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    Miller v. CA
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    Antique Lace, Habu, Antikythera Mechanism, Morocco, Anactoria, Mme. Moriarty, Lurid Library, Mr. Ibis, TKO, Monsterbait Tokyo Stomp, Black Opal Season of the Inundation, Festival of Anukhet, Scherazade, Velvet Dogs Playing Poker, Lucy Kissed, Mircalla, Sachs and Violens, the list continues...

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  1. Hi Dark Alice,

    Your inbox might be full - it won't let me pm you.

    thanks, alterosen 

  2. Dark Alice

    Kapitelplatz Chess Match

    This is a lovely Snake Oil and wood scent. That's all I got. The snow note is subtle and just adds to the beauty of the scent. Bottleworthy.
  3. Dark Alice

    Paris Gargoyles

    This is such a simply, beautiful scent. Mildly sweet with a hint of stone. This will be needed for the summer months. I love it!
  4. Dark Alice

    The Ghost of a Ghost’s Ghost

    I really love this. This is the most unique lavender I have ever smelled from the lab. Bottleworthy for sure.
  5. Dark Alice

    Fifth Lash

    This is quite nice. The leather isn't black but not shiny red patent leather. Finally...a red leather I can handle.
  6. Dark Alice

    All is Silent Save the Voice of the Clock

    This is a dead ringer for Purple Swallow tail on me. It's hard pass as I already have that glorious scent in my possession.
  7. Dark Alice

    Dead Leaves, Sweet Oakmoss, White Sage, and Chaparral

    This is gorgeous. The sage plays nicely, there is a smoky sweet quality to this and I LOVE IT! I need a few more decants to fill my partial.
  8. Dark Alice

    The White Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    Man's cologne. Headache inducing. Not for me.
  9. Obscenely gooey. This is obscenely delicious. Sweet and salty kettle corn with a hint of cinnamon. I want to eat this...not smell like it. But it is glorious.
  10. Dark Alice

    Dead Leaves and Donuts Atmosphere Spray

    Dead Leaves and Stale donuts. Not a fan.
  11. Dark Alice

    The Blue Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    Blue musk and cassis bud, wild chamomile, dried blueberry, and blackcurrant. Beautiful dried blueberry rounded out by Blackcurrant. IT's lovely.
  12. Blackened mahogany, tobacco absolute, cardamom, grave loam, dried blood, and olibanum. Fancy male cologne. No mahogany. No loam. Just fancy men's fourege.
  13. Dark Alice

    Dead Leaves and Limoncello Atmosphere Spray

    The dead leaf note turned Limoncello into Dead leaves with pickles and a hint of lemon. I can't.
  14. Dark Alice

    The Orange Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    King mandarin, orange blossom, blood orange, leather, and teakwood. Straight up fresh orange juice with blood orange and wood. NO orange blossom or leather...just oranges. Fresh ones too. I don't know how Beth Does it, but she is AMAZING.
  15. Dark Alice

    Candy Wrapper in a Graveyard Atmosphere Spray

    Graveyard dirt and plastic candy wrapper. This made me sick. Not for me.