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  1. Dark Alice

    Spiced Rum, Vetiver & Cinnamon Bark

    I took chance on this while drinking wine. HOLY SMOKES IS THIS GORGEOUS!! It smells like a smoked drink I have made with rum. It's delicious and I am so glad I got a bottle.
  2. Dark Alice

    Gardenia & Clove

    This is a creamy gardenia with a hint of sharpness to it. The clove...is just clove and does what it does. Oddly, these two notes really do go well together. Once they settle down...I really like it. But a decant is all I need.
  3. Dark Alice

    Honey, Black Fig, and Olibanum

    On me...this is a light very realistic honey. The olibanum keeps the honey in check and keeps it from going funky on my skin. This is not a sweaty honey, but a light, white honey to my nose. The black fig adds a nice dry fruity note to the perfume. This will get alot of wear in the summer inside my home. It's snuggly and close to the skin and not overwhelming at all.🥰🥰
  4. Dark Alice

    Your most evocative Halloween/Autumn scents 🎃

    In night when all colors are cast, four robbers and a ghost, the now walk in the cold.
  5. Dark Alice

    Weed & Whiskey

    I agree with Poenari...upon first whiff it makes my teeth hurt. Cheap whiskey and weed. But now...the whiskey blends beautifully with the weed. On a non-headache day this will be wonderful.
  6. Dark Alice

    Doleful Pipe Organ

    This is such an accurately odd scent. I grew up in churches with a pipe organ and this smells like it's a freshly oiled organ. It has a light metallic sweetness to it. And it is lovely. I would like a couple of more decants to fill my bottle, but I will reach for this one when I want something completely different.
  7. Dark Alice

    Bookcase Passage

    Too much leather, not enough wood polish. My skin just amped the book leather and it gave me a headache.
  8. Dark Alice

    Cracked Mirrors

    This smells like the spookier, lightly sweeter version of House of mirrors. I love this scent. Spooky Glass for the win.
  9. Dark Alice

    Pumpkin Smut

    Wet: smut and the insides of a freshly cut pumpkin. Dry.. freshly cut pumpkin. My skin ate the smut!
  10. Dark Alice

    Cracked Mirrors

    This is gorgeous. It smells like glass...I guess that's the amber and then I know this will sound weird but it smells like there is a crack. Like something off with the glassy amber. That's what's the visual I get when I wear it... perhaps it's the silvery note on the final drydown..but either way.. it's lovely.
  11. Dark Alice

    Bookcase Passage

    This smells like a freshly bound leather book sitting a top polished bookcase made of fancy wood. I love it!💕💕
  12. Hi,


    It appears that you are unable to receive any messages right now.  Your witch is worried because she sent something to you and received notification several days ago that it has been delivered.  Can you let us know if you have not received anything so we can let her know?  If you have received the package, please take a moment to post in the IGI thread.  


    Thank you!

  13. Hi, I sent the money for the bottle of Ninon to your pay pal, send it when you get a chance, there is no hurry Thanks, Carol

    1. Dark Alice

      Dark Alice

      Received it goes out in the mail tomorrow


    2. carolsag


      Thank you, Carol

  14. Hi, I was just wondering if you had a chance to check the level on the bottle of Ninon, Thanks, Carol

    1. Dark Alice

      Dark Alice

      It is full but I can send you a picture tomorrow?@carolslag

    2. carolsag


      No that's okay I can pay pal you the money just let me know your pay pal address thanks, Carol

