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    Perfumery, tarot, herbalism, nature, gardening, writing, yoga, walking, meditation, reading, coffee, fermentation, vegan cookery, Buddhism.
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    Morocco, Smut, Haunted, Sybaris, Samhain, Nasty Woman, The Bear Prince, Elizabeth of Bohemia, Totality. Favorite notes: amber, incense, frankincense, patchouli, clove, carnation, rose, violet, oud.


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  1. hhelix

    Bridge Trolls

    I have not tried Troll or Dorian on their own, so I can't speak to that. Wet, Bridge Trolls is a formidable waft of musky clove, dark pine, and smoky vetiver with just a hint of lavender. It definitely morphs over time and becomes almost a different scent on dry down. I am not sure what notes are responsible, but I kept getting the suggestion of Shalimar -- a distinct vanilla-based oriental - later in the day. Really gorgeous.
  2. hhelix

    All While Dreaming, Shakes Her Head

    This is a rose soli-flor on me. I don't get any patchouli, just a high-pitched soapy rose. Body chemistry fail. Disappointing 😔
  3. hhelix

    It’s All So Damn Beautiful

    I really like this one. The white amber I think is ambergris or ambroxan, which smells like a high-end designer men's cologne but in a good way. The charred lavender is not too charred, but lends a floral sweetness wafting in and out throughout the life of the scent. I was so curious about the petroleum note -- I imagined it would be more like motor oil, but the note is actually a distinct medicinal petroleum jelly like Vaseline. Fascinating. There is a slightly medicinal menthol note as well, unaccounted for in the notes description, that reads like grandpa's medicine cabinet. I think the oakmoss contributes to the overall masculine-leaning cologne vibe. I could not stop sniffing this throughout the day (I'm sure I looked weird sticking my nose under my shirt all the time) and might need more than a decant.
  4. hhelix

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    That's so interesting that loosing your sense of smell caused depression! It totally makes sense. I'm glad it is coming back for you. BPAL excels at scents with your favorite notes, so there are too many to choose from! Moroccan Pumpkin from the recent Weenie release comes to mind, and from the general catalogue -- oh so many -- Kobold Barista if you like coffee with your autumnal spices, Shub Niggurath (The lust incense of a corrupted Astarte. A blend of ritual herbs and dark resins, shot through with three gingers and aphrodisiacal spices.), and Cathedral (Venerable and solemn: the scent of incense smoke wafting through an ancient church. A true ecclesiatical blend of pure resins.) Although now there is Sugar Cookie Cathedral in the Yule release, which might tick all your boxes! For a clovey scent with apple, I recommend Queen Alice (Carnation, posies, and white amber with a hint of inky treacle, sandy cider, and wooly wine.) Have fun exploring!
  5. hhelix


    I really like this one, though it’s hard to discern the listed notes, other than carnation and orchid. There is something that deepens it a little, but mostly it’s a cheerful, comforting, vintage-leaning floral, like a scent you would find on an antique dressing table amongst powders and makeup cases. I like it but would LOVE it if the darker notes showed up. Medium throw and longevity.
  6. hhelix

    Dead Leaves, Honeycomb, and Vanilla Butter

    I have to agree with @lilyluxe. At first this is all dead leaves all the time. Very realistic. I keep looking for the vanilla and honeycomb to show up, but they don’t. Then at the end of the day, I get a very faint but distinct syrupy pineapple, which is very pleasant with the dead leaves. I definitely enjoyed this (I love the dead leaves note), but I hope the sweetness and butteriness come forward more with aging.
  7. hhelix

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    Young from the mailbox, this is all skanky, pissy, indolic narcissus, in the best way. There is something poignantly vintage about narcissus, so unapologetic and bombshell. I really enjoyed this, but I can’t wait for the other notes to settle in and show up. This is destined to be a stunner once there’s some age on her. Not for the faint of heart though, or for those who don't appreciate a little growl in their floral.
  8. hhelix

    Moroccan Pumpkin

    Jack and Morocco had a baby. Wet, this starts off strong on the buttery pumpkin flesh.. As it dries, the bone-dry Moroccan spices start to emerge. Thankfully, this manages to avoid fall candle territory and becomes sort of a sultry, smoldering oriental pumpkin flesh scent on a pyre of sandalwood. I hope the carnation shows up more as it ages. Color association: all the browns, reds, and golds of the spice cabinet, and of autumn foliage. Very seasonal, warm, flirting on the edge of foodie but not quite committing. Good throw and long-ass wear length.
  9. hhelix

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    I admit I did wear this layered with a drop of aged Snake Oil, which probably amped the snakey goodness. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. It reminds me of the 90’s classic Tresor with its powdery peach, but the deep vanilla and spices of Snake Oil tinged with patchouli and booze make it less cloying and more goth. It was utterly enjoyable and I can only imagine will improve with age. Good longevity and throw.
  10. hhelix

    Gift Recommendations for New to BPAL

    Gift certificate is always good. That way he can pick out his own, which is most of the fun.
  11. hhelix

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I had the same experience with my Snake Oil direct from the lab in December 2019, and another bottle purchased in early 2020. They just weren't aging or changing very much and were hanging on to that popcorn smell. I am not really sure I've ever smelled the OG Snake Oil, whether aged or fresh. I do have an older bottle of SO I bought from a forum member that does not smell like popcorn, but it also doesn't have the rich heady notes I have read about, i.e., the notes that make SO legendary. It's more of a light powdery vanilla. It's a mystery.
  12. hhelix

    Pumpkin Chypre

    This is a beautiful, autumnal, non-gourmand pumpkin scent. I love chypres, and this one has the brassy, burnished, cologne-like vibe of a chypre overlaid with dry, toasted spices (I detect cinnamon) and smoothed out by round, sweet, roasted pumpkin flesh (but not bakery or foodie). It has killer throw and hella long wear length. I'm usually a dabber, but I accidentally slathered it on the back of my hand in the morning, and an hour later a co-worker entered my space and said, "Mmm, it smells like incense back here." She could smell it through her mask and at a distance. Definitely worth seeking out if you love non-foodie pumpkin scents or warm, spicy, leafy, ambery cologne-like scents. Edited to add: This is an absolute beast. I put on a sweatshirt that I had worn days before and it still had traces of Pumpkin Chypre on the sleeves. Wearing the sweatshirt actually scented my skin enough to smell like I was wearing perfume even after I took the sweatshirt off. 😳
  13. hhelix

    Kobold Barista

    I agree with @estamets, this is non-gourmand coffee, spices, and cream with a holiday vibe. I could see wearing it a lot this fall and winter. Average throw and wear length.
  14. hhelix

    Lizardfolk Park Ranger

    Instant love and full bottle upgrade. This is the smell of nature itself -- like forest bathing, or the way your skin smells after hiking through a conifer forest, swimming in an alpine lake, then basking in the sun. It's very well-balanced with average throw and wear length (I refreshed it mid-day because I wanted to smell it again).
  15. hhelix

    Thunder Moon 2021

    This one instantly went into my cart as it has many of my favorite notes -- violet, patchouli, black musk, labdanum, vetiver... I expected something darker. Instead I get a soapy white floral and none of the deep base notes I was hoping for. It almost feels like the batch wasn't mixed properly. I will let it age to see if it darkens up, or maybe I will try layering it with something heavy on the patchouli and vetiver. Curious about other people's impressions. I SO wanted to love this. 😢