. At first, it's kind of sweet and juicy and warm. I wouldn't have expected to like a honey note, but it turns out I do! The combination of the musk/frankincense/myrrh with the fruity sweetness is interesting. I get mainly musk with a bit of honey and floral when it dries down. It smells light, sweet and warm but not too cloying. It's too sweet for me to wear personally but it's certainly tasty. I wouldn't get tired of someone else wearing this.
  10. cyborgutena


    This smells really good. With that in mind, I'm not sure it's in my 'like a lot' category rather than my 'faves' category. I get a big deep cocoa whiff backed up by the leather and patchouli. Deep, a little herbal and spicy. Not much sweetness, which is normally ideal for me. It dries down to the lovely spicy incense. There's also a vague floral sweet note. I also like being reminded of dark chocolate (one of my fave things) without it being a foody scent. I think the reason this might not have made it to my absolute favourites is that I like the elements of it and have nothing in it that puts me off, but it also doesn't have anything that really wows me. I guess I've been spoiled by some really amazing BPAL scents.
  11. cyborgutena


    I really wish this was as lurching and hateful as described because honestly: scent goals. I really like the parts of it that are mean and smoky and spicy. There's just this huge sweet note that I really don't like very much. I'm not sure what it is. My brain, which can't make sense of it, says 'bad honeycomb' and I have no idea what that means. It's strongest in the bottle but I can smell it at every stage of the drydown. I really like the spicy smokiness that crawls out after a while. If the scent were just that, I could see it being a favourite. Reading other reviews is not helping me figure out what the intolerable note is!
  12. cyborgutena


    This is one of my very favourites. I think it has a sort of dark and slow feel to it. Smoky and lavender. Not a sleepy or sharp lavender but a mysterious one. I love most of the notes in this individually and the sum of them is as excellent as expected. It's hard to describe the parts of it individually because they sort of meld into each other very naturally, but I definitely get this great background of nag champa. There's a mild sweetness to it, but it's definitely not one I find unpleasant in any way. This isn't a very detailed review, but I love this one. Great for going out at night.
  13. cyborgutena


    People are saying this scent changed, so for reference I think mine is from late 2017. With that said, this is my scent for when I feel like a decadent bastard. : D It 's not what I expected but it is great. I'm not entirely sure what ambergris is like, but I think that's the main scent I get. My overall impression to start with is sweet with a thread of pleasant astringency. The tobacco and incense create a mysterious background to it and I can't really separate them. Leather comes out as it dries and the astringency dies down. The ambergris is kind of honey-sweet backed up by musk and I almost feel like the astringency is slightly floral. Weird! But good. I would really like to smell a less ambergrisy one too.
  14. cyborgutena


    Unfortunately, too herbal sickly-sweet for me. There's so many notes that I'm not sure what is what. Wet, the scent is all green and has a sort of sharp freshness on the top. There's also a herbal sweetness somewhere in there that I dislike and I'm not sure which note it is. It might be the result of the greens mixed with the sweeter florals. To me, it's more the 'softened' part than the 'shadowy, unapproachable forest'. As it dries down, the sweetness lingers and even becomes a little more prominent. Unfortunately, whatever note/s I'm smelling here means this scent isn't for me. It registers as 'medicinal' in my brain.
  15. cyborgutena


    I got this because I love nag champa and I quite like patchouli. Unfortunately, it turns out I don't love the other notes with them. This, to me, is really grapey. REALLY grapey. To the point where it sort of smells like fake grape when it goes on (not like Hubba Bubba level of fake grape...more dark and less artificial than that). The nag champa and what I assume is cereus start peeking out from beneath it and I enjoy those. I don't know what cereus smells like but I assume it's the sort of spooky floral that I'm getting. The nag champa is spicy as well as (I think) the patchouli (although I don't recognise it that well in this mix for some reason). I would like this a lot better if it didn't have the muscadine, I think. It makes the scent a bit too sweet and rich in a way I don't love, although luckily not in a way that is sickly. I don't think I'd love any grape scent though, to be honest.