  15. Dark Alice

    Switch witch cootie patrol blog 2020

    Does anything from Paintbox Soapworks catch your eye (http://paintboxsoapworks.com/)?I love and adore paintbox soapworks I am in love with hex on the beach and I am also in love with nightwalker I would love either bars of soap or the big scrubs and either sent or one thing I have never tried is her streusel and I really do adore the queen is dead so those are my top three Halloween scents the other sense Putney road is fine and any of the GC's are pretty much okay except for perdita and the Persephone sent because they just give me a headache. Does anything from the Trading Post's etsy page catch your eye (https://www.etsy.com/shop/bptradingpost)?Not really. I 8/30/20 Is there anything you want from Japan? Current kit kat flavors are... Salty Lemon, Salty Lychee, Sweet Potato, Chestnut and possibly still some Cookies and Cream Ice Cream or Strawberry Ice Cream from summer. Other than that, anime goods, cute stationery, other Japanese snacks, lay it on me! I Love Japanese chips cheese puffs snacks and I love the kit Kats to try different flavors except for anything with liquorice or rose. What are your favorite self-care items or activities? I'm especially curious about things that you hesitate to do/get because they feel like frivolous luxuries. Reading and playing video games, It's my husband passed away almost 4 years ago I have been slow to read but I'm slowly getting back into it I also embroider so I can always use more string someone from last year gave me a wonderful pattern that I need to iron on top pillowcase so that I can start really embroidering. I also adore painting boxes a sketch and draw every now and then but for the most part part it's just embroidery and painting boxes. 9/1/20 are you familiar with https://www.a-natural-alternative.com/ ? Take a peak & let me know if you might like to try something. . I would love to try French vanilla lavender any kind of soft fruity lip balm I always use lip balm so I'm down for it especially trying new blends because my lipstick constantly dry summer or winter or fall or spring. 9/2/20 Would you like a face mask from one of my favorite artists? https://akumuink.com/collections/facemasks )due to extremely sensitive skin that has to be monitored by a dermatologist I can't do face masks I can do lipstick I don't really wear foundation because sometimes it can make my skin itch that and I sweat it all out I am trying to figure out to find a hypoallergenic eyeliner cuz I would actually like to highlight my eyes I have long lashes naturally and I need to find a palette that doesn't make my eyes itch so far not good but I'm willing to try. one of our fellow BPAL friends makes custom masks, Hakutaku Custom Masks on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HakutakuMasks/ ). Would anyone be interested in one of her masks? I don't like masks I don't like clown paint they remind me of serial killer so I really don't like masks. 9/3/20 Would you like anything from here? https://www.etsy.com/shop/TaterRoundsBeauty I'm good I don't need anything from here. 9/5/20 what are your feelings on home made/ home canned jams & pickles or syrups? I even make things with berries I grow in my garden. I make both brandied & bourbon cherries. Syrups good for cocktails, in lemonade or tea, flavors include Lavender, Lavender + Lemon, & Lavender + Vanilla. Interested? Okay so I love Bourbon Cherries I love cherries but I am addicted to bourbon flavored cherries like soaked in bourbon I would love to try cherries soaking rum I don't eat too much syrup so it's kind of a done deal for me I don't eat too much bread so don't use jelly and pickles I'm very particular about so I don't eat them too often because the brine normally gives me a migraine but bourbon soaked fruit cherries strawberries I can put in my old fashioneds I'm down. Is there something that you're especially hoping to receive for this round? For example, a brand you've heard of that you're especially wanting to try, or a certain "thing" that you really want but just cant bring yourself to buy for yourself?? I am not going to lie I am looking forward to the Halloweens they're my favorite time of year the weenies I'm not a big fan of the lips because I am sugar and foodie scents and they make me nauseous I would rather have it in front of me to eat than to smell like it all day so a Halloween cent based on any of the notes I would love I can't wait until they drop. Would you rather receive supplies/tools for your own craft/hobby or receive something you can't make yourself? I would love a container to put all my embroidery and my thread in I would also like more thread because I like different colors so I am very