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  1. witchytwitchygirl

    Bright Red Dildo

    Didn’t touch this one much when I first bought it because it seemed like it would take some time to settle into its full complexity. After about 8 months of resting my 2021 bottle, I decided to make this my V-day scent this year and wow! The leather has now fully come out to play. Pure, sexy, musky leathery honey, and lasts all freaking day. When I huff my wrist the red musk/leather combo almost reminds me of my beloved Funnel of Love when I first got it. ❤️ Wear it when you need a dose of powerful domme energy ❤️
  2. witchytwitchygirl

    Sugar Cookie Cathedral

    Mmm. In the bottle I was afraid this would be too foodie/sweet for my taste, but almost as soon as it’s applied the sugar cookie is subtly balanced by incensey goodness. This blend is cozy, sultry, and sweet. Exactly what I was hoping for!
  3. witchytwitchygirl

    Gingerbread Campfire

    Definitely pick this up if you missed out on Dead Leaves on Fire! It’s that same intense smokiness, with some added spice from the gingerbread. The gingerbread comes out gently over time, but definitely never announces itself loudly. We’ll see how this ages!
  4. witchytwitchygirl

    On Wednesday, I Will Promise You a Phantom

    My goodness this is so gorgeous. Happy to have added this to my lavender collection. Though to be fair, the lavender slinks off to the background really quickly, leaving a waft of musky, warm, vanillic myrrh. When I smell it up close to the skin, I get all the lovely florals. I took a chance on this one and so glad I did! I try to wear a different scent every day, but I can’t stop thinking about this one and dying to put it on.
  5. witchytwitchygirl

    Dead Leaves, Leather, and Pink Pepper

    All familiar dead leaves for me right now, the kind that some find cologne-y. Not unpleasant, just not different from others I have. Will try it again after a month or two more.
  6. witchytwitchygirl

    Through the Night Strange Music Went

    This has become a favorite of the Weenies I ordered this year. I expected a much more discordant scent based on the description, but it really settles into something gorgeously incense-y and dark that reminds me a lot of Snaky Hair’d Moirai. Like A LOT. Apple and lemon peel sweetly peek through for a short while but quickly fall away for me, snuffed out by the indigo musk, myrrh and tobacco. I find this very sexy and mysterious, yet comforting.
  7. witchytwitchygirl

    Dead Leaves, Moss, and Mushrooms

    It’s been several months since I’ve worn this one, and I forgot how interesting it is! It is earthy and green, dirty and fresh, natural and perfumey, all at the same time. I find it to be so pleasantly creepy, solemn, dignified. (Was getting ready while watching Ask a Mortician videos this morning and this was the scent I chose, if that says anything.) It’s somewhat masculine, but not overwhelmingly so. It’s like what a woodland elf king would smell like.
  8. witchytwitchygirl

    The Queen of May

    Very brightly floral, like cracked flower stems, on first application. On the the skin it really blooms and I believe the white musk adds depth and sweetness. It’s very pretty, although reminiscent of funeral flowers when sniffed in the bottle. I bought this one last minute after originally opting for two others from the Spiritus collab (Osculum Infame and Hexentanz). I’m glad I picked it up, as I believe this one is, surprisingly, my favorite. This is exactly the kind of floral scent I love.
  9. witchytwitchygirl

    The Jersey Devil

    Not getting much pine here. Very sweet and earthy at the same time, and strangely, seems perfect both for summer and for Christmas time! Probably won’t upgrade to a bottle just because it faded so quickly on me, and now when I sniff my arm the fruit notes have gone vaguely plasticky. It is very nice, though.
  10. witchytwitchygirl

    Sed Non Satiata

    My initial thought was that this is a soft, whispery scent like a cool breath. Vaguely pleasant, but didn’t leave much of an impression. Now, this has gone straight soapy baby powder on me, as geranium is wont to do. Was hopeful about all the other notes, but it took two minutes flat to go wrong on me. Don’t smell any musk or honey or patchouli, unfortunately. Edit: An hour later, much muskier and alas, a hint of honey!
  11. witchytwitchygirl

    Pumpkin Smut

    Quite yummy, spicy, and straightforward. For me, it starts out overtly pumpkin spice, then dries down into boozy, Smutty musk, close to the skin with not much pumpkin left. Hoping it will last longer on my skin after a bit more aging!
  12. witchytwitchygirl


    Wow! This is one sexy scent, perfect for summer. I definitely get more honey in the bottle than on the skin, where a lusty, heady jasmine dominates. If I sniff close to the skin I get carnation and smoky leather, and I smell the musk if I think hard. Much closer to the skin than I anticipated, but not without a nice throw. I feel like there’s a gorgeous, delicious, incensey, floral haze around me—one that would make others want to get closer for a more intimate whiff.
  13. witchytwitchygirl

    Honey, Black Lilies, and Gardenia Petals

    The honey in this one is much stickier than the honey in Honey, Mahogany and Incense Smoke, at least to my nose. It’s thick and syrupy and hazy. Agree that it is almost spicy. I wish I smelled the florals a *touch* more strongly, and I wish it stuck around as long for me as it seems to for others, but it is lovely.
  14. witchytwitchygirl

    Honey, Mahogany, and Incense Smoke

    Oh....my. I still have to finish testing all my Lupers, but I already know this one is a favorite, and I didn’t expect it to be such a stand-out! Honey works well on my skin, and this one is the perfect amount of not-too-sweet. It’s not overbearing at all, and simply functions to sweeten up the wood and smoke in a very well-balanced combination. Just what I like. Seriously, it’s a dream.
  15. witchytwitchygirl

    Amoretti LXXV

    This is ambery-appley goodness with touches of vanilla and musk. Possibly the fig is making the apple smell extra pulpy and deeper than I’d normally expect apple to be. Gorgeous and juicy and can’t wait for it to age!