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  1. Dark Alice

    Deserted Theater Atmosphere Spray

    This is one of my very favorites....it smells like one of the older theaters in NY I went to for Musicals when I lived in Jersey. It is lovely, eerie and gorgeous. I wish it was a perfume.
  2. Dark Alice

    Brunette Wig Spray

    This is sweet coffee without the cream, amber, and chewy, sweetened chewy tobacco. I don't get oudh from this at all. I get coffee, amber, and sweet tobacco. I love it!
  3. Dark Alice

    Green Lovebird

    This smells like a strong version of those green mints that melt in your mouth that you can still get at some restaurants. I don't get any pistachio here which is oddand nice. Combined with pink love bird, it smells like minty cardamom pink cake. Yum!
  4. Dark Alice

    Pink Lovebird

    This smells like pink, cardamom sponge cake. I want to eat it. I get no cotton candy from this thankfully.
  5. Dark Alice

    Black Fig & Cherry

    This smells like black cherry and dry fig. I really like it. Fig normally goes poof on my skin, but here it is gorgeous! Bottleworthy
  6. Dark Alice

    Cherry Blossoms in a Waterfall

    This smelled like a fancy french mill soap. Not for me. 😛
  7. Dark Alice

    Black Cherry & Oud

    Black cherry with fresh poop on top. Not for me.
  8. Dark Alice

    Black Cherry, Neroli & Grapefruit

    This straight up smells like a cross between pickles and a jalepeno juice. I can't even smell the cherry. This has got to go.
  9. Dark Alice

    Pink Cherry & Pink Pepper

    This starts out with a gorgeous black cherry note and then dries into the loveliest pink pepper note that tickles my nose. It's worth the investment for a bottle...it's glorious.
  10. Dark Alice

    Enchanting Diversion with a Wakashu

    Wet: The apricot and vanilla take over and give me a minor headache. Dry, the wood, vanilla, and dark musk swirl together in a dark and sensual dance. This is what you wear when the one night stand you never wanted but needed in your life takes place.
  11. Dark Alice

    Old Buddhist Monk Penetrating a Rapturous Skeleton

    I was most excited by this one. I am sad unfortunately. There is something off that's in it. Not a huge fan, I honestly think it's the sandalwood. :{
  12. Dark Alice

    Andradite Phoenix

    If you ever imagined how garnet would smell, this is it. Soft red musk, a touch of sweetness and something that its not sharp but a note that reminds me the toughness of the stone. Maybe the mahogany. It's just amazing.
  13. Dark Alice

    Cedarwood & Smoked Vanilla

    This is wonderful. The cedarwood does not turn to pencils shavings on me. The vanilla floats in the background and makes the description of this scent dead on: Dry and husky-sweet. This is an inoffensive warm scent that will do well with a little age and then be worn on cold days where I want to feel warm and dry outside and sweet and soft when I get home. It's not cuddly, but it is lovely.
  14. Hi there! Trying to message you about Sadak at the Waters of Oblivion, but it looks like you can't receive messages now? PM me if you can?

  15. Dark Alice


    Wet: It smells like lightening and water. It definitely has a tinge of ozone and then there comes the mint. This glorious mild mint, with ozone, and water and lightening. It is legitimately magical!