flexible. Is there anything you'd like from Penzeys (https://www.penzeys.com/)? I can never not have enough Spanish paprika I love their garlic granulated I do like the French vanilla but that is very pricey so I'm good on that and I only use it when I bake cookies other than that I'm pretty good. 9/8/20 Art and artists - anyone dig any of this? Not really If you want to list of artists that I do like I'll be glad to provide it. If you knit/crochet/weave, would you like custom dyed yarn? And if so do you have preference on weight, fiber, colors? as I don't knit crochet or weave this question is not applicable unfortunately. what is one fun/frivolous thing for $20 or less that you’d enjoy? I I don't know honestly I have a lot of what I need maybe more cat toys for my kitties that they will actually play with because I have spoiled them rotten or socks I love socks warm comfortable socks fun socks I'm an attorney and so I have lots of crazy socks that I wear to court cuz I need to remember and remind myself that I'm doing my best and not to take life too terribly seriously I have socks that have squirrels on them I have socks for Halloween that say don't make me push my witch button so I love socks but I also love warm fuzzy socks I can wear for the winter. If I sent you to a dollar store with $20, what would you walk out with? I would get office supplies like envelopes the long large metal ones I would get the padded envelopes for when I swap with people I would also buy wipes because you know covet is a thing and some picture frames because my goal over the winter is to redecorate my house and to put all of the pictures that are currently have in frames and hang them on my wall. 9/9/20 would anybody like a small cross stitch thing, like a patch or pin? or cross stitching notions like handmade needle minders? I'm not losing my sight I am older and I have glasses to help me with embroidery rather than that I'm good unless you can find a pattern that's easy that I don't have to iron on a pillow case because I don't have an iron at the moment for embroidery. 9/11/20 Is there anything you'd like from the UK? ! Meant humbugs chocolates I love English chocolate and tea fruity tea not straight English black tea that will send me into space and have me running rings around Saturn because of the caffeine. Do you have a particular fandom you'd like stuff from?Not really there are several shows that I love but I don't belong to a fandom per se. How do you feel about tea? Preferences? so this is an excellent question I love white tea and I love green tea I would trying to find a turmeric tea with fruit in it most of my teas that I have have a fruit base strawberry peach not banana cuz I can't stand the flavoring blueberry green rubous tea is a favorite of mine I love black tea if it has some fruit in it I love white tea and I normally purchase everything from Adagio because I just prefer their loose leaf teas now the problem is is that I was a big fan of teavana and I bought the teavana tea steeper and I'm down to my last one so I need a new one of those I'm not asking you to buy one I'm just saying that's what I need and I can't do any kind of two licorice in it I can only do green and white fruit flavored peppermint a little bit I do love peppermint tea and the reason why this question and this answer is so long is because I was drinking tea from 2015 and I didn't realize that until the other day so I had to throw a whole bunch of old tea away so now I am stuck without tea and I'm looking for a turmeric fruity tea to help with memory and blood pressure No I'm not having memory problems but I do have Alzheimer's in my family I do like turmeric and tea I don't like it on my food but I like it in tea so I'm doing all that I can to take care of myself. What about tea tools or cup Please see the previous answer but I really do need a bigger tea steeper because my teavana one is on its last legs and I don't like the little ones that sit in your cup because normally the holes are too big and I've got loose leaf tea floating in the water with the tea so there you go. As How do you feel about fragrant things for the home like incense, candles, atmosphere spray? I Love room spray I cannot spray my pillows directly because I'm sensitive to the sense and I have a s*** ton of trading post room spray and I will always have trading post room spray I do burn candles but they're normally fall candles and I've already gotten what I want for the year for Yankee candle If the trading post ever comes out with more candles ILove the trading post candles love love love love love. Do you share your home with any loved ones (human, feline, canine, etc.) who might enjoy a tiny treat too? My cats have a lot of toys that they don't play with I am in search of toys that they will play with catnip is always welcome treats because I have an overlord that is very sensitive with a stomach I only buy one type of treat for her and the younger one is chanca and she's going to have to lose weight and we have to figure out how to do that cuz she don't eat dry food and she loves treats but again she also has a sensitive stomach so I only give them one type of treat. 