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  1. birdieflyaway

    Worm Moon 2021

    My first moon purchase! I'm so happy with this. I'm obsessed with the art, I'm thinking I need to buy my first BPAL shirt. This is so tropical and dreamy without being too cloying or too sweet. Everything is so well-blended and working beautifully together. Agree on the pinkness and smooth coconut. Definitely a happy, summertime scent. It is a fairly quick fader on me, hoping that will improve or I'll just start tossing my bottle in my purse for throughout the day. Big love for Worm Moon.
  2. birdieflyaway

    Blue Cypress & Haitian Vetiver

    Very sharp and sappy. After seeing it described above as an aromatic in a cocktail, I totally agree. I'm liking this a lot for summertime, it's refreshing in this muggy Louisiana heat.
  3. birdieflyaway


    I've tested this one several times now and I just don't know what to think yet. The mint is throwing me, like it's really nice, but it seems like such an outlier. After drydown though, the combination of red musk and woodsmoke is SUPER satisfying. On the fence since initial application is weirding me out.
  4. birdieflyaway


    YES. I am here for this. It scared me at first too with that jasmine, but THEN it turns into this sweet, reddish tobacco dream. This is a fun ride and my first shanty love.
  5. birdieflyaway

    Hanging Johnny

    Oh, hello! Boy, that's some fresh hemp in that rope. It's just what it sounds like from there, there's the sandalwood yesss...then a light cedar. A faint hint of something waxy? I kind of love this. It feels playful. Just havin' a good time on a sun-baked plank, hanging people I guess.
  6. birdieflyaway

    Winter Sunset

    This decant is a strong orange with hints of clove and a tiny amount of pine in the background for me. It fades into a softer blend, maybe the amber is assisting with that. I'm happy to be able to try it, but this is one of those scents I prefer as an environmental goodie, like in a candle.
  7. birdieflyaway

    Honey Taffy Smut

    I also have never tried Smut alone, but I'm very happy with this blind bottle. It is delicious, so much honey sugar, but not too foodie as I was a little scared of it being. Definitely more of a sensual appetite than actual edible. It does seem to fade around 3 hours for me, so I'll just be carrying ma bottle for re-applications throughout the day.
  8. birdieflyaway

    Midnight Bonfire

    This is quite robust, which is typically what I'm looking for. In the bottle I'm getting pine and I think the jasmine. Once applied the smoke and sage are there and stay. It does feel like a smoldering sort of burn, I really am pleased with the fire scent and the sage is a nice sidekick.
  9. birdieflyaway

    Apocalypse Box

    I blind picked this one from the lab as my first Lilith. I haven't been reaching for it often because it's not one of my 'I am Woman hear me roar' bottles that I'm usually up for, but when I want it - I WANT IT. It's so fresh laundry pretty and I find it energy boosting and lasting. Crisp. Reminds me of being little and jumping in the laundry basket. So I really do love it and want to get a backup bottle because I would be really sad to ever not have my Apocalypse Box option.