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  1. birdieflyaway

    Winter Sunset

    This decant is a strong orange with hints of clove and a tiny amount of pine in the background for me. It fades into a softer blend, maybe the amber is assisting with that. I'm happy to be able to try it, but this is one of those scents I prefer as an environmental goodie, like in a candle.
  2. birdieflyaway

    Honey Taffy Smut

    I also have never tried Smut alone, but I'm very happy with this blind bottle. It is delicious, so much honey sugar, but not too foodie as I was a little scared of it being. Definitely more of a sensual appetite than actual edible. It does seem to fade around 3 hours for me, so I'll just be carrying ma bottle for re-applications throughout the day.
  3. birdieflyaway

    Midnight Bonfire

    This is quite robust, which is typically what I'm looking for. In the bottle I'm getting pine and I think the jasmine. Once applied the smoke and sage are there and stay. It does feel like a smoldering sort of burn, I really am pleased with the fire scent and the sage is a nice sidekick.
  4. birdieflyaway

    Apocalypse Box

    I blind picked this one from the lab as my first Lilith. I haven't been reaching for it often because it's not one of my 'I am Woman hear me roar' bottles that I'm usually up for, but when I want it - I WANT IT. It's so fresh laundry pretty and I find it energy boosting and lasting. Crisp. Reminds me of being little and jumping in the laundry basket. So I really do love it and want to get a backup bottle because I would be really sad to ever not have my Apocalypse Box option.