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A perfume for mistresses and masters of a very specific trade: sultry red musk, heady jasmine, tobacco leaf, red sandalwood, hay sugar, golden honey, sweet carnations, and warm leather.

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A-Rovin is a beautiful, rich, full-bodied perfume that lives up to its description and would comfortably be at home amongst the Lupercalia themed fragrances. When it first hit my skin, I clumsily thought it smelled in league with Mme Moriarty (vintage, at least), but it didn’t take long for A-Rovin to find its own voice on my neck.


Reluctant and cautious are two words that accurately summarize my feelings toward jasmine notes in fragrance, which can sometimes come across as stuffy & bitter (especially the Sambac variety) yet as I began to notice the jasmine note in A-Rovin moving front and center and realized it would likely become the prominent theme around which all other notes orbited, thankfully its revelation as the centerpiece was not met by any aversion on my part. This is primarily because of how well blended it is. There are no sharp points, nothing prickly, nothing treble-y, nothing feels out of place. It is a large, warm, sweeping jasmine perfume bookended with sweet notes (listed as hay sugar and honey) on one side and, though not published in the notes list, what my nose detects as something slightly reddish/purple plummy on the other end. Again, evoking memories of Mme Moriarty (a beautiful perfume but one I have not worn in some years).


Wanting to sate my curiosity, I put on a little bit of Mme Moriarty to compare to A-Rovin. The side-by-side punctuates the differences between the two in terms of a literal comparison, but the feeling/atmosphere each perfume evokes is not entirely dissimilar. Mme smells more like a ‘high art’ perfume, it is vivid and complex and feels like a special occasion scent. A-Rovin is cozy and ‘sensual’ in comparison. It has a strong cuddle-up vibe (hard to pull off with jasmine, in my opinion). It also has a beautiful come-hither depth lurking under the jasmine notes without veering into cavity inducing sweetness or anything that would make this grown man feel awkward wearing. It feels like a jasmine perfume that slithers and sneaks up into the air as opposed to the bold announcement of Mme. Both are great, but A-Rovin makes a better case for being a daily driver type of signature scent.


It's undeniably sexy and radiates carnality. Looking at the collection this perfume originates from and the description for A-Rovin, it’s safe to say Beth 100% achieved what she set out to accomplish with this one.


I highly recommend this. It is not remotely challenging to wear. It is one of those perfumes that I feel inclined to keep adding more of to my skin after just a few minutes, which is to say it's the kind of perfume that will make people want to move in closer and get a better smell. I would also classify this as a “jasmine for people who don’t typically like jasmine”, as the way the notes are arranged here present the jasmine in an easily digestible manner which is completely free of anything challenging or off-putting. The blend is seamless, almost like the perfume melted into itself, completely unified in all aspects.


Sillage and longevity are both stellar. 5/5

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