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  1. rhonorv

    Svarta Fönix Bókaflóð

    I used to spend a lot of time with my grandmother. I’d go to her apartment and hang out, we’d read Redwall books and play cards and have a sleepover. She had a rotating cast of perfumes — me being a child to preteen I didn’t really investigate them too closely. This perfume is like a memory of her, and I am so happy whenever I wear it: it’s how I remember her perfume smelling, wrapped up in warmth and tea and paperbacks. I don’t get any lavender (and I do love lavender); I imagine without the lovely nostalgia this would smell like a classic perfume plus a little spice. I love it so much.
  2. rhonorv


    Oh, thank goodness: I love the smell of roses, and I haven't quite been able to find a rosy BPAL that works, but this works. When this is on my arm it feels like there's a bouquet of roses in the house somewhere. It's the scent of roses that are just about to wilt and sweeten with rot. There's no powderiness or sharpness that come with some rose notes. I don't get the scent of earth or moss or loam; perhaps they're well blended, so they're making this a perfect rose in the background but I'm not able to pick them out (magic?).
  3. rhonorv

    Civil Twilight

    Wet and in the bottle: Very very fruity, lush peach nectar, and not much else. Dry: Has lightened up a smide; there's a faint hint of honeysuckle in here now. After an hour: A very vaguely floral peach, but it's still mainly sparkly peach. Reminds me a little of how a Bellini smells. Definitely not a morpher! If you love peach, I bet you'll love this -- it's a fun, bubbly scent.
  4. Wet: 100% agree on Dancing Raven's cough drop appraisal. It's a medicinal fig when wet. Drying: This is morphing so much, and it's wonderfully interesting! I get little licks of pomegranate over the fig, and within a few more minutes it gets quite smoky-rosey. I've had bad luck with the lab's rose scents so far, but this is lovely -- nothing thorny or sharp here Dry: There's a greener edge (tobacco leaf) to this now that it's been on for about an hour. Still lovely, but almost completely different from when I put it on. It gets quite light and close to the skin, but it sticks around. It's a very elegant scent.
  5. rhonorv

    Miskatonic University

    Wet and in the imp: I must drink really astringent motor oil coffee! This smells like caramel to me. Dry: Something I'm having trouble placing has come up... it almost smells like rice? Must be the book note! It's still mostly caramel, though. Much later: Ooh! This is so interesting: it's giving off a throw of caramel, but when I stick my nose up to it it's really papery. Like caramel hot cocoa was wafting out of a mug on your desk but you have your nose in a book. Pretty neat, especially if you like foodie scents!
  6. rhonorv


    Beauty beauty beauty. A light, wearable, turquoise aquatic. Wet it's mildly soapy, but it settles into a fresh, mildly cologney, very clean-sea-watery scent. I get the references to glass and iridescence in the description for sure. This doesn't have a heavy salt note on me. Also, I do not possess a nose that's friendly to oudhs, but this was absolutely fine! Hooray!
  7. rhonorv

    You Get What Anybody Gets-You Get a Lifetime

    I unfortunately share the experience of the last three reviewers (and chuckled as I read them). I ordered a decant of this before I knew that oudh and I do not see eye to eye. Wet it smells, in an unnervingly accurate way, like a public restroom on me -- specifically, very much like the restrooms in Penn Station, with all its wafting odors of cleaners and unmentionable other things. For a split second it made me miss my old commute 😂 When it dries it does get much better: more a woodsy incense. But I just can't get through the oudh stage, unfortunately; if you can, your mileage may vary!
  8. rhonorv

    Wolf Moon 2020

    Holy Christmas! Or maybe more accurately, Holy Yule! This is what a pagan Christmas shop would smell like, if such a wonderful place existed (does it? If it does, do tell!). It's like the moment you come inside from a walk in a wintry forest. The pine is the strongest note for me, but it isn't harsh or nose-dulling as pine can sometimes be. I smell fig and fruits behind it. I also learned about a new note today: I had no idea what cassia was! Turns out it's a cinnamon-spice type of scent. I can catch a whiff of incensey-spice in the bottle, but it goes away quickly when it's on, and it doesn't read especially cinnamony to me.
  9. rhonorv


    Iago smells like the 'new car smell' dealers spray in, well, new cars. Heavy duty new leather. It was unfortunately pretty headachey for me, and I had to wash it off after testing. Definitely very cologney, and a little goes a long way!
  10. rhonorv

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    This is really beautiful! Oddly enough, this scent really reminds me of Snake Oil -- a toned down, less sugary Snake Oil, like if you removed 75% of the sugar and replaced it with leather. I get no heavy florals or lavender; the vanilla and cedar dominate. It's a little spicier wet and in the imp -- when it dries down, it turns into a comforting, sheer, close to the skin scent. Going on that ever-lengthening big bottle list.
  11. rhonorv

    The Stream and the Waterfall

    I got an imp of this from a forum sale (ty bheansidhe!), and it immediately became one of my favorites. The cedar (almost like cedar-chip cedar, in a pleasant way!) and cherry blossoms definitely dominate, and there's a beautiful complexity from the frankincense that ties everything together. It's also super clean smelling without being soapy or sharp. I'm so happy to have a bottle of this (ty ty torikitty!!). If I had to put one word to it: elegant!
  12. rhonorv


    Wet: Wet whiskey pumpkin. Dry: I like it better now! I get this really lovely pumpkin-foodie note when this is dry. It's homey and very autumnal. It smells so much like a dish my family makes for holidays: sweet potatoes, marshmallows, and apricot nectar (I bet that's the champaca talking!). It's a pretty quiet, close-to-the-skin scent.
  13. rhonorv

    Nevertheless, She Persisted

    She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.... to try and smell this again and again even though all she was getting was a butt gland/fecal smell 😢 What I have learned from this thread is the indolic kind of golden oudh makes this untenable for me, unfortunately. I am one of those people who only smells the bad parts of it -- the whiff I got from the decant made my eyes water, and I didn't want it on me until I smelled it dry. I put it on a paper towel and tried again several minute and then hours later, and still, nopenopenope. Then I let it sit quietly and settle in a cabinet for a couple of weeks and ventured to dab it on my skin and nooope. Either the pleasant stage won't come for me or is too far past my threshold. Oh well! I was excited to try the lab's steel note, and will just have to attempt something else
  14. rhonorv

    Snow White Hair Gloss

    Caveat: this is my first contact with Snow White! How is this made?? I don't know how they've gone and made a (non-menthol) scent that actually makes my nose and airways feel chilled but here we are. I don't smell coconut or vanilla, but I get something like ylang-ylang and evergreen and sugar. The scent is pretty stable from wet to dry and sticks around for hours.Truly lovely and light; I could wear this every day and not get tired of it.
  15. rhonorv

    Golden Amber, Cacao, and Tonka Bean Hair Gloss

    This is really pretty and warm -- it smells like a very specific blend of caramel hot cocoa powder that Land o'Lakes makes to me. I use it when my hair is wet, and by the time it dries it's faint to gone, so it's definitely not too cloying or heavy as a foodie/chocolate scent!