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  1. DigitalCoyote

    Pomegranate Peach Martini

    Wet: Pom bomb. Red and juicy. Semidry: Pomegranate alcohol. Syrupy but not sugary booze like in a tiki drink. Dry: Still syrupy alcohol. It's softer--probably the peach--but still primarily pomegranate. R wrist - The syrupy alcohol element is strong. Pomegranate Nyquil but it's not unpleasant.
  2. DigitalCoyote

    Chrome Peaches

    Wet: Is this Steamworks or Metal Phoenix but peach? It's oil and a slick metal. Semidry: I get the peach but it's like an air freshener or dryer sheet peach (rather than say syrupy fruit, peach skin, or peach fuzz). Dry: L wrist - oily metal and sweet aerosol peach R wrist - sweet aerosol peach I'm withholding a final judgment until I get to try it again. This year's peach doesn't seem to like me.
  3. DigitalCoyote


    I'm assuming this is the reissue. So, look: the lab's woods and I have a difficult relationship, with cedar being the worst offender of all (generally, industrial pencil shavings or hamster cage; specfically, amping to the unsmellable detriment of all other notes [Hilma; Wisdom, Justice and Moderation]). I'm afraid of this but I'm going by the conventional wisdom that the further down in the ingredient list it is, the less there is of it. Wet: Honey, bourbon, and vanilla. This is warm and sweet. Semidry: The jasmine is quite gentle here. There's no overpowering screech or indolic huff. Dry: ....there's wood in this? It's very softly jasmine and honey, like in a cup of tea. It doesn't throw very far so I'd describe it as a fairly intimate smell. I was expecting a much harder cedar smell but I literally have nostrils-to-skin to get it and it's quite late in the drydown. I could wear this as a daily.
  4. DigitalCoyote

    A Countenance Forboding Evil

    Wet: Deep funky patchouli Semi-dry: Smokey vetiver is choking out the patchouli. That's what I get for reading over the notes too fast. Fingers crossed it doesn't kick over in to the weird meat smell. Itchy/burning sensation to go along with it. Dry: How to explain....On both wrists, this smells "hot" kind of how mesquite gives barbecue a "hot" flavor. L wrist - BBQ pit with a whiff of orange R wrist - Orange and woody smoke ‐------ Skin twins: @savage_rose @zankoku_zen
  5. DigitalCoyote

    Peach II (2016)

    Wet: This has a Sharpie scent on me. I was afraid of it. Semidry: Like @SophieCedar said, something in this comes out as black leather on my skin. Dry: Warm peach and amber. I was mauled everywhere I had this on my skin and I'm not about to complain about it.
  6. DigitalCoyote

    Judge and Jury Atmosphere Spray

    It's definitely sexy and warm and comforting and expensive and relaxed and debauched all at the same time. I would spray this on my boyfriend and wrap up in him if he were still with us.
  7. DigitalCoyote

    Honey & Neroli Hair Gloss

    I only got honey out of this when I sprayed it 7 hours ago but I was stopped and asked what was in my hair. To them, it was kind of apricot-y or peach-y but not the spicy/peachy of the Peach Brandy Snake Oil I was wearing. If people are huffing me, I assume it's good.
  8. DigitalCoyote

    Winds of Autumn

    This doesn't like me. It's better the second try so I'm assuming it needs to sit but... If I put it in the wrong spot on my arm, it's movie theatre/stadium nachos and pickled jalapenos. I don't think the tinned cheese food note is there as strongly this time. Halite Phoenix had a similar chip vibe. I'm thinking it's the peel that's giving the jalapeno note. In the right spot, the bonfire has a bit of a chemical tang upfront but gives way to apple peel and campfire, then apple cinnamon smoke.
  9. DigitalCoyote

    Floral Sheet Ghost

    Wet: It's a bait and switch--first, there was pineapple....now there's a punk [I'm leaving it--DC] medicine in syrup form I had to take as a child that smells like this. It had to be kept in the fridge. Dry: Rose and pineapple and powder. Hmm.
  10. DigitalCoyote

    Autumn Song 2021

    On my skin, this is a "clean natural body" type smell. Like you took a shower but you smell like yourself rather than soap, lotion, or perfume. Nothing stood out in particular. It was overall very pleasant and will probably enhance whatever you actually smell like.
  11. DigitalCoyote

    A Skull, A Music Book, A Snuffed-Out Candle

    Wet: Hello beeswax! I am a gently scented candle. Semidry: Flowers (more like jasmine to me than tulips), beeswax, and sandalwood. Dry: L wrist - I found the leather. It's hanging out with the sandalwood in some zen cowboy bromance. R wrist - Less jasmine, more tulip. Beeswax and leather holding it down. I like this. It's a very indoor and the-days-are-getting-shorter-where-is-my-book-I-desire-my-own-company smell to me. This would make a great atmo.
  12. DigitalCoyote

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    Wet: Sage and medicine. Semidry: A statement scent. This is definitely black and slinky and something my parents would've told me I was too young to wear at some point. It's floral to me but it's a dark smell with non-funky patchouli holding it down. I'm not familiar enough with the other components to describe them in more detail. I get why other posters have said it's gothy. I might buy this one just to see how it ages.
  13. DigitalCoyote

    Bouquet With Skull and Coins

    Metal flowers. There's a Phoenix that smells like this. The metal wore away after an hour or two, leaving blooms I can't quite pick out. I think I prefer the Phoenix over this but other people enjoyed it on me.
  14. DigitalCoyote

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    I feel...sophisticated? Like Tombstone but maybe I'm a cattle baron or some newly minted silver magnate with expensive tastes and I'm flexing on people? Is that what's going on here? Wet: Non-sugary vanilla and cognac. Semi-dry: Cognac and balsam. It's like a sexy humidor without tobacco or what I imagine the alcohol aging barrels smell like dry and empty. Dry: L wrist: Cognac with the brown booze tang and wood. R wrist: I know my wrists usually smell different. I don't know where the smoke note is coming from.