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  1. hhelix

    The Peacock Queen

    2020. This is rose, a rose-lover’s rose, all rose all the time. It’s a velvety, jammy, realistic rose, not a rose perfume, not soap, not potpourri. It’s a living rose. Lovely. Low throw, short wear length.
  2. hhelix

    Rose Red

    2020: The scope of Beth’s roses is astonishing. This one lives up to the hype. I get stems, thorns, and rose petals. It’s earthy, green and brown, woody and sharp. Heady at first, then quickly calms down and lasts a few hours at most. I keep reapplying it for the aromatherapy. Smells like lying on the cold earth under a rose bramble while it gently rains. I need a full bottle of both this and Peacock Queen. They are so different.
  3. hhelix

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    @Hesper Fallen, where have you been all my life??? Since you and I seem to have similar tastes based on the imps you ordered, I re-tried the imp of Fallen I’ve had forever. It must have aged well or maybe my tastes have matured because holy cow is it stunning. Now I’m bummed that it’s discontinued and will treasure my imp!
  4. hhelix

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    @Hesper Violet is one of my favorite notes and Beth has so many good ones. I looked back through my notes and several scents come to mind: The Raven: Violet and neroli mingled with iris, white sandalwood and dark musk Nocturne: Deepest violet touched with lilac and tuberose Morgause: night-blooming flowers deepened by dusky violet, purple fruits and the barest breath of medieval incenses. and I wonder if you could layer one of them with something like: Incantation: vetiver, dark woods, crumbling and burnt black sandalwood and a drop of lemon rind. Which imps did you get?
  5. hhelix

    Amber & Cardamom

    This is the smoother, hippie head-shop type of amber, not the fuzzy oriental perfume type of amber. The cardamom reads as cinnamon to my nose. Warm, spicy, modest throw, short lifespan. If you like The Lion, you'll probably enjoy this one.
  6. hhelix

    To a Wreath of Snow

    This is very pretty. I can understand what all the fuss is about. The lavender gives a shout out, bright and fruity, in the opening. The middle phase is a sophisticated fuzzy gourmand perfume, and the late dry down turns vanilla plastic doll’s head, in a good way. This will probably age beautifully. Full bottle contender.
  7. hhelix

    Rosewater & Myrrh

    This oil has two phases: the initial powdery rose, followed by the resinous myrrh. It is fairly straightforward with no surprises. The two notes do not blend together but present very separately. Maybe aging will bring them together. Agree it would be good for layering.
  8. hhelix

    Snow White

    Snow White 2020 Respect to those who love this BPAL classic. I figured everyone should try it at least once, so I got a decant. On me, it's a skin chemistry fail. High pitched screechy white florals, laundry musk, and coconut. Sorry, Snow White. Glad I tried you, but you are not for me.
  9. hhelix

    Meigetsu Ya

    This was a surprise Yule hit for me. I am only starting to recognize the Lab's snow notes. To me, this is more the refreshing eucalyptus type snow, but with some sweetness. There is not a hint of Snow White's coconut snow to my nose. Starts off with a bright burst of chilled orange in the opening, then a long sweet musky dry down, orange-tinged and cuddly. Reminds me of a creamsicle (orange popsicle with a creamy center). It's happy, bright, and simple, a true mood elevator.
  10. hhelix

    Midnight Mass

    This is my first time trying Midnight Mass, and it's the 2020 version. You want incense, this is your perfume. It’s really gorgeous, moody, sacred, meditative, smooth, grounded, solemn, timeless. Inhaling deeply causes eyes to roll back in head. It smells like rich fabrics and ancient wood soaked with centuries’ worth of incense smoke. Low throw, short wear length, but full bottle worthy none-the-less.
  11. hhelix


    Wowza, this one’s a bombshell. The indolic jasmine is intoxicating when wet, then retreats and behaves on the dry down. The musk, tobacco, carnation and leather are discernible at one time or another, with the hay sugar and honey.playing supporting roles The sandalwood is MIA. The dry down is a vintage treat, an old-school perfume that is eyes-rolling-back-in-head drop dead gorgeous. Must love heavy florientals to pull this off. Full bottle worthy and glad to support the cause.
  12. hhelix

    Wolf Moon 2021

    This is one sexy wolf. I have a decant of Wolf Moon 2020 and the 2021 Wolf is a completely different scent. Last year's was very pine-forward. This year's is a warm sandalwood burnished by beeswax, which I thought was vanilla until I checked the notes. I get the grass and juniper when wet, but they quickly fade. The balsam and musk provide a soft cushion for the sandalwood to land. It is well-blended, smooth, masculine-leaning, nuzzle-worthy. OK, sorry for the cheez factor, but this is the scent Jacob from the Twilight Saga would have worn.
  13. hhelix

    Soft Reboot

    This is my first TAL blend, and it does feel different than a perfume oil. It asks that you wear it with intention. I have been wearing it to sleep and have felt softly rebooted when I wake. This blend is soft, lasts a few hours on skin. The palo santo is prominent at first, tempered by a subtle sweetness (the nutmeg?). I don't sense the other notes distinctly, as they blend seamlessly to support the palo santo. The effect is indeed purifying, peaceful. Would be a good meditation oil.
  14. hhelix

    Iris and Orris scents

    @gothteacup It's been a while since I've worn it, but my notes say it's an aldehydic floral with a lot of oudh. I'm guessing the aldehydes represent the steel, as in a cool, clean scent. I have tried other BPAL perfumes with a metal note (Berzerker), and I don't really sense the metal per se. Maybe there is a coldness, an edge, but it's very well blended with other notes. I would say if you are going to try Nevertheless, She Persisted, you must like oudh... The fecalness is getting stronger over time. I happen to love it, so I'm OK with that. Hope that helps!
  15. hhelix

    Iris and Orris scents

    Nevertheless, She Persisted from the activism series.