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  1. DigitalCoyote

    Ganymede’s Junk

    Wet: Very clove forward but not acrid or intense clove cigarette smell. Dry: This is warm woody carnations, vanilla, and soft clove. It's a lovely smell. The spice is very complimentary.
  2. DigitalCoyote

    Magnetite Phoenix

    Wet: Tangy metal. Dry: Sweet metal? It's not the resin. It's almost foody--cherry coke? Soda syrup of some kind but not crazy sugary.
  3. DigitalCoyote

    Caramel, Smoked Chilis, & Black Vanilla

    Wet: smokey chili. Warm on the skin. Dry: smokey caramel. There's something oddly attractive about this.
  4. DigitalCoyote

    The Yawning Void

    Wet: Freshly cracked jar of Vick's Vaporub. The force is with this one. Dry: This calms down in to a wearable aquatic. No sweet or flowery notes that I can pick out. It might be well suited for a masculine wearer.
  5. DigitalCoyote

    Blueberries, Cream, & Cardamom

    Wet: Juicy blueberry. I hate blueberry but I'd give this blueberry a try. Dry: Blueberry and sweet cream with a hint of plastic toy on the end.
  6. DigitalCoyote

    The Midnight Reunion with His Lost Wife

    Wet: Pencil shavings Dry: Smoky wood. I have a firefighter friend to whom I can hand this off. He might enjoy it.
  7. DigitalCoyote

    Dead Leaves and Chai

    Wet: I'm touched by how dead on the dead leaf note is: this is truly slightly wet dead orange and red leaves. Dry: I don't think the tea note in this had a chance on my skin. The leaf notes are gone and the spice notes are not only literally warming the skin but surprisingly manly. I could wear this but I think it would be far more intriguing on a guy.
  8. DigitalCoyote

    The Wild Audacity of My Perfect Triumph

    Wet: Lime. Nothing else to smell here. Move along. Dry: There's that licorice-y Absinthe smell. Lime is lurking. Dry dry: This has taken a turn for Comet. Don't get me wrong, Comet reminds me of mom cleaning house when I was little but it doesn't make me feel sexy.
  9. DigitalCoyote

    Eclipses Be

    Wet: AMBER and cloves. Hrm. Dry: There was rose clearly for a hot minute but this has given way to flowery soap on my skin. As others have said, it's not unpleasant but this one may not be for me.
  10. DigitalCoyote


    Wet: Wet/damp soil. It doesn't have an incense-y back or undertone like some of their dirt smells. I like it. Dry: Roses, dirt, and dry (not grassy) green. The roses fade away slowly, leaving the moss, leaves, and soil behind. This is definitely an atmospheric or mood setting smell.
  11. DigitalCoyote


    Wet and dry, all I get is tropical flowers. I can't pick everything out but it's very pretty.
  12. DigitalCoyote

    Tuberose & Mango

    Wet: Sticky sweet mango candy and pink rose Dry: All the mango disappeared. =( The pink rose is still sweet on its own. I like these together. Just wish it stayed like it did wet longer on my skin.
  13. DigitalCoyote


    Wet: Vaporub? Pine, eucalyptus, something. My skin is warmer wherever I put it. There's a berry/fruit sneaking out. Dry: Leather. That pine fruit thing...it's like Snow Bunny without sugar on top. If not that one, it's one of the winter snow smells.
  14. DigitalCoyote

    Pleasures of the Imagination III

    Wet: Sweet honey out of the gate first, followed by leather and tobacco; incense brings up the rear. I smell like dessert in a hookah lounge booth but I'm not mad at it. This is a warm smell. Dry: L wrist - sweet incense and leather R wrist - honey, cinnamon, and smexy smexy leather over smoke I'm not sure if this is sexy campfire like @SophieCedar said (perfect for outdoor summer nights) or if this is the smell of impure thoughts, naughty touches, and questionable--but exciting--late night life choices....but I want to find out. I also need to smell this on a dude. #huffingmyself
  15. DigitalCoyote

    Desert Places

    Wet: Mint...minty toothpaste? Where did you come from. Dry: L wrist - tea and creamy vanilla R wrist - creamy vanilla and sandalwood