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  1. Dark Alice

    Tonka Bean and Saffron

    This on me smells like saffron. No tonka bean for sweetness...just pure saffron. It's making me hungry for saffron rice as a matter of fact. I was hoping the tonka would come out more to balance it. I am going to put this one in the box for a bit to see if it does. Otherwise...it's going on the chopping block.
  2. Dark Alice

    Beholder Optician

    This such a fun scent! it smells like Strawberry poprocks! I know that smell b/c I love that candy! If you want a fun, sweet candy scent that has a zing...get thee an imp/bottle.😍
  3. Dark Alice

    Spiced Rum, Vetiver & Cinnamon Bark

    I took chance on this while drinking wine. HOLY SMOKES IS THIS GORGEOUS!! It smells like a smoked drink I have made with rum. It's delicious and I am so glad I got a bottle.
  4. Dark Alice

    Gardenia & Clove

    This is a creamy gardenia with a hint of sharpness to it. The clove...is just clove and does what it does. Oddly, these two notes really do go well together. Once they settle down...I really like it. But a decant is all I need.
  5. Dark Alice

    Honey, Black Fig, and Olibanum

    On me...this is a light very realistic honey. The olibanum keeps the honey in check and keeps it from going funky on my skin. This is not a sweaty honey, but a light, white honey to my nose. The black fig adds a nice dry fruity note to the perfume. This will get alot of wear in the summer inside my home. It's snuggly and close to the skin and not overwhelming at all.🥰🥰
  6. Dark Alice

    Your most evocative Halloween/Autumn scents 🎃

    In night when all colors are cast, four robbers and a ghost, the now walk in the cold.
  7. Dark Alice

    Weed & Whiskey

    I agree with Poenari...upon first whiff it makes my teeth hurt. Cheap whiskey and weed. But now...the whiskey blends beautifully with the weed. On a non-headache day this will be wonderful.
  8. Dark Alice

    Doleful Pipe Organ

    This is such an accurately odd scent. I grew up in churches with a pipe organ and this smells like it's a freshly oiled organ. It has a light metallic sweetness to it. And it is lovely. I would like a couple of more decants to fill my bottle, but I will reach for this one when I want something completely different.
  9. Dark Alice

    Bookcase Passage

    Too much leather, not enough wood polish. My skin just amped the book leather and it gave me a headache.
  10. Dark Alice

    Cracked Mirrors

    This smells like the spookier, lightly sweeter version of House of mirrors. I love this scent. Spooky Glass for the win.
  11. Dark Alice

    Pumpkin Smut

    Wet: smut and the insides of a freshly cut pumpkin. Dry.. freshly cut pumpkin. My skin ate the smut!
  12. Dark Alice

    Cracked Mirrors

    This is gorgeous. It smells like glass...I guess that's the amber and then I know this will sound weird but it smells like there is a crack. Like something off with the glassy amber. That's what's the visual I get when I wear it... perhaps it's the silvery note on the final drydown..but either way.. it's lovely.
  13. Dark Alice

    Bookcase Passage

    This smells like a freshly bound leather book sitting a top polished bookcase made of fancy wood. I love it!💕💕
  14. Hi,


    It appears that you are unable to receive any messages right now.  Your witch is worried because she sent something to you and received notification several days ago that it has been delivered.  Can you let us know if you have not received anything so we can let her know?  If you have received the package, please take a moment to post in the IGI thread.  


    Thank you!

  15. Hi, I sent the money for the bottle of Ninon to your pay pal, send it when you get a chance, there is no hurry Thanks, Carol

    1. Dark Alice

      Dark Alice

      Received it goes out in the mail tomorrow


    2. carolsag


      Thank you, Carol