9/12/20 Does anyone like the prints or items from www.ElissaMarieCreative.com ? I have a few of her prints and the notebooks and they are quality! Nooe What about www.drawingsbynicole.com? Anything specific? Nope. Does anything from www.vapidlacquer.com stick out to you? ? Nope. I do pour painting/acrylic fluid art (with varying degrees of success, haha). Would you like a custom piece in colors of your choice (takes 3-4 weeks with curing, longer if you want it sealed, so it would arrive post-round if custom) or a piece already finished in my collection? I have mostly 12 x 12 and 10 x 10s right now. Pics available upon request! Would love to see what you've got. My walls are getting full of art already and I have a ton more to hang up that I need frames for (matted for 8x10 artwork from Brian Serway.) I only have a small room in someone else's house and being disabled, I don't know that I'll ever have my own place again. After enjoying looking at the links several others have put in the questions, I decided to add some of my own favorite independent artists who I enjoy supporting - so, what do you think of the goodies from these people? And specific items you love? Enjoy! 1) https://www.catcoven.com/ -- Creature of the Night silver pin. Curious Wanderer Silver pin. 2) https://www.mineralgypsy.com -- I love crystals. Anything you'd think I'd like. 3) https://www.redbubble.com/people/thelatestkate/shop -- Super cute but bright. I could actually use a new ipad case but I need the kind that doubles as a stand (I have an older iPad air.) I'd say a water bottle but none of her water bottle designs call to me. 4) https://www.marikapaz.com/shop/ - would totally take sheets of stickers to decorate packages with. 5) https://www.faunwood.com - nothing really. 6) https://www.shannatrumbly.com/ - I really don't need any prints right now and the stickers are pretty expensive. 7) https://fiddlersgreenzine.com - are these zines? I love the style (very Tolkien) but don't really like zines. 8 ) https://www.hedgespokenpress.com - I really don't need any prints right now One of the things I do is make nifty things from sweaters that I cut up & upcycle into things like super warm mittens, arm warmers, striped arm warmers, cowls, teapot cozies, & French press cozies. I don't have a slipper I love yet, but I'm working on it. So, which of these things might you like? Give me some thoughts on colors you like & if for a teapot or press, I need to know a size. TBH, I am too hot 99.99999% of the time and I'm a knitter, mom is a knitter/crocheter, and I absolutely do not need anything to wear that would be warm (except maybe some nordic style pajama socks.) I don't need either a teapot or french press cozy. I am super picky about my cowls. But if you're a knitter or crocheter and want to make me something, I have a bundle on Ravelry called "make for me!" filled with thing to knit (all kinds of colorwork and stuff) or crochet (mostly amigurumi but also some top hats) Warning -- all of the fox stuff is for my mom. So if I receive any of that, she will get it. I do wear socks, fingerless miits and double length cowls or long cresecent shawlettes. I don't wear knitted hats or choke-y cowls or smoke rings or mittens or triangle shaped shawls. Feets are huge, size 11w. Hands are also huge. If you knit socks for me I REALLY REALLY need a stretchy cast on (if cuff down socks) or bind off (if toe up socks.) And both the stretchy cast on AND bind off for mitts. (I use Jeny's for both, myself, although a cable cast on is usually stretchy enough too.) I think the stretchy thing is one of those tics of being autistic. (shrug) I enjoy historical reproductions and am a fan of LBCC Historical Apothecary. Is there something in her store you might be interested in? I'm not really into vintage-y type stuff and I really don't like things in round tins (especially lip stuff.) The Rose scented ink is the coolest but I don't write at all! I can still type and knit, but my hands don't like writing for more than a few words on a note. The Egyptian Geranium EO or the Organic Clove Bud EO both caught my eye but I don't really have a pressing need for EO's right now. Maybe a large loofa sponge? Oh! 4 Thieves Vinegar! Ok, the 1896 Cleopatra's Enamel looks interesting too. 9/13/20 Do you