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  1. DigitalCoyote

    Winds of Autumn

    This doesn't like me. It's better the second try so I'm assuming it needs to sit but... If I put it in the wrong spot on my arm, it's movie theatre/stadium nachos and pickled jalapenos. I don't think the tinned cheese food note is there as strongly this time. Halite Phoenix had a similar chip vibe. I'm thinking it's the peel that's giving the jalapeno note. In the right spot, the bonfire has a bit of a chemical tang upfront but gives way to apple peel and campfire, then apple cinnamon smoke.
  2. DigitalCoyote

    Floral Sheet Ghost

    Wet: It's a bait and switch--first, there was pineapple....now there's a punk [I'm leaving it--DC] medicine in syrup form I had to take as a child that smells like this. It had to be kept in the fridge. Dry: Rose and pineapple and powder. Hmm.
  3. DigitalCoyote

    Autumn Song 2021

    On my skin, this is a "clean natural body" type smell. Like you took a shower but you smell like yourself rather than soap, lotion, or perfume. Nothing stood out in particular. It was overall very pleasant and will probably enhance whatever you actually smell like.
  4. DigitalCoyote

    A Skull, A Music Book, A Snuffed-Out Candle

    Wet: Hello beeswax! I am a gently scented candle. Semidry: Flowers (more like jasmine to me than tulips), beeswax, and sandalwood. Dry: L wrist - I found the leather. It's hanging out with the sandalwood in some zen cowboy bromance. R wrist - Less jasmine, more tulip. Beeswax and leather holding it down. I like this. It's a very indoor and the-days-are-getting-shorter-where-is-my-book-I-desire-my-own-company smell to me. This would make a great atmo.
  5. DigitalCoyote

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    Wet: Sage and medicine. Semidry: A statement scent. This is definitely black and slinky and something my parents would've told me I was too young to wear at some point. It's floral to me but it's a dark smell with non-funky patchouli holding it down. I'm not familiar enough with the other components to describe them in more detail. I get why other posters have said it's gothy. I might buy this one just to see how it ages.
  6. DigitalCoyote

    Bouquet With Skull and Coins

    Metal flowers. There's a Phoenix that smells like this. The metal wore away after an hour or two, leaving blooms I can't quite pick out. I think I prefer the Phoenix over this but other people enjoyed it on me.
  7. DigitalCoyote

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    I feel...sophisticated? Like Tombstone but maybe I'm a cattle baron or some newly minted silver magnate with expensive tastes and I'm flexing on people? Is that what's going on here? Wet: Non-sugary vanilla and cognac. Semi-dry: Cognac and balsam. It's like a sexy humidor without tobacco or what I imagine the alcohol aging barrels smell like dry and empty. Dry: L wrist: Cognac with the brown booze tang and wood. R wrist: I know my wrists usually smell different. I don't know where the smoke note is coming from.
  8. DigitalCoyote

    Cranberry Mango Pumpkin Floss

    Wet: cranberry and brown/caramelized sugar. Semi-dry and dry: My skin ate the cranberry and I don't know if the mango ever showed up; there was a brief fruity but not sweet middle smell that could've been Mexican (rather than, say, Philippine) mango. Cotton candy as a distinct scent had a moment. After that, my skin did what it normally does and beamed sugar to everyone in a six foot radius. If you're in to sugar or gourmand smells, this could be your jam.
  9. DigitalCoyote

    Skeletons Dancing to a Tune

    Wet: Vicks and pencil shavings. I am confused. Semi-dry: This is getting tingly--I bet the lab's cinnamon is in here somewhere. This is a warm, earthy smell. It's not dirt but it's definitely got that spice cabinet near the oven in use with. That and some comforting wood without it becoming Christmassy.
  10. DigitalCoyote

    Skies Grow Red With Rending Flame

    Wet: soap and ginger and cloves This disappeared on me within an hour or two. There's a faint whiff of clove several hours later but I think my skin won this battle.
  11. Wet: Cypress and the eucalyptus smell I know from my childhood schoolyard with some creamy jasmine. Kinda dry: The woods didn't turn to hamster cage or pencil shavings on me but a mellow jasmine is the star of the show. Dry dry: On me, it's the jasmine and some background wood that hangs (~12 hours) with a background sweetness. You have to get super close to smell it. This might be for you if you don't want people to smell you before you appear or if you're looking for a jasmine-forward scent that isn't screechy or indolic (poopy). This might not be for you if your chemistry gets overwhelmed by florals or woods.
  12. DigitalCoyote

    Skull With Discarded Gorget

    I'm a fan of the lab's steel and leather (usually) so I had to have it for those days where I feel scrappy but don't want to announce myself like SkekUng or War. In the imp: I get where the chemical impression came from. I almost didn't put this on. Wet: Apples! Like underripe green apple flesh. Semi-dry: there's my (brown) leather and steel. Dry: L wrist: Something a little smoky in here? It could be leather continuing to evolve but that's all I get on that side. R wrist: Old steel and leather. It smells like the good parts of SCA fighter practice.
  13. DigitalCoyote

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    The lab's brandy doesn't like me. Snake Oil and I are mortal enemies. .....this. This has people huffing me and commenting on it aloud. Wet: a blast of warm syrupy/macerated peach Semi-dry: Boozy peach note. This would be the best Slurpee ever. Note: this started to warm and tingle where I put it so if you're sensitive, this one might not be for you. Dry: This is hard for me to describe and I'm going to contradict myself a little. To me, it's musky spicy peach with some sweetness so it's not a heavy smell. It's a warm scent. My mom's peach cobbler kind of smells like this the next day before you heat it--like the all the peach and nutmeg and such with a bit of sugar before warming it pushes the sweet and crust smells up front--but it's not necessarily a "foodie" smell. It's totally wearable. I'm surprised I like this.
  14. DigitalCoyote

    Radiant Abundance

    Wearing this one today because I need a little help on the feelings of scarcity front. Wet: I'm not sure what's different in this cedar note but it didn't immediately go to pencil shavings on me like what normally happens. The herbs and moss are prominent on my skin. Dry: This is a warm, comforting, homey scent. It's like coming home and knowing you're safe after a rough day. Maybe that's how the abundance happens: you're able to be grateful because this is a peaceful scent.
  15. DigitalCoyote

    This is a Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches

    Three minute hot-out-of-the-mailbox review: SUGAR. All sugar upfront. My teeth actually hurt. I smell like some kind of carnival food (like a churro) with some peach hiding in the background.