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  1. rhonorv


    Wet this was a nice creamy chocolate scent -- less sugary and rich than Gelt or Bliss, but a similar 'tone'. Unfortunately, when this dried, it switches off between a woodsy bookish scent (ok!) and the smell of dried celery (oh no!).
  2. rhonorv

    It’s All I Have to Bring Today

    I found this to be very similar to Bien Loin d'Ici: this is that same sticky, lovely honey swirling with flowers instead of red musk. There's a waft of soapiness/detergent (the breeze?) when it's wet, but it disappears after about 10 minutes. Then it's just wonderfully springy and sweet, like a honeybee's dream. Pretty low throw, but it sticks around.
  3. rhonorv

    Cherry Blossom Vulva

    At first sniff: Oh! Ohhh! This is quite reminiscent of my very favorite BPAL of all time, Queen Mab's Lace. This is a gorgeous floral blend that's honeysuckle-forward, not too sharp, and just a little bit creamy. It's really like a more crystalline version of Mab's, to my nose. After ~2 hrs: It's become a bit astringent -- someone mentioned banana, and I totally get that. It's like a banana flavored candy, sharp and artificial. Sigh, skin chemistry! Maybe one for a scent locket.
  4. rhonorv


    (Disclaimer that I love jasmine!) 100% agreed that this is similar to Hal, though I find it much less sharp. It's almost all that heady jasmine note when wet, but very soon after putting it on, A'Rovin gets sweet and smoky and stays that way, like a fancy jasmine incense. It's really well blended. It wasn't quite as sweet as I expected it to be given the sugar and honey; from the description I was almost expecting a jasmineified Bow & Crown of Conquest with the leather-carnation-sweetness combo, but this is decidedly A Floral. A really nice one for the jasmine-lovers and jasmine-curious!
  5. rhonorv

    The Mummies of Mexico City

    UNF! So lovely. Soft frankincense lace. For being a very light, wispy scent it has good throw. It reminds me of a warmer-softer-glowier version of Midnight Mass, and the dust note here seems the same as the one in Svarta Fönix Bókaflóð. Glad to have a bottle!
  6. rhonorv

    Snow-Covered Landscape

    This was the winner of the Winter release for me for sure!! It is a soft, almost creamy blue floral. It reads a little sweet to me, too; lilac is the only flower I can pick out (perhaps because it's the only floral in here I'm sure I could recognize anywhere... 😛 ). Beautifully blended and delicate -- reminds me a little of the Hotaru No Yu HG, which I adore. I do have to huff my arm to smell it.
  7. rhonorv

    Wild Fig, Black Currant & Neroli

    Agreed on the deliciousness of this one when it's wet! It smells like tart candy -- specifically a bit like Nerds -- in the bottle. Wet and for the first few minutes it's juicy and fruity without ever being overpowering or too-sweet. As it dries, it reminds me of a softer cousin of Hunger. Unfortunately on me after it's been on for about an hour this sharp twangy note enters the picture, and it oscillates between the lovely fruit-and-neroli and a cleaning product citrus.
  8. rhonorv

    Ginny, the Reaper of Vengeance

    I got this for the tobacco flower note, because it's generally a winner for me! Wet, and for the first 10 minutes, this is "oh no, Big Red Gum" on my skin. It's not quite a blast of cinnamon, but the black pepper is acting a little strange, and it smells a lot like cassia! But once it settles down, it is be-a-u-tiful and blended. The tobacco flower blooms and the cognac and amber smooth everything over, no more cinnamon, just a little tinge of spice. It's definitely a 'tough' scent, and I love that I have a scent that feels badass and also very different from the rest of my collection. This reads like a fall scent to me, but I'll be reaching for it to layer with some of my more sugary ones, too! I put a tiny dab of Snake's Kiss on over it this morning and 😋
  9. rhonorv

    The Choirs of Angels

    I absolutely agree with the above reviewers on this being a very 'golden' scent. It reminds me of summer in the same evocative way Bastet does. It's incensey, but it's a bright, happy, playful incense, not churchy at all. The florals are creamy, well-blended, and very in-the-background. Like someone in Biblical Times got a whiff of this coming off of a departing angel and was inspired to create church incense based on it, but was never quite able to get it right. I've recently discovered how much I love frankincense thanks to Drag is for Everyone, so I've been trying as many frank-heavy scents as I can get my hands on, and this is my favorite of the bunch so far!
  10. rhonorv

    Im Tiefen Winter

    Beauty! I did not get the smoke here until well after drydown -- I had the bright, juicy citrusy experience of some of the other people in the thread. But if I take a reaaally deep sniff, there is a little lick of smoke, which is so interesting! I love how the lab does these icy water notes... this one is evocative of chilliness and an icy river without being literal. This reminded me a little of Teakwood, Moss, and Salt, but greener. It's really nicely blended, and leans more cologne-y than atmospheric.
  11. rhonorv

    Personent Hodie

    I *love* this! It reminds me very much of another favorite of mine, An Encounter of Three. Where an Encounter of Three has a liqueur-heavy undertone, Personent has a beautiful, smooth incense. They share the same (to my nose) purple fruit notes on top from the purple currants, but there's a woodsiness at the core that prevents PH from going too sweet. The cassia gives it the tiniest kick of spice when it's dry, which is lovely. I'm not picking up very strong smoke or amber notes, but as theshapeshifter noted this is a really well-blended perfume, and I imagine they're contributing to the general richness and depth of it. It's pretty consistent wet to dry, and it has great staying power. Will be getting a full bottle!
  12. rhonorv

    Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom & Lemon Peel

    I enjoyed this, somewhat to my surprise, as none of these notes really sing out to me. It read as very perfumey to me, and it was consistent wet to dry -- it's a bright, sunshiney, orange-neroli confection. It doesn't turn powdery on me; it stayed pretty sharp and bright with a medium throw. I didn't get a lot of lemon at all. I totally get torikitty's scent memory -- this is reminds me of a specific Avon Skin So Soft sunblock I had when I was a kid! It's like a pretty perfume version of that 😎
  13. rhonorv

    Teakwood, Moss & Salt

    I agree that there's a chilliness and a neutral-ness to this! It reminds me of wintertime at the beach. It's decidedly not aquatic or 'wet' smelling to me. It also reminds me of a specific lotion used at nail salons (which I love). Wet it's a cold, tea-laced wood. Like the smell of seaglass. Dry I get a bit more of a camphor-type chilliness over the teakwood. This is really, really nice!
  14. rhonorv

    Suck It

    2020 version. There's something shampoo-y about this for me: while wet it alternates between cherry lollipop and cherry shampoo before settling into the latter. I like it as a layering scent (especially with leathery or woody scents!).
  15. rhonorv

    Split-Level Suburban Tract Home

    This is somethin' else. I was so excited to try it because it sounded weird and a little scary, and I kind of secretly hoped it would smell like the suburban basements of my childhood, which were often graced with old hairballs or mildew-sodden carpets. Well. WELL. I got what I hoped for, too much even. I could not bear to put this on my skin because I am weak and it was close to dinner time, but I dabbed it on a tissue. In the bottle and wet it is mildewed rug and, as lorizav mentioned, old cat puke + not a well-cleaned box in the corner of the room. There's a strong oudh that reminds me of the wham of oudh that I got from Nevertheless She Persisted but with none of the flowers. When dry the indolic-ness calms down a just the tiniest bit, and I do get some of the chalkiness, but I don't smell any grass. I would be super curious to hear what anyone who likes oudh makes of this. I am amazed and horrified.