have a favorite art style/movement/artist? I think I talked about it in my original answers. But since I don't really need any artwork right now... Who is your fashion icon(s)? I don't know that I have any particular fashion icons. I'm mostly attracted to gothy/fetishy/industrial mixes of clothing and makeup but I am too lazy to dress that way myself most of the time. What is your favorite mythological creature? Anything equine really (I used to collection tons of unicorn/pegasus figures but they're all packed up. I love hippocampus too!) as well as grotesques and gargoyles. And Krampus. And Black Philip. is there anything you want from Lush? always. like every single bat bath bomb!! ALL OF THEM! I have other stuff from LUSH on my Amazon Bath, Body, Fragrance wish list. Do you need any astrological work done, since thats one of my professions? Any particular areas you could utilize a consultation? This would be fun if Holly was my Witch. But I don't know my birth time and my mom can't find my baby book. How do you feel about the homemade fudge I sell in my etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/HollysRainbow -particular preferences, flavors (consider I take special flavor requests all the time!)? No nuts, Penuche!!!!! And the apple pie fudge!!!!!!! *sad grabby hands towards all the fudge* How do you feel about keto or sugar-free, low carb baked goods or treats?? I'm ok with real sugar, butter, cream. I try to avoid corn syrup. I'm also ok with coconut sugar and alternatives, but I prefer using castor sugar or brown sugar in things. My mom makes a lot of alternative, gluten free, oil free, low sugar stuff so I already have access but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want any from my Witch if that is their specialty - I just don't require it? 9/14/20 Anything you'd like from Future Primitive: https://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk I am interested in the Bath Salts, Shampoo Bar, Sugar Scrubs, and Whipped Soap (especially if you want to send something for my son - he LOVES their whipped soap and uses it for shaving - Ghost Smoke is his fave.) Scents that sound good are: Festival Four & Twenty Blackbirds OM Rook & Raven Sylph White Witch Lughnasadh The Gloaming GHOST SMOKE Do you have an Etsy wishlist? Yes, I believe it is linked both on the Switch Witch Spreadsheet and on my Switch Witch Help (both are in signature.) And I put it here for ease as well. ❤️ ETSY FAVES. That being said, once an item is sold out I am unable to remove it from the sorted lists which drives my virgo heart absolutely crazy. So make sure to check the "show only available items" when looking through lists. It's a major bug and the only way around it is to make a new list, add all of the items you want to it, and delete the old list. I wanted to share this link to a soapmaker I love and ask if y'all see anything you would like from them! https://www.herbneden.com/ No bar soap, but I would up for trying the bath salts, scrubs, facial stuff, etc. I put a bunch on my amazon bath, body, fragrance list for fun. Some of them are kind of spendy but the bath salts and masks aren't too bad. Nui Cobalt Designs perfumes...(just got her latest email): How about the scents being discontinued? The Critters? https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/collections/critters-2020?page=1 or other ones? Nah, I'm good. I have so much perfume and no more veins. 9/15/20 I have a friend who does pet caricatures. He's done ones for all of my pets. Is this something you would be interested of for your pet(s)? Not caricatures, no. Do you decorate seasonally/for holidays? Is there anything in particular you would like to that end? My room is always filled with bats and skulls and skeletal things and gargoyles. I would love Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments and especially the new Pumpkin King tree topper (Hallmark.) Would you like anything from House of Gloi, especially from their Autumn Update? (https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/fall-1) The Fancy Witch body powder sounds nice. Black Rose or Marshmallow butterbombs. Do they not do whipped soap anymore? I'm trying to avoid sugar scrubs right now because I'm battling skin infections and I don't think sugar helps. Prefer oily/salt scrubs. I know the tea question has been asked, but what, specifically, about Adagio teas? mmm tea Samples are great. Loose leaf. If you wanted to create a blend for me with your own artwork, that would be fun! (I don't like mate, pu-erh, or rooibos/honeybush) Lapsang, Cream, Butterscotch, Clove? This is Hallowen (by Bran Mydwnter) https://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=96188 Trick or Treat (by Bran Mydwnter) https://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/blend.html?blend=96259 Flavored Teas: Kentucky Bourbon Cream Vanilla Thai Tea Butterscotch Caramel Hazelnut Blackberry Orange Gingerbread Hibiscus Chais: Masala Chai Raja Oolong Chai Matcha Teas: Matcha Uji Matcha Matcha Peach Matcha Sticks Peach Matcha Sticks Jasmine Matcha Sticks Traditional or Sweet Matcha Sticks Black Black Teas: Earl Grey Lavender Lapsang Souchong Black Dragon Pearls Tangerine Tuxedo Green Teas: Jasmine Phoenix Pearls Sleeping Dragon Fujian Jasmine Pearl Jasmine Chun Hao Green Dragon Pearls Guizhou Twist Wenshan Mist Green Autumn Mist Green Herbal Teas: Kona Pineapple Elderberry Wine Berry Creme Compote Blood Orange Wild Strawberry Berry Blues Dragon Fruit Dream Turmeric Bliss Wellness: Throat Therapy What about anything tempting from Dandelion Chocolate? (https://store.dandelionchocolate.com/pages/home) Sea Salt Caramels Chocolate Covered Almonds Dandelion Chocolate Chip Cookie Anything from the Pantry & Baking - nibs, chips, chef's chocolate. (Tiffin is one of my favorite things and I like to make it out of "good" chocolate instead of plain chocolate chips.) 9/16/20 Would you, my dear Witchee, like anything from April Gloom? https://www.etsy.com/shop/AprilGloom (this is our @spookygrrrly - switch witch code coming soon to a spreadsheet near you.) I'd really super love a planchette / skull pendant from her but I love her cute pins too. Would you enjoy anything from my friend Brian's Etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrianSerwayArt? I have sooooo many of his prints. I really need some matted (white mat, black frame) for 8x10 for all of his artwork that I haven't hung up yet. The only one I super want in stock right now is I Am No Man. Are you a sock person? If so what are your favourite kinds to wear? Do you have a sockdreams wishlist? The sockdream's wishlists are shareable!! I don't actually like wearing socks but I *DO* need some new ones. I'd love a bunch of black cotton footie socks! Also black cotton crew would be good. I have size 11w feet, so they can't be "one size fits most." I think I put a bunch of sockdreams stuff under my SW Help (in signature.) If you're not near one, is there anything from Trader Joe's you'd like? I'm near one! I can't think of anything I super want that I can't get myself. How do you feel about local items from my city, like spicy (think chili) things or local coffee? The coffee is not spicy lol. I love dark roast coffee but right now it needs to be k-cups. I love green chiles! I have a bunch of chile stuff on my amazon cooking and kitchen and snack wishlists. do you have good feelings about Funko Pop? I don't collect them just to collect them but I have gotten a few that I love. I have the Goblin King, Death, Demogorgon, Jack Skellington. Would love The Man in Black (Princess Bride) and/or Inigo Montoya -- I'm still kicking myself for not buying some when I was at the flagship store in Everett last time. Would love Black Philip. I can't remember if I have a Krampus already or not. Candles! Anything from these places catch your fancy? https://cantripcandles.com/collections (restocks Friday 9/18 at 9:00 PST) https://miruscandles.com/collections https://briarwickcandles.com/collections without knowing if they would irritate my lungs or not, I'm going to have to say no. I love candles; I am a chandler ffs. But my stupid lungs and chronic respiratory disease! Argh!!! 9/17/20 Is there something from your fandom that popped up in another country you'd be particularly interested in? What, and what store? I'm not sure! I don't have any disposable income so I don't really go looking. Would you be interested in some boozy chocolates (or anything else) from https://www.chocolatemoonshine.com/ ? I'm always interested in boozy chocolates but this site does say that all of their chocolates are non-alcoholic. The Creme Brulee and Black Cherry Bourbon fudge look interesting - how much do you get for $20, I wonder? (You can get a pound of Penuche fudge from Holly with free shipping to the US for $20... just saying... and it's SO. FRICKING. GOOD. and the apple pie!!! She could probably try her hand at any custom flavor.) 9/18/20 Witchee, assuming you like home made/home canned condiment goodies, what is your spice level preference? I'm a bit of a spice wimp - maybe as high as cayenne (30-50k) but assume I'm eating it with sour cream or cream cheese or something to cut the heat a bit. Would you be interested in anything from Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.? The name makes me laugh because so totally Donnie Darko. Sadly all of their bath salt is sold out and the scents are pretty generic anyway. Much more interested in Luv Milk milk baths.